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Hey it's the Disney anon! Yeah I meant sort of live action BATB cause I love the Bucky fic you did😊 So if it's something you'd be happy to write for can I request a reader x gaston fic where they grew up together and she is in love with him but is convinced it isn't mutual & that he deserves better so doesn't tell him. Another guy asks her out & she accepts cause she thinks she should move on if gaston will never love her. But Gaston actually gets super jealous/possessive. Hope it's ok thanks❤

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: asdfghjkl, I’m so glad you send me this request, I literally grinned so hard when I got it! I don’t normally post two things a day, but I literally had the easiest time writing this. This prompt gave me so much inspiration that I just typed it in one go and I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it as well and if you have any other gaston x reader request please send them my way. I LOVE writing for him and the reader. (added Gaston to my fandoms list)


“You’re staring again,” LeFou, who had seemingly snuck up on you, whispered.

You blinked a few times to break the spell you were under before and turned around, wanting to convince him that, no, you weren’t staring at Gaston like a fool in love. 

But the look he threw you was enough to know that it wouldn’t work on him.

“It’s not like I don’t understand. And I’m certainly not the one to judge you,” he winked at you and you had to laugh a little. “But what I don’t understand is why you don’t tell him. You’ve known each other for so long..”

“Oh LeFou. If only it were so easy. Look at him..-” he was currently chasing Belle again. “He doesn’t feel the same and I doubt he ever will. He needs a woman who cooks for him and plays the good wife. You and me both know that I’m not that kind of woman.”

“Neither is Belle! Which is why he fancies her! So what makes you different?”

“I’m a huntress, LeFou. Belle and me are completely the opposite of each other. If she’s his type then I’m most certainly not.”

“She’s beautiful. That’s why she’s his type. And do I need to remind you of your beauty?”

You sighed and turned around to face your friend, smiling a little, then hugging him.

In the meantime, Gaston gave up for today in chasing Belle and approached the two of you.

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Cold waters


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / (implied) Namjoon x Reader 

Genre: Merman!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of death

Word count: 6.4k

Synopsis: Every night, a song crawls from the woods - they say it’s the lullaby of a monstrous creature that has fallen from grace, a beast fiery like fire and ruthless like ice. Yet, his voice is such beautiful one that the cords of your heart quiver with love for each, saccharine note piercing your skin.

And every night, he draws you in a bit more.

Author’s note: Hello my lovelies! This is my second request (Cold waters, warm touches + His beauty could kill you + Merman!Jeon), at first it was supposed to be a fluffy one but, uhm… it accidentally ended up being another angst *sweats*

Anyway, dear anon, thank you for the nice concept, please lemme know if you liked it <3

There’s a legend, whispered among the sunbeams getting lost in the forest at the borders of the village.

There’s legend, one of a terrible, alluring kind, that widens children’s eyes and makes hearts tremble beneath the warnings of worried mothers.

There’s a legend, more like a secret or maybe a dream, deep carved into the memories of your innocent days; one that has your glances wander into the shadows of the woods when you think that nobody is watching, that nobody is judging.

It’s a legend, they say, about a creature doomed to live in the lake at the center of the forest: oh, a ruthless one, with eyes like broken glass and thick blood covering its claws. Murderous are its intents and fury tints its flesh with such a poisonous vigour that the water is now no different than the venom running under his skin. 

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People Can Change

Summary: Y/N is a nerd about to graduate from high school. Dean is her best friend’s older brother who is always with Sam. Together the two of them fight like cats and dogs, but is it hatred causing it or is it love?

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Reader

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Chubby!Reader, Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore

Warnings: NSFW, smut, self doubt about weight, language

Word Count: 4,687

Request: Do you think you could write me a fanfic where its Dean x Reader but they’re both in high school and the reader is this adorable chubby lil nerd and Dean is a bad boy who used to tease her but they both really like each other and it ends up in smut of fluff please and thank you! Love the writing and keep doing’ you!- Anonymous

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21 Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My quote was “I say we get drunk and shoot crap.” I hope y’all enjoy I loved writing this because I’m a chubby nerd like the reader. Feedback is always welcomed!

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The bell for the end of the day chimed, and all of your classmates started packing their things up. Mr Singer, your teacher yelled out to everyone that they needed to bring their homework in on Monday or they’d receive no credit. As everyone else rushed to get out of the class, you took your time packing your things up before walking to the from of the class.

“Mr. Singer, here’s my homework.” He looked up at you with a smile on his face as he took it from you. “I just figured I would give it to you now.”

“My star pupil, thank Y/N I’ll be sure to get this graded and back to you by Monday.”

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SEP: Sunsets

I wrote this based on the comic “SEP Days” that my friend @vapewraith drew - I love silly SEP and Crisis interactions between Gabriel and Jack so I loved this comic and really wanted to show how much Vape’s art and colors inspire me.

Thank you again, Vapewraith - thank you for nearly nine months of your wonderful Overwatch art!  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️


“Soldiers, line up here.”

There are tart groans and muttered whines as the SEP candidates shuffle to a stop and the group practically collapses against the walls and waist-high concrete barriers.  The exhaustion and aches are practically tangible in the air as the supersoldiers-in-training ease themselves into sitting or leaning or even lying positions - Number: 37 practically throws herself on the group even though it’s as miserably comfortable as sleeping on broken groundstone.  Number: 123 next to Gabriel rolls his shoulders, hissing every time the right one moves back too far, exactly where one of the rubber bullets had hit him earlier.  Number: 88 on the other side of Jack seats herself and then curls up into a ball, pulling the drawstrings on her hood to shut the world into what Jack assumes is blissful darkness.

They’re in one of the halls of the SEP facility - tucked away into a deep mountainside “somewhere out west,” the building is hard angles and brutal concrete and cut-steel, as soft as titanium and as gentle as the injections they get every morning and evening.  Yet even here, in “wherever’s-range,” there is still beauty: the massive windows, normally just cold, crystalline glass, are open to the sunset, bleeding colors across the land and sky, dripping into the hallway with the vibrancy of oil paints.  Reds smoke into bright, endless pinks, golds melt into bold, sunshine yellows, oranges shift into liquid amber, and at the edges of the atmosphere, velvet purples sigh into silky blues, tinting the more vivid colors and steeped clouds with the dusk of night and the emerging stars.

It’s a sight neither Gabriel nor Jack will ever get tired of -

No matter how exhausted they are.

“The doctors will see you shortly -” the SEP instructor starts to say, reappearing at the far end of the hallway, before he looks up from the papers on his clipboard and scowls at the group of crumbling supersoldiers, snapping, “Is that what you call ‘lining up?’”

“Maybe if y’all didn’t work us so damn hard,” Number: 141 growls, his voice climbing into a hoarse yell, “We’d still have the energy to fucking stand!” 

(The rest is under the cut!)

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Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Three

Pairing: Gaston x OC


A/N: Here it is, tada! I’m thinking the next part after this will be the last one but I really, really loved writing this. I know my version of Gaston isn’t the abrasive, horrid asshole he’s supposed to be but I like to think this is the Gaston that could’ve existed if he found the right girl and was given the chance. Ya know? Plus Luke Evans. Anyways, enjoy! Thanks as always for all the love and support!

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Part One  Part Two

I was painfully distracted for the rest of the day…and I had to keep reminding myself that I’d done it to myself. I’d manage to somehow tangle myself up with the most handsome, arrogant man in the entire town. Yet I was quickly learning that there was more to Gaston than what I’d heard through whispers on the street. He was charming and flirtatious, that was true. But who would’ve known he’d be sweet? And…romantic?

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Another Day

Request: Could you do one where yn and dan have a chill night and just cuddle and talk about any random thing like what there favourite childhood memories are. Just a nice fluffy fic. <3

Word Count: 565

Warnings: Extreme floof

Sorry there isn’t many childhood memories are but there is banter and fluff and I think you’ll like it. Enjoy! (PS. Can we just take a minute to appreciate my new aesthetic thank)

Originally posted by shinyphan

Sunset seeped in through the window, casting soft shadows around the room. Fluffy blankets lay strewn over you and Dan, pillows propping up your heads. Your hands were encased in each other’s, his free arm wrapped around your shoulders, Ed Sheeran playing softly. You glanced over at Dan, his hobit hair free and spilling over his eyes, which were highlighted by the amber light. His kissable lips pulled into a small grin, and you seized the opportunity to lean over and kiss him. He chuckled a little when you pulled away, taking your cheek in his hand and bringing you back down. You shifted yourself so you were straddled over him, his hand resting on your hip.

“Hey.” You mumbled, pressing your forehead to his. He hummed in amusement.

“Hey.” He whispered back, studying your eyes. You grinned at him, allowing him to plant a kiss on your nose.

“You’re so gross when you do that.” You sat up and rubbed your nose, watching his reaction.

“As if. You’ve told me you find it cute.” He retorted, grabbing your hand and pulling you back down.

“I was drunk.” You sighed.

“Doesn’t make a difference.” He kissed you again, rolling over so he was on top.

“Stop trying to get kinky, Danny.” You laughed, lacing your fingers in his messy hair.

“Why, you know you like it.” He teased, and you shake your head.

“Not when I’m trying to have a cute moment with you, you dip shit.” You rolled your eyes, and he raised an eyebrow.

“A cute moment, that’s what you’re after?” His lips pulled into a smirk.

“Well, that’s what I just said.” You pointed out, leaning up and wrapping your arms around his neck to help ease the strain on your back and kiss him gently on the cheek. “Save the kinky stuff for later.” You whispered in his ear.

“Stop teasing, love.” He sat back, crossed legged, and allowed you to sit on his lap, kissing your neck.

“Do you ever think that our parents did this sort of stuff?” You asked suddenly.

“Ew, Y/N, let’s not go into that.” Dan groaned, and you burst out laughing. “Have you ever walked in on the sexy times before? Because I’m traumatised.”

“Wow I feel bad for you.” You pulled a face, making him laugh. “My childhood was more or less innocent.”

“Lucky.” Dan commented, and you kissed him again on the nose. “Hypocrite.”

“Touche.” You raised your eyebrows, and he kissed you on the nose, then on the lips. You poked his cheek, causing him to pull away and glare at you in fake anger.

“Oi.” He grumbled, his eyes softening when you began to laugh, as though he couldn’t resist you, before catching another kiss.

“Okay, now you’re just getting needy.” You joked, and he pulled away in offence.

“Fine, I’ll just ignore you.” He announced.

“No! No, I was kidding, I was kidding.” You laughed, leaning in and attacking him with kisses.

“Show me mercy!” He shouted, and you laughed.

“Never!” You replied, screaming as he grabbed you and flung you over his shoulder, getting to his feet. “Dan! Dan let me down!” You began to cry-laugh, gripping onto him for dear life. He walked into the hall, Phil’s door opening, giving you a glance before walking back into his bedroom. Just another day in the Dan and Phil household.

Soulmates - (5/5)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1, 2, 3 and 4 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show.


As soon as you walked into Monet’s, you saw Jeff. He looked exhausted. He was half sitting and half laying on a chair, in a position that couldn’t possibly be comfortable. His cap was pulled down just enough to cover his eyes.

You reached his table and sat down in front of him. He got up as soon as he heard the sound of you dragging the chair.

“Hi” he greeted, with a sad and tired voice. You noticed how he seemed to get worse day after day. His skin grew paler, the bags under his eyes turned a darker shade of purple, his lips got dryer and dryer.

“Hi” you said it back. The whistle you heard on the accident night, the same one you’ve been hearing every since then, started to echo on your ear again. You ignored it, as usual.

“How’s your family?”

“Devastated. Yours?”

He breathed in heavily.


You remained in silence. The whistle kept getting louder, something that also happened often.

“I owe you an explanation” Jeff began.

“No, you don’t” you immediately cut him off. “I misunderstood everything, I made things awkward, but I get it now. Let’s just forget about it”

“(Y/N), you misunderstood something, but not what you think you misunderstood”

You frowned.

“What are you talking ab-” you stopped talking. The whistle got louder than ever, turning into a deafening buzz. It grew louder and louder by the second, becoming unbearable. You shut your eyes and grabbed the edge of the table.

“What’s happening?” you barely heard Jeff’s voice, but felt his hand on your shoulder. You didn’t answer. Your head hurt. “Baby what’s the matter?”

Your grip on the table got tighter, to the point it broke beneath your fingers. The costumers, unable to see you, got scared out of their minds. In their view, that table simply broke itself.

“Let’s get out of here” Jeff said, and led you outside. You stopped at a park and sat down on the grass. “(Y/N), please, you’re scaring me”

Still frowning, you looked at him. Your vision was red and blurry, your head felt like it was being crushed. The noise wouldn’t stop.

“Remember how I told you…” you tried to speak, but it made the pain worse. “Whistle…”

“The whistle you’ve been hearing since that first night? Is that what’s bothering you?” he desperately tried to help, not knowing how.

“Too loud” you cried. “I-”

The buzz had a frequency and intonation, something you hadn’t realized until then. It was like… morse code? It came, lasted for a few seconds and stopped for a brief moment, then started again and went on like this.

“It’s like- it’s like words” you mumbled. “Jeff, I think someone’s talking to me”

As soon as you said it, the buzz stoped. It was replaced by a soft voice, not nearly as loud. It sounded like someone talking right beside you.

“And then there was Marcus. You remember the Dollar Valentine thing, right? Well, I showed up on Marcus’ list and he gave me a call” the voice said, as if it was telling a story. You remembered that voice.

“It’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. She’s talking to me” you told Jeff.

“It must be a good sign that you can hear them now” he smiled, sadly. “You must be close to waking up”

You shook your head.

“I don’t think that’s it”

“What do you think it is, then?” Jeff frowned.

“Hang on. Whatever Hannah’s saying, it sounds important” you asked. Jeff went silent and both of you sat there, in the grass, for about an hour. She talked and talked and everything she said sounded awful. She was being abused at school and she had no one to talk to. That’s why she was there, standing beside my bed, talking to my unconscious body.

“Well, that was number six. I have to leave now. I’ll come back tomorrow for number seven” Hannah said, after she finished the whole Marcus story. “I hope you get better soon. You seem like a nice girl. I’d like it if we became friends”

And then she left. You decided that, when and if you woke up, you’d become Hannah’s best friend and stand up for her.

“Jeff?” you called. He was distant, lost in thoughts, but looked at you immediately when you called his name. “She just left. We can talk now”

He held my hand.

“I have to tell you something. Explain myself”

“Jeff, it doesn’t matter. Soon you’ll wake up and I’ll be gone” you said. Before he could say anything, you kept going. “This morning, my mom told my grandparents that the doctors said I’ll probably never wake up. I hurt my head badly, and I haven’t been responding to the medication. They’re going to turn off my life support in three days. I’m dying”

Jeff’s mouth hung open.

“Baby I’m so sorry…” he held you on his arms and it felt like the safest place on earth. You gently pulled away, tears escaping your eyes.

“If I’m not the one for you, if you don’t feel the same way I do, you’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do”

“(Y/N), you are the one for me” he cupped your face with his hands. “I didn’t say so before because I didn’t want to be a weight on your life”

You gave him a light push.

“You’re an idiot! It wasn’t your choice to make… besides, you couldn’t possibly be a weight for me” you sighed. Jeff smiled again, that lazy smile of his, and kissed you passionately.

After a while, you decided to take it somewhere else. Even though no one could see you, it was definitely weird having a makeout session on the middle of a town square.


Jeff took you to a greenhouse on the next day. You would watch the sunset there. He looked ill and worn out, but made his best effort to look fine. You both climbed up to the roof, sitting there and waiting. The sun slowly faded in the horizon while you held hands.

“Hey there” Hannah’s voice interrupted the moment. It scared you enough to make you jump a little. Jeff glanced at you.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Not wrong, just weird. I mean, Hannah’s back. People have been talking to me all the time since yesterday, but I still didn’t got used to it. It’s like they’re right next to us, but I can’t see them”

Jeff nodded.

“So, number seven. Zach Dempsey” Hannah kept going with her story. You didn’t really understood why she was telling it like it was a list, labeling people with numbers and stuff like that.

“Can’t you hear anything?” you asked him, when Hannah took a break from her and Zach’s story.

“Not really” he shrugged.

“Why?” you insisted.

“Jesus, I don’t know” he laughed uncomfortably. “Maybe you’re more spiritually developed than me”

You rolled your eyes. Then something hit you.

“What’s your current state?” you asked.

Jeff looked at you like you were an alien. Then, he pinched himself in the arm.

“Solid” he answered.

“That’s not- you’re such an idiot” you laughed. “I mean, you never told me why you’re here. Are you in a coma? It’s probably an induced coma. You would be in a lot of pain if you woke up now. Your body needs time to heal. That’s why they put you in an induced coma”

Jef laughed.

“How come every time you ask me a question you answer it yourself?” he asked, and held you on his arms.

“Not every time” you denied, smiling. “I mean, only occasionally”

“I have to tell you something” Jeff kissed your forehead. You sat straight in a heartbeat, but not because of his words, but because something was wrong.

“Well anyway, I decided to try him” Hannah’s voice came back.

“Are you okay?” Jeff asked.

You grabbed his hand so firmly you were pretty sure your nails hurt him.

“My heart” you said. “Something is wrong”

You pressed your free hand against your chest and waited. Nothing happened.

“My heart is not beating” you whispered.

“I wrote a letter-” Hannah’s voice was interrupted by a loud noise. A machine was beeping like crazy.

“(Y/N)?!” Both Hannah and Jeff screamed your name.

“Somebody help her!” Hannah yelled. You heard more voices. Someone telling her to back away. Someone shouting “Page cardio!”. Jeff talking to you.

“I can’t hear you” you cried to him. “So many… voices!”

He picked you up and got down the roof. Carrying you in his arms, he ran away from the greenhouse. You read his lips. He was saying “stay alive, stay alive”.

You couldn’t see where he was heading. Your body kept going into shock. It was the defibrillator. They yelled “Charge to 200!” and “Clear!”, then it hit your chest and it hurt like hell. It felt like you were being electrocuted.

You looked up to the stars. They were just a blur on the sky, since Jeff was running with you on his arms.

The noise from the hospital started to fade away slowly. You could now hear clearly while Jeff still whispered like a mantra: “Stay alive, (Y/N), stay alive”.

“Jeff?” you called.

“Hey baby. We’re almost there, okay? I’m taking you to the hospital” he cried.

“It won’t help” you told him, but he kept running. “Jeff. Jeff. Jeff, please, stop!”

He did as you said. He looked at you, desperate, and you smiled weakly at him.

“Let’s sit down for a moment, okay?” you asked. He nodded, crying his eyes out. You sat in front of a place you recognized as the small farm where you learned to ride a bike. Yeah, it really was near the hospital. Only a few blocks away. You didn’t realize it until now.

“Baby I’m sorry. I don’t know how to help you” he whispered.

“It’s okay… it doesn’t hurt” you said.

“You don’t have to lie” he ran his fingers through your hair. “They’re defibrillating you. It must hurt like a bitch”

You managed to laugh a little.

“I know that we just met and maybe this is too much” he started, but struggled to say the words he wanted because he was crying so, so hard.

“Charge to 360!”


Your body jumped and Jeff held you tighter.

“The thing is, even in that short amount of time, we got to know each other. We shared a story, an intense story, we’ve been through a lot together” he said. You tried to respond, but it was too hard. “You were… you are” he corrected himself “an important part of my life. And I love you, (Y/N). I really really do”

Your fingers gently caressed his face. Your mouth opened up to say it back. It was a huge struggle, but he needed to know. You had to say it back.

“Charge to 360! Again, people, again!”



Your body jumped again and, with a desperate grasp for air, you lifted yourself enough to sit down. You looked around and the sudden brightness blinded you for a second. The hospital. You were at the hospital. They brought you back before you could say it.

“No, no, no!” you screamed.

“Miss (Y/L/N), calm down” somebody said. “Tell Rose to call her parents”

“Let me go, I need to tell him! Where is he?” you cried, and grabbed one of the doctors by the arm. “Sir, I need to see him. Take me to his room, he can hear me, I know he can. I heard you all!”

You looked around frantically and saw Hannah’s pale and scared face.

“Hannah! Hannah, I heard you! If I can hear you, he can hear me!” you tried to make them listen, but they kept trying to push you down. “Please don’t sedate me, please, I just need to tell him. I need to tell him!”

“Make way. Make way” a male voice said. The older doctor who claimed to be friends with my parents showed up in my sight. “(Y/N), sweetheart, do you remember me?”

“Richard Webber” you finally recognized him. “Richard, please, I need to see him. I have to tell him!”

“Calm down, okay? Who do you need to see?” he asked, although something in his eyes told you he already knew.

“Jeff! Jeff Atkins!”

“Do you mean the boy who was in the car with you?” Richard asked.

“Yes, yes, that’s the one!”

Everybody looked away. The doctors started to leave the room, and the only ones who remained were Richard, Hannah and you. Neither of them seemed to be able to look you in the eyes.

“Richard, please, it’s very important. I have something to tell him, he needs to know” your voice didn’t sound as loud as before. Your screaming turned into a sorrowful whine.

“(Y/N)… Jeff flew out the window. The car landed right above him-”

“I already know that” you sighed. “Just tell me where he is right now”

“What I’m trying to tell you is… the car crushed his skull, spinal cord and ribs. That means he didn’t make it. He passed away instantly”

That couldn’t be happening.

“That’s not true. He told me…” you started.

What? What did he tell you? He never said he was alive. He never mentioned he was in a coma. You just assumed it all.

As you thought about it, you realized just how many clues he gave you. He didn’t let you look while they took his body from under the car. He mentioned several times that he didn’t have a life anymore, that he would never play baseball again and he would never go to college. He never said it was because of his injuries or amputations. Once again, you just assumed.

“Oh my god” you fell apart, and the warm tears ran across your face. Jeff was dead. He knew it all along. That’s what he meant when he said he didn’t want to be a weight on your life. He knew just how painful it would be for you, this very moment, when you woke up and realized he was gone. “I didn’t got the chance to tell him”

Hannah walked towards you and hugged you.

“Hannah, he told me he loved me and I didn’t get a chance to say it back. I was about to… then I woke up here” you sobbed.

“I’m sure he knows. Wherever he is, he knows” she said.

————- Bonus —————-

“Auntie (Y/N)” you heart a childish voice calling you. You looked away from the book you were reading and saw your best friend’s six year old toddler. His bright blue eyes were wide open and staring at you.

“Yes, honey”

“Have I and you paint that together?” he pointed at a big painting hanging on your living room’s wall. “Because I know to read and it says on the corner ‘Jeff and (Y/N), 2017’. But I are confused because I are born in long after 2017”

You laughed softly.

“Well, that was another Jeff. He was a friend of mine, and also of your mommy and daddy” you explained. “He was such a good friend that your mommy and daddy named you after him”

“So the name of his was Jeffrey Baker Jensen?”

“No, baby” you picked him up. “Just Jeff”

“Are your babies named after people too?” Jeff asked. “Is sister of mine Heather named after people?”

“No. We only name our babies after people when they’re really really special” you said, smiling. “Would you like to see a picture of Jeff? I have one near the fireplace”

“I dooooo” he yelled, and giggled.

“You two actually look alike, did you know that? He had blue eyes and brown hair just like yours”

“We’re twins!” baby Jeff yelled again, then he frowned. “Where are Uncle Jeff right now?”

“He’s on the sky. He’s a star now”

“Does that mean he lives with the moon and asteroids and comets and astronauts and spaceships and aliens?”

“Well, it definitely sounds like him” you giggled.

Wherever he was, you knew it was a better place. You could almost see him living new adventures, watching lobsters fight and playing baseball, forever young, dreamy and beautiful. You still loved him and would love him forever. And even though you never got the chance to tell him that, deep in your heart you were sure he knew.

Giant: Ch. 7

Make my messes matter.
Make this chaos count.
Let every little fracture in me
Shatter out loud.

“Dammit, Kara,” Lena growled from the living room as she tripped over something.

The culprit smiled to herself before taking a sip of her coffee and resumed her amused appraisal of the absolute wrath to which she’d exacted upon Lena’s poor refrigerator. She cocked her head and tried to figure out how she did, and even more impressively, how Lena survived it.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do headcanons for how the rev set (plus Aaron) propose to you?

you bet ! i love proposals soooo,, let me know if this is what you wanted!

i’m sorry i took so long answering this one,, i was thinking about it and answering other stuff! 


  • alex does it in a very,,, wordy way
    • it’s just in his nature to have a lot to say,, so the way he conveys his feelings,, may or may not be a couple pages??
      • if you wrote it on paper
    • so after he finally gets the ring, he takes you to the park,,
      • his reason being, he loved the way you could actually see some stars at night,, 
      • and the fact that the sunset looked beautiful from there
    • and while you’re just talking as the sun sets
      • about anything and everything really;; the way the park looks, about his newest projects, how you feel about kids and puppies
    • he suddenly says, “i wanna marry you,”
      • he does it in the coolest way possible,, but as soon as he pulls out the ring,, he loses any cool he has
      • “i just think you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen; your eyes light up the night, your smile is brighter than the sun, you have the cutest mannerisms and i just,, i really love you. i love the way you talk, the way you smell, the way you walk,, and most of all, i’d love to see the way you walked down the aisle in a wedding dress, walking to me and,,,”
      • you have to stop him by saying yes and kissing him,
    • lord knows he would’ve kept going..


  • john’s idea of a perfect proposal was at the carnival
    • although he’s been fumbling with the box all day in his pocket,, he’s glad to see you were so happy to be at the carnival 
      • which only came around every once in a while
    • his nerves sort of dissipate once you get to the ride that he wants to ask you on
      • he’s kinda scared of heights,, and since it’s a ferris wheel,, well,,, you know
    • once you’re on there, he grips your hand and just lets you lean against his shoulder as the cart goes up
      • he’s actually kinda freaking out, but once he feels you grip his had a little,, he’s okay
    • for just a moment,, as customary, the ferris wheel stops and you can see the rest of the area
      • he of course brings you closer by wrapping his arm around your shoulder 
    • “you know,,” he comments after a small moment of silence, “as beautiful as this is,, you’re definitely the beautiful-est thing i’ve ever seen,,”
      • when he says it, he’s looking down,, so your eyes follow and you see him staring at a diamond engagement ring
      • “john…”
    • he’s smiling so big as he asks you if you’d marry him,, and once you say yes through your tears,, he gets so bubbly
      • like, he’s actually bouncing in his seat and smiling so wide his cheeks hurt
      • he’s also peppering your face and head with kisses so much that you don’t even notice the ferris wheel moving again
    • once you get off,, he just lifts you off the ground in the biggest hug he can manage,,,
      • he’s adorable,, and so so happy


  • hercules mulligan chooses to not propose with a ring,, but a dress
    • he spends a few weeks making this white dress
      • of which you can’t see until he’s close to finishing because reasons
    • when he finally lets you into see it, he asks your opinions on it,,
      • “i mean, i’d wear it,, but it is a wedding dress,,”
      • he then nods and smiles extremely widely, “i know. that’s why i’m asking.”
    • his hope that you catch on is soon replaced with joy because you caught on 
      • the stare you’re giving him is something he really wishes he could get on camera
        • it’s goddamn priceless
      • you then ask if this is what you think it is,, and he nods
    • you whispered yes and he just immediately went for it
      • he gripped your hips and pulled you as close as possible,,
      • his kiss took every bit of your breath away,, and you had to remind yourself to breathe because damn
    • then he picks you up bridal style and carries you to the bedroom,,
      • the entire time he’s laughing and smiling
        • that adorable gap is being shown off proudly by the big man
      • he really couldn’t believe you let him propose with a dress but 
        • you did and my god he’s grateful


  • laf decides to take it traditionally
    • which of course means taking you back to,, you guessed it,, france
      • he didn’t want to do it in paris,, “too cliché” as he dubbed it,,
      • so he took you to the house he inherited from his family out in the country
    • the sight was beautiful,, with all the rolling hills and such
    • and he waits a few days,, taking you out about town and showing you all the nice things in france
    • and then,, while you’re standing in the town square,, he drops down to one knee,,
      • when he pulls out the ring,, he doesn’t speak for a minute,,
      • he’s literally in tears and he doesn’t know why?? but 
        • when you start crying too,, he feels validated in a sense 
          • at least he doesn’t look like a baby
    • so he says all of these things in french,,
      • half of which you understand and half of which you don’t,,
    • then asks, “will you be mine for eternity?”
      • you only nod because words are difficult right now
      • then he slips the ring on your finger and pulls you in for a,, well,, deep kiss
        • it’s so passionate and loving,, my god it almost hurts
    • everyone that witnessed it starts clapping,,
      • then laf is laughing
        • and you’re laughing,,
          • and people are congratulating you two
      • you tell laf,, basically, that as thankful as you were for being able to be engaged,,
        • you hate crowds
    • he only kisses you and takes you back home,, all the while the two of you are smiling softly and constantly sharing soft kisses

bonus! aaron

  • aaron actually,, well,, he tried
    • he got dressed up,, real fancy
      • even had the ring tucked in his pocket
    • took you to a nice restaurant and made sure everything went right
    • but then,, he got,,
      • he got nervous,,
        • he thought you would reject him and walk out
        • or maybe you would tell him that the relationship wasn’t working anymore
        • or maybe you would just throw your food in his face
        • the possible outcomes were endless
      • so he just stuck the nice meal, paid for dinner,, and you went home
  • later that night, though,, he finally mustered up the courage
    • it was when you were lying in bed
      • the television was on, playing some show aaron couldn’t focus on because his heart was racing and his fingers were brushing over the velvet of the ring box underneath the covers
      • you were on his chest,, a smile on your face and your fingers tracing mindless patterns across his ribs
    • clearing his throat, he drug the ring box up his side,,
      • it was kind of a shock to his system,, letting him know that this was real, and it was happening
    • with everything he had in him, he whispered, “will you marry me?”
      • he literally could not get anything else out
        • the poor guy was so nervous he was practically shaking as he displayed the ring
          • he almost forgot to open the ring box
      • his eyes were scanning your face, searching for any reaction because,, my god,, he was terrified
    • you rose up and looked at the ring, then back at aaron, and whispered, “yes,”
      • you knew he was nervous
        • that’s why he didn’t give you a monologue
        • and that’s why he could only smile when he started slipping the ring out of the box
          • he dropped it because he was shaking so bad,, which emitted a giggle from you 
        • once he slipped it on your finger, he started crying
          • fear had gripped his heart that much
      • “oh my god,” and then “beat that alexander”
        • you were laughing hysterically at that point, burying your face in his chest and sniffling because you too were crying 
          • out of happiness of course

A Laugh Like Sunshine (Jack Avery Imagine)

*As Requested*

Feel free to request imagines, fics, gifsets etc. via my AskBox or DM’s.

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 1749

Description: In which a curly haired boy adorned in all black, falls for the laugh of a passerby

All Rights Reserved

    My jet black Doc Martin’s echoed against the hot pavement with a deafening thud as the boys and I trapesed the boulevard of Santa Monica Pier. We’d been location scouting with management and a few publicists for several hours now, something most musicians won’t share with the public, though it’s a very real and painfully monotonous part of the job. I sighed, running my fingers absentmindedly through my shock of hazel curls that perched atop my head, damp and not nearly as pompous as they’d been at the start of the day, after several hours of constant sun beating down on them.

“Yo dude, how much longer do you think we’re gonna be out here?” I muttered in frustration to the blonde boy beside me. He shrugged, chuckling dryly as he rolled his eyes.

“Beats me, I voted for the first location- ya know, the one we visited 4 hours ago?!” I laughed, nodding as I patted him on the back sympathetically. The locations scouts and publicists walked ahead of us in rigid business suits and pursed lips, clutching a hefty red binder and a clipboard, where locations would either check off their requests, or not. So far- not. Finally, we stopped walking. The publicist who seemed to be leading the pack, Wendy, turned to us, her greying-blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun behind her head and her dark pencil skirt as unyielding as cement when she walked. I sighed.

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teneniel  asked:

NSFW scenario request: Cor has been wrestling with his attraction for reader for a while, and they get the better of him during a sparring match.

HOLY COW THIS ONE IS A DOOZY. Ended up being roughly 3,500 words of pure Cor awesomeness. Be warned, delicious smut is ahead with a lil light slapping and some friendly choking. Cor x F!Reader. Requests are still open, y’all~

“The shit I do for you, Cor…” you grumbled, grumpily staring at the foot you had just submerged in mud. You directed your agitated gaze to Cor, as if your lackadaisical clumsiness was his fault. He gave you a wry smile, offering you a hand to balance yourself as you pulled your boot from the mire with a satisfying ‘pop’.

“Correction—you’re doing this for your people and your king.” His eyes sparkled with amusement as you shook the grime from your boot and slipped it back on. “And if you actually stayed on your toes, maybe you wouldn’t find them in the mud.”

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Instant Crush (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by TONS OF PEOPLE: After a night out, you fall into a fight with Grayson.
Word Count: 2,034
Warnings: Angry, angry Gray. Lots of swearing, mentions of abuse.
A/N: THIS WAS SO HEAVILY REQUESTED. I literally got 4 of these requests every day and I am here to just say.. Your wish is my command. I don’t even know what to think of this one, I’m sorry if it didn’t reach your expectations. (Title from Daft Punk’s Instant Crush.)

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I condoning this, nor do I think this is a healthy relationship. This is pure fiction. If someone every treats you like this, please get out of the relationship while you can because this is abuse.

If somebody told you that your night would end up in tears, shattered glass, bruised fists and sore throats from screaming, you would never have believed them.

The night had started out good. You and Grayson drove around town, watching the beautiful sunset at the beach before heading over to a Bistro not far away, where your boyfriend had booked you two a table. You had dressed up extra nicely just for Grayson, hair in curly wisps, makeup extra dark and a red dress with a plunging v-neck. And that was your first error.

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How Would You Feel - Archie Andrews

Anonymous said:

I know you just posted that you just finished an Ed Sheeran Jughead imagine, but would you be up for an imagine with Jughead (or Archie!) with the song “How would you feel (Paean)” ??? Thanks x

Originally posted by archic-andrews

You are the one girl

And you know that it’s true

I’m feeling younger

Every time that I’m alone with you

We were sitting in a parked car

Stealing kisses in the front yard

We got questions we should not ask but

Archie pulled into your driveway around seven o’clock at night. From the passenger seat, you looked up at your house, scanning for any signs of life. When you didn’t see any, you looked at Archie, only to find he was already staring at you. His big brown eyes were giving you that look he also gave you when your dates came to an end.

“I don’t want this night to end,” he whispered, reaching a hand up to gently touch your hair. You gave him a soft smile, one which he returned before leaning in Your hands immediately went to his cheeks, cupping them as he pressed his lips to yours. This was not the first you two had stolen kisses, parked outside of your house. The only time this didn’t occur was on your first date when you both had been too shy to make the move. Now, nothing was holding you back. Your hands traveled down from his face to his chest and you could feel the muscles contracting under your touch.

“There’s something I need to ask you,” he rushed, pulling back from your lips. You opened your eyes and saw the nervousness in his own. You brushed your fingers through his hair soothingly.

“What is it Arch?” You saw his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. His eyes skirted around you, but finally landed on your eyes.

“How would you feel, if-” He turned his head at the flashing porch lights. You groaned and gave him a sympathetic look. He frowned slightly and you squeezed his hand. When the flashing stopped, you looked up at him again.

“Please continue,” you whispered, giving him a shy smile. He smiled too, meeting your eyes once more.

“We’ve been together since summer and,” he smiled at the memory that surfaced as he spoke. You let out a giggle and he chuckled.

“The roof,” you said together, causing you both to grin. You had been hanging out with Betty when her mother came home sooner than planned. Betty ushered you both onto her roof in the hopes her parents wouldn’t see you. It ended up being nearly 10 hours until you and Archie could get off the roof. Betty’s parents had taken most of that day off. So you and Archie stayed on the roof, his arm around you, and you watched the sunset. By the time the moon came out, Betty helped you back inside and snuck you both out the front door. You giggled again, looking at Archie fondly.

“I know, you’re the one for me Y/N,” his voice grew quiet as he spoke. As you internalized his words, butterflies tickled your stomach excitedly. “I think you know that it’s true,” you nodded and he let out a shaky breath. “I wanted to ask, how would you-” The lights started up again and he stopped talking. You leaned over, pecking the corner of his lips.

“Next time,” you whispered, “we won’t get interrupted.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” he murmured as you walked out of his car. As you walked up to your porch, you gave him a wave. He smiled at you when you blew him an over dramatic kiss. You giggled when he just rolled his eyes and waved. Once you were inside, Archie pulled out of your driveway; his question still resting on his lips.  

Next time came quicker than Archie thought. His elaborate plan to take you to a nice dinner was exchanged for an older movie at the Drive-In. He picked you up around five in the afternoon so you could watch your favorite old movie. The drive there was filled with simple conversation about school and Archie’s music.

“I wrote you a song actually,” Archie said as he pulled into a empty spot at the Drive-In. You smiled at him widely and Archie smirked.

“Do I get to hear said song or are you going to torture me?” He gave you a goofy look and shrugged his shoulders. You laughed and lightly hit him the in the shoulder. “You’re like my very own Ed Sheeran,” he let out a loud laugh.

“I’m no where near as talented as he is Y/N,” you frowned at his sad tone. You unbuckled your seatbelt and leaned over to him. You grabbed his hand and squeezed, causing him to look up at you.

“You will be, you just have to work for it.” You gave him a smiled before continuing, “I believe in you Archie. Believe in yourself.” His brown eyes stared at your face, meeting your eyes and then darting to your lips. He loved your eyes; their vibrant color reminded him of the good days and made him feel at home. He leaned over, pressing a kiss to your lips quickly before you pulled away. You grabbed the blanket Archie had packed and smiled at him. “It’s movie time, Andrews.”

You and Archie piled up into the back of his dad’s pickup truck, laying on a foam sheet that was covered with blankets. You cuddled up to Archie’s side as the movie started. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye and saw that your gaze was glued to the screen. The light bounced off your face, illuminating all the features Archie loved to write about. The amount of times he wrote a single verse about your lips was uncountable. He couldn’t even remember how many times he’d written about your beautiful smile. He needed to tell you how he felt because it was slowly eating him alive.

He waited until the end of the movie to move or say anything. You leaned up and away from Archie as the credits started to roll. You stretched out your arms and let out a sigh. He smiled at you when you turned around to face him.

“I love that movie,” you said, and noticed the thoughtful look in Archie’s eye. “What’s up, babe?” You crawled back over to sit in front of him. He smiled at you as your hair reached up to run your fingers through his hair. “Are you finally going to ask me whatever you tried to ask last time?” He chuckled then nodded.

“How would you feel, if I told you that I loved you?” Your breath caught and Archie smiled at you bashfully. “It’s just something that I want to do,” he said quietly. “Like I said before, we’ve been together for a while and I just keep falling deeper in love with you.”

You leaned in, pressing your lips to his. Your hands cupped his face as he pulled you into his lap by your waist. He smiled against your lips, humming with delight. You pulled away slowly, teasing his bottom lip. Your eyes met with his brown ones and you saw the hope in his eyes. If only he had known how hard you had fallen for him too, there would have been no need to be so nervous.

“I love you too, Archie.” He smiled at you, reaching a hand up to hold over the yours that still rested on his face. His eyes light up like the 4th Of July, the same day the two of you shared your first kiss. So many had been stolen since then, and many more to come. He let out the breath he had been holding and he smiled. He leaned in, capturing you lips in another sweet kiss.

How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?

It’s just something that I want to do

I’ll be taking my time, spending my life

Falling deeper in love with you

So tell me that you love me too

Tell me that you love me too

Tell me that you love me too

It’s Your Birthday, Cap

Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1200

Summary: Yes, it’s the Fourth of July, but it’s also your boyfriend’s birthday.

Warnings: unprotected sex, semi-public sex, a little bit of alcohol consumption

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

You wake with a small smile on your face. Much to your surprise, a familiar warmth accompanied by soft breathing comes from the spot beside you. Normally, he’s been up for hours, having gone for his morning workout before making breakfast.

Slowly, you move closer to him. You touch your lips to his cheek in a gentle kiss; his lips turn up slightly as he smiles in his sleep. You kiss his temple next. Then his forehead. He groans slightly as you slide your hand over his bare abdomen, your fingers tickling the flesh of his hip.

“What are you doing?” he grumbles, his voice thick with sleep.

“Nothing.” You whisper, kissing his shoulder. “But since you’re up,” you lean over him to kiss his lips, “happy birthday, Mr. America.”

He chuckles, taking a deep breath before his eyes finally open. His arm wraps around your back, and he pulls you tight to his side.

“Thank you, doll.”

“You have any plans for the day?”

“Nothing in particular.” His fingers play in the ends of your hair, “Did you have something in mind?”

“I just thought we might go out for dinner tonight. Maybe spend the day here.”

“We could go out.”

“Except you’re Captain America… and it’s the Fourth of July.”

“It won’t be any different if we go out tonight.”

“Except most people will off partying anyway.”

“How about we just stay in? Cook a nice dinner. Watch fireworks from the roof.”

“That sounds nice too.”

“It’s whatever you want, doll.”

“Except it’s your birthday, Cap.”

“Well, I want what you want.”

You sigh, dropping your head to his shoulder. You raise it back up when he chuckles.

“So, what’s for dinner?” you ask, running your fingers through his hair.

He cups your cheek in his hand, smiling, “Leave it to me, baby doll.”

A few hours later, the light of the sunset fading to darkness, you find yourself sitting on the kitchen counter, a glass of wine in hand as Steve stirs an array of vegetables in a pan. He picks up a fork and stabs a piece of broccoli, turning and moving to stand between your legs before offering it to you.

You hum in appreciation as the flavors touch your tongue.


You nod, smiling as you chew the little morsel. He kisses your cheek before going back to the stove. He reaches to turn off the heat and moves the pan from the hot eye.

“Where did you learn to cook like this anyway?” you ask, taking another sip of your wine.

“My mom was a great cook.” He pauses, glancing at you over his shoulder, “I also watched a lot of those cooking shows after waking up.”

You chuckle, hiding your smile behind your wine glass. He walks toward you again, his hands sliding up your bare thighs as he steps between them.

“Something funny, doll?”

You shake your head, setting your glass to the side. You put your hands on his chest, sliding them up and over his shoulders.

“I just can’t see you watching some cooking show.”

“They’re very informative,” He chuckles, “and on all the time.”

You shake your head, giggling as you lean in to claim his lips with your own. His fingertips dig into your hips as he pulls you to the edge of the counter. Just as his lips move to your neck, the sound of explosions in the distance causes you to drop your head back. The light of the fireworks fills the sky.

“Baby, we’re missing it.” You say, scrambling out of Steve’s grasp and hopping down from the counter.

You run out to the balcony, your hands wrapping around the banister as you watch more bright explosions of color rise over the city. You lean back into Steve’s chest as he wraps his arms around your waist.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” you ask, the sky lighting up with red sparks.

“It is.”

He kisses your shoulder. You tilt your head to the side, allowing him access to your neck. You raise your hand to the side of his neck, sliding it up until your fingers tangle in his hair. His right hand moves down over your hip, his fingertips teasing the hem of your dress. You shiver as his hand moves underneath the fabric and back up to your hip. You turn your head just as his lips find yours and his fingertips push past the band of your panties.

You roll your hips into his touch, his fingertips working your clit in small circles. You moan into his kiss. The sound of his belt coming undone is distant yet clear in your ears. You reach behind you to help him ease his jeans over his hips.

Focused on the loss of contact when his hand moves away from your core, you’re caught off guard when he literally tears your panties from your body. His foot nudges yours to the side as his hands slide up back, guiding you to lean into the banister.

You brace yourself against it, looking back at him over your shoulder. The blue of his eyes is nearly lost to his lust-blown pupils. The corner of his lips quirks up when his eyes meet yours. He grabs your dress at the zipper and pulls, tearing the back of it open, the shredded fabric falling to the floor. You groan, both frustrated by his lack of concern for your clothing and fascinated by his strength. He takes off his t-shirt and lets it fall to your feet.

You push back as he pushes forward, burying himself entirely inside of you. You grip the bannister in one hand and his wrist in the other. His free hand caresses your skin, his arm wrapping around your waist as he pulls you flush to his chest. You share kiss after kiss, your lips only separating when one of you is unable to contain the moans as your bodies move together.

He groans, the sound reverberating deep in his chest. You can feel the tension in his embrace as he fights back his release.

“Just let go, baby.” You whisper, your hand against the side of his neck; he kisses your shoulder, “I’m right there with you.”

The clenching of your walls around him finally pushes him over the edge. Your back arches, and your head falls to his shoulder as your own release claims you. You sigh softly as he pulls out, the both of you exchanging breathless kisses as you turn in his arms.

He pulls back, smiling and looking into your eyes as he brushes your hair back behind your ear.

“Sorry about your dress.”

“It’s okay.” You trail your fingers along his jawline, “You can buy me a new one.”

“Gladly. In the meantime,” he picks up his t-shirt and pulls it over your head, “it’ll have to do.”

Another explosion, much larger than the others before, pulls your attention back to the skies. You both look up to see a sparkling image of Steve’s shield. You giggle, turning back to him.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

You share a long, lingering kiss, the love between you clearly shown though shared silently.



Part Seven

gif cred - jake-riley


Golden rays of sunshine shot down through the curtains, setting early morning flares against the two bare bodies who lay snuggled together in the sheets. When she blinked her bleary eyes open, the first thing she saw was a set of dazzling blue eyes crinkling happily down at her. Kai lay propped on the pillow, already awake, and staring at her as if she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

“Mmm,” she sighed in contempt, rubbing at her eyes and sitting up, bunching the blanket around her body as she did so.

“Hey gorgeous,” Kai beamed, bringing her head atop his bare chest, where she nuzzled into his warm flesh and closed her eyes.

“Malachai,” she purred softly, “we have a busy day ahead, and you’re not making getting up any easier.”

He trailed his slender fingers through her hair, a rumble emitting from his throat as he laughed, “I know, so just let us have this one moment, please?”

“Fine,” she giggled, kissing Kai’s chest with a big grin.

The simplest of movements like that was still enough to drive Kai crazy, his heart thumping in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, giving her a squeeze. He moved his hand down her bare back, tracing light patterns against her skin, still quite unfamiliar territory to him. When his hand went a bit too low, he blushed furiously and pulled away at once.

“S-sorry,” he stammered.

She blinked up at the heretic, brows furrowing as she pulled herself up from the sheets and positioned herself beside Kai.

“Hey,” she nudged him when he looked away. “It’s me, you don’t have to apologize.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “It’s just- you make me really nervous still,” he paused, chewing at his lip, “and you’re like, insanely beautiful, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or hurt you-” he babbled.

She silenced him with her lips, molding them softly against Kai’s before he could finish. Her fingers tilted his chin lightly up into her mouth, getting a quick taste before withdrawing with a sigh.

“I told you, you don’t have to restrain yourself anymore. Not with me.”

“Thanks,” Kai’s lips twitched faintly.

“For what?” she chuckled.

“Well, everything…but also last night,” he smiled nervously, “it was really nice. You were really nice.”

The girl brought her forehead against Kai’s, nose smushing softly against his as she bent quickly down to peck his lips. “And after today is over, we’ll have all the time in the world for us.”

“Yeah?” he breathed.


She pulled herself out of the bed, sheets dropping as she ducked behind the wall, returning shortly after in dark jeans and a white tee, her hands pulling up her locks into a messy ponytail. Kai sat on the bed, clad in his clothes from the previous day, head turning when she entered the room.

“A note!” she gasped.

“What?” Kai asked.

“Emily. That’s her name, the witch who’s helping us, I mean. She sends me papers, and this one’s going to have the plan for tonight.”

Kai’s eyes widened as a crumpled piece of paper fell from the air, and he quickly snatched it before it could land. He scooched over as the girl plopped beside him, bending over to read the scribbled words.

“Tonight near sunset will be the time of the gathering. Kai’s father will have a set of witches concealed by his side because he thinks you’ll be trying something to get away. But I will be there too, so don’t fear. You must first find an object that you carry with you at all times, and then Kai can help you use it as an anchor to keep your memories in. When the chosen coven members erase Kai, it will only be temporary, as the object will absorb the spell, and once returned to you, will return your memories. As for Kai, he will need to convince them as if your plan has failed, essentially throwing a fit, and a believable one at that. Once enough time has passed, we can enter the next phase of the plan, which is to use the same spell but on the coven, instead wiping him from their memories. Only Kai’s father has this spell, so this will be up to him to finding it, and will take time. During this middle phase, you two are not to interact at all, if you got caught it could ruin everything. Please, be careful.” - Emily 

Kai rubbed at his temples with agitation, “this may just work. But we need that item to hold your memories for a bit.”

“I’m gonna forget you?” she breathed with worry, her lip trembling. 

“Yeah,” he said, eyes crinkling, “but it’s okay. Only for a little while, and by the time you get them back, I’ll be free from my coven, and we’ll have an eternity together.”

“Not eternity,” she smiled weakly, “only if I was a vampire.”

“Don’t talk like that, you’ll never have to be a monster like that,” he shook his head. “So, do you have an object in mind?”

“I do, actually,” she said, sliding a silver ring off her finger. 

“I gave you this,” Kai whispered.

“Seems fitting, huh?” she shrugged.

Kai nodded, taking the ring in his palms and whispering a quick incantation which shot up little purple sparks before placing it gently back on her hand. His fingers shook a little, bright blue eyes flickering up to her sad ones.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he promised, bringing his slender fingers to her face and moving her stray hairs back softly. “For a little while, you’ll go on living life without me, but before you know it, I’ll be back, and I’ll unspell that ring, and we can finally be happy.”

“I’m scared,” was all she managed.

“Don’t be,” he cooed, “we’re stronger than this.”

An orangey pink glow settled across the freshly cut grass as Kai stopped at the edge of his house, fingers laced through her trembling ones. They stood by his faded white home, hearts thumping, but reassured by the presence of each other.

“Show yourself,” Kai said with confidence.

At once, Joshua Parker melted from the air, flanked by two witches on either side of him.

“You brought backup?” Kai feigned surprise.

“In case you try anything,” Joshua warned.

“Why would we?” he said with strong distaste.

“You’re telling me that you’d willingly hand over the girl with no worry?” he chuckled bitterly.

“I’m telling you I’d do what I need to to keep her safe,” Kai squeezed her hand lightly.

“Then it’s time,” Joshua said.

Kai looked at the girl with worry, but she nodded, giving a feeble smile.

Joshua raised his hands, as did the witches beside him, and they began chanting at once, eyes closing and voices blending in sync. As they spoke, a heavy weight began to settle not on the girl, but on the ring she wore, making it feel as if it weighed down her body. Her mind started to go fuzzy, ground spinning beneath her feet.

“Malachai-” she stumbled, collapsing, but being quickly scooped up before she could hit the earth.

“Hey, it’s going to be fine, okay?” he said, staring down into her glazing eyes, his lower lip quivering. “It’ll be okay,” he said again, voice cracking as a tear spilled down his face and across his parted lips.

The chanting grew louder, and her head rolled to the side. Joshua stood ready, ready for Kai to try and stop him, but it never came.

“Thank you,” she trembled, and the look in her eyes told him ‘just in case.’ “You made me so ha-” she slurred off.

“Close your eyes,” he breathed, brushing his thumb against her cheek, “it won’t hurt.” 

And it didn’t. Her mind blanked like static, all at once eyes flashing over black before she fell into a momentary slumber, blinking her eyes open a second later in confusion. Kai brought her to her feet, and she stood, eyes flickering between the strange sight in front of her, the silence ringing in her ears as everyone awaited her next move.

“Where am I?” she said at last.

“Has it worked?” one of the witches asked.

“I can feel our magic in her,” Joshua Parker said, sounding surprised.

The girl stood like a deer in the headlights, staring them all down in utter confusion.

Kai whispered her name, but she only blinked at him with confusion, “who are you?”

Kai’s father tilted his head, “so it is done. Release her.”

“Wait, father,” Kai pleaded, “please don’t. Please, just a little more time.”

“No,” he responded flatly.

“Please,” Kai choked down a sob, tears spilling across his face. “You don’t have to really do this.”

“And are you going to try and stop me?” he asked.

Kai turned to the girl, reaching gently for her wrist, and watching as she snapped away, “don’t touch me.”

It hurt him, seeing her react like that. Seeing her react like everyone did to him.

“It seems she now has the proper response to seeing your disgusting face,” Joshua smirked.

“Father,” Kai said, taken aback by the remark.

His father turned his back to Kai as he slinked away, but then he paused suddenly, “you’d do anything?”

“Anything,” Kai nodded frantically, keeping up his impressive rouse. 

“You would, wouldn’t you?”

Joshua Parker turned slowly back around, a strange expression settling over his features.

“You’d do anything for her,” he said again, stepping closer now.

Kai gulped down the lump in his throat, “w-what?”

“You’d go so far for her as to-” his father breathed.

“To what?” Kai said, acting confused.

“As to store her memories away in that ring.”

Everything froze at once, the whole world standing still as Kai felt a crushing weight collapse atop his shoulders, fear instantly striking his heart. He still tried to act oblivious, though it was no good to him now.

“You think you can hide he memories in some jewelry, assisted by a little witch friend of yours?” he growled, the witches behind him standing poised.

“How?” Kai’s breath shook, eyes darting to the baffled girl beside him, “h-how did you know?”

Joshua Parker froze, cruel smile on his lips, “who do you think sent you that message?”

He could feel every piece of him shatter like glass in that instant. And in that instant, that one fleeting moment where everything was still, Kai did the only thing he could think of. He lunged to the girl beside him, seizing her hand and grasping the ring she wore, head tilting as he felt the relief of magic seeping into his veins, electricity crackling in his bloodstream as he absorbed the memory charm. A misty purple glow burst to his flesh as the girl cried out, trying lamely to detach the heretic from her, but in the next second, her eyes were flashing black, and she was back, shaking her head in confusion as she blinked at the boy in front of her. 

“Kai!?” she breathed, surveying the scene around her. Her face sunk with her heart as she remembered, breath faltering. “No, no no no. it wasn’t supposed to happen like this!”

“You’re right, it wasn’t,” Joshua said, “now!” he ordered.

The witches around him sent a huge blaze of fire barreling towards Kai, but with a fresh wave of magic to help him, he easily extinguished it with a gushing jet of water. They aimed another red flashing attack at him, but a vapor like shield appeared in front of him, blocking the spell.

“Please, I don’t want to hurt you!” he said, dodging their next attack by quickly vanishing and returning on another patch of grass.

“Maybe you will if we hurt her,” Joshua said, sending the girl flying back in the air, where she promptly smashed into the ground, screaming out in anguish as her wrist snapped under her body, blood greeting her clammy skin.

Kai screamed her name, rushing to her side, but just as his fingers extended to her outstretched ones, just as his eyes locked to her broken and defenseless form, she vanished, and in that moment of confusion, Kai was hit by a giant slap of magic to his side. He screamed out, clutching his waist as he snapped his head up, screaming not for himself, but for her.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” he yelled, tears escaping his shimmering blue eyes, “WHERE IS SHE?”

“Taken care of,” Joshua said calmly, enjoying the suffering his son was in.

Kai stood slowly, the liquid from his eyes coming to a stop as his face hardened, his hands balled, a quiet rasp escaping his lips, “where is she?”

But the witches only sent more spells at him, spells which he froze in midair before sending whirring back at them, watching as each witch was hit by their own magic and sent stumbling back in pain.

“Last chance,” he growled, jaw pulsating. “Where. Is. She.” he said, each word soft and punctuated.

But his father only stood there wearing a smug smile.

Kai’s eyes darkened, and the person who now blinked through his lashes was not himself. He cracked his head lightly, a soft chuckle tumbling off his lips, a darkness settling over the heretic. With no hesitation, his hand snapped up, fingers twisting as his magic reeled one of the witches directly into his front. Her body smashed into his, and he caught her face, each hand supporting a side of her, her eyes pleading as they flickered up to Kai’s, but he only smiled as an orange glow burst to her flesh, Kai rocking his head back with pleasure as he siphoned every ounce of her magic from her system. The other witches tried to attack him, but he simply tossed aside the woman’s body onto the grass behind him, golden flares seeping through his palms, lips twitching. The witches raised their hands, ready for attack, but the one who tried turned out to be the one Kai had tossed aside. She grimaced and threw her arm out, mouth falling open as she began a spell, but Kai snapped his fingers, and just like that, every single bone in her body shattered, and she fell limp to the ground. 

“Mmm,” he groaned, “god it feels good to do that.” His darkened eyes fluttered open, and he brushed his thumb lightly over his lips with a smirk, “who’s next?”

And so he let it in. That void of hatred and loss that clawed free for escape for so long had finally bubbled to the surface, had finally pushed him over. But it felt good, and so he welcomed it, just as he welcomed the pleasure he would gain from destroying each and every person in his path.


Her hands were bound to a chair, and based on the musty smell of mothballs and moldy wood, she was an a basement. A swinging light bulb winked feebly from the ceiling, and she winced as a searing pain shot through her wrist. She looked around in confusion, eyes scanning over the table that was just out of her reach, on top of which a red vial sat.

“My necklace,” she breathed, scrunching her face as a fresh wave of pain settled over her.

“Hello?” a voice called out from the darkness.

The girl flinched in surprise, squinting through the folds of darkness before landing on a woman who, like her, was bound tightly to a chair. She had a gash on her cheek, but looked tough nonetheless, but also gentle with her soft facial features and curly hair. 

“Who are you?” 

The stranger looked at her, voice worried as the simple answer escaped her lips.

“My name is Emily.”

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How about prompt "it's okay to cry"?

Yep, no problem! Thanks for the prompt! <3

A Bend in the Road

Astrid thought life was much like the ocean, you never knew what it might do. You may be watching it, and think as it comes rolling towards the shores that it’ll crash with foam and bubbles, but then it turns and gently laps the sands instead. It was always unpredictable. Like life. You never knew when life would take a sharp turn, or a detour, or go downhill, or make an uphill climb. Some had a nice straight path for their life, easy, sweet, and happy.

Why couldn’t hers be a lane? Be a predictable stream? 

She wrapped her arms around her knees, drawing them close to her chest and resting her chin against them, staring bright eyed at the ocean and sunset before her. She watched the water lap playfully, reasonably calm today. Why was it so happy? Today was not a happy day, today deserved to be covered in clouds and rain, to be stormy and gloomy. Nothing about today deserved happiness.

Her mother was gone. Forever.

She’d never come back. She’d never give Astrid another battle axe. She’d never go through training session with her ever again. She’d never smile, never tell stories, never laugh, never hold her, never give her reassurance, never give her advice, never… never be there again…

Astrid stifled a sob, swallowing hard to keep the tears from coming. She was a Hofferson. She would not shame her family name by crying, even if there was no one but Stormfly there to see her.

She kept her gaze on the water and sky below her, her feet inches away from the edge of the cliff. She sighed shakily, wondering why- what had she done- to make this happen? Why had her mother had to go? Why did her heart have to fail? Why was she gone?

“Astrid?” came a gentle voice from behind, and it was almost as though Astrid was expecting it. She wasn’t startled, she didn’t give a little jump of surprise, somehow she knew he would come.

She didn’t reply, because honestly she didn’t know if she wanted him to leave or not. Deep down she knew she wanted him near, but her pride was on top of that, and it told her to suck it up and push away sympathy.

Hiccup stepped beside her, but she didn’t bother to look at him. After a second or two, he dropped down to sit beside her, his legs going to dangle off the side of the cliff.

 “How’re you doing?” He asked softly, his voice kind, gentle, and sweet. It made Astrid wish he’d just go away, because when he talked like that she couldn’t help but feel her resolve give away. Especially the tears. She really wanted to cry, and she’d been doing fine so far, but somehow Hiccup’s calm voice had a way of disarming her… making her emotional barriers fall away.

“Fine.” She answered curtly, her tone coming a bit sharper then she’d intended. She refused to look at him, she knew if she did she’d fall apart. 

“You’ve… you’ve been gone all day.” Hiccup went on. She continued staring, now unseeing towards the sea. The sea where only hours earlier her mother’s pyre had disappeared.

“Wouldn’t you isolate yourself if you’re mother had just died?” She asked, once again sounding harsh and almost rude. She didn’t care, she just wanted to be left alone, wanted to let her mind travel on, wanted to disappear… she just wanted to wake up from this awful nightmare.

“I…” Hiccup’s voice trailed off, his voice never losing that calm tone. “I just thought you might want…”

“Want what?” She snapped irritably. Why couldn’t he take a hint and just go away?

“Someone…” Hiccup murmured. “I-I’m sorry, Astrid.” He whispered, and even though she couldn’t see him she knew he was looking at her, and it took all she had to not look back.

But her resolve slipped, and she let herself speak the soft words, “Why, Hiccup? Why did it have to be her?”

“I-I don’t know, Astrid.” Hiccup replied quietly. “Sometimes… these things happen. And the winter was hard on her, and her heart was weak…” He paused, and she waited for him to continue, although she doubted his words were helping her any. “She was in pain from her heart decease, Astrid. Don’t… wouldn’t you rather her be happy and without pain?”

“Yes.” She replied. “But, why… why did it all have to happen to her in the first place?” She bit her lip again to keep from crying, her emotions crawling up her stomach and into her chest. 

“I don’t know.” came Hiccup’s whispered response. “But I know she’d want you to be happy, to not mourn over her passing.”

Astrid let out a choked sob, squeezing her eyes shut to keep from crying outright.

A hand rested lightly on her back, and she stiffened under his touch. “It’s okay to cry, Astrid.”

That did it. The dams broke and the tears began streaming down, no matter how hard she tried to stop them. Hiccup’s arm wrapped even tighter around her shoulder, pulling her against his chest while his other arm went to envelope her in a hug.

She cuddled against him, letting herself sob and cry against his shirt. The entire time he whispered soothing words and rubbed her back softly, making her sob all the harder. Why was he being so nice? She’d been treating him like crap all day and yet he was still being the sweet guy he always was…

“I miss her, Hiccup.” She gasped between sobs. “She- she was so special.”

“Shh, yes I know…”

“I’m all alone now.” She continued, her voice growing softer as her sobs quieted, but the tears continued falling.

“Never.” Hiccup’s voice was firm, yet gentle. He lifted a hand to clumsily push the bangs out of her face, even though he wasn’t looking at her. Her head was still pressed against his chest, her hands clutching the fabric of his shirt.

“You’re never alone, Astrid. I’m here for you, the gang is here for you, all of Berk is here for you. And I’ll always be here for you. Don’t-don’t ever forget that.”

She nodded, but didn’t let go of him. He didn’t let go of her either, and she took that as permission to stay where she was, held close and safely against his warm and comforting body. 

Yes. Hiccup was there for her. How could she have forgotten? Hadn’t he said so only a few weeks ago? 

There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid.

She clung to him harder, desperately hoping he was right, and that she wouldn’t lose him too.

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Travlyn. Where did they go on their honeymoon?

title: Life on overload (must we make a spectacle of love)

pairing(s): travlyn

summary: people always said their love would burn out too quickly; travis was delighted how wrong they were. Honeymoon. MCD. Travlyn

a/n: I know this is a question, but I like to answer it with a fic. So, thank you for letting me indulge in my favorite thing!!! Writing sappy stuff for my otp. Basically, the run down is that this takes place far in the future and I’ll keep it very very vague how many years down the line. Inspo song is Overload by John Legend ft. Miguel

warning(s): vague adult humor, fluff, textbook discrimination





day two

“It’s a quite… um, a fixer-upper, I suppose?”

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 8

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

“Tell us about the accommodations in Steerage, Mr Kelly. I hear they’re quite good on this ship.”

It was the first question that had been posed to Jack since they’d sat down and of course it had to be that one. He looked up at Davey, grateful that, even if he couldn’t sit next to him, he could watch him from across the table. It was a sight he’d never get bored of: Davey all done up in a suit with his hair combed. Although Jack could only image that he’d look even better with the jacket off and some buttons undone, hair tousled by roaming hands. He swallowed and looked away from the sympathy in Davey’s eyes and instead turned to face Esther, the source of the question.

“The best I’ve seen, ma’am. Hardly any rats,” he said, trying to be graceful.

It seemed to work. There were kind-hearted titters of laughter from the other people at the table – rich men and their wives who Davey had diligently introduced him – and they seemed to be laughing with him and not at him. Seeing her attempt at an insult had gone awry, Esther tried to cover her tracks.

“Mr Kelly is joining us from the third class. He was of some assistance to my son,” she explained briskly, not enjoying admitting to it.

Davey jumped in to define Jack as something beyond the cost of his ticket (whether he’d paid it or not).

“It turns out he’s quite the fine artist. He was kind enough to show me some of his work,” he said, offering Jack a small, secretive smile. He was awfully fond of that one particular sketch.

Shooting Davey a reproachful glare, Esther cleared her throat. “Yes, well. David and I differ on what constitutes fine art.”

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More ready than ever - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 1,1k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, no warnings.

Summary: Conforming by the rules was never your style. Neither Luke’s. So you both decide to rebel.

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help me improve my writing. Also, don’t forget to request new stuff here!

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The Ballet - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

Tagging: @noctem-vincere, @cait-writes-stuff, @avengerdragoness, @kamuithedragonlord, @birbs-and-the-bat, @hey-haylee, @queen-of-all-the-fandoms, @queenstrife, @jadedhillon, @books-netflix-and-pizza, @ti0261, @keeping-up-with-the-fandoms, @sad-horchata, @tigerb103, @futuremrsgoode, @kazuha159, @littlemercedesstuff, @fangirling-over-all, @just-another-fandomite, @blxkestnight

Jason paced the marble steps of the theatre. He had spent the entire afternoon watching Y/N get made over by Kori, but all he could think of was that he was going to lose her soon. He made up his mind that he had come this far and it wouldn’t be right for him to hold her back, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to. He didn’t know when he had fallen for her, but seeing her trying on elegant dresses was doing nothing for the turmoil in his heart and mind.

“Are you trying to make a groove in the steps, Jaybird?” Roy teased as Jason walked passed him again.

Jason didn’t acknowledge him as he continued his movements. How could he be so stupid? Falling in love with his con. And now it turns out to not even be a con. Just his luck that he would pick out a fake grand duchess and fall for her only for her to turn out to be the real thing.

“Seriously, stop it. You are making me dizzy.” Roy said as he got up and blocked Jay’s path. “What’s got you all wound up.”

Jason sighed and raked a hand over his face. “Y/N. She’s really the grand duchess.”

“Of course she is.” Roy snorted, missing Jason’s point entirely.

“No, you don’t understand.” Jason said as he leaned in and grabbed Roy’s arm. “I was the kid who got her and her grandmother out. The one who was in the walls.”

Roy’s face paled as he realized what Jason really meant. “You mean…?” Jason nodded. “And you are in love with her.” Jason’s eyes widened as he looked at Roy. “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? I would wager I knew before you did.” Roy chuckled.

Jason shook his head as he fiddled with his gloves. “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys, Roy. It is better if she never knows.”

Roy rolled his eyes. “I still think you should tell her.”

“Tell who what?” Jason and Roy turned to see Y/N standing there.

“Tell you how beautiful you look.” Jason said quickly as he offered her his arm. Y/N knew that wasn’t what they had been discussing, but she let the subject drop.

They went inside and gave their coats to an attendant. Y/N walked up the first flight of steps before turning to wait for Jason. He turned to look up at her and froze. She had chosen a dress that made her feel beautiful. It fit her body perfectly, but didn’t make her feel self-conscious. The color set off her eyes while contrasting her skin tone in a pretty way. She smiled as she saw Jason’s reaction. It was exactly what she had hoped. He shook off his surprise and hurried up the steps to her side.

They found their seats and settled in. Jason handed her a pair of opera glasses and pointed to a box. She looked through them and saw a regal looking older woman sitting with Kori. She looked cold, but Y/N couldn’t help but feel warm as she looked at her. She didn’t realize she was shaking until Jason took her hand in his. “Everything is going to be okay.” He whispered as the music started.

Y/N couldn’t remember a note of the first act. She was far too nervous and excited to hear a thing. The only thing that kept her sane was Jason’s hand on hers. Everytime she started to fidget, he would rub circles into the back of her hand with his thumb.

When intermission came, Jason stood. “It’s time.”

Y/N held tightly to his arm as he led her down the hallway. When the door came into sight, she stopped in her tracks, her hands slipping off his elbow. He turned to her. “I can’t do this.”

Jason gently grasped her shoulders. “Yes, you can.” He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her head to look at him. “You are the real Grand Duchess Y/N. As long as you remember that, you will do fine.”

Y/N nodded and let him walk her to the door. When they reached it, he turned to her. “I’m going to go ahead and announce you.”

She nodded, but pulled him back as he reached for the handle. “Wait.” He turned to look at her and her nerve to speak. “I just wanted to say thank you. For everything.” She said quietly, hoping he would understand what she meant.

Jason smiled and walked in. “Madame,” He said as he bowed to Kori. “I have come to tell the Empress that I have found her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Y/N.”

The Empress didn’t so much as turn to look at him. “Tell this young man to leave me be. I am no longer searching for my granddaughter.”

Kori winced as she closed the curtains. “You should probably leave.”

Jason pushed through the curtains and sat in the chair next to the Empress. “Your highness, my name is Jason Todd and the woman I brought is your granddaughter.”

The Empress raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you know how many men I have met in my days that have told me that? What makes your Grand Duchess more real than theirs?”

“Your highness, please.” Jason begged. “We have come all the way from Russia-”

“Others have come from farther.” The Empress said as she rung the bell that would summon security. “Jason Todd, you said? I have heard of you. You were holding auditions to find a young woman who looked like my grandaughter.”

Jason opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off. “Men like you, dressing women up and teaching them the royal ways in the hopes they will make you rich. I have had enough of your kind to last me an eternity. Now let me live out the remainder of my lonely life in peace.” She said as guards grabbed Jason. He struggled against their grip, but they threw him out of the room and slammed the door.

Jason groaned as he picked himself up. When he stood, he saw Y/N standing there. One look at her face told him that she had heard it all.

“You… used me.” Y/N said, her eyes filled with pain.

“Y/N, it isn’t like that.” Jason said as he reached for her. She stepped away from him.

“Really? Because it sure as hell looks like it.” Y/N said as the first tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. “You manipulated me. You took my need for a family and used it for your own selfish gain.“ Jason felt his heart break at the look in her eyes.

“Y/N, listen to me-” He reached for her again, but this time she smacked his hand away.

“No.” she ground out. “From the very beginning, all you have done is lie to me. Were you even planning on ever telling me? Or were you just going to disappear into the sunset with your money. All this time, when you and Roy were nice to me and when I had the nightmare…. You were just making sure that I was safe so you could trade me in for your money. To think, I even fell for- Ugh - I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Y/N, don’t talk like that.” Jason said, panic beginning to color his tone. “Just let me explain-” He was cut off by a quick slap across his face. He watched, stunned as she fled down the hall. He didn’t try to follow her, knowing she wouldn’t want him to catch up to her anyways. He rubbed his eyes, hoping the tears coming would stay in his eyes like they belonged.

He stood there for a moment, letting himself grieve the loss of the budding relationship he had been agonizing over. He smoothed his clothing before setting off down the hall. He may have royally screwed over his chance for a relationship with Y/N, but he would be damned if he wouldn’t keep his promise to reunite her with her family.