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11 "no one will ever believe us"


11. “no one will ever believe us”

There’s a corridor where they go to make out.

After a particularly stressful mission, or a painfully close escape, or a brush with death, they convene in the corridor by unspoken agreement. It’s locked most of the time, and no one else knows where it is. It’s a place for secrets.

Shiro’s waiting for her when she pushes through the door and closes it carefully behind her.

“That was close,” he whispers.

He takes her hand and pulls her towards him. Not roughly but… not gently, either. She understands his urgency all too well.

“I thought that Galra ship had ended you for sure,” she breathes.

His arm snakes around her waist. Her hand brushes the short hair at the nape of his neck, and he touches his forehead to hers.

“I thought that blast had taken you out,” he whispers back. There’s a hitch in his throat that crushes her heart.

She pulls away far enough to look him in the eye.

“I’m here,” she murmurs. “I’m alive. We made it.”

He kisses her, desperate and hungry, and she groans in the back of her throat as she parts her lips and feels his tongue brush hers. It’s the only way either of them can believe they’re still alive. They’re surviving out there, but here - in the corridor - here’s where they’re living.

Shiro bites at her lip, and then without warning he lifts her up and wraps her legs around his waist. Her back hits the wall, and she clings to him like a lifeline. His lips move down her neck like a line of fire, and she’s living, at last…

She flings an arm out to steady herself, and hears a crash.

Shiro stops. He looks at her.

“What was that?” he asks. His voice is thick and heavy, and it sends a tingle down her spine.

They both look to where her hand has crashed into a lamp and knocked it off the wall.

“Sometimes I forget how strong I am,” she whispers, and giggles.

Shiro laughs too, and nuzzles into her neck.

“Blame it on Coran?” he murmurs, his lips brushing her skin.

“No one will ever believe us,” she whispers. Not that she cares.

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Okay but the batboys decide to prank bruce by all wearing matching "Daddy's little ____" shirts in hideous pastels and going out in public with him because in their mind (specifically Dick, Dami's not too happy about it) it's hilarious. Dick's is "daddy's little sunshine", jason's is "daddy's little rebel, tim's is "daddy's little genius", and damian's is "daddy's little demon". Pictures of the 5 end up on magazine covers and now they're all embarrassed. The league won't let them ever forget it

no but wait duke leaning over to bruce and whispering behind his hand, “do you think they know how bad they look in pastel? peach isn’t dick’s color”

whenever they make a horrible fashion choice, duke just sends bruce a picture and a string of emojis. bruce has to try not to laugh in the middle of a meeting because he knows that it’s duke, sending him pictures of damian’s tiger print shirt and keysmashing. cass is wearing a “rawr means i love you in dinosaur” shirt, and duke’s losing it. nobody understands why bruce keeps hiding his head in his hands, it’s because duke sent him a picture of jason in an ed hardy flames t-shirt and guy fieri with the caption “this spot the difference is really hard”

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I hope one day you meet Phil and he's like "wow carly you're much cooler than dan let's run off to Barcelona together and build our glass house by the sea." but all the while, while holding your hand whispers to you "don't tell Janice tho."

phil leaving two people at once for me….. that’s the dream


taekook in bs&t era 

dishonored 2 is 5000% scarier than the original like this is a straight-up first person horror survival game i was sneakin thru a bloodfly-infested house and i didnt realize there were nest-keepers there and one of them crept up directly behind me and whispered ‘now im going to have to hurt you’ in my ear and anyway thats why i havent been active much lately its because dh2 scared all the remaining years off my life and i died

Every time I see him I notice his perfect hair, without staring.
Maybe I don’t want him as my person, as a romantic love, but that doesn’t stop me from noticing how he’s taller than me in just the right amount. How his form and shoulders would cover me up in embrace if he would. His lips are pretty, but I’ve never fantasized about them, until he softly laid kisses on his dog and I knew he was capable of gentle love.

I notice because as humans, we notice virtue. We notice intimacy. We crave it. We see beauty.

So when he whispers something to himself, and I hear that breathy soft voice, maybe I do imagine for a moment that he’s holding me with those hands and whispering into my ear and neck.

Those pretty lips aren’t anything that keep me up at night, but when he’s in front of me, I can acknowledge in my heart that they are cute lips. For someone who hardly touches people at all, I would sure love to be kissed like that dog, whispered to like he does to himself, and made to feel as beautiful as he is.

And to all this I add, not necessarily by him; handsome, intelligent young man that he is.

—  B. E. Barnes | could it be called infatuation, or appreciation?
min yoongi probably.....
  • *yoongi and jimin washing dishes together*
  • Yoongi: *accidentally brushes against jimin's hand*
  • *careless whisper starts playing*
  • Jimin: dude tae do you really have to do that every time
  • Taehyung: *stops playing his saxophone* sorry

Friendly reminder that Cassian, a 500 Illyrian soldier and army commander, got kneed in the balls by a 22 years old human girl because he wanted to kiss her so much that he didn’t even care And that’s because all the blood that should have been in his brain was located in southern regions like a horny, immortal teenage boy.

I hope next competition everybody rushes over to hug Yuuri, and we will have an increasingly jealous Viktor hissing in the background and possibly correcting everybody so he has an excuse to hug Yuuri in between hugs again.

“Stop it! You are taking too long!”

“You are hugging him too tight.”

“You are not hugging him tight enough.”


“If that hands goes lower I will break all your fingers…” (◕◡◕)

settle down | jungkook (undo pt.2)

Originally posted by sugutie

pairing: jungkook x reader (ft. jimin & yoongi)

genre: angst, smut

word count: 4.9k

warning: contains mentions of cheating

description: you weren’t supposed to feel anything for him, especially since he already had a girlfriend.

a/n: this is the second part to UNDO


Jimin pushes your hair out of your face and lets out a small sigh,

“I knew this was the reason,” he whispers sitting down in front of you, your hands still tightly pressed over your ears. You sniff loudly and look at him,

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(nurseydex ofc + “quiet they can hear us”)

“Uh. What are you doing?” William Poindexter is curled into a ball far too tiny to actually be his body, wedged between the green sofa and the wall with a stricken look on his face.

“Shh! Quiet, they can hear us!” He whisper shouts. His hand shoots out and wraps around Nursey’s ankle and, a quick tug later, Nursey is half on the floor next to Dex and half on the green couch.

“Okay.” Nursey says plainly. “This is cool and all, but why are you hiding behind the couch, dude?” Dex unwraps his fingers from Nursey’s ankle, slowly. For a fleeting moment, Nursey mourns the warmth, the contact.

“I dropped a pie.” Dex says, eyes closed tightly, and Nursey gasps.

“A fineable offense.” He whispers sagely and Dex nods tersely.

“I have twenty-four dollars and fifty-three cents in my bank account and I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping. Holster and Ransom are out there, somewhere; it’s either the sin bin or Christmas presents, and I have the feeling they’re more into instant gratification than anything.” Nursey laughs and struggles to quietly make himself more comfortable. His back is pressed against the corner of the couch now, legs encroaching upon Dex’s already-lacking personal space. He shoots Nursey a half hearted glare, but moves a little to make room.

“Hm. Quite a predicament.” Nursey says and Dex rolls his eyes. “Dropping a pie is, what, a two dollar fine?”

“Four, since it was peach. You know Bitty uses ‘only the finest Georgia peaches, Dex!’” He imitates. Nursey snickers.

“You sound like a cartoon character.” Nursey chirps and Dex shoves his legs but is grinning hard.

“Shut up, you dick.” Nursey puts up his hands in resignation. “Okay, but I made the pie, mostly, so should that shave off at least fifty cents?” Nursey takes a minute to ponder the fact.

“You could ask them?” He says, referring to the sin bin police in question. Dex’s eyes go wide.

“I told them I was getting my wallet.”


“Two hours ago.”

“Oh.” Nursey’s eyes widen as well. “Evading fines is a taxable offense.”

“Yep.” Dex says, popping the ‘p’.

“Poindexter, you dumbass.”

“What! Sorry that I wanted to get you guys something nice for Christmas!” His eyes are closed again and he props his elbow up on Nursey’s shin. It hurts, a bit, but he likes the contact. “Fuck you guys, everyone is getting the ice off my blades for Christmas.”

“Dang, that’s worse than last year when you tried to knit everyone sweaters.” Dex shoves him again, harder.

“Dude, I gave Chowder and Bitty, like, the best fuckin’ sweaters known to man, sorry I didn’t have time to finish all of them.”

“I’m still holding out for that sweater, Poindexter.” Dex laughs loudly and it lights up the room. Nursey sighs.

William J. Poindexter!” A voice booms from the doorway. Dex’s eyes shoot open.

“Oh my god,” he groans, arm dropping before tightly gripping Nursey’s shin. His eyes are wide again. “Hide me, what the fuck.” He shimmies further into himself, pressing behind the couch tightly.

“Don’t think we cant’s see you!” Nursey hears Ransom shout. Then, he makes a snap judgement call and, against Dex’s protests, unfolds himself and stumbles up into Ransom and Holster’s line of vision. Both of them are wearing Samwell Men’s Hockey tank tops, black sunglasses, and red bandanas. Holster is cradling the sin bin in his arms like a newborn baby, or a wounded animal.

“Uh. Hey, guys.” Nursey smiles; he watches as their eyebrows rise above the line of their sunglasses.

“Hey, Nursey, have you seen Dex around?” Holster asks, walking towards the couch. Nursey does the same, as nonchalantly as he can, in hopes of keeping the pair from getting too close.

“Nah, I think I saw him up at the dorms a little while ago, though. Why?” Holster’s mouth sets to a tight line and he lifts his sunglasses, squints.

“I don’t believe you.” He says, bending a bit to be on Nursey’s level. Honestly, he’s a little intimidated, but the whole situation, how serious they’re taking it, undermines his fear. Ransom butts in.

“William J. Poindexter dropped a pie at 2:32 pm.”

“Two dollars!” Holster interjects.

“It was a peach pie.”

“Two more dollars!” Holster interjects again, slapping the back of his hand against his palm.

“It is now 4:17.” Ransom says and it’s in his captain voice, dear god.

“One additional dollar per hour it takes to pay the fine!”

“William J Poindexter owes the sin bin six dollars. There are four witnesses willing to testify.”

“Oh.” Nursey breathes. “Uh.” He reaches around to his pocket, pulls out his wallet. He pauses, looks at the d-men before him, pulls out a ten dollar bill. He bends over and drops it into the jar in Holster’s arms.

“Hm.” The pair make eye contact. “Allow us to deliberate.” Holster says and they begin discussing in hushed voices.

“We have decided to accept your payment on behalf of William J. Poindexter.” And then they’re gone.

“What the fuck.” Nursey groans dropping back down next to Dex. “I willingly signed up to be on this team, what the fuck.”

“Thanks, Nursey.” Dex laughs and begins to uncurl himself from behind the couch.

“No problem, man. Glad you’re not freaking out about me spending money on you, though.” He says, shoving at Dex’s shoulder. The other boy stretches his neck a few times and groans.

“God I was down there for too long.” Dex looks at Nursey thoughtfully. “But yeah, I dunno, I’ll just make it even. How about a brunch date?” Dex asks.

“How about a normal date?” Nursey fires back before he can think about what he said. Dex’s face goes blank.

“How about a normal date that happens to take place within the time frame typically accepted as 'brunch’?” Dex asks, the corner of his lips curling up.

“Hm,” Nursey pretends to think about it, as if his heart isn’t hammering in his chest so loud that he fears Dex might hear. “I think that would be a sufficient method of payback.” Nursey says with a sharp nod and puts his hand out for Dex to shake. The other boy rolls his eyes, grabs his hand, and pulls him forward before dropping a chaste kiss on his cheek, right below his left cheek bone. Nursey body goes warm, his entire face igniting.

“10 am tomorrow.” Dex says before leaving the room.