whispers this is 4 u britney

The Signs as Accessories

Aries- Sunglasses. Putting on a cool look to impress others, surveying everyone else and keeping his ego high. Probably the guy wearing sunglasses indoors in the night club. Tells you you got an ass like a stripper.

Taurus- Wristwatch. Not only does it make her look chic and reliable, but her natural eye for beauty & aesthetics prompted her to invest in a nice one. Checks her phone for the time anyways. Wears pink and doesn’t know what the date is.

Gemini- Cell phone. His constant need for communication can only be satisfied by constantly texting. It serves the additional purpose of keeping his buzzing mind preoccupied. He’s the guy with the 200 second long snapchat story. 

Cancer- Necklace. A good necklace, to Cancer, is one that is elegant and simple, but yet still draws attention. If in a sensual mood, she may choose one that accentuates her cleavage to attract unsuspecting businessmen.

Leo- Rings. Leo is always sure to let everyone know of his wealth by flashing his rocks. Has a firm handshake and warm smile. Wears lots of cologne and reminds you of your father. Also not afraid to fuck someone up.

Virgo- Handbag. Virgo always has a tampon, granola bar, and a crossword puzzle because she hates feeling unprepared. She’s the woman with the huge expensive bag made of real leather that’s full of snacks, condoms and secrets. May or may not also be a mom figure.

Libra- Makeup. Libra is the natural romancer, and is always charming your socks off. He is an expert at makeup and always looking his best. He’s the guy that will look better than you at your own wedding. 

Scorpio-Bellybutton ring. Not afraid of taking risks, Scorpio practically lives in the piercing/tattoo salon. When you notice it, she’ll whisper in your ear seductively “there’s more where that came from”. Will go full on Britney Spears “Slave 4 U” on the dancefloor. 

Sagittarius- Earrings. Sagittarius, with a rebel heart, is always down for adventure.He pierced his ears in a bathroom in middle school to make his parents mad. He’s your best one night stand and being with him is like being on shrooms. 

Capricorn- High Heels. Ambition drives Capricorn to success, and high heels are the perfect tool for being a head above the rest.  When she struts down the hall in her Louboutins you know someone’s about to get fired. Has a soft spot for cats and dogs.

Aquarius- Wallet. Inside of Aquarius’s wallet is where his life is- tickets from last night’s show, a fake ID, condoms, and papers with notes frantically scribbled on it of good book ideas. At a glance unemotional and reserved, but once you’re in his life you’re not getting out. Has a photo of his first lover tucked away behind his plane ticket to Brazil. 

Pisces- Anklet. The perfect flower child, Pisces spends her time wandering through a meadow with grass as tall as her shoulders, an anklet made of beads around her right foot. Her escapist personality will lead her in and out of people’s lives like a bee pollinating flowers. Almost always barefoot and smells like grapefruit.  

Oblivious!John + Obvious!Sherlock = "Songs for John"

This all started when I mused about Sherlock playing “Love on Top” for John as soon as he walks into 221B.

Oh and Sherlock’s wearing Queen Bey’s glorious hat from the video.

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Then a bunch of people played along and graciously added song suggestions to what @i-read-good-books‘s called my johnlock oblivious!john playlist and and @the-7-percent-solution sort of “Songs for John” ficlet’ed it as we went.

So @johns-neck-kink, here’s all those songs in one place.

thank you to those lovelies and also @shipperpenguin88, @hollysprite, @irrelevantbl0g, @snogbox1, @heurtebizzz, @221bee-stalker-st, @imanidiotwithfangirltendencies, @propergenius, @artimes-chimes, @masterofhounds, and @zandalorscat (hope I didn’t miss anyone!) for contributing to my “ridiculously catchy pop songs that Sherlock plays in the flat for John when he can’t handle it anymore and decides to be Obvious.”

  • Love on Top // Beyonce
  • Talking Body // Tove Lo
  • Shower // Becky G
  • Dance for You // Beyonce
  • 1+1 // Beyonce
  • Toxic // Britney Spears
  • I’m a Slave 4 U // Britney Spears
  • I Need Your Love // Calvin Harris
  • Hot Stuff - 12″Version // Donna Summer
  • Irresistible // Fall Out Boy
  • Physical // Olivia Newton-John
  • Let’s Talk About Sex // Salt-N-Pepa
  • Let’s Get It On // Martin Gaye
  • Work From Home // Fifth Harmony
  • Born This Way // Lady Gaga
  • Candyman // Christina Aguilera
  • Johnny Angel // Shelley Fabares
  • Johnny B. Goode // Chuck Berry
  • Whistle // Flo Rida
  • Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) // Robert Palmer
  • Closer // Nine Inch Nails
  • All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
  • Hips Don’t Lie // Shakira
  • Finally // CeCe Peniston
  • I Want Your Sex // George Michael
  • Sexual Healing // Martin Gaye
  • At Last // Etta James
  • I’m Not Gay // J. Pee
  • Insatiable // Darren Hayes
  • Careless Whisper // George Michael
  • Dr. John // MIKA
  • Marry Me // St. Vincent

<3 let the obvious enlighten the oblivious <3

T R A S H 
69 trashy songs for all your eruri needs


01. dinosaur, kesha 02. my humps, the black eyed peas 03. toxic, britney spears 04. the bad touch, the bloodhound gang 05. peacock, katy perry 06. s&m, rihanna 07. buttons, the pussycat dolls 08. talk dirty, jason derulo 09. the thong song, sisqo 10. partition, beyonce 11. yeah, usher 12. candy shop, 50 cent 13. girlfriend, avril lavigne 14. sexyback, justin timberlake 15. maneater, nelly furtado 16. smack that, akon 17. low, flo rida 18. gold trans am, kesha 19. ass like that, eminem 20. wiggle, jason derulo 21. whistle, flo rida 22. honky tonk badonkadonk, trace adkins 23. super bass, nicki minaj 24. bottoms up, trey songz 25. i’m a slave 4 u, britney spears 26. do you wanna touch me, joan jett 27. don’t cha, the pussycat dolls 28. ain’t no other man, christina aguilera 29. milkshake, kellis 30. gas pedal, sage the gemini 31. sexy silk, jessie j 32. miss new booty, bubba sparxxx 33. rude boy, rihanna 34. whisper, yin yang twins 35. sexxx dreams, lady gaga 36. hot in here, nelly 37. push it, salt n pepa 38. candyman, christina aguilera 39. physical, olivia newton john 40. acapella, karmin 41. barbie girl, aqua 42. bubble butt, major lazer 43. hips don’t like, shakira 44. cherry pie, warrant 45. dilf, tokyo diva 46. rack city, tyga 47. everytime we touch, cascada 48. doin’ it, ll cool j 49. come and get it, selena gomez 50. promiscuous, nelly furtado 51. no scrubz, tlc 52. va va voom, nicki minaj 53. gold digger, kanye west 54. trampoline booty, kstylis 55. you shook me all night long, ac/dc 56. the way i are, timbaland 57. hot n cold, katy perry 58. it’s gonna be me, nsync 59. bad romance, lady gaga 60. crazy in love, beyonce 61. papi, jennifer lopez 62. call me maybe, carly rae jepsen 63. butterfly, crazy town 64. sugar, flo rida 65. 4 minutes, justin timberlake and madonna 66. pour some sugar on me, def leppard 67. bumpy ride, mohombi 68. daydreamin’, ariana grande 69. ????

#69 is a mystery. this playlist is 4 hours long. can you survive?