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The Boys (1/?)

Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

                                                         Chapter 1

 You swipe your leg out, successfully knocking over the vampire infront of you . You whip your blade around , slicing his head clear off. 4 down, 3 to go.

  You hear deep voices coming from somewhere in the house,  I feel like i know those voices.  You quietly begin stepping closer, following the voices.  You’ve been watching this nest for a week , counting 7 vamps .But the number of voices you hear is changing the count to 9 . When the dialogue becomes clearer, you realize the voices aren’t from the vampires, but what you assume to be two captured hunters.  You roll your eyes at the realization, Maybe if they didn’t butt into my hunt they wouldn’t be losing .

   You stand outside the room where they are being held, you peek through the slightly cracking door .  You see the two hunters , hands in chains from the ceilings. How do vampires always find warehouses with chains? Do they have an app for this shit?You grab the last of the dead mans blood you packed, and pour it over the length of your blade.Here goes nothin .

You kick the door the rest of the way open, causing the vampires to step back from their meal. 

 " I’m sorry , did i interrupt something? “ you sarcastically ask . The 3 left lunge at you   Son of a bitch .  

You duck , and begin swinging your blade making sure to at least come in contact with the three.  You see them stagger a little, the dead mans blood doing its job. You didn’t have enough to rely on it, so as soon as you see them stumble you jump into action. You manage to get ones head off, before the effects start to ware off the others. You twirl around as the second one nears you, shoving the blade through its stomach . You retract it quickly and disconnect its head from its neck. one to go.  The last one was still reeling from the blood, but stronger than you would like. He knocks you on your ass, kicking your blade away from your reach . He’s on top of you in seconds, pinning you down. You squirm, panicking that this might be it.  You feel his strength falter a little bit, and swiftly reverse your position. You are now on top, you reach for your blade, finding it barely out of reach . You push yourself , feeling your body already getting sore,  you finally grasp the blade and bring it down on the last ones neck. You pull yourself up , making your way to the other hunters. Both have looks of awe on their faces , you look them both over and a light bulb goes off.

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” Well well, since when do the Winchesters get captured by vampires?  Losing your touch boys? “ you say . You can tell by their expressions they still haven’t registered who you are. You don’t blame them though , its been almost 5 years since you’ve seen or heard from them .

 ” Listen sweetheart-“ You roll your eyes,

"   Try sweet talking your way out of those chains prettyboy, i dare ya.” you taunt  . As soon as the nickname leaves your lips, you see Deans eyes light up.

“ Well i’ll be damned. Y/f/n ,y/l/n . ” he says , a smirk playing at his lips. Sams eyes mimic his brothers at your name.

 " Guys, can we catch up later, ya know after you get us out of these?“ Sam jingles the chains around his wrists.  You pull a bobby pin from your hair, going to release Sammy first. When his hands fall loose, he pulls you into a hug.

 ” I don’t think ive ever been happier to see you Y/n .“  Sam seems like he got 12 feet taller , making you feel like a 4 year old next to him.

 ” Sammy , i thought you were done growing, Jesus.  “  you hear Dean clear his throat,

 ” Come one y/n, these chains aint gonna unlock themselves.“  you send him a smirk ,strolling over to him .

” I don’t know Dean, i think i kinda like you tied up. Its a good look on you.“  you wink as you glide your hand over his chest.

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 ” Oh sweetheart, don’t tease me.“  You go to retort but Sam stops you  ,

” Save it for later guys, lets go. “ 

You unchain Dean , but don’t hug him. You follow after Sam  instead.   When you walk out of the warehouse, you go to stretch your arms, but a sharp pain stops you . Your hands fly to your ribs, you recognize the pain that was blooming. ” Son of a bitch ,“  you lift your shirt, black and blue bruises forming around your torso already. ” Damn vampires. “ you mumble.  

 ” Well what the hell do you expect when you try to take on a nest alone ,yn. “ Dean barks .Theres the Dean i know & want to kill.

  ” I didn’t try to do anything, i DID IT. Alone too , by the way . “ you shoot back .

” Barely sweetheart, next time don’t be stupid, you should of had backup.“

You scoff, ” Who was i going to call? You ? Is your age catching up with you already Winchester,  because you seem to forget who the fuck just saved your ass !“ you growl. Dean wasn’t that much older than you ,  just a few years. But you know how sensitive he is about it, so you use it against him.

 ” Can you two knock it off ! Jesus Christ,  you were about to rip each others clothes off less than 20minutes ago ! “  Sam yells.   You both roll your eyes at the younger Winchester.

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 ” Y/n,  give me your keys. “ Sam demands, making your raise your eyebrow . You don’t feel like arguing anymore, so you hand them to him . ” You know , you’re kinda hot when you yell Sammy . I think i like it.“ you wink as you slide into your passenger seat. You hear Dean scoff, watching as he gets into Baby. Sam climbs in , starting the car.  As he drives you back to the hotel , he begins laughing.

 ” Do you always have to rile him up like that ?“ 

” He started it ! He couldn’t just say thank you? “

 ” You’re right, but so is he. It wasn’t safe to do that alone , and you know it.“  You mimic him in a high voice, as you step out of your car. 

 ” wait how did you know-“

” Its the only motel in town , genius.“

” … i knew that.“ you mumble. You go to open the door to your room, both boys behind you now.  You direct them to sit , as you go for your first aid kit. They don’t look too beat up, just a few scratches and bruises. It seems Dean has the worst of it , a long gash on his shoulder. Probably from not shutting his pie hole .

  You clean up Sams cuts, dabbing them with antiseptic and bandaging them as needed. When you get to Dean , you see the gash is deeper than  you thought . ” Alright Dean, shirt off. “ you command, grabbing the needle and thread to stitch him. He moves slowly , pulling his shirt over his head.  You try not to stare at his bare chest, but you cant help it.

Damn, no wonder women cling to him .

  You clean the cut, then try finding a comfortable position to begin stitching. Where the cut lands on his shoulder makes it hard to find a good, comfortable way to stitch him correctly.  You end up getting frustrated, not finding a stable way to do this. Dean continues sipping on the bottle of whiskey you pulled out , sending you an amused look. 


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He would find this entertaining, jackass.  You finally just decide to plant your self on his lap . It was the only effective angle that would keep you steady ,and make it easiest to do this. You straddle his lap, placing your legs on either sides of him . His eyes go wide as he start coughing on the whiskey in his mouth.  You send him a smirk , and get right to work.  Halfway through stitching him, his hands grip onto your waist, digging in every time the needle pierces his skin. You feel bad , even if it is Dean . You try to be as gentle as you can , but anyway you do this will hurt him . You decide to try and distract him,

 ” You know D, you didn’t have to get hurt in order to get me in your lap, i mean i know you’ve always dreamed of this.“ you flirt. He chuckles,

” Oh sweetheart, we both know you’re the one that wants to be here. But hey, i aint complaining.“   you roll your eyes, finishing the last stitch . As you move to get off his lap, his grip tightens, holding you on his lap. It catches you off guard, your hands fly infront of you  , landing on his chest to hold you up right.

 ” Dean what are you -“

” Promise me you wont be that reckless again.“ he says, his voice almost a whisper.  You look to Sam , seeing him passed out in one of the beds.

” I can handle myself. “

 ” I’m not saying you cant, but help never hurts Y/n.“ he reasons. You sigh, realizing he’s right.

” Ill try my best not to let it happen again, but no promises .“  You try to move again, but he still hold you to him

 ” Watching you kick ass was kind of hot, “ he says, moving a hand to cup your cheek.

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what the hell is he doing?

  You awkwardly laugh , moving your hand over his and removing it from your cheek.

 "  Looks like the pain is making you delirious, Winchester. Lets get you to bed, you should try to sleep this off."  You move off him ,  a frown lingering on his face.  You wince, your movements causing your ribs to ache. Deans on his feet now, moving his hands under your shirt.  You let him lift it, uncovering your bruised body.  He sighs, releasing your shirt and going to the mini fridge.  He finds your icepacks, bringing them back and holding them to your ribs.  You let out a moan at the feeling of the cold hitting you. He raises his eyebrow,  you can tell hes about to say something but you beat him to it.

” Not a word ,Dean . Or baby will end up with a nice new paint job.“ You threaten.

” You wouldn’t.“ he challenged, You shrug

” You wanna risk that ?“ He grunts, and falls into the second bed.  He lifts up the covers, signaling for you to join him.  You’re used to sharing a bed with the boys, you would do it at Bobbys or on the hunts you shared before. You carefully slide yourself into bed with Dean ,being cautious of both your injuries. You end up being more comfortable on your side, apparently Dean has the same idea. He moves himself on the side without the cut, which results in him spooning you. He rests his arm low on your waist, avoiding going anywhere near your bruises. Your breath catches in your throat at his action, no matter how many time you may have shared a bed, youll still never get use to the feeling of  your heart fluttering when Dean shows any sort of affection.

” good night sweetheart,“ he says into your hair.

” Night , jackass.“     In minutes, Dean is lightly snoring into your hair. 

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 When you wake up , there is no sign of Dean or Sam.  As you get out of bed, the door to your room flies open.

 ” Well , goodmorning Sunshine !“ Dean bellows as he places a fastfood bag on the table. You make a grossed out face ,

” Why are you so cheery , its too early for that shit Dean. “ you grumble.  He laughs, Sam enters the room, coffee in his hands. He hands you one, and you moan at the taste. Both men chuckle, and begin eating their breakfast.

” So Y/n, we were thining-“

” Well this cant be good.“  playfulness taking over your tone.  Sam rolls his eyes but continues,

 ” We think you should come with  us,  we could do really well on cases with three sets of eyes and ears. “ he suggests . You take  a moment, weighing the pros and cons. The only thing that would be bad, would be me constantly wanting to kill Dean and his stupid ass attitude.  But what the hell, Sams right .

  ” Fine, but if Dean gets on my nerves-“

” If i get on  YOUR nerves, oh Y/n-“

” He wont.“ Sam butts in.  Dean sends you a fake smile, a laugh escapes you .

” Alright then, partners.“you wink  . Both boys smile at you, looking genuinely happy with your decision.

 What the hell could go wrong?

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