whispers the walls are titans whispers

Fire and Brimstone

One-Shot AU: The Titans never formed in Jump City. Raven and Beast Boy never met the others leading Robin to form the team alone….

Beast Boy was tired. Not just tired, he was downright exhausted. His muscles painfully contracted and pulled as he forced himself to keep moving forward. If it wasn’t for his leader’s harsh voice in his ears he would have forgotten his mission entirely, choosing instead to rest his sore body. He couldn’t remember the last time he actually had a decent sleep, over the past few month’s nights and days bad began to blur together completely, creating one long nightmare. It was as if he was stuck in a loop.

“Come on Gar, hurry up.” Robin commanded, more than ten feet ahead of him. “The faster we raid this camp, the faster we can go back to base.”

The changeling moaned. “Dude there is nothing here, the Church of Blood cleared this place days ago.”

The stern leader only shook his head, undoubtedly tired of his complaining. “That’s not your job to decide. You know the drill-“

“Yaya, search and destroy any and all relics that link to Trigon, blah blah blah.” He mocked in response, “We haven’t found one piece of evidence of his existence since we started this little fiasco five months ago, why would we find something tonight?”

Robin nearly growled, halting just in front of the lush field before them. “This is your job Beast Boy, you pursued the Titans not the other way around. If you have a problem with how I run things than you can go back to the Doom Patrol.”

The green teen’s ears dropped in submission. He could feel himself cower at his unyielding leader’s venom. He allowed his eyes to drop in shame, sure that another demotion was already in his future. “Sorry.” He mumbled, barley allowing the poisoned words to pass through his teeth.

A nod was his only reply as the Titan began to move through the high grass. Garfield obediently followed, close to his heel. The lengthy pasture ticked his arms as he pushed ahead, determined to finish this minor mission without ending in the dog house completely. For a while the only sound between the two was that of their gear adjusting to their moving bodies.

The night sky was their only guide as Robin pushed forward, using it as a map. Although the newbie, Beast Boy’s animal instincts could guide them better, saving them hours of walking in circles but there was no reasoning with his leader.

Even in his exhausted state he couldn’t help but appreciate the sky. The two were so far from cavitation that the Milky Way gave way to the earth, spilling stars across the never ending blackness. It was beautiful. He willed the stars to take him away, to give him the purpose that he seemed to lack. He wished for a sign, for something to prove he was where he needed to be.

Within a few miles in the field a barn began to immerge in the distance, its torn and battered skin long forgotten to the world. Garfield could feel his body tense as they neared an overpowering force pulling him onward. The animals inside began to gnaw at his chest igniting his fight or flight reflexes. “Robin, something-“

His warning was cut off by his leader’s hand, signaling his immediate silence. The changeling obeyed, willing himself to keep close. As they began to near the building red paint became visible to the naked eye. Foreign symbols painted themselves across the walls and onto the doors, making his stomach turn in an excruciating way. “These markings are his.” Robin whispered, pulling his 9 millimeter from his belt, Garfield flinched as he followed suite pulling his own from his holster.

The new Titan felt his animals crawl under his skin at the weight of the gun. He hated the thing and if it were up to him he would solely relay on his powers but nothing was up to him. “It looks like they were trying to keep something out.” The timid changeling whispered as they neared the entrance.

“Or keep something in.” Robin replied in a hushed voice. The realization of his words hit the changeling hard, forcing an uneasy sense of danger into his stomach. His leader pulled the door handle, opening the barn to the two Titans.

The inside was dark, the only light coming from the broken windows and the torn rafters of the aged building. Beast Boy obeyed his leader’s silent command to search the left while he took the right as the eerie feeling of vulnerability began to crawl down his spine. He relied on his night vision to make his way through the barn, avoiding the occasional bull whip or farming tool. His heart pounded itself agonizingly against his ribcage causing blood to rush through him.

Suddenly his sensitive ears picked something up.

The sound of a soft whimper followed by a slow, almost undecidable heartbeat. He forced himself to push forward, ignoring the urge to tuck tail and run. As his feet dragged across the wooden floor as the smell of copper became noticeable, clinging to the air around him.

He couldn’t help but feel powerless to the power that pulled him, walking blindly towards whatever, or whoever was in the darkness. As he neared the back of the barn a figure began to emerge, its slender silhouette huddled in the black corner, burying its face into its hands. The person made no attempt to flee, only pulling its legs to its chest as some kind of self-defense.

“Hey.” Beast Boy found himself whispering as he closed his distance, instinctively he knelt low to the ground trying to gain the persons attention. He placed his gun on the floor as his gentle hands reached out, “Hey are you-“

“Garfield don’t!” Robin barked from behind, nearly blinding him as he flashed his light onto the figure. Instantly the Titan obeyed orders, pushing away from the figure and landing on his bottom a few feet away. It took a few seconds but once he recovered from the initial shock Beast Boys eyes began to adjust to the stream of light that shone through the darkness.

That was when he saw her. Her starving figure frightened him, reminding him of death itself. The tattered and torn clothes she wore hung loosely from her body, its fibers drenched in blood. The pale skin she bore was almost black, covered in a mixture of dirt and bruises. Her violet hair matted against her head clumping together in awkward places.

Everything about her was terrifying, but the one thing that would forever haunt him was the collar she wore, its short chain nearly pinning her where she was. “Robin.” Garfield called, gathering himself from the floor. “Robin, I don’t understand.”

“We don’t need to understand.” The Titan leader replied emotionlessly, pointing his gun towards the young girl. “You know our mission, find and destroy.”

“No you can’t!” Beast Boy found himself screeching in protest, “Look at her, she is no threat!”

“You can’t be sure of that.” Robin replied sternly, “You know what Trigon is capable, anything we find on this land belongs to The Church of Blood and that means-“

“What do you think she is?” Garfield hissed, feeling the push of his animals against his psyche. Without his consent his body put itself between the barrel of the gun and its intended target. He could feel his body shake with anticipation, unsure if his leader would pursue his mark.

“I. Don’t. Know.” His leader bit, dropping his gun slightly. “Obviously she is important, look at where she is!”

“Yeah look! I mean really look, she is chained to the wall! God, she is starving and covered in wounds. She needs our help!” He pleaded, “We are heroes and we are supposed to help those in need.”

“And what if she is dangerous? We don’t know who or what she is!” Robin snarled, advancing a few steps towards his team mate. “She could murder millions. Are you willing to take that chance?”

“We aren’t killers.”

“She could be the link to Trigon, if we let her live-“

“Then we can learn from her. We can find a way to defeat the Church and prevent him from ever coming. If you kill her, then we lose everything that she knows.” His reasonable words took both of the Titans by surprise. Beast Boy watched his leader sway for a minute as he contemplated his next actions carefully.

Time slipped passed them at an agonizing rate, all while the young girl never made a sound, her face still buried in her hands. All Garfield could think of was her, it seemed that the beast that resided within him as well as his internal animals agreed on one thing. He needed to protect her.

Robin grumbled a slew of profanity as he holstered his gun. “She is your responsibility!” He yelled harshly towards the changeling earning him a stern nod. Robin then pulled his yellow communicator from his pocket and dilled base.

“Robin.” A concerned female voice replied from the device, “What is it?”

“I need the T-Ship sent to our location. Wake Cyborg, we are going to need immediate medical care.” He commanded, turning his back to his team mate.

“Are you hurt?” The woman’s voice strained, “Is Gar-“

“We are fine. We found something.” Robin’s rude tone fell on deaf ears as Beast Boy’s focus turned to the girl in the corner. He removed a blanket and his lock pick from his gear before moving closer to her tiny form.

He reached out to her, softly grazing her bruised skin. Instantly her body pulled from his touch, forcing her even further against the dirty corner. A small whimper escaped her as she began to shake uncontrollably. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Her head lifted at his gentle tone, causing the air in his lungs to disappear. Her indigo eyes pierced into him with such force that he had to fight back tears that threatened to break through. Even under all of the dirt and grime he could see her beauty. “Here.” He managed to whisper, fighting back the sudden bubble of emotions. Gently he wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, pulling it tightly against her. She accepted the kind gesture, adjusting her legs from her chest.

“I’m going to get that thing off of you okay?” He cooed, showing her his lock pick. “We are going to take you away from here, give you the help you need.” She didn’t answer, all she did was stare at him with her stunning eyes.

As he began to fiddle with her collar the question that was at the tip of his tongue slipped out, “Do you have a name?” He expected no answer, unsure if the girl even knew how to speak.

“Raven.” Her broken voice answered cracking with every syllable, “My name is Raven.”

Attack on Titan - Nightmare Preference.

Omg could you do an attack on Titan preference with Eren, Armin, Levi, Jean and Marco would comfort you after a nightmare? You’re preferences are da bomb!!


Eren: “Eren? Eren!” you whispered running into the boys barracks trying not to wake anyone. You tiptoed over to what you prayed was his bed tears streaming down your face. “What’s wrong?” you heard him mumble. All you could do was cry. “Y/n? Y/n are you okay?” he woke up properly now looking panicked at the sight of you crying. “I had a nightmare.” you sobbed. “The Colossal Titan was back and it was breaking though Wall Sina.” you continued to sob into his chest. “Shhh. I’ve got you now. It’s okay.” he whispered. You eventually calmed down. “Come on, I’ll walk you back to bed. The boys will freak if they see you in here in the morning.” You were glad to have someone like him to calm you down.

Armin: Armin was on his way back to bed after a late night in the library. As he walked past the girls barracks on the way to his own, he saw some of the lights turn on near where he knew your bed was. He knocked on the door to see Sasha open it looking stressed out. “Armin!” she cried. “How on earth did you know to come here? We were going to come and get you. It’s y/n, she’s had a nightmare or something and started to have a panic attack.” Armin walked in to see you sat on the bed crying and shaking unable to catch your breath properly. “Y/n?” he whispered “It’s okay it’s okay. Shh try and take some deep breaths and relax” he said holding you close to him. This was the first time he had ever held you this close to him but he obviously knew you needed it. You eventually calmed down and your breathing normalized. “Thank you Armin.” you whispered. “I’m sorry everyone.” Everyone who’d been woken muttered that it was okay and that they were glad you were alright and things along those lines and as Armin left you felt yourself drifting back off to sleep.

Levi: You were out on a mission with the cadets and as it got darker, your captain made the decision to set up camp in the forest as the Titans were not able to get through the close knit trees. You took yourself off to be alone whilst you slept. Then the nightmare started. Titans had broken through the walls and your whole family was gone… dead… You woke up with a scream . You didn’t think anyone had heard, until someone called out. It was Levi. He maneuvered over to your tree and sat down next to you. He usually acted so cold but he was always so nice to you. “Nightmare eh?” he asked. You nodded. “You know the best thing to do is to go to sleep telling yourself that you’re not afraid and that nothing has the ability to hurt you no matter what. Okay?” “Thanks.” you replied feeling a lot better. “Just call me if you need anyone to talk to. Whenever…” he added shyly. “Thanks Levi.” “No problem, goodnight y/n” he went back to his tree leaving you feeling a lot better and, without problem, you went back to sleep with no more nightmares.

 Jean: The nightmares had started again. They were worse than they usually were. You woke up in a cold sweat with tears running down your face. You ran to the boys barracks and knocked on the door crying. The door opened but it wasn’t Jean who opened it. It was a grumpy looking Connie wanting to know who on earth was waking him up in the middle of the night. But when he saw your tear stained face his face changed and he instinctively went to get Jean. He was kind like that. You followed him in and ran to Jean’s bed more tears pouring from your eyes. He was half awake as you crawled into his bed and hid under the covers so you could cry without Connie or anyone else who’d been woken up seeing you. “You were gone Jean. Gone and there was nothing I could do about it.” you said sobbing into his bed covers. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to. He just lay next to you holding you close to his chest as Connie and the others went back to bed. You fell asleep next to him with his arms wrapped around you feeling safe and secure next to him. You were never going to lose him.

Marco: You were asleep in the boys barracks next to Marco hearing his soft breathing as he slept. You knew you shouldn’t have been there but you don’t think any of the boys minded too much except maybe Armin who was just awkward around girls in general. But you loved Marco and Armin knew that so he didn’t protest. You fell asleep next to him and it was all perfect until the nightmares started. You don’t remember what happened but it must have been pretty bad because you were moaning and thrashing around so much that Marco had to shake you awake. You sat up to see that you’d woken up half the boys barrack with your moaning and whimpering. You weren’t really sure what was going on. All you could do was cry and hug Marco’s shirtless chest. You heard him tell everyone to go back to sleep and you heard the lights go back off. Marco knew you’d had a nightmare. He held you in his arms and stroked your hair whispering gently in your ear until you fell asleep again.


AN: I hope this is okay for you my dear anon. It took some time as I was watching Final Destination while I wrote it but it’s done now so yay! :3

Just Breathe

The smell was the worst. Ammonia mixed with copper clung to the room long after her blood had been cleaned from the floor. It burned his nostrils, giving him a splitting headache but he refused to move from her bedside. Hints of lavender were hidden under the stench, if his head wasn’t pounding he might have clung to it but his own pain was too overpowering.

He stared at the blank wall across from him, willing himself to see anything other than her bruised and battered body. He forced himself to think of anything other than how warm her blood had been against his bare skin, how cold she had been in his arms. He couldn’t slip, not even for a second, for if he did he would break and that was just not an option right now.

The monitor was the only thing that spoke in the room. The lingering voices of his friends echoed around him but he ignored them. Words of encouragement fell on deaf ears, while whispers of his inner demons spoke volume.

Victor had said she should be awake by morning, that her healing powers would fix her right up but still he worried. Worried that he would never see her violet iris again. That never again would she whisper his name in the dark, so deep in sleep that she would forget saying it in the morning. It couldn’t end like this, and if it did he would die right beside her.

He was still wearing his blood drenched uniform, still sitting in her copper essence. They had told him to change, to take a shower but that took time and he had none to spare. So he sat, sat in his own emptiness and sorrow, soaking in her disobedience and selfishness.

And waited.

His fingers traced her knuckles gently, grounding him to her. She was so small in the cot, so small and fragile that it seemed she would break. Finally he found the strength to look at her, taking in her bruised and damaged face. He knew these marks would heal, just as they always did but forever would the image of her tainted face haunt him. “Raven.” He breathed, choking down the sob that formed in his throat.  “How could you.”

The soft sound of her groan startled him, causing him to drop his touch. Raven stirred slightly, wincing from the pain she had caused herself. “Gar?” she whispered into the empty air around them.

“I’m here Rae.” He replied, standing from his chair he hovered over her, desperate to see her eyes. Desperate to know that this wasn’t some joke his mind was playing on him.

Then he saw them and fire began to build in his chest. She met his gaze and he nearly burst with anger. “You’re mad.” She squeaked, undoubtedly feeling the his emotions.

“I am.” He replied honestly, not bothering to mask his harshness. “You almost killed yourself today.”

“I know.” She replied softly, dropping her gaze shamefully. “I know I let you down.”

Anger roared within him. “Let me down? That’s what you think this is about?” He was forced to close his eyes, sure if he even looked at her, he would explode and wake up the rest of the tower. “God, you are the dumbest smart person I know.”

She didn’t reply, allowing the heat of the moment build around them.  “You almost died, does that mean nothing to you? Do I mean nothing to you?” A heavy sigh escaped his chest, immediately followed by a desperate heave to replace the air he had lost.

“What am I supposed to do if I lose you? Huh, tell me how do I go on without you? God, how do I survive burying your dead body!? Did you not think about me? Did you just not care?!” He was yelling but he couldn’t lower his volume. The tower was alive with his words but he knew no one would disturb them. “I love you Raven! I love you and you go and pull a stunt like this!”

She broke down then, shaking uncontrollably from the sobs that wrecked her body. “I’m sorry.” She choked, reaching for his hand pathetically. “I just-I just could let them-them hurt you.” With a heavy sigh he allowed her to grab his pam, pulling it to her face. She kissed his bruised fingers submissively, whimpering with every gaze. “I-I’m sorry.” She repeated, tears streaming down her distorted face. “I’m s-sorry.”

“Raven stop.” He commanded, the fire within him dying with each tear that fell. His voice was stern but still he allowed her to hold his hand, caressing his palm against her face. “Stop crying.”

She hiccupped, trying to follow his orders only to break down once again. He hated seeing her weak like this, “I love you.” She repeated over and over again like a mantra. “I love you, I’m sorry.”

It was here, in the medical bay that his Raven was her most vulnerable. Here between the too white walls that she allowed herself be broken, this was never a sight he wished upon himself. “I know Rae, I know.” He whispered, the last of his fire slipping through his fingers. 

It took time but finally she managed to gain control over her emotions, becoming weaker from her outburst. She could barely keep her eyes on him, “Rest.” He whispered, intertwining his fingers with hers. “Heal, get better.”

“Stay with me.” She whined as her eyes closed, cutting her off from this world.

“Of course.”

1D Preference #3 - You had a bad dream

Harry: ‘Y/N, Y/N! Wake up. You’re having a bad dream.’ You feel how he rubs his knuckles softly over your cheek. You open your eyes and the tears stream down your face. ‘My parents! They had an accident!’ You scream as Harry pulls you closer to him. ‘Sssh it’s okay.’ he hushes you and he wraps his arms around you. ‘It was just a dream.’ He whispers in your ear. ‘Well it looked very real to me!’ You yell as you push Harry away. He nods, gets out of bed and grabs the phone. You look at your boyfriend who dials a number. ‘What are you doing?’ You ask as he brings the phone to his ear. ‘Hello Mr. Y/L/N, it’s Harry.’ You get up and walk over Harry. ‘I’m sorry to call you in the middle of the night but Y/N had a bad dream and I just wanted to check if you and Mrs. Y/L/N are all right?’ You hold your ear next to the phone and you can hear your dad’s voice. He tells Harry that they’re both fine and you can even hear your mom in the background asking who would possibly call them in the middle of the night. Harry ends the call and the two of you go back to bed. ‘I can’t believe you just did that.’ You whisper as he puts his arm around you. ‘I’ll do anything for you if it makes you sleep better.’ He mumbles. And before you know it you’re both sound asleep.

Liam: ‘Babe? Babe? What’s wrong?’ Liam turns on the lights and the tears start streaming down your face. ‘Hey! Come here.’ He puts his arm around you ‘Did you have a bad dream?’ You nod and put your arms tightly around his muscular torso. ‘What happened?’ He asks. ‘We were walking down the street and this little boy was playing with a ball.’ You stop for a minute to catch your breath. ‘His ball rolled onto the street and he starting screaming because he wasn’t allowed to cross the street.’ You’re talking so fast Liam gestures you to take another breath before continuing. ‘So you decided to be the hero and run after his ball but you didn’t look so BOOM a freaking truck hit you. There was so much blood and you..’ He puts his finger on your lips to interrupt you. ‘It’s okay. It’s not real. I’m right here.’ He lifts up your face and you stare into his eyes. ‘Promise you’ll never cross a street without looking?’ You ask ‘Promise. Now let’s go back to sleep.’ He protectively wraps his arms around you and holds you till the sun comes up.

Louis: You slowly wake up out of your dream and you can still feel your body shaking. When you’re fully awake you clamp onto your pillow and feel secured by the texture you feel under your shaking body. You feel next to you but there is no one there so you switch on the lights. ‘Lou? Louis?’ You anxiously call for your boyfriend. ‘Right here, love.’ Louis shows up in the opening of your bedroom door. He is holding a glass of water and walks over to you. ‘Drink this.’ He says and you accept the glass he hands over to you. The past week you’ve been having the same dream every night. That dream were you’re falling without ever hitting the ground. You keep falling and there is nothing you can do. ‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’ You ask between two sips of water. ‘Because that’s what I did last night and this happened.’ Louis lifts up his shirt and it reveals a big blue bruise on his chest. ‘Oh my god! Did I do that?’ You exclaim as you softly run your finger over his chest. He shrugs. ‘I’m sorry..’ You whisper and you feel how a tear runs over your cheek. ‘Don’t cry. It’s not your fault.’ He wipes the tear away with his hand. ‘I hate this!’ You yell and clench your fist. Louis puts his hands in the air ‘Are you gonna punch me again?’ He chuckles. ‘That’s not funny!’ You yell angrily. ‘Sorry. Come here.’ You can hear he is worried and answer his embrace by holding him tight. ‘Maybe your dream represents how hard you fell for me.’ He whispers. ‘Just remember how hard I can punch if you ever think about leaving me.’ You murmur back at him before falling asleep, safely with his arms around you.

Niall: 'Niall, wake up! Please wake up!’ You say as you try to wake up your boyfriend. ‘What?’ He growls. ‘Do you know who I am?’ You ask as you poke into his belly. ‘Huh?’ He opens up his eyes and looks confused. ‘Oh no! You really don’t remember me!’ You start to panic and get out of bed to grab your phone to call a doctor. ‘Y/N! Calm down. What’s wrong?’ Niall jumps out of bed and grabs your hand. ‘Wait! You know who I am?’ You look at your boyfriend who has a worried look on his face. ‘Of course I know who you are, but please tell me what’s going on.’ He gestures you to sit down on the bed. ‘I had a nightmare. You were lying in a hospital bed and you had amnesia. You didn’t know anything! You didn’t know who I was.’ Niall starts laughing and softly rubs with his hand over your thigh. ‘How could I ever forget about my silly girl?’ You grab his hand and his fingers intertwine with yours. ‘I don’t know. You also had no idea how to play the guitar.’ Niall lets go of your hand and gets up to grab his guitar that’s places at the foot of the bed. ‘What do you wanna hear while you fall asleep?’ He gestures you to lie down and sits next to you on the edge of the bed. ‘Can you play Wonderwall for me?’ You close your eyes as Niall plays the first chords. Relieved and very happy, you fall asleep.

Zayn: ‘HELP ME!’ You cry out as you sit up in bed. You look next to you and see your boyfriend is still sound asleep. ‘Are you serious? I could hire a Mariachi band and you’d still sleep through the noise.’ You move over to him and place your mouth next to his ear ‘I hate to say it but you were right.’ You whisper softly. You lie back down and roll over facing the wall. ‘About what?’ His voice makes you shiver. ‘You scared me! I thought you were asleep!’ You yell as you turn around to face Zayn ‘And I thought you said you could watch a scary movie without having a bad dream.’ He raises a brow and pulls you in for a hug ‘I should have listened to you and watched Titanic instead.’ You admit. ‘Maybe you would have dreamed about us dancing on a big boat’ He whispers before planting a kiss on top of your head. ‘Or about Leonardo DiCaprio who tells me I’m beautiful and says it would be an honour to draw me.’ You exclaim happily. You notice how a smile appears on your boyfriend’s face. ‘Okay.’ He nods and lets go of you. ‘Hey! What are you doing?’ He reaches over to grab his sketchbook that’s placed on the nightstand. ‘May I draw you? Because it would be an honour.’ You start giggling. ‘Now? I look like a mess.’ You say as you brush a hand through your hair. ‘You are beautiful, babe!’ Zayn answers and he starts drawing. You hear his pencil move over the paper and feel how he observes you as you slowly fall back asleep.