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Band of Brothers modern au: instagram aesthetics (6/?)

Malarkey, Skip & Penkala

Even though I joke constantly about how “griffith did nothing wrong”, I 100% hate him as a person but love him as a character, and I feel that it’s unfair for anyone to hate me for enjoying him in that way.



there is one thing I genuinely understand why anyone would hate me for in regards to Berserk, and it’s that I totally do ship Guts and Griffith. Like, fuck, I hate myself how much I like it, but it just works so freakin well with their relationship. Obviously I don’t think it’s canonical but the fact that it’s plausible and that there is enough of their relationship to interpret it that way, is what I really enjoy. And if anyone hates me for that, ya know what, that’s fucking fair. This is like, the most awful of ships and I don’t really have an excuse other than I think it works and is probably what makes The Golden Age arc hurt even more in retrospect as time goes on.

Surrender in Cernobbio
Everybody should see this. I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve watched it tbh. It’s hilarious, they keep messing up and just being generally weird. silviaerre and mathematicianheart know what I’m talking about since i’ve basically ruined their night with this
Three time’s the charm

Summary: "I wonder what they’ll say if both of you went out with me now,“ Adrien mused.

"And risk getting more lies?” Marinette asked.

“Where they’ll talk more about you and your adventures?” Nathanaël raised an eyebrow.

There was a pause.


“Let’s go.”

“I’ll get the keys.”

A/N: *whispers* ot3 for your soul. When one of your fav artists, aka @sofiaruelle, ships the things you ship, you tend to scream until your muse is awaken by that. Thanks to @birukimeraki for the beta! ^^

It was getting hard to work on your sketches when you have two boys latching onto you like leeches, which Marinette didn’t mind most of the time but she really needed to finish on this project as soon as possible and make the best out of them.

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