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#195 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “a fic about travelling to Llandudno by yourself and you take your dog and end up being lost and Vans visited his parents and sees that you look lost and he wants to see ya dog and you’re looking for the beach and he takes you there and end up staying with him for hours leading to whatever else etc.” and “the girl is dogsitting for a friend and walks the dog on a kinda dreary day so nobody else is really outside and of course van notices the dog, but before he can say anything, the girl starts kinda dancing and singing along to the music playing in her headphones because she assumes no one is around.” and “one in which the girl took her dog to the park and it plays with little Mary and that’s how she and Van meet?”

Note: Van doesn’t live in Llandudno anymore. I don’t know if Mary and Bernie do. I don’t think so. We’re gonna pretend that they do, for the sake of this fic.

Llandudno was not the type of location you would have picked for a holiday. There were a couple of historical tourist type places, but none of them were even remotely of interest to you. It boasted the longest pier in Wales and you remembered something about a weird Victorian festival thing that had given you the creeps as a kid. Mostly, it was rainy weather and gossip and beach. But, you weren’t really on holiday. You were housesitting for your uncle and aunty, and the only reason you’d agreed to do that was because they had dogs you’d get to look after too. Two border collies and you were absolutely in.

The brown and white one was named Noel and the black and white was Liam. Liam was more moody than Noel, so you’d always thought their names were mixed up as puppies. It wasn’t until you were about sixteen that you even began to appreciate their names at all. Years later, walking them through the town on the way to a dog park, you took great joy in talking to them in Oasis lyrics. Liam kept pulling on his collar and glaring at you. 

“Don’t look back in anger, friend!” you called to him and chuckled to yourself. Genius. You stopped on a corner and looked around. Wait. You were definitely not where you thought you were. Noel and Liam sat at your feet. "Huh,“ you started talking to them again. "What is the story, morning glory?” you asked them. “Where are we?”

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ROAR... like a chicken.

Here comes yet ANOTHER review of a movie I loved. I’m boring I know. Easily impressed too. There’s not a lot of negativity in this review. Because last week, I got off the train at nostalgia station! (Spoilers coming your way! Obviously.)

Jurassic World. Back on the big screen where it belongs. My inner 90′s child was screaming with joy. The first Jurassic Park is a classic. The best. No arguments. The second… we don’t talk about that one. The Third; a guilty pleasure of mine. Then stomps along Jurassic World. Booming onto the screen in all its glory!

My husband and I spent the whole movie whispering like children at each Easter egg from the previous Jurassic’s. From the obvious to the not so obvious; the movie was full of feels. (50 points to anyone who noticed the Dr. Ian Malcolm book and Mr DNA)

There’s not a lot for me to review. Because it’s a movie about Dinosaurs. And if you don’t love Dinosaurs - you’re wrong. Don’t waste your time wondering if you should pay to see it. JUST GO AND SEE IT!

This movie is freaking wonderful. It’s fun and highly entertaining. See it once, twice, take your friends, your grandmother - I’ll be taking mine to see it! Thank god T-Rex is back and that all too familiar sound of the Velociraptors’ chirp meets my ears again. It’s long overdue in my opinion. 

This is a well put together blockbuster. It has its moments of predictability, and stereotypes, etc, etc, etc. But it also has it’s unpredictable and perfect moments. I am referring when Vincent D'Onofrio was revealing his evil doings. Just when you thought his brag would cont – AND OH SHIT VELOCIRAPTOR ATTACK IN THE FACE YOU’RE DEAD. Spoiler alert, by the way. Sorry. But seriously - that scene was perfection. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

Acting was great - really nothing to fault here. Forever a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard**. Chris Pratt… well he’s Chris Pratt! He thrives in this sassy save the world kind of role. (See Guardians of the Galaxy) And Katie McGraths Death was the best death I’ve seen in a long time. Bravo. Talk about brutal. I enjoyed watching the main kids of the flick (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson), they were fantastic and looked like they had fun during filming. I also enjoyed the brotherly moments. It almost verged on two brothers who hated each other - but luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. Finally, kids in a movie that didn’t irritate me. I am a bit of a ‘Kid Grinch’ when it comes to Hollywood movies to be honest.

^ Look at that terror! Well acted, boys! Football with a Hybrid Dino WOULD be horrible. But comical for us viewers.

There is only one issue I have with this movie. And it’s the public’s reaction to the fact that our leading lady was wearing heels. Listen up ya’ll. When I go to work; I dress to rule the world. Heels and all. I don’t dress thinking - Gosh I bet there will be a dinosaur break out today. NO. STOP. Bryce TRAINED to wear those heels, to run in them, to SAVE THE DAY IN THEM. You people are never happy. Always finding something to complain about. Have you seen the terrain on that Island? Would you want to run around barefoot? No, I didn’t think so.

So stand with me as we applaud this movie and those heels. And that guy who saved his Margarita’s when the Pterodactyl’s attacked. (Movie rating: 9 out of  2 Margarita’s. EXCELLENT VIEWING MATERIAL)

Credit goes to ‘Enerjax‘ for this on point Gif. If anyone knows the actual OP please message me and I will credit this with his link. (Only found this on Google)

** Check Bryce out HERE- she can cry on command and is basically perfection.