Hmong lovers who live far from one another will often communicate over the distance by whistling with leaves.  It’s so beautifully done, their melodic song travels far distances and is full of romance and poetry. In times of war, Hmong people also used their leaf whistling skills to secretly communicate with one another and warn of danger or enemy approach.

People Who Talk Like Birds


So, this happened.

(this was @fuck-yeah-final-fantasy-fifteen ’s idea btw)
Whistle-Ukelele Chocobo Theme Song
Robbie Daymond, Keythe Farley

Prompto whistling the Chocobo theme song with ukelele background music provided by the lovely voice director Keythe Farley. This was done on their live stream tonight (17/02/24). I’ve turned the mono-sound into stereo so it’ll come out of both left/right sides and edited the intro/end to make a more soothing entrance/exit. 

Feel free to use it as a ringtone/music/etc.!!!! Enjoy!