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Can you please do Jisoo reaction to falling in love with a fan ?

Jisoo would be slightly (like 2%) hesitant at first because she wouldn’t want to come under fire from the media or YG himself (their dating ban is there y’all). But after that wore of she would love to pursue it. She would charm the fan with all of her wonderful charms and would want to get close enough to them to be able to be in a healthy and happy relationship.

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So, this happened.

(this was @fuck-yeah-final-fantasy-fifteen ’s idea btw)
Whistle-Ukelele Chocobo Theme Song
Robbie Daymond, Keythe Farley

Prompto whistling the Chocobo theme song with ukelele background music provided by the lovely voice director Keythe Farley. This was done on their live stream tonight (17/02/24). I’ve turned the mono-sound into stereo so it’ll come out of both left/right sides and edited the intro/end to make a more soothing entrance/exit. 

Feel free to use it as a ringtone/music/etc.!!!! Enjoy!