whispers don't look at me

and God knows that it’s hard to find the one,
but in time all the flowers turn to face the sun.

face the sun // a destiel fanmix // listen
01. Saturn - Sleeping at Last // 02. All This Time - OneRepublic // 03. Face the Sun - James Blunt // 04. The Scientist - Coldplay // 05. Home - Phillip Phillips // 06. Endlessly - The Cab // 07. Demons - Imagine Dragons // 08. Heart to Heart - James Blunt // 09. Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey // 10. Burn with You - Lea Michele // 11. Let Her Go - Passenger // 12. All of Me - John Legend // 13. Fix You - Coldplay

“Smiles make people kind. From there, love shall connect.” - Kis-My-Ft2′s 4th Overture

As I’ve reached a number of followers that I don’t think I’ve ever reached before on this account, I decided that I would appreciate some of you guys. I didn’t expect to hang around much after stepping back into this, but thanks to the affection, care, interest, and support of many of you, I’ve managed to stay around longer than I thought that I would. I hope that many of us can grow even closer, or that we’ll actually talk and form a friendship. I’ll probably miss some people that I wanted to put on this somewhere, but please keep in mind that when you see this, I appreciate you. This isn’t a post for just those that I name. Each of you have a part in this. Who knows, I might even end up tagging some people that I follow, but that aren’t on my followers list. Whatever the case is, thank you for taking the time to make this ride a little more interesting for me.

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