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He sat at the long table between his siblings and his mother. All six were true Starks, watching you with cold gazes that gave nothing away.

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Mugwort Wanderings on Forgotten Paths

It is on these cold days, where the dim light grows ever stronger and the woods seem to sigh in the evening’s early twilight, that I find myself thinking about the edges of the landscape. That subtle form that is just beyond our reach, just outside of our touch. Those moments we linger at the edge of a glade, or near a fallen tree in the bracken. Hearing the silence that is full of noise, a quiet rush of unexpected sounds hiding under the frequencies of our breath, behind the rustle of the leaves, taunting us from the treetops and river’s edge like a youthful lover.

The walks I take are often accompanied by my pipe. Full of some herbs gathered here or there depending on the time of year (and never tobacco). One herb that I find helps me come closer to the landscape’s edge is Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris).

A timeless herb used by men as far back as we have stories to tell, mugwort is mentioned by name in the Nine Herbs Charm as a favorite of Odin. Listed in herbals since the dawn of printing, mugwort is a versatile herb whose uses range from beer flavoring to medical treatment. But I find that a pipeful of mugwort is a perfect harmonizer with the natural landscape. It has a mild calming effect that syncs ones thoughts to the rustle of the trees, the conversations of the birds and the yawning decay of the forest floor.

“Remember, Mugwort, what you have revealed,
What you set out in mighty revelation,
‘The First’ you are called, oldest of herbs,
You have might against three and against thirty,
You have might against venom and elf-shot,
You have might against the darkness that fares over the land.”

- 'The Nine Herbs Charm’, from the Lacnunga

The entheogenic uses of mugwort are reported as early as Pliny, and throughout Europe its fame as a curative, spirit ward, and tonic are well known. It is in its chemical similarity to its cousin, wormwood (artemisia absinthium), that we find its power. Thujone, an active ingredient that affects the cannibinoid receptors in humans is the culprit responsible for much of the activity reported in absinthe, as well as in mugwort. Little surprise that absinthe was marketed under the title “the Green Fairy”.

There is quite a conscious connection between the shifted paradigm of thujone and the folklore of that land of the sidhe. Mugwort is not strong as far as contemporary entheogens go, but its understated effect is belied by its ability to tune one’s thoughts directly to that shimmering field of energy we stumble upon in forest and seashore. It is a key, able to open the doors in the landscape, for those who seek to walk on the other side of the mirror, so to speak.

After a pipe of mugwort on a winter’s day the landscape opens up, reveals itself like a crack in the world. The birds and trees telling a story, the ferns and fungi preparing a path on which to explore that vast terrain of myth. The sky itself seems to laugh as you glide along, footsteps a drum rhythm beating the skin of the world. A brightness in the air, followed by a listless energy and a desire to explore.

It fades, as all things must, after a short while. We find ourselves once again on this side of the hedge, the sounds of the world familiar again and full of nonsense and pomp. The whispers of the woods having moved on, seeking others who stumble on its forgotten paths.

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your girlfriend is in a wiccan garage band & you now smoke the same cigarettes she uses. you can’t sleep, you just wanna be sucked into her world & never look back

the local church bell echoed the 3AM chime precisely as you reached a field clearing off the forest’s trail. you’ve only seen this place in faraway dreams. the girl who led you here whispers why you should stay, never wake up. you take her hand

the monarchy is crumbling around you. everyone you ever loved has been killed in attempts to get the king back in control. the woods calls to you, the old gods. they want you to bring back peace to this land, no matter the carnage

there’s missing persons flyers all around town & whispers about the woods. it’s been hard to sleep lately but tonight you feel especially on edge, you think something is in your room. it’s someone you don’t know; you don’t know anyone over 10ft with claws

It’s interesting to see how heroes change (or don’t change) throughout the books, because the people these characters idolize does say a lot about them. Like with Jon, we find out in his very first chapter who he considers to be his hero:

“Daeron Targaryen was only fourteen when he conquered Dorne,” Jon said. The Young Dragon was one of his heroes. –Jon I, AGoT

Which is confirmed again in Jon’s memory of the game him and Robb would play where they pretended to be heroes of legend:

Every morning they had trained together, since they were big enough to walk; Snow and Stark, spinning and slashing about the wards of Winterfell, shouting and laughing, sometimes crying when there was no one else to see. They were not little boys when they fought, but knights and mighty heroes. “I’m Prince Aemon the Dragonknight,” Jon would call out, and Robb would shout back, “Well, I’m Florian the Fool.” Or Robb would say, “I’m the Young Dragon,” and Jon would reply, “I’m Ser Ryam Redwyne.” –Jon XII, ASoS

Except in this memory it’s Robb who claims the title of the Young Dragon, no doubt as a form of retrospective foreshadowing, since both Daeron and Robb took up the mantle of king while they were young teenagers and both died very young too. Regardless, it’s made clear that Jon adores these young heroes, these legends, these warriors, with his particular favorite being the Young Dragon. Even in ADWD, we see him bring him up again:

When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror. Now he was a man grown and the Wall was his, yet all he had were doubts. He could not even seem to conquer those. –Jon VII, ADWD

Seeing Jon grow from “the Young Dragon was one of his heroes” to “he could not even seem to conquer [his doubts]” is such a poignant way of showing how much Jon had grown. Whatever confidence and naïveté he had before the Wall, disappeared with Jon’s post as Lord Commander. Despite the victories he’s had so far, he hesitates to compare himself to this hero, sees himself as only a shadow of conquerer that Daeron was. In other words, he’s grown up. Jon’s heroes are not his heroes anymore, they’re merely unattainable and reminders of how much he hasn’t done.

Another character who has the same sort of singular hero is Jaime Lannister. For him, it’s not a long dead king that’s his hero, but a knight he lived with and knew. His hero is Arthur Dayne, and he’s a man he brings up in his thoughts and conversations many times, particularly when he ponders knighthood and examines his own weaknesses as a knight. He states his worship of him rather clearly:

And me, that boy I was … when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys’s throat? That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead. –Jaime VIII, ASoS

Like Jon, he wanted to be his hero, but unlike Jon, he walked in the complete opposite direction of the path he should have taken. Jaime did not become the chivalrous and well-loved knight that Arthur was. He became someone selfish, he spurned his vows, and he was reviled as a Kingslayer. Jaime does not delude himself into thinking that he can ever be Arthur Dayne, not even in AFFC when he starts to take his first steps towards changing himself:

“The Sword of the Morning slew the Smiling Knight, my lady. Ser Arthur Dayne, a better knight than me.” –Jaime IV, AFFC

He wondered what Ser Arthur Dayne would have to say of this lot. “How is it that the Kingsguard has fallen so low,” most like. “It was my doing,” I would have to answer. “I opened the door, and did nothing when the vermin began to crawl inside.” –Jaime VIII, ASoS

Arthur, the better knight, slew the Smiling Knight that Jaime feels he had become. While Arthur does remain as a paragon of knighthood in Jaime’s eyes, he also has a new hero in his heart, though he might never admit it to himself.

Jaime sat alone at the table while the shadows crept across the room. As dusk began to settle, he lit a candle and opened the White Book to his own page. Quill and ink he found in a drawer. Beneath the last line Ser Barristan had entered, he wrote in an awkward hand that might have done credit to a six-year-old being taught his first letters by a maester:

Defeated in the Whispering Wood by the Young Wolf Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings. Held captive at Riverrun and ransomed for a promise unfuffilled. Captured again by the Brave Companions, and maimed at the word of Vargo Hoat their captain, losing his sword hand to the blade of Zollo the Fat. Returned safely to King’s Landing by Brienne, the Maid of Tarth. –Jaime IX, ASoS

Jaime disparages Brienne, calls her stubborn and a wench, and yet is mystified by her innocence, her commitment to duty, and her ability as a warrior. It is not until after Jaime’s travels with Brienne do we begin to see change in Jaime, whose very first chapter begins with thoughts of Cersei. It pushes him to defend her, to saved her from being raped, save her from being gored by a bear, defends her honor to Loras (who had still believed her to be Renly’s murderer), and strikes Ronnet Connington when he speaks ill of her:

“Why, I went to Tarth and saw her. I had six years on her, yet the wench could look me in the eye. She was a sow in silk, though most sows have bigger teats. When she tried to talk she almost choked on her own tongue. I gave her a rose and told her it was all that she would ever have from me.” Connington glanced into the pit. “The bear was less hairy than that freak, I'll—”

Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning. “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.”

Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. “Brienne. If it please my lord.” He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. “Brienne the Beauty.” –Jaime III, AFFC

Which one might consider the peak of irony because Jaime more often than not refers to Brienne as a wench, except for the day they part:

“There’s the stubborn stupid wench that I remember.”

She reddened. “My name is…”

“Brienne of Tarth.” Jaime sighed. “I have a gift for you.” He reached down under the Lord Commander’s chair and brought it out, wrapped in folds of crimson velvet. –Jaime IX, ASoS

Yet even when he calls her wench, it’s hardly out of hate. Jaime admires Brienne. The irreligious Jaime even gives her a sincere prayer:

Unbidden, his thoughts went to Brienne of Tarth. Stupid stubborn ugly wench. He wondered where she was. Father, give her strength. –Jaime I, AFFC

Watching Brienne become his modern-day heroine is just so satisfying. He moves away from worshipping only the dead, whether they be Arthur, or Gerold Hightower, or Rhaegar Targaryen, and finds someone amongst the living, a glimmer of hope, that inspires him. The dead are unattainable; the living are not. Jaime also gives Brienne a Valyrian Steel sword named Oathkeeper, which I can’t help but connect back to Arthur Dayne and Dawn. It seems to me that Jaime believes that every great hero has to have an incredible sword with a good name.

I’m sure there are others in the series that show this same sort of growth via their idols, but these two are the only two I can think of right now (and how fitting, because Jon and Jaime share some pretty interesting parallels IMO).

|| God, I adored this girl || Liam Dunbar Imagine

{ Requested: Hey darling!! Can I request a liam imagine where the reader is bffs with him and you tell the story from when they were young to now. Then liam is like totally falling for reader when they hit puberty and then the reader is like totally oblivious cause they’re like best friends and everything. You can choose the end but can I ask to make it like HELLA FLUFFY! Yea. Thanks so much!! (Sorry if confusing😅) }

“Liam, stop!“I yelled as Liam threw a punch at Manny’s face.
"I’m the one who’s supposed to fight him, not you!"I yelled.
”(Y/N), you can’t get in the middle of this!“Mason yelled as he held me back.
Out of nowhere Hayden Romero stepped in between them, causing Liam to accidentally swing his fist at her. Everyone gasped as Hayden fell back, holding her nose.
"Oh god."Mason muttered.
"Liam hit a girl!"Someone from the crowd yelled.
"I’m so sorry Hayden-"Liam tried saying before she lunged at Liam.
I shoved Mason off of me and pried her off of Liam as Liam’s nose began to bleed just like Hayden’s.
"If you can’t take a hit, don’t get in the way!"I yelled as I busted up Hayden’s lip.
Hayden swung at my cheek, making me wince as I swung at her eye. Suddenly teachers ran over and pried me off of Hayden. Liam, Hayden, Manny, and I were escorted to the principals office.
"You idiot, you were supposed to let me handle it. Now you got yourself in trouble too."I muttered.
"There’s no way I would let you fight him all on your own."I said, making her smile softly.
"I hit Hayden and she hit me, why’d you hit her?"I asked.
"I won’t let anyone hurt my best friend.”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
“Thanks (Y/N)."I said, my voice cracking as it dropped.
(Y/N) let out a laugh, making me blush.
"Puberty is coming for you.” (Y/N) teased, grinning.
“It came for you first."I reminded her, pointing at her chest.
"Hey, don’t point out my boobs!"She spat, slapping my hand away.
"Don’t point out my voice changing!"I spat back, only for her to grin wider.
"She’s also got an ass."Manny spoke up, making (Y/N)’s smile falter.
"Shut up Manny.”(Y/N) spat.
I felt anger rising in me, the only reason why Manny and I fought was because he was making (Y/N) uncomfortable and angry with the comments about her body. She was one of the girls that seemed to mature faster than the other girls in our school.
“Woah, calm down buddy.”(Y/N) mumbled as I jumped to my feet.
She stood in between Manny and I, facing Manny.
“Sit your ass down or we’ll all get expelled."She threatened, balling her hands into fists.
She shoved Manny to the floor once he took a step towards me. She grabbed my shoulders, looking into my eyes.
"I know you want to beat him up but you already got a black eye thanks to Romero."She muttered, making Hayden scoff.
"He broke my nose!"Hayden yelled.
"No one asked.”(Y/N) spat.
Hayden and (Y/N) had this rivalry, they were both the most athletic girls in school. Well that’s what everyone thought because they were the only girls who were good at soccer. (Y/N) was good at every other sport but whenever she was on the field with Hayden, she’d play her best. She got joy out of destroying Hayden in anything she could, she wanted to be the best, and damn was she the best.
“Li, it’s not worth it. He’s not worth it."She spoke up, making my face soften.
They way her eyes intensely stared back at mine made me feel weird, a good kind of weird.
I nodded my head, making her smile.
"I’m proud of you."She whispered, making my heart melt.
Wait, what? Why am I feeling like this? I’ve never felt this way towards (Y/N) before, anyone to be exact. My parents came in and picked me up, of they were mad until I explained why I fought Manny. They were so proud of me that they took me to my favorite burger place. After we finished eating, we picked up Mason from school and spent the rest of the day at the house. Somewhere around seven at night, (Y/N) and her parents came over. They brought dinner and thanked me for standing up for (Y/N).
"Hey Li- Jesus Liam, you have a black eye.”(Y/N) blurted out as she ran over to me.
“And you have a bruised cheek."I say, making her grin.
"I know, cool right?"She asked, dragging me outside of my house.
"I don’t think cool is the word I’d use."I argued as we climbed up the ladder my dad left outside.
Once we made it to my roof, she pointed at the sky.
"Look, it’s a full moon!”(Y/N) yelled, excited.
I smiled at her, she had a weird obsession with the moon. The moonlight illuminated her facial features stunningly, making my heart race as she turned to me with a soft smile.
“You know I think you look good with the black eye."She spoke up, making me laugh.
"Do I look like a hot bad boy?"I asked, joking.
"Totally."She answered, winking.
I noticed how she was basically leaning her back onto me, resting her head on my chest. Don’t panic Liam, this is just your best friend, don’t get all awkward or get a boner. Damn boners are a pain in the ass- wait no, that’s a weird sentence. I kept rambling in my head until I jumped at the sound of a soft snore. I looked down to see (Y/N) already half asleep, her hand tangled in mine.
"Oh god, oh god."I mumbled, feeling my hands sweat.
"Hey guys- what the? Are you two together?"Mason asked, appearing at the top of the ladder.
"Mason, shut up! She’s asleep!"I spat.
"Oh god, I’m definitely taking a picture of this."Mason mumbled, taking his phone out.
As soon as the flash went off, (Y/N)’s eyes shot open, scaring Mason. Mason fell back, making (Y/N) and I look over to see him in the bushes. (Y/N) began laughing when suddenly she slipped, making her almost fall of if it weren’t for me still holding onto her hand.
"Why do we always get into trouble?”(Y/N) asked, holding onto my hand tightly.
“Mom!"I screamed, hoping anyone would come out to help us.
"Isn’t so funny now, huh?"Mason asked, rubbing his head.
"You know what won’t be funny either? Me throwing you off the roof myself!”(Y/N) threatened as she struggled to hold on.
“Mason, quick get the ladder!"I yelled, making him jump to his feet.
But it was too late, my body slipped off the roof, making me wrap my arms around (Y/N) protectively. Quite ironically, our parents had just ran out the second I slipped. They screamed as our bodies hit the floor, my body to be exact. (Y/N) landed safely on top of me while I landed onto the grass, groaning.
"I just realized the last thing I were to ever say before I died was a threat directed towards Mason, I really am an angry little defensive girl.”(Y/N) muttered, holding onto me lightly.
Our parents ran over to us, her parents trying to pry her off of me.
“No, I’m not letting go!”(Y/N) yelled as she tried her best to hold onto me.
“(Y/N) honey-”
“I am not letting go, I will stay attached to him until I calm down since I almost died!”(Y/N) yelled, making me grin.
I pulled her in closer to me, which wasn’t really possible. God, I adored this girl.

*five years later*
“What’d you say?"I asked as I stood in the middle of the field with Brett.
"I said you better have made (Y/N) yours already because if not, I’m taking her."Brett whispered right before the referee blew the whistle.
Brett picked the ball up with his lacrosse stick, making me lunge towards him. I full on tackled him to the ground, grabbing onto his helmet and slamming his head onto the ground. I heard footsteps running towards us as the referee blew his whistle. Corey tried to pry me off of him, but couldn’t. It wasn’t until Mason and (Y/N) helped that they were able to pry me off of Brett. (Y/N) dragged me off the field and into the boys locker room, I had shifted in front of everyone.
"Liam, calm down. No one saw, only Brett, Corey, Mason, and I.”(Y/N) spoke up, cupping my face.
“What threw things cannot be long hidden?"She asked, making me shut my eyes.
"The sun, the moon, the truth."I answered, making her caress my cheek gently.
"Keep repeating it."She ordered.
I nodded before repeating it three more times. I looked up to her smiling softly at me, she was the only one who could calm me down besides Scott. Suddenly the door flew open, making (Y/N) and I turn. Brett flew inside, landing on the floor as the school counselor walked in with a gun in her hand. (Y/N)’s hand slipped into mine as she watched the counselor fire her gun at Brett. My mouth fell open, Brett couldn’t have been killed right in front of us. (Y/N) crawled out of the counselors view, pulling me with her. We quickly dashed out, trying to be as quiet as possible.
"We’ve got to call Scott."I muttered as (Y/N) and I ran to my car.
That’s when we were met by a mob of hunters, surrounding my car.
"Li, why do we always get into trouble?”(Y/N) asked, turning to me.
“When I say run, you and I both run to the woods."I whispered as I eyed the hunters.
(Y/N) gulped before nodding.
"Run!"I screamed before we started running away.
While (Y/N) and I ran, I grabbed my phone and called Scott to explain everything. Luckily Scott picked up and said he was on his way. The sound of a gunshot made (Y/N) run faster, too fast for me to keep up with. I tried to run faster but instead of doing so, I tripped over a tree root. (Y/N) stopped and ran over to me, helping me up. As soon as she did, she winced in pain as the sound of a gun shot echoed through the woods.
"Are you okay?"I asked as her eyes flashed yellow, gripping the bleeding wound by her shoulder.
"Run Liam."She muttered, wincing as her wound started to sizzle.
Bam, another gunshot blared. (Y/N) gripped at her hip, whimpering.
"Liam, run!"She roared, baring her fangs at me.
I picked her up and started running, making her clench her jaw.
"You idiot, you were supposed to let me handle it."She muttered through gritted teeth.
"There’s no way I would let you fight them all on your own."I replied, making a gentle smile creep onto her face.
My knees buckled in pain as an arrow lodged itself into my calf, making me drop (Y/N). (Y/N) crawled over and covered me with her body.
”(Y/N), you’re the one who was shot twice!“I yelled, trying to shove her off of me.
"I won’t let anyone hurt my best friend."She muttered as an arrow pierced her shoulder.
I couldn’t help but feel a smile creep on my face, what she said reminded me of the time I asked her why she hit Hayden when we were in 6th grade. She pulled the arrow out of her shoulder and then removed the one from my calf. (Y/N) turned around just in time to catch an arrow from hitting the back of her head. We helped each other up only to be shot down again. One of the hunters threw a small container near us, making (Y/N) cover her mouth and nose. Smoke started to escape the container, making (Y/N) and I cough and gasp for air. I tried to wolf out but was interrupted by an arrow that erupted with sparks, disturbing my vision. Out of no where I felt something hit the back of my head, making me instantly pass out. Once I opened my eyes, I felt my head pounding painfully. I looked around only to see Theo, and two other guys chained up to the walls like I was.
"Look who finally decided to wake up."A soft voice spoke up, making me turn.
"Nolan…"I muttered.
Of course he would be one of the hunters.
"Fuck you!"I heard a familiar voice scream.
"Where’s (Y/N)?"I asked, making Theo lift his head up.
"They took her."Theo answered in a weak voice.
He looked terrible, I mean he’s a good looking guy but god damn did they torture him.
"I tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen."Theo muttered.
"What’re they doing to her?"I asked.
"Shut up!"Nolan yelled, making me roll my eyes.
"They’re torturing her."Theo answered.
(Y/N)’s screams echoed through the building, making tears well up in my eyes as I yanked at the shackles on my wrists.
"I thought you liked (Y/N)."Theo spoke up, making me instantly freeze.
"Well you thought wrong."Nolan answered, turning away.
Oh thank god, that wasn’t towards me.
"She was the only one who made an effort to befriend you while everyone else shooed you away for being creepy."Theo reminded him.
"I heard your heart race every time she sat next to you, smiled at you, spoke to you, or even looked in your direction."Theo mumbled, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"What’re you trying to say?"Nolan asked, turning to Theo.
"You really liked her, and after everything she’s done for you, you’re letting them torture her."Theo said, making Nolan’s jaw clench.
"You don’t understand, they wouldn’t listen to me. They were only supposed to go after all of you and not (Y/N), they were supposed to leave her alone."Nolan muttered.
Suddenly the doors flew open, revealing three people who held (Y/N) up. They shoved her towards the ground, her body instantly hitting the ground.
”(Y/N).“I breathed out as I yanked at the shackles.
(Y/N) coughed up blood as she tried to push herself up, only to fall back down.
"Chain her up."The three people ordered before leaving.
Nolan immediately ran over to her, helping her up to her feet. It was only then that I realized all the blood, wounds, and gashes that covered her body. She wasn’t healing as fast as she should be.
"If I weren’t weak right now, I’d rip your heart out.”(Y/N) threatened Nolan as he chained her up.
I tried my best to get near her as Nolan walked across the room.
“(Y/N), (Y/N), are you okay?"I asked, making her turn her head.
"Liam?"She asked, reaching out to me.
As soon as our fingers intertwined, (Y/N) smiled weakly at me.
"I’m okay, I’m okay Liam. Are you okay?"She asked, making me nod.
"I’m good too."An unrecognizable voice spoke up.
We both looked to see a brunette that made (Y/N) let out a laugh.
"I am so glad to see you chained up Jackson."She muttered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Do I know you?"He asked.
"No, but Lydia told me about you, not all good things of course."She answered, making Jackson roll his eyes.
"That’s Ethan, he had a twin brother Aiden but he died.”(Y/N) whispered, pointing at the werewolf next to Jackson.
“How do you know?"I asked.
"His brother and Lydia had a thing."She answered.
Nolan walked back to (Y/N) and started to disinfect her wounds.
"So you two are a thing?"Nolan asked as he eyed our intertwined hands.
"Best friends, we’re practically inseparable.”(Y/N) answered as Nolan passed her a bottle of water.
“Why don’t you treat all of us too?"Jackson asked, making Nolan scoff.
She passed the water bottle to me after taking a few sips. I chugged half of it down and then threw it to Theo who caught it. Theo chugged the rest of it, leaving nothing for Ethan and Jackson.
"They removed the bullets before they could kill you."Nolan mumbled as he applied a bandage on her cheek, which was barely even healing.
”(Y/N), I’m so sorry.“Nolan whispered, making everyone furrow their eyebrows in confusion.
"They promised they wouldn’t hurt you."He mumbled, looking down.
"Look how that turned out."I spoke up, making Nolan glare at me.
"If there’s anyway I can make it up to you-"Nolan started to say before the lights went out.
After a few seconds of the lights going off, red lights and alarms started blaring. A girl ran in and informed Nolan that there were two teenagers who broke in. Once she was done explaining, an all too familiar roar echoed through the building, making (Y/N) and I look at each other with glowing yellow eyes.
"You want to make it up to me?”(Y/N) asked Nolan, making him look at her.
“Let us go."She ordered.
"I can’t-”
“Nolan, let us go and I swear I’ll act as if nothing happened."She begged,
Nolan sighed and shook his head.
"Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.”(Y/N) muttered before wrapping her legs around Nolan’s leg.
She pulled him closer to her and slammed his face against the wall, knocking him out. She grabbed his keys and freed herself from the shackles, then freed me, Theo, Ethan, and Jackson.
Ethan had to beg her to let Jackson free because she wanted to leave him. We all split up and ran in different directions. (Y/N) and I ran hand in hand upstairs until we reached the roof.
“Do you see Roscoe?”(Y/N) asked, making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion.
“Who’s Roscoe?"I asked.
"Stiles’ jeep you dimwit."She answered, glaring at me.
"I don’t get it, why aren’t we shifting? It’s a full moon."She mumbled, looking up at the moon.
"Well I stopped shifting ever since they chained up us in the same room."I spoke up.
"You would, but I’d still have trouble. I should be working out."She muttered.
The sound of gunshots made (Y/N) and I cling onto each other, getting low to the ground.
"Where the hell are Scott and Malia?"I asked.
"They must be inside-"She started to say but was cut off by the sound of a bullet hitting the roof. (Y/N) and I crawled over to the edge where the bullets weren’t coming from. One bullet flew right at (Y/N), making her jump out of the way. Luckily, she dodged the bullet but ended up jumping too far. If it weren’t for the fact that I still held her hand, she would’ve fallen off.
"Fuck!”(Y/N) screamed as bullets flew past us.
(Y/N) swayed her body, trying to avoid the bullets from hitting her. This caused me to start slipping. As soon as my body slips off, I grab the edge at the last second, keeping us from falling to our death.
“Roscoe!”(Y/N) yelled, pointing at the speeding jeep coming our way.
Suddenly a bullet hit my hand, making me let go of the edge. I wrapped my arms around (Y/N) protectively as we started to fall. I braced myself for the impact that was about to happen, gasping for air as my back hit a hard surface.
“Be careful with the jeep!"I heard Lydia yell, making me open my eyes.
I looked up to see (Y/N) on top of me, clinging onto me as if her life depended on it.
"Get in!"Scott yelled as he and Malia ran in our direction.
Theo, Ethan, and Jackson followed right behind as a mob of hunters chased them. (Y/N) and I jumped off the bent roof of Roscoe before hopping in. As soon as everyone made it inside the jeep, Lydia sped off. I winced in pain as the bullet in my hand started to sting agonizingly.
"Li, what’s wrong?”(Y/N) asked, turning to face me.
She looked dons at my hand and instantly grasped it.
“Okay….you’ll be okay."She mumbled as black streaks appeared on her arms.
"I got you.”
(Scott’s P.O.V)
I turned around to see (Y/N) taking Liam’s pain as she held his hand. I almost jumped out of my seat since this is the first time she’s ever took anyone’s pain. They both smiled and stared at one another, their eyes squinting at how wide their smiles were. I looked at Theo who was grinning at them, we both knew Liam liked her all this time but now we knew that she felt the same way.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
“Hey."I whispered as (Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open.
"Hi."She whispered, smiling weakly at me as I squeezed her hand.
I helped her sit up and rubbed her back soothingly as she wrapped her arms around me.
"Liam?"She asked, looking up at me.
It was only then that I realized how close our faces were.
"Yeah…"I breathed out, nervously as my heart raced.
"When we were 12, you fought Manny Montanez for me. I told you that you were idiot, that I was supposed to handle it and you said-”
“There’s no way I’m letting you fight him all on your own."I finished, making her nod.
"And today I called you an idiot when you didn’t run away and let me hold them back so you could at least get away. I told you I was supposed to handle them. Do you remember what you said?"She asked.
"There’s no way I’m letting you fight them all on your own."I answered, nearing my face next to hers.
Her eyes widened as she stared back up at me, not moving at all.
"That same day we also fell off a roof, just like today."She mumbled, not breaking eye contact.
"Why are you bringing this up?"I asked, tilting my head slightly.
"I don’t know… I think it’s weird how similar the days are, a little too weird."She answered, grabbing my arms firmly.
"Liam, you’re heart is racing like crazy."She breathed out, her breath fanning over my lips.
"What’s wrong?"She asked.
"Nothing, nothing’s wrong."I answered, lying.
"I don’t think I need to remind you that I’m a werewolf too, don’t lie."She scoffed.
"It’s nothing really-”
“Liam Eugene Dunbar, I am your best friend and you know better than to test my patience. You either tell me what’s going on or I’m ignoring you for a week."She threatened, making my eyes widen.
”(Y/N) no, you know I hate when you ignore me!“I whined.
"Then tell me why you’re so nervous."She muttered, pulling me closer to her so our lips were an inch away from one another’s.
”(Y/N).“I mumbled, letting out a shaky breath.
"Alright, a week it is-”
“No, okay, okay! You want to know, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me something."I said, making her shove her pinky in the air.
"What?"She asked.
"Promise me that we’ll still be best friends, that this won’t ruin or friendship-”
“Liam, you’re making me worried. Did you do something bad?"She asked.
"I’m not sure, I hope it’s not bad."I shrugged.
"I promise that we’ll still be best friends."She spoke up as we wrapped our pinky around each other.
I let out a shaky breathe, closing my eyes in fear.
"Open your eyes."She ordered, cupping my cheek.
I opened my eyes and felt my heart flutter at her kind eyes and the feeling of her warm hand.
”…I love you (Y/N).“I whispered, making her eyes widen as she froze.
"What?"She asked, obviously shocked.
"I love you."I repeated, making a smile creep up on her face.
"Uh, haha I love you to Li."She mumbled, letting out a nervous laughter.
My heart dropped at her reaction. I wasn’t expecting her to say it back but damn did it hurt getting my hopes up and suddenly having them be crushed.
"You’re my best friend, I know we both love each other."She muttered, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"Did you think I meant I love you as in I love you like a best friend?"I asked.
"That is what you meant, right?"She asked, just as confused as I was.
"No, I meant I love you as in I love you I want you and I to be boyfriend and girlfriend."I answered, making her laugh nervously.
"Oh god, oh god."She mumbled, looking down as she fidgeted with my fingers.
"What, what?"I asked, making her look up at me.
"I didn’t think you had feelings too."She muttered with teary eyes.
I swear I felt my heart stop and everything freeze. She has feelings too, since when?
"I just never told you because I thought you didn’t love me back."She mumbled.
"I never told you because I thought you didn’t love me back!"I yelled, freaking out.
"Of course I love you, you fucking idiot!"She yelled.
"How was I supposed to know?"I asked.
"Did you not hear my heart race every time you were near or smell my chemo signals?"She asked.
"I thought that was all me?"I answered, confused.
"You’re such an idiot."She muttered as she cupped my face and pulled me in for a long kiss.
Once we pulled away, I was met by a gorgeous (Y/N) with squinted eyes from the wide grin on her face.
"I might be an idiot, but I’m a damn happy idiot."I muttered, making her laugh.
We both crawled into her bed, covering ourselves with her blanket as we snuggled.
"Can I just say that I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long?"I asked.
"Me too!"She squealed.
I peppered her with kisses all over her face, making her giggle.
"Don’t even dare!"She yelled, her voice high pitched as she balled her hands into fists.
"But I want to!"I whined as I was about to tickle her.
"You do it and I’ll kick you down there."She threatened.
"As much as I want to, I also want to have kids so never mind."I muttered, pouting.
She rested her head on my chest, knowing her she was probably listening to my heartbeat.
"Wanna know something?"She spoke up.
"Mhm."I mumbled, looking down at her.
"Remember when you broke your leg?"She asked.
"You mean the same day I got bitten by Scott?"I asked.
"Yeah, well when I saw you hanging off the roof. I felt my knees go weak, I was terrified of losing you. I had never felt such a horrible and intense feeling like that ever in my life, and I think that’s when I knew that my feelings weren’t just some little crush, I loved you,I needed you."She answered, making me grin widely.
"So that’s why you never left my side since then."I mumbled.
"All this time?"I asked.
"All this time."She answered.
I studied her face, every detail my eyes could point out. This was the little girl I fell in love with a long time ago, my longtime best friend. Only now she had grown into the beautiful and strong woman she is today. God, I adored this girl.——-


“My lady, why do you hate the Starks?”
“For the same reason you love them.”
Theon stumbled. “Love them? I never … I took this castle from them, my lady. I had … had Bran and Rickon put to death, mounted their heads on spikes, I …”
“… rode south with Robb Stark, fought beside him at the Whispering Wood and Riverrun, returned to the Iron Islands as his envoy to treat with your own father. Barrowton sent men with the Young Wolf as well. I gave him as few men as I dared, but I knew that I must needs give him some or risk the wroth of Winterfell. So I had my own eyes and ears in that host. They kept me well informed. I know who you are. I know what you are. Now answer my question. Why do you love the Starks?”
“I …” Theon put a gloved hand against a pillar. “… I wanted to be one of them …”
“And never could. We have more in common than you know, my lord. But come.”

Happy family

Summary: reader finds out she’s pregnant but is too scared of Bucky’s reaction so she tells her brother tony first who convinces her to spread the news.

Pairing: bucky x reader (x brother!Tony)

Warnings: Fluff !, slightest angst

Requested: by anon

A shaky breath left your lips as you slowly looked down onto the small piece of plastic in your cold hands.

You felt yourself begin to smile as you fell in love with the little pink lines.
A sight that you didn’t expect on seeing, neither even wanted to lay eyes on.
However now that this was reality, you felt yourself falling in love with the idea of family.
A baby.
With bucky.


How were you going to tell him ?
Was he going to be happy ?

You didn’t know an answer to your question, but you knew that you were scared.

Bucky never wanted a baby.
He saw himself as too broken.
Too unstable.
Just not good enough.
And it broke your heart that he thought of himself in that way but there was also nothing he’d let you do to help him.

You slowly stood up from the floor, standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom.
Splashing water in your face after throwing the pregnancy test away.

And as you looked at yourself in the mirror you suddenly realized something.
As glassy eyes stared back at you and a pale face with quivering lips breathed out shakily.
“He’s gonna leave me” you said as a tear rolled down your cheek and then suddenly a sob echoed through the small bathroom, the thought of that future just too much to handle.

A knock pulled you from your crying reflection as Bucky’s voice called out to you through the door.
“Y/n are you alright ?”
He asked worriedly.

And you gulped down the lump in your throat as you pressed your hand infront of your mouth, trying to quieten the sobs.
But you knew it didn’t work when you heard him knock again.
“Please let me in” he whispered softly against the wood of the door and you felt bad again.

For pushing him away, not letting him in.
But you couldn’t tell him.
You needed him.
So you wiped away your tears and took a deep breath before reaching or the door to unlock it.

And when the opened to reveal a devastated and distraught bucky, desperate to know what made you so sad.
And he opened his arms for you but you lingered where you stood, thinking about actually pulling him in for a hug.
Just to feel safe and protected inside his warm embrace.
But you couldn’t, what if he could feel a small bump ? Or feel the baby kicking.
It was dumb and paranoid to think this but you needed a reason not to give yourself to him.
Not to collapse into him.
So you just gave him a small smile and said “I’m fine” before stepping around him and out of your room, leaving him hanging like you never would.

You took the stairs down into the little garage of the compound, knowing your brother was probably tinkering around on some cars.

Tony never was one to judge you or be angry at you.
He always was there for you when you needed him and you just hoped that this situation wouldn’t change anything.
But even if it did you didn’t really have a choice, you just needed to tell someone.

You cleared your throat, making sure he knew you were there before quietly sitting down in the ground near him.
“Hey bug” he piped up from under the car.
“Can you get me a screwdriver ?”
He asked, making you smile as you handed him the tool.

Both of you sat in silence, the only noise being the clanks from metal hitting metal under his favourite vehicle.

“So what’s got you so gloomy” he asked suddenly making you look up in confusion.

“How could you possibly know something was up you haven’t even looked at me” you threw back a bit tauntingly.

“I know my little sister, duh” he exaggerated, making you cringe.
“Tony please don’t ever try to be cool again” you laughed, hearing a gasp from beneath the car next to you.

“No seriously what’s up” he asked again

You hesitated for a minute but you knew this was what you came here for after all

“Well…im pregnant”

Suddenly you heard a loud banging noise next to you,a shriek and Tony exclaiming all sorts of swearwords and.

You looked at the car in shock and expectations, waiting for him to say something but he didn’t.

He was completely quiet, all you could hear was his breathing that you assumed where in order to calm himself.

Suddenly he roles out from under his car, sitting up and rubbing his head before wiping his hands on a cloth.
“Well…” he started, pausing until he was done cleaning his hands “is it Elsa’s?” He asked once he looked at you.

Your eyes widened in shock as you tried to understand if he actually meant it or was just playing around.
“Yes! God what the hell tony” you exclaimed hitting his chest.

“Well then congrats lil bug” he said with a smile pulling you in for a hug but soon pulled away again.
“That wasn’t tight enough, what’s up” he asked and you smiled a tiny smile, surprised at how good he knew you.

“I can’t tell him tony, he’s going to leave me” you mumbled sadly, gaze on the floor as you played with your fingers.

“Honey I have no idea if mom talked to you about it but a pregnancy is not a subtle thing you know.” He said frowning, a tiny smile on his lips.

“I know but this way I’ll get at least two more months” you admitted, hating the idea of lying to him about something as big as this.

“(Y/n)” tony sighed, maybe a bit annoyed “that dude loves you a lot and I swear I wish I wouldn’t see it but I do” he cringed a bit.

“I see the way he looks at you, you’ve been together for what ? Two years ? And he still looks at you as if its been barely three days. Trust me when I tell you that he is never going to leave you” he reassured you, pulling you in for another hug.

“How will you know you’re not wrong”

“Cause I’m smart” he smirked, sending you a wink.
“So go tell him” he ushered you up and out with a lough, and you grinned at him trying to hide the fear and doubts that slowly invaded your mind.

You reached your room a little later, calling out for bucky but he was nowhere to be found.
You looked around d a bit hoping to find him sleeping somewhere, but everything was still the way you left it the only thing different was the light blue envelope on the bed.

Suddenly you were afraid again.
In this envelope could be anything, maybe he was breaking up with you, maybe not.
Maybe he was just telling you about his day, maybe not.

You debated reading whatever the letter inside said but despite all your fear and doubts you picked the letter up just a second later.

Inside was a little card, it simply said ‘meet me on the roof"
You furrowed your brows at the letter, looking down at it in confusion as you tried to figure out what all of this was about.

You made your way up to the roof anyway, the cool breeze of evening air made you shiver and regret not having pit on a jacket.
You saw bucky standing at the edge of the roof, patiently waiting for you as he let his gaze wander over the city.

“Bucky?” You whispered carefully as you walked closer to him. You weren’t really sure what all this was about and you were slowly getting scared.

He turned around with a smile, his eyes bright as they found yours “hey” he said back reaching out a hand which you gladly took.

You stood next to him, admiring the view of the new york skyline.
“Why are we here” you asked anyway, not really fond of the situation.

“Because I wanted us to be on top of the world.” He replied lowly.
“Y/n I know that we haven’t known each other for that long. And I know that I’m maybe not always the best person to be with”
He started, turning so he was looking at you, he took your hands and held them tightly in his.
“But I love you, with all my heart because you are Wonderful. You are kind and generous, and funny, beautiful, open-minded and so understanding.
I love everything about you, and I love that you are actually able to love me.”
He smiled, maybe even a bit sad but you couldn’t clearly tell through the tears that blurred your vision as he went down on one knee infront of you.
“And I never want to lose you so” he got a ring from inside his jacket “do you want to make me happier than I already am and marry me?” He asked, a soft smile on his lips.

However you were crying. You wanted to say yes, you wanted to say yes so badly but you couldn’t, not if you were keeping something as big as a baby from him.
You slowly freed your hands from his as you tool steps backwards. “I’m so sorry” you whispered “ I can’t” and that’s when you turned around, wiping tears away as you walked down to your apartment once again.
You started sobbing on your way there, thinking about what would happen next.

He was going to leave you.

You started crying even harder now, head in your hands, not even hearing the steps that came towards you.

You felt a hand on your knees and as you looked up you saw Bucky crouched down in front of you, smiling softly “what’s wrong” he asked making you cry even harder over the fact that he wasn’t even mad for you saying no to him.

“I do want to marry you, I really do” you said, looking away from him for a moment before deciding that you had to tell him now.
“But I can’t because you don’t know something”
You said, looking at him, seeing his brows furrow.

“What is it” he asked worriedly, wiping a stray hair away from your face.

“I’m pregnant” you whispered, watching his reaction as it slowly became a smile.
He leaned up kissing you deeply, before whispering against your lips. “I know” he said and your eyes widened as you pulled back from him.

“I saw the test in the trash” he explained. “And I wanted to ask you for a few weeks already but I was waiting for the moment you know, but then when I saw the test I just decided to do it now.” He smiled and suddenly you didn’t feel scared anymore and smiled back.
“Sorry if it wasn’t really special or nice or anything.” He quickly apologized, but you just leaned down with a smile, kissing him again “it was perfect” you told him, as you lost yourself in his eyes.

“So … uhm do you, …you know want to marry me?”
He asked, scratching the back of his neck as you started laughing.

You ran a hand through his hair, smiling down at him as you replied “I’d love to”.

And he smiled up at you, slipping the ring onto your finger and kissing you, his lips soft against yours as they melted under your touch.
You kissed him so many times now, however this one felt different.
And as you pulled him closer by his neck and he squeezed your waist, you knew why it felt so different.

It was the kiss with which you decided to start a family.
A daily with the love of your live.

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What if I liked it? // Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor x POC!Reader
Warning: Language, Fluff ‘n’ Smut, Oral sex (m & f receiving) Accidental butt stuff 
Word Count: 1.7k+

Summary: Accidents happen…but what if you’re into it?

A/N: I know. I know. I know. I haven’t posted a fic in forever. I’m sorry. Writer’s block is an absolute cunt and I hate it. I couldn’t even create art without trashing it immediately. But I’m back now. PLUS I SAW THAT DAMN GIF OF THOR COVERED IN LIGHTNING AND I’M CURRENTLY ON THE VERGE OF COMBUSTION. So…let’s see how much you like this fic I cooked up for @emilyevanston CAH Challenge. [#1: Surprise finger in the Anus with Thor]

Originally posted by cheers-mrhiddleston

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Okay, I feel the need to say this. As a fan of Jamie and Cersei and someone who loves house Lannister, I am so annoyed at all the Dany hate. I’m not even a fan of her, I do find her annoying at times but listen, she was not wrong to burn the lannister soldiers.

Now, they are in the middle of a war, of course Daenerys is going to be killing people, that’s what war is, it’s not a pretty sight. I mean, think of any battle in this series, people die, there’s no way around it. Whether she’s burning them or killing the with arrows and swords, there’s not way for her to win without slaughter, Cersei is not going down easily. Daenerys is trying her best, she listened to Jon and Tyrion, she didn’t burn down King’s Landing, but’s she’s fighting a war and she is loosing. She had to do something so attacking a smaller group of soldiers was meant to scare them, show them what she can do. Keep that in mind. 

Why was nobody crying over lannister soldiers during the battle in the Whispering Wood? You remember? When Robb Stark killed a bunch of lannister men during a war? Where was everybody hating on Robb then? I mean, he was doing the same damn thing just without fire.

What about the battle of the Blackwater Bay? Did you hate on Tyrion then? I mean, he was also doing the same thing but I’m pretty sure y’all were praising him. I mean, going by you’re logic, Jon should be getting hate too, how many men has he killed in battle? What about all those poor bolton soldiers that died in the batle of the bastards? 

Also, at the people hating on her for using her dragons in a battle because it’s unfair: she’s fighting a fucking war, what do you expect her to do? When you’re fighting people, you show them what you’ve got, you give them you’re best. As for burning down the food and resources, there was no way around that. They were not going to hand it over to her just like that, what did you want her to do? Go in the middle of the battle field and just push a couple of wagons to safety? Dany did what she had to do. She’s been listening to Tyrion, hiding behind on Dragonstone and look where that go her. She’s lost most of her allies because she’s not taking risks whilst Cersei is. Okay, there was no way she could’ve known about Euron showing up at Casterly Rock but my point still stands, that whilst Dany is sitting there doing nothing (because that’s what she’s being told to do) Cersei is over here making allies and winning battles.

I love Cersei, she’s one of the favourites. She’s also one of the most interesting and complex characters, plus Lena is an amazing actress, but calling Dany the ‘mad queen’ for buring soldiers in a battle, whilst Cersei did the exact same thing only it was for pure revenge.. like what? How can you justify one and spit all over the other?

At this this point, Dany will get hate no matter what, and I hate that. I mean, she sits at Dragonstone and does nothing: she’s boring as fuck; she goes into battle and wins: she’s the mad queen. What do you want her to do? Go into a battle and loose? That’s not how war works people.

Oh and for the people saying that Dany is nothing without her dragons: The dragons are not something she randomly came across, they are a part of her, they are her children, it’s like saying what is Bran without being the three eyed raven. It’s not something he did because he was bored like tf

I guess to summarize, I love house Lanniser, I would die for Cersei and Jaime because they are two of my favourite charcters, but all this hate on Daenerys is competely pointless.

And the She-Wolf Fell for the Lion...

((SORRY ANON…but I couldn’t fit the reader going with him to KL when Cat frees him. This is going to take a few parts to completely answer your prompt because…..well….with Stark x Lannister, it would have be a more slow burning love right?))

Word Count: 2,075

Warning: NSFW SMUT BUTTTT only at the way end and like…..three lines lol

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concept: grey skies, cold forest in deep green, milky fog of the morning, icelandic sagas, withered leaves blown to and fro by the late autumn wind, the smell of damp earth after rain, thick coats, silent colours, pale fingers, ageless stones, faint silhouette of a running deer, soft wintery light grazing through the trees, dead languages, runes carved in wood, hushed whispers, first snow, a solitary life 

King - Robb Stark

Anonymous said:

Hello lovely! I was wondering if you could write something for my child Robb Stark based on the song perfect by ed sheeran. If you don’t want to that’s completely okay I just love your writing. Thank you! 💕

A/N: I tried a thing…tell me what you think…. (Words: 3140)

Y/N Hornwood, whose House was sworn to the Starks, had known Robb Stark once. They met as children, but now they met through war. Would things still be the same or would Robb be too caught up in the war to even notice her?

Originally posted by dreamofspring

Music flooded through the tarps of Robb’s tent as he loomed over his map of Westeros. His mind wasn’t on the celebration outside; while his men drank to the victory at the Whispering Wood, the Young Wolf thought out his next move.

Robb was so enthralled by possible strategies, he didn’t notice his mother walking into the tent. When Catelyn walked into his line of sight, her son’s back straightened and he gave his mother a tired smile.

“Sorry, mother, I was thinking about the next attack. Tywin is going to want the Kingslayer back, but he’s too far-”

“Robb,” Catelyn interrupted, “please, take a breath.” She placed a comforting hand on her son’s shoulder. At the contact, Robb’s war-ready spirit wavered. “Your father would be proud of you,” Catelyn said, causing Robb to furrow his brows.

“For sentencing two thousand men to die?” He shook his head, feeling tears sting at his eyes. He would be his father’s biggest disappointment.

“No,” Catelyn whispered, “he would be proud of how you fought. With honor, for your family.” His mother’s voice faltered, cries threatening to spill out her throat. The loss of Ned was still fresh on her heart, just as it was for Robb.

Feeling his mother’s pain, Robb wrapped his strong arms around Catelyn as she felt tears spring free from her eyes. She held onto her son and as she closed her eyes, she could see the day Robb was first brought into the world. The days that passed when Ned met his first born son. Oh the plans her husband had for their child; all for not now.

“This is not the life he wanted for you,” she choked out, “he wanted you in Winterfell, married with children of your own.” Catelyn pulled away from her son’s embrace, “to give that up, the easy way in, your father would be proud.”

“Thank you, mother,” Robb said lowly. His tired smile relaxed as he looked into his mother’s comforting gaze. A crashing sound from outside disrupted the moment and called the celebration outside to Robb’s attention. “How are the men?”

“Drunk,” Catelyn stated bluntly, making Robb smile a little. “They are hoping to see their King celebrating as well,” she coaxed. Her encouragement was met by a frown from Robb; he had no desire to watch his intoxicated force dance to old tunes. “It would do them, and yourself, some good. Tomorrow’s fighting can hold for the evening.”

“That sounds like an order,” Robb said, his smile holding firm.

“You may be the King in The North, but I am still your mother,” Catelyn pointed out. Robb grinned, feeling the weight of command lifting off his shoulders for a moment.

“I will drink,” Robb said reluctantly, “but only to put your spirit at ease.” Catelyn smiled at her son, linking her arm in his. As Robb walked her out of the tent, men clapped and cheered. Robb’s heart beat raced at the sound, the admiration of his men.

“Goodnight my boy,” Catelyn said softly, “and make wise choices.” She unlinked her arm and Robb watched as his mother walked through the camp. He knew where she was going; to question Jaime Lannister on his sister’s whereabouts.

Before he could even think about going with her, a man handed him a mug of ale. The old soldier clapped Robb on the back with a toothless grin.

“For you mah King,” the man cheered. Robb gave him a nod of thanks and lifted his mug to the surrounding men.

“For you, as you have fought valiantly for this victory! May there be more victories to come!” The men yelled in agreement and took swigs of their drinks. The ale burned as it traveled down Robb’s throat. It was more bitter than the wine his father would allow him at supper but it was a drink all the same.

Robb nodded and thanked men he passed as he made his way towards the largest bonfire he had ever seen. Bards surrounding the flames sang and played upbeat tunes, coaxing some people to dance. Field nurses danced with soldiers happily, as if the war didn’t exist at all.

“Robb!” The Young Wolf turned his head in the direction of the voice. Theon, seemingly tipsy, wandered over to him. “You finally decided to join us!”

“Aye,” he said, his Tully-blue eyes scanning over the crowd, “I couldn’t resist.” Robb’s tone was meant to be somewhat sarcastic, but the Ironborn didn’t seem to notice. Theon grinned and took a gulp of whatever he was drinking.

“Try to get lucky tonight, yeah?” Theon said drunkenly, “live like you might die tomorrow!” Robb rolled his eyes as the ward bounded off, trailing after some poor nurse girl. Robb had no intention of sleeping with anyone tonight, he’d be lucky if he slept at all.

He looked around once more and couldn’t help but marvel at the banners that surrounded him. All vassal houses of House Stark, formed together in a Northern union. Robb only wished his father could see the Bolton’s flayed man sitting beside the crossed chains of the Umbers; or the fierce Mormont bear drinking with the Hornwood’s black moose.

A change of music broke the King from his thoughts and pulled his attention to the lack of dancers. The song was now slow, as if meant for a galla. Some couples, mismatched warriors and their prostitutes, danced along to the beat. The sight made Robb’s heart swell a little as he thought of Sansa; she had always dreamed of a dance with a prince. If, When, she were to return, she’d be one of the Princesses in the North. He could almost see her smile.

“My King,” the soft voice pulled Robb’s eyes away from the flames. He turned his head to the right and saw the owner of the melodic tone. Y/N Hornwood, the Fiery Winter Rose; she was one of the last Hornwood Ladies.

“Lady Hornwood,” Robb said, respectfully dipping his head. Y/N smiled, but shook her head at his words. Robb raised an eyebrow at her.

“Lady Hornwood was my mother,” she said bittersweetly, “please, call me Y/N. We have known each other long enough.” A bit of her fire shown through her beautiful face and rosy cheeks. Robb now understood her accurate nickname.

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