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Japanese Fans Rank Studio Ghibli’s Greatest Tearjerkers

Of all the anime studios out there, Studio Ghibli seems to be the most adept at jerking those tears loose. Over its three decades of anime production, the studio has produced films that keep fans welling up—sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of happiness, and sometimes for that mysterious melancholy quality unique to the films of folks like Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Ranking site Goo has asked its readers which Ghibli films made them cry the most, and here’s the top 10. But be warned: just looking at this list might get the tear ducts moving.

10. When Marnie Was There

9. Howl’s Moving Castle

8. Kiki’s Delivery Service

7. Princess Mononoke

6. Whisper of the Heart

5. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

4. Castle in the Sky

3. My Neighbor Totoro

2. Spirited Away

1. Grave of the Fireflies

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Me: *deep intake of breath*

Me: *Just started and caught up on a popular series and loved it*

Me: Am I ready for this?

Me: *finger hovering over Tumblr’s search bar*

Me: Am I ready to plunge myself into this unknown fandom, risking my whole love of the series being ruined? Terrible things I hadn’t realized being brought to my attention? Potential to grow my love of the series even more?

Me: *slowly moves finger away*

Me: No. It is not worth the risk.

Me: *releases held breath*

Tumblr: *whispers* Do it.

Me: No.

Tumblr: So many great things await!

Me: N-no.

Tumblr: You’re loss.

Me: ….

Me: *types in series name and taps “search”*

Me: Very well. Time to go to war.

an update on bnha


look at this rad nico i bought

but that’s not all 

you can balance stuff on her head and

she will hold your phone for you?? so nice thanks but don’t overdo it

my tablet…dude

she couldnt hold it

“…what are you doing”

“fucking help me up and stop grinning”