rupphire-trash said:

A man who refuses to admit he can’t whistle

just gimme a second, god

Just a small town dog 

Livin’ in a lonely world 

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere 

Just a city dog 

Born and raised in south Detroit 

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Make sure your dog never gets lost (if/when he decides to take the midnight train away form you) with a dog tracker! Check out Whistle. I used it for my pup and it’s pretty awesome.

Pepper’s Song

Whistle Head Canon~

Imagine that goblins can’t whistle.  Besides speaking, they only know how to howl, snarl, growl, grunt, etc.  But they don’t know that fairies and elves CAN!  

What if Marianne discovers this and trolls Bog by randomly whistling when he’s not looking?

Marianne: *whistle-whistle-whistle*

Bog: *whirling around for the thousandth time*  “What the bloody hell IS that?!”

Marianne: “Gosh, I don’t know, Bog.  Must be a bird.”


I think the success of Roy’s system is less “I can find my wife in a crowd when we both make this noise” and is more “People in the crowd back away from my wife and I when we make this noise, thus making it easier to spot one another”.