whispers its so nice

  • Crowley [shouting at the top of his lungs]: Aziraphale! AZIRAPHALE! Oh, for God - for Sat - for - for somebody's sake! This is my friend's shop!
  • Fireman: I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
  • Crowley [suddenly quieter, horrified]: You - found him?
13 Reasons Why

Now that I have your atention: please watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine thank you.


Film as Lit class:
Had to go up and write what makes a good movie.

Mr. Ray approved

i’m binge watching jude and cody videos and i am a soft baby boy and it fills me with happiness to see comfortable and happy trans people whose entire identities aren’t about being trans and also their relationship is so loving and supportive so basically if ur a trans ball of sadness like me u should watch some jude and cody videos 2 cheer urself up !

Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal