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Hello can I request a one shot please? If yes then... "Niall can read minds and Harry can't stop thinking how pretty he is AU" xxxx

I come alive when I hear your voice 

Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold. 

[A/N: I need to take a minute to apologize profusely for how long this took. It took me way too long to be able to get this written. I hope the quality makes up for it. Happy reading :)]


The voices are but a murmur as he walks through the corridors; unspoken thoughts, whispered in the back of his mind. Managing them is easy enough these days. Had somebody asked him a year ago, however, what it was like to be a ‘mind reader’, he’d probably have told them it was absolute torture. Having a busy mind of his own is one thing, but having his mind crowded with other people’s thoughts tended to give him a headache on most days.

It’s why his da agreed to homeschool him for his 10th year. It’s why, when he was given the opportunity to attend London’s School for the Gifted by the headmaster, himself, Mr. Cowell, who promised he’d help Niall ‘craft’ his 'gift’, he decided to take the offer. 

Now, managing those thoughts that don’t belong to him is like second nature. 

Jade needs a coffee if she’s going to make it through her next class.

Liam’s thinking about asking Sophia for a second (third) chance; he’s been thinking about it for a while now though, to be fair.

Sophia wants Liam to ask her.

Perrie wishes Zayn would get his shit together before his inconsistencies ruin their relationship.

Zayn loves Perrie, but he isn’t sure if he’s in love with her anymore.

Louis wishes Eleanor would at least take his calls.

And then there’s Harry.

Harry, who thinks Niall has the 'best face’.

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"Because fuck you that's why." KYOS says out loud to himself. Looking in a direction of a random person.

Mikel had just left the grocery store with two large plastic bags. “Does chicken soup heal broken legs…?”

He whispered to himself in thought. Not used to doing this type of task, or going out in public period; He just pick up a bunch of random products he knew Catherine usually bought and grabbed a couple of chicken soups and quickly left.

He had heard someone randomly shouting and using vulgar language as soon as he got outside. He thought he may had done something wrong, but realized the stranger was talking to himself. He wanted to ignore him, but something told him that Catherine would have done something different. He walked up to the stranger.

“Are you…okay, sir?”

I should be asleep right now, but my heart keeps whispering your name.


3:00 a.m. chronicles. 


For anon…I hope you enjoy it!

Y/N: *yelling* How the hell did you end up causing this, Kylo?

Kylo: Me? You’re the one who went into the room. *looks around* Where are we?

Y/N: *shrugs* How would I know? *mutters* Nerf-herder.

Anakin: You two lost?

Both: *turns* *jaw drops*

Kylo: You’re…you’re-

Y/N: *slaps hand on his mouth* Yes. We’re very lost.

Anakin: *grins* No worries. It’d be wrong of a Jedi to turn his back on those in need.

Y/N: Thank you-

Anakin: Anakin.

Y/N: Y/N…and this is Ben.

Kylo: *glares at Y/N* *mumbles* It’s Kylo Ren.

Y/N: *grabs his hand* *whispers* Sorry babe. Thought it best to keep it simple.

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So, I speak to a fair few people about depression.

And while many of them are very nice about it,  the thing I hear the most is ‘I just don’t understand what it’ s like’. Which is completely understandable!

So I’ve been thinking about how to answer this, and the best I’ve come up with is:

‘It’s similar to when there’s something you just really don’t care about, not angry, or haappy about it.  Not even sad, but it’s just something that is. Now, imagine that your entire life is like that to you, just unimportant.’

I dunno if that’s accurate for anyone else? It’s a very tough thing to explain.

Favorite Song
  • Skull:hey hey lucy
  • Lucy:What?
  • Skull:wanna know what my favorite song is
  • Lucy:No.
  • Skull:ey lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear
  • Lucy:ಠ_ಠ
  • Skull:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
inner ear ii

my skin crawls
from the inside.
a constant whisper
of your name
wrapped around
i can’t seem
to get you out.
so i continue
to methodically
write your name
onto every surface
until my ear
falls deaf.

he’s not a poet,
or an artist,
or a story writer

he won’t write my beauty in fancy words or rhyme about how my eyes are the colour of the ocean somedays and others they are the sky before a storm

he’ll never paint me with the colours of a sunset or trail his brush on my skin like I’m his own private canvas come to life just for him

he will not write me like boys do in the story books, I’ll never read about his undying love for me in years to come and I won’t live forever through his words

he is not a poet and I am not his poetry
he is not an artist, I am not his art
he is not a writer, I am not his story

but he is mine
my poetry,
my art,
my story

—  he’s not a poet, he’s my poetry
10:25PM 28/01/16
inner ear

that is my goal really-
to get inside your head,
curl my body up
in just the right place.
i crawl into your ear
and place my thoughts there,
letting each whispered syllable
work it’s way
into your brainwaves
until there are
no other thoughts,
just me.

yesterday i was sitting in the school library by my sister’s friend reading the silmarillion because we both didn’t do the reading that was due that day. the jazz band was practicing down the hall. as i was reading a faint sound of saxophones and bass clarinets reached my ears. i looked up from my book and stared at the wall, listening real hard. i whispered “is that…………..that sounds like the………… cantina song from star wars” the girl whispered back “i thought that too but i didn’t say anything because i thought you would judge me”

Clexa Fanfic Rec:

We never win, but the battle wages on:

Star Wars AU (Clexa)

Author: technicolored_pachyderms

She is a Hunter

Author: Enyn_Skyeward

Part V in No One Becomes Someone Series

Lexa and Clarke join the hunting party in the woods outside Polis, where Lexa watches Clarke’s hunting methods capture a large predator.

Shine Bright

Author: DJayJay

Soulmate au that I wish was longer ;n;

Above and Below

Author: CanaanAlphardForever

Werewolf!Lexa and Slayer!Clarke might not be everyone’s cup of tea

But then again we are all watching the 100 

Whispered Thoughts


Lexa keeps talking in Trigedasleng and Clarke honestly has no idea if she’s being threatened or propositioned at this point. The actual summary sums it up. 

One shot.

butterflies (why are you such a pain in my ass?)

Author: e6i59do84

That au where Clarke can see the future and she sees her and Lexa’s kiss and she’s confused as fuck.

One shot.

youre like lightning in a bottle (i cant let you go)

Author: raccoonexes

The one where lexa is famous and clarke is oblivious. It’s a little eh at first but then you’re like yeah I can roll with this

Coffee Run

Author: thatcarlonethatalsowrites

That Coffe shop Au where Clarke is lactose in tolerant and Lexa eventually gets her that almond milk. One shot

gather round yall cuz boy do i have a story about my poetry class today 

my prof was showing us the music video for the perfect drug by nine inch nails cuz he thought it fit the poe theme were goin with rn 

but he was yahoo searching which was the first issue so like the vid he clicked on wasnt great quality and cut off a bit before the end 

so then he goes to find another one (still yahoo searching) 

and one of the top results was. a twilight amv type thing to the song. 

so he clicks on it and were all like Uh. but everyones laughing including the prof so we keep watching and then it was just like ALL THE SEX PARTS from breaking dawn and we were all like OH MY GOD and the prof finally closed the vid and was just like  ….anyway 

Hey Angel Chapter 5

Harry’s driving to his house with Jackson in the backseat. Harry’s furious with how Abby’s acting. She has no right to what she did, okay, technically she does have the right, but that doesn’t make it right. He has no idea how he’s going to tell you, but eventually he’s going to have to. 

“Hey, buddy do you want to go to the park before we go home?” Harry asks. 

“No.” He says shaking his head. 

“How come? You love the park.” Harry says. 

“No wan see Y/N and Wella.” He whispers. 

“I thought you liked spending time with them and playing with Ella.” Harry says. 

“I do.. but Mama say dat Y/N mwean to Mama and dad Wella gon take Daddy way.” He whispers. “No wike dem no more.” 

Harry grips onto the steering wheel. How could Abby say those things? 

“That’s not true, buddy.” Harry says. “Y/N has always been nice to your Mummy and Ella or anyone would ever take me away from you.” 

“Weally?” Jackson asks perking up. 

“Really.” Harry says. 

“Den can we go see dem, Daddy? I miss ‘em!” He smiles. 

Harry looks back at Jackson, at a red light. Seeing the smile on his face, Harry knew what to do. 

“Of course. Let’s pick up some dinner before we head over there.” He says. 

“And wicey Cweam?” He gasps. 

“I think we can manage that as well.” Harry laughs. 

“Yay!” He cheers.  

After Harry picks up some dinner and ice cream tubs, he drives towards your house. 

“Hey Jackson! I’m going to call Y/N and I want you to tell her we’re coming over, okay?” He says. 

“Kay!” He giggles. 

Harry smiles and calls you through the bluetooth in his car. It rings for a bit, before you answer. 

“Hello?” You smile. 

“Y/N! It Jwackson and Daddy!” He giggles. 

“Hi, buddy.” You giggle. “What are you doing?” 

“We come see ya!” He smiles. “We get Din Din and WIcey Cweam!” 

You gasp. “Really? That sounds yummy and I can’t wait to see you.” 

“Me neiva!” He giggles. 

“Okay, we’ll be there soon.” Harry smiles. 

“Awesome, see you two in a bit.” You smile before hanging up. 


“Guess what baby, Harry and Jackson are coming over.” You smile to Ella. 

She giggles, wobbly running over to you. “Hawwy!” She claps. “Wack-Wack!” 

“That’s right.” You smile tickling her. 

A few minutes later, the doorbell rings and Ella tries running over to it. 

“Hawwy! Hawwy! Hawwy!” She giggles banging on the door. 

You laugh. “Let me open it, silly.” You say moving her out of the way a bit to open the door. 

“Hawwy! Wack-Wack!” Ella giggles excitedly. Jackson giggles, running over and hugging her tightly. 

“Wella!” Jackson smiles. 

You and Harry smile widely at them before hugging yourselves. “Hey.” You smile. “What did you get for dinner?” 

“We got some things for the Italian place nearby.” He smiles. “I hope that’s okay.” 

“Yes. I love that place.” You smile. 

“Great.” He smiles. “Jackson, why don’t you and Ella go play for a bit, while y/N and I get everything set for dinner.” 

“Kay!” He smiles. “Wet’s go, Wella.” He says taking her hand and walking over to the toys. 

“We can sit in the dining room.” You say showing him to the table. 

Harry gets everything out of the bags, while you get the plates and glasses. 

“This all looks great.” You smile. “Thanks for bringing it.” 

“Well, Jackson and I wanted to see you and Ella, so it was the least I could do.” He smiles wrapping his arms around you. 

You could tell something was different with him, but he was definitely trying to hide. 

“Daddy! We hungi!” Jackson yells from the other room. 

“Well, then get in here silly.” He laughs. 

Jackson giggles running in and Ella follows behind him. You put Ella in her high chair and give her a bit of the food, cut up in tiny pieces. Jackson smiles climbing up in the chair next to her. Harry puts his plate in front of him and then you both sit down and start eating. 

After a quiet dinner, the kids go back to playing and you and Harry start to clean up. You sigh looking over at Harry. 

“What’s wrong?” You whisper. 

“Why do you think somethings wrong?” He asks. 

“You’re acting different.. did something happen when you talked to Abby?” You sigh. 

Harry sighs looking down. He leans against the counter. “Yeah. You were right. She doesn’t like you. I guess she has some sort of feelings for me and she’s just jealous or something.” He says. 

“I’m sorry.” You sigh. 

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He says. “She’s just.. acting out of the ordinary. “ 

“I don’t blame her, I guess.” You sigh. “Especially if she has feelings for you.” 

“Yeah..” He sighs. 

“There’s something else isn’t it?” You whispers. 

“She wants me to stop seeing you or else she won’t come on tour with Jackson.” He whispers. 

You feel your heart sink and the urge to cry, but you fight back the tears. “O-oh.” You whisper. 

Harry walks over putting his arm around you. “I told her it was over between us, but I don’t want it to be.” He whispers. “But I can’t go on tour without Jackson.” 

“I understand. I would never want you to chose me over him.” You whisper. 

“I know.” He says. “And that’s why I don’t want this to end between us. I have feelings for you. They get stronger everyday.. which is why I think if we could just be on the down low about our relationship until Abby can get over whatever it is that she’s going through, everything will be okay.” He whispers. 

“But what if she finds out?” You ask. “Don’t you think that would be worse for you, if she figures out you went behind her back?”

“I’m going to talk with my lawyer to see if she even can do what she’s threatening.” He says. “We have 50/50 custody, so honestly I don’t think she can keep me from seeing him on tour.”

“I just don’t want to come between you two. I remember when we first met that you said you had a great relationship with her, I don’t want to be the reason that you don’t.” You whisper sadly. 

“You’re not.” He whispers taking your hands. “Baby, she’s the reason. She’ll get over this eventually and if she doesn’t then she’s just going to have to get used to this. I’m not going to be single forever and she needs to know that.” He says. 

“Okay.” You sigh. “But if there ever is a time, where you think it’s best to call this off. Then let me know. I’ll understand.” 

“I know.” He smiles.” But I really hope it doesn’t come to that.” 

“Me either.” You whisper. 

He smiles hugging you tightly before giving you a kiss. You two then finish cleaning up the dishes before joining the kids and spending the rest of the night with them, before Harry heads home with Jackson.