whispers 'i love you pls marry me'

My ultimate goal aesthetic is to be that really attractive and nice femme that can kick a man’s ass if he provokes me

Example: I’m dressed in a cute grey dress. My over the knee socks are striped pink and white. My sweater and beanie doesn’t exactly match but the color scheme is there. My purse is almost a backpack it’s so big but that just makes me look cuter. A man comes up behind me and yanks my hair telling me “and where do you think you’re going cutie?” He doesn’t see it coming. I use my petite pump to kick a new hole up his ass. My demurely painted nails leave a vicious streak across his razor burned cheeks. That glittery cylinder on my key ring that you thought was a shiny keychain? Pepper spray.

The fuckboy goes down. He goes down hard. My loving girlfriend looks at me in awe. “Marry me,” she whispers, bewitched by my strength and cuteness.

“Only if we get another dog,” I smile to her. Of course it was a yes. We were on our way to the shelter anyways.

Our dogs are our best man and brides’ maid respectively.

Hospital || Luke Hemmings

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I M A G I N E 

“Take her to a hospital- hurry!”

“I’m calling 911 as fast as I can!”

“Call faster! You- check her phone for any contacts, the one she calls most. Call them and get them to the hospital we’re off to.”

“She’s not breathing!” 

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Imagine: Your boyfriend Mark stops you from gaming for 1 minute just to say this to you.


you were currently recording yourself playing Until Dawn and was perfectly hitting every button at the right time when suddenly your pink warfstache loving boyfriend grabbed your controller and paused the game holding it away from you.

“ Mark what are you doing ” you whined jumping as high as you could to reach the controller. “ Stop whatever your doing and listen to me,” he holds his hand out in a stop gesture making you stop jumoing and tilt yohr head wondering what he wanted “this is of the utmost importance (Y/N)” sighing you sat down and stared at your boyfriend, his face looked completely serious for about 3 seconds before he gave a big smile

“you look beautiful today” “whaaaaa” you stare at you boyfriend confused “i said you looked beautiful today” he repeated pointing to you. “Wait woah you just stopped me from playing and recording to tell me something you always tell me” the annoyed look on your face scared him a little, he hadnt ment to annoy you in any way “umm babe i-im sorry i d-” he was silenced by your soft lips on his. He was shocked for a second but soon returned the kiss. “ thank you Mark your amazing i love you” you giggle and take back your controller from him and return to your game. The man chuckled as he walked out the room,damn how he loved you so much. “Your gonna be the one i marry (Y/N) that i know” he whispers to himself before heading to his own office to record a video.


ok guys i hope you enjoyed this imagine pls do send in your requests as do enjoy writing them also im planing on writing star wars imagines but im not sure who to start with so pls do send me suggestions thanks guys

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Request: Reason

Request: Can you do one where Dean proposes to reader so she tells Charlie and then Charlie calls your sister and your sister plans a huge wedding and stuff lots and lots of fluff pls thanks! 😃

Word Count: 1,854

FLUFFFFFFFFFFF. Thank you, I hope you like itJ

“Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I’ve loved you. Our life is screwed up, but so are we. Let’s be screwed up together, forever. Will you marry me?”

Your eyes fill up with tears as you nod, “Of course I will, Dean.” You whisper and he grins, sliding the ring onto your finger. You laugh as he stands up, and pulls you close to him. The whole bar applauds, and you blush slightly as he presses his lips to yours.

“Dude. PDA.” Sam mutters from behind you somewhere, but neither of you care.

Hours later, when you finally get back to the bunker, you’re staring at your phone.

“Who the hell do I call first?” You ask, looking up at Dean. You’re curled up with him on the couch.  He shrugs.

“Whoever you want.”

“It’s down to my sister and Charlie. See, my sister is family, right? So logically, it would be her. But Charlie will kill me if I tell anyone before her.” You say. Dean laughs.

“You’ve got a dilemma there.” He says, “I don’t want you dead. Call Charlie.”

“I know, but-“

He’s already leant over and pressed the ‘Call’ button on Charlie’s contact. You give him a look, but he just shrugs. She answers pretty quick.

“Hey, Y/N. ‘Sup?” She asks brightly. You grin.

“Hi, Charlie. We’ve got something to tell you.” You say. Dean mouths, ‘Put it on speaker!’

You pull it away from your ear, and press the button. “You’re on speaker. You ready?”

“Yes, yes, tell me!” She says excitedly.

You share a look with Dean, and nod in unison.

“We’re getting married!” You say together. There’s a long silence, then screaming. You burst into a fit of giggles. When she quiets, she’s almost hyperventilating.

“You’re not kidding, right? I’ve been waiting for so long for this, you’re so made for each other!” She enthuses. You grin at Dean. “Oh, I’m so excited. You have to let me plan. Please. I won’t mess it up- I’m good at planning!”

You smile at the phone, “I don’t know, I think my sister might demand that privilege.” You say, looking at Dean, who shrugs.

“I don’t care who does it.” He says, and you laugh.

“I’ll call her, we’ll do it together! Give me her number.” Charlie instructs. You tell her the number and with an exhilarated, ‘Congrats, guys!’ She hangs up.

You call your sister, who has the same reaction. You warn her of the incoming call, which she laughs at.

“Oh, Charlie?” She says, “You’ve told me about her! She sounds awesome- I think this is her now. Thanks guys, and congrats!”

You hang up and look at Dean. He’s met your sister all of twice in the six years you’d known him- you’re unwilling to involve her in anything as she’s the last family you have left and you don’t want to put her in any danger.

Within the week, you’re getting bi-hourly calls, asking you about preferred venue and flowers and telling you where to meet them for a dress fitting and what day is best. You’re glad you’re not the one doing the planning.

On the morning of the fitting, you say goodbye to Dean and drive to the dress place. You’re nervous to say the least. Upon meeting the girls outside, they instantly demand to see the ring.

“Come on, we’ve already got a few picked out!” Your sister says.


“Guys, I feel like a freaking meringue.” You say, putting your hands on your hips, “Can we try the other one?”

“But it’s gorgeous!”

“I won’t be able to get anywhere near my husband for this skirt!”

“Fair enough. Next!”

It takes almost six hours, but you finally find the perfect dress. A relatively simple number with a slightly puffy skirt with a lace over-layer that stops at the EA-line, accentuated with a thick ribbon. The top part is gathered towards the lower right, and stops at a small silver diamante. It’s strapless but comes with a long silk scarf to drape over your shoulders.

“It’s perfect!” Both girls enthuse in unison and you laugh.

“This one?”

“That one!”


The day rolls around. You’re under strict instructions to make it to the hotel (!!!) at seven AM without so much as looking at your fiancé. You say your goodbyes the evening before and sleep in separate rooms.

You wake and leave quickly, seeing neither brother. You find your way to the address where Charlie and your sister wait excitedly.

“Took you long enough!” Charlie says, despite the fact that you’re ten minutes early. They take one of your hands each and pull you into the hotel. They start spilling details.

“The ceremony is at twelve, then we’ll have lunch. After that, it’s party all night!” Your sister says excitedly, and you laugh. You’re a strange mix between excited and nervous and you honestly feel a little sick.

They start splattering makeup onto your face, shoving information at you too.

Everyone’s coming. We even got a medium to go ask our…gone…friends to attend.”

“Sam knows all of this, by the way. He’s sorting Dean out.”

Your sister makes a start on your hair, pinning it up elegantly.

“There’s an open bar- we thought we’d better take as much alcohol as we could get, knowing us lot.”

“We got so many decorations, too, we could hardly fit them all in.”

“Don’t tell her too much!”

“Sorry. But you’re going to love it.”

When they attach the veil to your hair, you start to laugh.

“You guys know the symbolism behind this, right?” You say. They both nod.

“Purity, yeah.”

“I’ve been dating Dean Winchester for three years.” You say, and they laugh.

“Nobody cares about that. It looks pretty, just go with it.” Your sister says, and Charlie laughs.

“It just… it feels like cheating.”

“Shh.” Charlie laughs, “Nobody’s cheating. You’re pure in some senses of the world.”

“Whatever you say.”

You help them get ready too, and by 11:45, you’re all ready to go. You watch out the window, looking at the guests arriving. They really did invite everyone.

“Y/N, hide! That’s Dean, we can’t risk him seeing you!” You’re pulled away from the window by an excited Charlie. Your sister disappears off downstairs in her gorgeous pale blue dress which suits them both to a T.

She returns, a few minutes later, with the biggest grin on her face.

“They’re ready for you! Are you ready for them?”

You nod, resisting the urge to bite your lip for fear of (God forbid) smudging your mascara. “Let’s do this.”

Both girls grin, grab your hands, and pull you from the room. You’re led down a small corridor and into a tiny chamber.

“You gotta wait here for five minutes, alright? Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. Just getting people seated.” Your sister says. You nod.

I wonder what Dean’s thinking right now. Is he as scared as I am? Or maybe he’s already legged it.

Charlie must have seen your face – she’s scarily good at reading you – and she laughs.

“He’s there, if you’re wondering. Don’t panic.”

You nod and breathe a quiet sigh of relief.

“Thanks.” You say. Then, the door opens and you’re lead out into the hall. You’re handed a bouquet of purple flowers.

It’s stunning. Adorned with matching white and purple flowers, the fragrant smell of them dances into your nose.

You take a breath and begin walking. The hall is nigh on full and you look around, then up.

Dean’s stood at the other end of the purple carpeted aisle. You make eye contact with him and grin. Your heart feels full to bursting and you feel like kicking off your shoes and making a run for him.

The girls go ahead of you and take a seat as you near the end. Dean takes a step towards you and grabs your hands. He leads you forward to where Cas is stood.

“You look incredible.” He whispers, eyes shining. You laugh.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” You grin. He takes a breath as Cas starts to speak.

You’d found some legal documents that you were ready to sign and hand in, but this was different. It’s a wedding purely forged from the power of heaven, which amazes you.

The vows are simple but poignant, and after you exchange rings and ‘I do’s, you’re married. Like, actually married. For realsies.

He grins widely as Cas announces you as a couple.

“You may now kiss your bride!”

Dean grabs your waist and presses his lips to yours like he’s never willing to let go. The room fills with raucous applause and whooping, and you smile as you part.

“I love you so much, Mrs Winchester.” He whispers, and you laugh.

“I do like the sound of that, Mr Winchester.” You say. You’re escorted back down the aisle, hand in hand, to the sound of ‘Highway to Hell’- much to both of your amusement.

Your sister ambushes you the second you step off the carpet, wrapping you in a huge hug.

“I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER!” She yells, then turns to Dean, “You hurt my sister and make no mistake, I will end you.”

“That’s the third time I’ve heard that this week, and I have no intention of doing any such thing.”  Dean assures her. Charlie and Sam join you and you hug in a big group.

They show you the dining hall, which has been cleared out to form a huge ballroom. There’s black fabric draped over the ceiling, covered in glitter and dangling stars. Just like the night sky.

“I’m surprised we aren’t in Hogwarts.” Dean comments, and you raise an eyebrow. He just shrugs, and you laugh as you press your lips to his cheek.

“It’s so beautiful.” You say, tears in your eyes. You smile at your sister, “Thank you. For all of this.”

She pats your back, and smiles, “Mama and Papa are watching, you know. I can feel them.”

You nod and laugh, “Good to know.”

“Now, go dance!” She practically shoves you onto the area cleared as a dancefloor, almost toppling over your shoes.

Dean catches you, making it look pretty graceful. You laugh again, unable to keep the smile from your face.


“No problem. It’s what we’re all about. Not letting each other fall, but if they do, being there to pick us up.”

“That’s the idea.”

One of his arms circles your waist and the other joins with yours as you dance. He doesn’t take his eyes off of your face the whole time.

“Are you happy?” He asks suddenly. You bite your lip, then shake your head.

“There’s over a million words in the English language,” You say slowly, watching the panicked look fade from his face, “And there’s on conceivable way that I can string them together to tell you how I feel. I’d settle for happy but that doesn’t describe it at all. I’ve never felt as good as this.”

“I knew there was a reason I love you.”

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i lost all of my pictures. if it's not too much trouble would you pretty please give me a kaisoo spam~? <3


ugh i love how they look at each other, and just the subtle moments, and just the height differences, and the stares, please. its far from troublesome LOl 

look at him just staring at ksoo. like wtf. jongin. stop it. 

this picture will be the death of me. theyre always fucking whispering to each other. 

pre debut kaisoo is just the greatest thing in the world. 



theyre so in love omfg. 

pls get married already. 

ugh i have so many more,but im going to cry cause i just. oh my god.