• Me:*likes Splatoon*
  • Me:*reblogs Splatoon-related things*
  • Me:*has a tag for Splatoon on my blog*
  • Me:*follows Splatoon blogs*
  • Me:*has a favorite Splatoon character*
  • Me:*has a Splatoon OC*
  • Me:*doesn't actually own Splatoon*

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

Imagine your fav height difference otp having a shower together except the whole time they’re arguing over how high the shower nozzle should be

Just the ease of this…

Jensen takes a step toward Misha, and Misha knows exactly what’s coming. He stands and postures himself in the EXACT way necessary to give Jensen the best access to whisper in his ear.

It’s like a synchronized dance…

How many times have they done this to fall into place so effortlessly? For both to know exactly how to stand and hold themselves. For Misha to KNOW Jensen’s intention just from Jensen taking a step toward him?

I want someone in my life with whom I am this completely in sync. I’m not saying Cockles is a thing, but seriously, these two… I just want what they have. 

Cockles is the best bromance in the history of bromances, and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise!

you’re in love with waning (the moon looks prettier fading than it does growing & autumn has always been like glancing into a mirror). death and rot and dirt. love is a foreign tongue, a root buried in your mouth and forced down until it began to grow. love, a ticking bomb in your chest. a spiel you never quite knew the meaning of.