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List of Favourite OTP’s; (3⁄4) Literature couples ≡ peeta & katniss (the hunger games)

You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces. What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers, “You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.”


Get to know me meme: 5/10 pairings » Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
    You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces. What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers, “You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.”

So I made an Asrian playlist. It is very 80′s-licious with a dash of 70′s.  I hope it is sufficiently Extra and Dramatique™.

  1. Careless Whisper .//. George Michael
  2. Love Kills .//. Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  3. As The World Falls Down .//. David Bowie
  4. Total Eclipse of The Heart .//. Bonnie Tyler
  5. Don’t You Want Me .//. The Human League
  6. Every Breath You Take .//. The Police
  7. Too Much Heaven .//. Bee Gees
  8. Right Here Waiting .//. Richard Marx
  9. Heat Of The Moment .//. Asia
  10. Break Your Promise .//. The Delfonics
  11. Hungry Like The Wolf .//. Duran Duran
  12. Baby Come Back .//. Player
  13. Hello .//. Lionel Richie
  14. Starting All Over Again .//. Mel & Tim
  15. Time After Time .//. Cyndi Lauper
  16. Hopelessly Devoted To You .//. Olivia Newton-John
  17. Suedehead .//. Morrissey
  18. Take Me Home Tonight .//. Eddie Money
  19. Who Can it Be Now? .//. Men At Work
  20. Don’t You (Forget About Me) .//. Simple Minds

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Jacksepticeye Imagine

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Imagine secertly recording Sean as he plays VR games…

You (whispering): Hes so cute… I love my little Jackaboy

couldn’t leave george out of this new au, now could I?

You don’t need to protect me [Daenerys Targaryen x Reader]

Summary: The reader wants to go hunting the White Walker with Jon on the other side of the wall, but Daenerys refuses to give him/her permission.

Pairing: Daenerys Targaryen x Reader

Word count: 676

Warnings: Nothing. 

* English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for possible grammatical errors.

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Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Go Get ‘Em

Requested: Yes | No

  • bitch-marner asked: Hi! I really liked your Connor imagines and I saw that you like Tyler seguin… could you maybe write something with him? Maybe like involving anxiety idk. Please and thanks if you consider it!

Word Count: 710

Summary: Pre-game nerves turn into something a little more for Tyler, and you’re there to help calm him down. 

Disclaimer: I haven’t had much experience first hand with anxiety, so all the information I gathered on it has come from internet searches. Sorry if anything isn’t quite as truthful as it could be. 

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When someone asks me to pick ONE Joker Game character...

Me:  ლ (゚Д゚ ლ)

Me:  ‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、 !!

Me:  Σ(゚Д゚; 彡 ;゚д゚)

Me: ヽ( ´Д`)ノ (д`ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ

Me:  ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Me: ヾ(థ ェ థ)ノ

Me:  (oT-T)尸

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☆ Sportarobbie? :3

☆ - happy headcanon

finally!! I didn’t know if it was about HCs that made me happy or HCs for when they’re happy so I made both because i have no self-control

  • Sportacus reminds Robbie he loves him every day. Kisses in the morning, whispered I love yous in-between games, cuddles in the evening.
  • Robbie pretends like he doesn’t care but he cherishes those quiet moments.
  • They both try to be good to the other: Sportacus makes sure he doesn’t wake him up in the morning while Robbie doesn’t work on noisy inventions at night.
  • When it comes to cooking, it’s always a fun ride. Sportacus keeps insisting he can cook while Robbie keeps the pots and pans away from him.
  • – You won’t fool me twice, Sportaflop. I know you. Trying to make me healthy food disguised as cake. – It was a meatpie, Robbie, and I promised not to do it again. – Call it whatever you want, you tried to poison me!
  • It’s a few years into their relationship that Sportacus finds out his boyfriend keeps every piece of paper he has ever written him in a diary.
  • It goes from “I love you, I miss you” letters when he visits his family to “Someone’s in trouble, xoxo” notes on the fridge.
  • He’s so happy he cries in front of Robbie, which scares the other.
  • Sportacus loves playing with the kids even when they get older, but he is also excited when they’re busy because it means he gets to spend some “alone time” with Robbie.
  • They spend those days enjoying the other’s presence while still doing their own stuff.
  • Sportacus likes to exercise while listening to Robbie sing.
  • Robbie likes to watch his boyfriend move around while he stays comfortably in his chair.
  • When Robbie has trouble sleeping, Sportacus starts telling him about what he’d like to do the next day, and what he liked doing that day, but he often falls asleep before it helps him.
  • Robbie then proceeds to watch his bf until he feels his eyelids getting heavier, and then he scoots close enough to feel his warmth and sleeps.
  • Robbie sometimes plays with the kids and Sportacus and he won’t admit it but he likes how it makes him feel loved. Sportacus always loses the games because he keeps staring at his bf.
  • They are often invited at parties and Robbie grumbles about him being the villain but he always comes because Sportacus keeps looking at him with puppy dog eyes.
  • Robbie often feels like it’s Too Much to have such a loving boyfriend and he doesn’t know how to act so he ends up not saying anything for days and when Sportacus finally asks him what’s wrong he bursts into tears and hugs him.
  • I just love you so much but I don’t deserve you and I’m a villain because I know you can have better but I don’t want you to leave me.
  • They stay like that for hours on end.
  • On the other hand, when Sportacus feels like he’s going to burst with happiness, he lets it out as much and as soon as possible.
  • He runs around, shouting to whoever wants to hear it that he loves his cute boyfriend.
  • Hello Stephanie! Did you see my boyfriend today? He is very pretty and I love him. I need to go tell him. Okay, bye!
  • He then proceeds to cartwheel away and runs into things because he’s so excited. Yup, like dogs.
  • When Robbie thinks no one is watching, he just has the smallest smile on his face. He’s just so happy this is happening to him.

ask me about a headcanon + a character/ship!

The Piece I Can’t Live Without

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Summary: jon snow admiring Y/n  then leads into confessions of sorts and etc 

Warnings: none i dont think 

Authors note: this sucks pls dont kill me and school strted so i cant update  

Jon Snow  P.O.V

When I agreed to enter this marriage i didn’t think for a second that i might fall in love with Y/N L/N but here i stand  months  later  staring  at her with adoring eyes  while she meditates . I especially loved watching her while she did this for she looked absolutely ravishing with her long H/C  trailing down her back stopping right above her waist.Her red silk dress hugging   her curvy body . My favorite thing about this dress was how it clung to her chest her nipples pressing into the silk fabric while spoke. Her chanting words snapped me out of my trance but i was instantly hypnotized again when i her face in the fires glow her beautiful E/C had flames dancing in them her eyelids were dropped and her plump cherry colored lips were letting out words almost therapeutic. I closed my eyes letting myself get lost in her voice.

Y/N’s P.O.V 

In the midst of my meditation i could feel someone watching me from the shadows .When i looked behind me i saw ghost’s paw sticking out from the shadows in that instant i knew who it was.

“I know you are there Jon.” I said while watching him step out of the dark corner of the building we were in.

“I’m sorry if i scared you darling.’‘Jon said apologetically 

’'No you didn’t scare me .” i replied while he made his way over to me
“But i am curios as to why you were watching me from the shadows.”

“admiring the view one would say .” Jon replied watching as i got up and met him in the middle of the room 

“now that we are married you don’t have to do that in the shadows anymore love.” i whisper in his ear before pressing a kiss under his ear admiring the noise that he makes

“Be careful wife i cant control myself that well.’'he said in a gruff voice 

’'Then don’t” right as the words spilled out of my mouth i felt him pressing into me and  his cold lips pressed  into mine. His tongue  clashing into my  teeth before exploring the roof of my mouth.

the kiss lasted what felt like hours and i hadn’t moved i was in a shock of pure bliss that i didn’t want to not in Jon’s and I months of marriage  has he ever kissed me like that and i didn’t want to ever stop but unfortunately all good things do as he pulled away i instantly missed the feeling of his lips on mine 

“I;m so sorry Y/N i should have asked first.’'he went on before i stopped him by faintly whispering ’'Do it again.”

“What.” he said in something that sounded like disbelief 

Needing him more than ever i grabbed him by his hands and crashed our lips together in that moment i knew we were meant for one another for no other mans lips could fit mine this perfect like he was the missing piece of me i cant live without 

I pulled away and whispered “I love You Lord Snow.”

I love you lady snow.“ he replied

Drabble Game Part 3

Drabble Game: 1- Wade Wilson

“I thought you were gone,” your voice was sharp and your tone was a mixture of anger and sadness.
“I know,” Wade whispered, his head down in shame. “(Y/N), if they knew I was alive they would k-”
“I don’t care!” You shouted, your chest rising and falling rapidly with your breathing. There were tears prickling at your eyes, tears that were formed from spending the last three months thinking that he wasn’t coming back, thinking that you’d never see him again. “All I wanted was you.”
“And you have me.” He argued, his arms stopping just short of you. His eyes looked so broken, his tongue peeking out to lick his lips nervously. “You’re,” his voice cracked, “you’re leaving, aren’t you?” His arm dropped, his head mimicking the action. He looked so lost. Your heart clenched as you reached out for him.
“Don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you.” You stated firmly, lifting his chin so he’d look you in the eyes. “I love you.”

Drabble Game: 5- Foggy Nelson

You felt warm all over as Foggy held you in a sweet embrace, his lips ghosting over your forehead as he greeted you. It was blissful.
“You doing alright?” He asked, keeping his head atop yours.
“Perfect,” you mumbled, snuggling further into him.
“I’ve been thinking-,”
“Oh, dangerous,” you interrupted, prompting a laugh out of him.
“I’ve been thinking,” he restarted, “and I came to the conclusion that I love you more than you love me.” Your eyes flew upon, your hands pushing your body out of his embrace.
“Excuse me?” He had a knowing smirk on his features, his eyes just begging you to prove him wrong.
“You heard me.” He teased.
“Franklin Nelson,” you yelled, a hand over your heart in mock offense.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” he replied, his tone light. You pounced, pushing him down onto the sofa. His smile was bright as he looked up at you, nothing but love in his expression. Sighing, you laid your head on his chest.
“I love you,” you whispered.
“And I love you.” He replied, a hand smoothing down your hair.

Drabble Game: 8- Wade Wilson

The pain was unbearable, another whimper escaping your red-stained lips. Your entire abdomen was aching, the throbbing blooming from somewhere within the middle. “Wade,” you gasped out, looking at his familiar features. He placed a knee down next to you, applying pressure to your wound. A louder sound of pain echoed, a fire searing in your belly.
“You’re going to be fine.” He stated, his hands soaking in the heat of your blood. “This will all be fine. Everything will be,” his voice cracked with emotion, “fine.”
“Wade,” you cried, a fresh round of tears as your heart started slowing. Everything was darkening, Wade being the only one keeping you grounded to this world. You were losing the battle, you could feel it. Tendrils of death were slowly swallowing you, your mind barely able to register anything anymore.
“No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.” He growled into the night air. But it was too late, your heart had stopped and your eyes glazed over. A sob forced its way from his throat, his hands still covered in your warm blood. Why was he the one that always survived? What good was he if he couldn’t even protect you? And with your last breath, his heart shattered.

Drabble Game: 12- Wade Wilson

“Wilson,” you growled, placing your towel back around you.
“(Y/N),” he purred, his eyes hungrily raking down your wet skin.
“We don’t have time for this!”
“Babe… We have a whole hour by ourselves…” He trailed off suggestively, his eyes practically mind fucking you. You felt a hot bout of arousal pool low within your belly, your mind telling you to stop.
“Wade…” You tried, your resolve weakening with each evocative look. He walked closer until he was directly in front of you, heat rolling off his body in waves.
“(Y/N),” he groaned, his body just out of reach.
“Tease,” you muttered, giving in to his want.

Drabble Game: 14- Foggy Nelson

Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest, dread pooling in the pit of your stomach. Your fingernails were digging painfully into Foggy’s back, his breath hot on your cheek.
“It’s okay.” He whispered shakily, fear clearly evident in his voice.
“We’re going to die,” you stated, shocked at the very real possibility. And very real it was. Loud footsteps resonated around the small closet you and Foggy were holed up in, wet splashes each time he took a step. Your body was shaking, your eyes wide. You’d never been this close to death before, and frankly, you never wanted to be again. That is if you made it out. You gulped in precious air, savoring the sweet taste in your lungs. Every breath felt like a miracle, your chances of survival dimming with each moment.
“Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.” His arms enveloped your body, your mind holding onto his words like a prayer. With each inhale, your breathing evened out a little more. You admired Foggy’s bravery, your heart wishing to do the same. Besides, he couldn’t sound that confident unless he had a plan… Right?

Drabble Game: 15- Foggy Nelson

It was probably considered extremely immature, but you didn’t care. You were holding onto Foggy’s arm, practically begging him like you were a five year old asking for candy. He laughed breathily, shaking his head as he took another drink.
“Please, Foggy,” you pouted, “just one more?”
“No, you’ve had enough,” he slurred, his drink sloshing around as he set it back onto the table.
“I think you’ve both had enough.” Matt commented, taking a sip from his own drink.
“Shut up, Matt,” you and Foggy said at the same time, prompting giggles from the both of you. Matt’s hands were held up in surrender, a grin playing at his lips.
“I’m just saying, most adults only drink that much when they’ve got something to forget.” Matt’s voice wasn’t nearly as educated as normal, the alcohol he’d had clearly beginning to show its effects.
“Who says I don’t got something to forget,” Foggy hiccuped, his eyes downcast. You chuckled.
“What could you’ve possibly wanted to forgets.” Your head was cocked to the side, your mind attempting to process your sentence. “That,” hiccup, “wasn’t right.”
“Come on, Fog,” Matt prompted at his silence, “Why would you need to drink?” He mumbled something inaudible over the boisterous sounds of the bar.
“What?” You asked, your voice louder than normal.
“I said,” his voice was purposefully loud, his eyes locked on you. “You don’t know what it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…” The noises of the bar were silenced to you, your eyes glued to Foggy. Before Matt could even finish asking what that meant, you launched yourself at Foggy. He caught you sloppily, almost falling back in the action. Placing a kiss on his lips (was it his lips?) you settled down onto his lap, your head resting on his chest.

Drabble Game: 23- Fred Dukes

“Wait… Is that my shirt?!?” You screeched, glaring at the man. Sure enough, stretching across his chest was the pink shirt reading, “princess”. It’s not like you’d ever actually worn the thing, but still, it was your shirt! His entire body jiggled as he laughed heartily before grumbling as Logan walked in. Logan, however, almost doubled over in laughter when he saw Dukes. “Anyone care to explain why Dukes is wearing my shirt?”

“He lost a bet.” Logan explained, still laughing as he watched Dukes.
“I can still kick your ass.” He threatened, his glare not looking nearly as menacing in the pink shirt. Okay, you even had to laugh at that one. Biting your lip to hold in your chuckle, you turned away.
“I’m going to get lunch,” you called. You couldn’t resist. “Oh, and Dukes, keep the shirt.” You yelled over your shoulder, your laughter ringing out around the room.

Drabble Game: 25- Loki Laufeyson

To say you were nervous would be an extreme understatement. You were practically bouncing off the walls, your fingernails digging painfully into your palms. What if he didn’t show? What if he left you there to face them alone? You were supposed to meet Odin and Frigga today. Only, you’d expected Loki to be here by now. With each second that ticked by, your nerves became fear. What if they didn’t like you? What if Loki didn’t like you because his parents didn’t? What if he didn’t bother coming? Finally, finally, Loki walked through the door, looking for all the world like he owned the place. His steps were confident, his voice as smooth as ever as he drawled, “Good afternoon, darling.” He stopped right in front of you, a smirk playing at his lips.
“You needn’t worry; I told my parents you were ill so we might have some time together.” The nerves released your body at once. You felt like you’d just run a marathon, your heart returning to its normal pace.
“I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you.” You stated. His smirk grew.
“I’d prefer a kiss.” He leaned in, your hands stopping him before his lips could connect with your own. His eyes shone with confusion at your reluctance, his body tense.
“Not here,” you answered, jerking your head towards his chambers. An eyebrow raised, his smile turning feral.
“As you wish.”

Drabble Game: 29- Peter Parker

He’d finished them off and you were alive! He blinked back the tears before you could see them, wasting no time in getting to you. He thought that he was going to lose you, that he’d never see you again. Swallowing his dread, he turned to you.
“(Y/N),” he whispered, your eyes meeting his.
“Peter!” You ran like the world was ending behind you, Peter your only salvation. He caught you effortlessly, stumbling back a bit at the sudden weight. As soon as you pulled back from the hug, his lips were on yours moving roughly. He was like a starved man, leaving no part of your lips untouched. And once he’d thoroughly explored your lips, he moved his tongue to glide against yours. Your hands were lightly scraping his scalp, mouths moving in tandem. All too soon it ended, pulling away so you could catch your breath. You finally had time to examine the scene, your eyes taking in every detail. There were glass shards everywhere, reflecting light off of street lamps. Two unconscious bodies lie piled in the gutter, entirely forgotten about in your fit of passion.
“This isn’t exactly the best place for a make out session, but I’m open to anything.” Peter’s breath caressed your cheek as he laughed, his hands wrapping around your abdomen.
“Then we’ll just have to find somewhere better.”

Drabble Game: 33- Wade Wilson

The room was alive with the smell of sweet love, your sweaty body still entangled with Wade’s. His heart was evening out beneath your head, a hand softly raking through your hair. The two of you were silent as the sounds of nature seeped into your room. It was blissful, your bodies tangled underneath the dim light of the area. There was nobody else around for miles, just you and Wade. His lips were pressed gently to your forehead, you sighing contently at his affection. Each movement put you further to sleep, your eyes drifting shut. Just as you were about to fall into a satisfying slumber, Wade’s words caressed your heart.
“You mean more to me than you will ever know.”

Drabble Game: 34- Remy LeBeau

You were staring into his eyes, trying anything to figure out what he was thinking. He, however, betrayed nothing. The cards in your hand were heavy with doubt. You could almost guarantee he was winning this round once again. Remy had been impossible to beat, even when you were children.
“(Y/N),” he had a knowing smirk plastered on his face, “any day now.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered, laying down your cards. “I forfeit.”
“You’re not even going to try?” He questioned, looking sincerely disappointed.
“What’s the point?” You asked. “You’re impossible to beat at this.”
“You never know…” He drawled.
“I do know that you’re cheating,” you countered, standing from your chair.
“Am I?” He asked airily, the smirk infuriating you more. But also, arousing you? You took a step forward, looking deep into his eyes.
“Yes, you are.” You deadpanned. A hand snaked around your waist, bringing your face level to his, only inches apart. His breath ghosted your lips deliciously, prompting a delightful shiver.
“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” His words startled you but you didn’t back down.
“Then do it.” He didn’t need to be told twice.

Drabble Game: 35- Erik Lehnsherr

Oh, he really did make it too easy, you mused, creeping further into Erik’s bedroom. He was so involved in his… Well whatever one would call metal manipulation practice, that he didn’t notice you enter the room. Nor did he notice you sneak up behind him. In fact, he didn’t notice a thing until your lips were caressing his neck, your tongue peeking out the slightest bit to taste him. And boy did he taste good. His hands faltered, the metal he’d been levitating previously smashing to the ground with a rather large bang.
“What are you doing?” He hissed, your hands slowly making their way further down his front. Despite the anger in his voice, he still moaned at your attentions.
“What does it look like?” You whispered, nipping at his ear.
“I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” He stated, his jaw clenched in a mixture of annoyance and pleasure.
“But Erik,” you whined, your hand cupping his half-hard member through his pants. He groaned, your lips smiling against his pulse point. “There are so much more fun things you could be doing.” You smirked deviously, pulling his back closer against you. “Like me.” He turned to face you, desire written all over his face.
“You asked for it,” he muttered, pushing your body roughly against the wall. Distraction indeed.