ayee new giant commission post. price may vary if you don’t want shading. extra cost for (simple only) animation. additional costs will be added for shading and any extra characters you want added. if you see something in my gallery you’d like to commission but it isn’t listed here (e.g a tile background) it’s only bc i ran out of space to put things, i’m happy to draw any kind of work i’ve already posted before. 

 i will not draw people based off descriptions. please have reference pictures.

 i don’t mind how many pieces you order but i reserve the right to charge more for large commissions. 

 paypal only. i do ask that you send half the payment first either before or after receiving a sketch, the rest after the commission is done.

 i will nOT draw humanoid men sorry or mecha or anything relating to typrophobia or detailed spiders 

 i wILL draw guro and nsfw (examples here at my nsfw blog). nudity is fine.

 if you’re interested, please send me an email at itstoniplz@gmail.com with what you’d like drawn uwu i think that’s all? thanks!


I took a Women’s Studies course this year, and it was a great course tbh. They change the books yearly, so I can’t sell them to students in the upcoming years (as you can see, I fell for the person who told me I could use last year’s, but I had to get this year’s anyway).

I would like to give them to someone who may benefit from them more than I will.

The books are essentially a collection of essays and articles put together by our profs, which discuss issues from the pov of feminism. There’s pretty much at least one section for everything; gender roles, LGBTQ (history, rights, issues), body image, sexual assault, science, race (mainly Black and Native American feminism)… there’s a lot of articles and more topics, lol. 

Anyway, I’m hoping one of you guys can buy them off me. If you want I could also send you my lecture notes along with them, because they explain the texts fairly thoroughly.

If you’re interested in having this collection, please contact me~~ 

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Title: Colored Lines

Chapter: 4. In Sync

Word Count: 4127

Summary: Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn’t really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though.

AU in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.

Notes: To make up for the lack of updates I made the chapter a bit longer this time! I’m glad I could update before a month passed, and I’ll try to update once again before finals hit because *sweats intensely* yeah.

Anyway, thanks to my beta kanekibot for being as awesome as always, and I hope you enjoy!

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