yoongi holding onto jimin’s shoulders w/his eyes half closed, tired (and slightly tipsy), mumbling nonsense to jimin as they return to their hotel late at night, when one of the hotel workers giggles and whispers, “cute couple,” as they pass by. they both grin and yoongi laughs softly, letting his hands travel down to jimin’s waist before he nuzzles and kisses his neck. “jimin-ah,” he coos, “you hear that? we’re a cute couple.”

What you need to know about Kaisoo/ Kadi (카디):

1/ they have many intimate personal photos for them before debut which was leaked ..

2/They are hyung and dongsaeng but they Don’t go like that they don’t use formal language and call each with bare names even though Kyungsoo call Jongin “ Jonginnii ” which get heard on some videos while the video was not focusing on them ;)

3/ They admit they was going daily before debut to drink coffee (sound dates to be honest ) after training .

4/ they are roommate for years .

5/ spotted by fans : Jongin shoved his eaten lollipop into Kyungsoo mouth who take it gladly .

6/ Jongin called Kyungsoo Jagi ( honey/babe) on stage while he covering his mouth but the mic was open of one of the members next to him so its his Jagi then .

7/ fans always catch Jongin stares at Kyungsoo even if he wasn’t talking to do any activities, and always following him on stage .

8/ so some calling them the (stares couple - the whispers couple since they always whisper into each other ears and take off the mic - and the off stage couple which is my fave cause they really have all their moments off stage and off camera which I mean the official camera not the smart fancams ;) so yeah )

9/ they love watching movies together and them alone No other members invited to their movie night.

10/ they always wear each other shirts and jackets , really so much time , the only members who do this so many times that I lost count , I think its a cute thing .

11/ once Jongin was about to slap Kyungsoo ass so he kissed his hand palm before that , he also always do to tickle Kyungsoo on stage and running away .

12/ One of the members unknown friend said that that member was complaining backwards before debut that he couldn’t get to be close to Kyungsoo because he was stick to Jongin all the time .

13/ so many rumors flow around this couple before and after debut too Really and its Rumors with S .

14/ kyungsoo well wake up in the middle of the night to do something for Jongin to eat , he even buys the medicine for Jongin when he got sick and its to Jongin only !

15/ the members said Kyungsoo is the less one to talk between them but Jongin disagreed by saying : Kyungsoo is not like that you just have to know how to make him speak or a line like that T-T

16/ Kyungsoo always choose Jongin as the sexiest one among the members .

17/ kyungsoo said once that Jongin is his angel .

18/ after the blind gay rumor spread and many fans suspect in them , Jongin suddenly been spotted in a date with an idol from his company and the day after that in the small fnc they had with the band Kyungsoo and Jongin was in obvious awkward and tense situation where Kyungsoo was avoiding Jongin in that day and even the fans who don’t follow this couple said they notice the sadness between those two and the teary eyes they both had .

19/ being in samesex relationship scandal is not a good thing in Korea , if they was really caught on camera on that blind rumor then the company that they work for have a right to manipulate the truth and hiding them under a fake relationship like Jongin was in to cover them and make sure they are save even if its a heartbreaking but thats for their own good .. after several month when people start to question the scandal Jongin was in since there is nothing sound real and people start just to drop it , the couple start to interact more freely and be more normal than the days the rumor and scandal was flying above their head and they are still always stick together .

20/ yeah so now they are in a long term relationship thats started since many years back and they grow old together and will continue :)

If you have more lines to add reblog and write it cause I am sure like hell that I can’t write all the amazing facts about them ❤

Quiet - Carl Grimes

Request:  hey could you do a fic where carl gets the reader pregnant by mistake but they end up keeping the baby and the reader survives the birth?? love ur acc btw!!x

a/n: I’m sorry it’s been a while I’m just so shit. I will post more requests this week so if you’ve made a request look out for yours. Also to the person who requested this, if you’d prefer a smuttier version I’d be glad to give you it. xo

Warnings: None, implied smut I guess. 

You lay on the bed next to a sleeping Carl as you lace your fingers with his. It was about 4:30 in the morning and you were going out of your mind. You reach into the pocket of your jeans and pull out the pregnancy test you took earlier. You examine it, staring at the 2 lines on the stick as Carl stirs, moving so his head rests on your chest and your arm is resting on him. You sigh as you being to wonder again.

You could run away. But that wouldn’t solve anything and you couldn’t bare to part with Carl. You could tell him but you were afraid of how he would react. You didn’t know whether he’d be so happy that he’s basically beaming or you didn’t know whether he’d be so angry that steam could be coming out of his ears. Those were the only options. No matter how scared you were you’d never give up your’s and Carl’s baby. 

You sigh deeply but quietly careful not to wake Carl up and you stare up at the ceiling as you feel nauseous before you start to feel your eyes droop so you put the stick back in your pocket and then let yourself fall deeper and deeper.

When you wake Carl isn’t beside you and then you immediately freeze. Your hands fly down to your pockets but when you feel the stick you breath a sigh of relief. You move to stand up but when you do you feel the sudden urge to be sick. You rush to the bathroom but when you get there the door is locked. You bang on the door as you breath in and out and then you are greeted with Carl, smiling when he sees it’s you but frowning when you push past him.

“Are you okay?” Carl asks as his hands move to rub over your back, soothing you. You shake your head, still hunched over the toilet. He kneels down beside you once you flush the toilet. You stay sat on the floor as you try to calm yourself. He looks at you and lays a hand on your cheek and you lean into his touch. “What’s wrong? Are you ill?” He whispers. Your eyes flutter shut as your heart quickens and you smile at him.

“Nothing’s wrong. Just got a little dizzy that’s all, i’m fine.” You murmur as you stand from the floor, Carl following. You leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom as you sit on the bed. You breath in deeply, your hand moving to your stomach before getting up and walking back into the bathroom. Carl must’ve gone downstairs because when you switch the shower on you realise he isn’t upstairs anymore. You take your clothes off, chucking them to the side before stepping in. You let the water fall down your back before moving your head so the water covers your face.

You put your clothes back on before leaving the bathroom and going down the stairs. You see Rick with Judith and you walk into the kitchen.

“You alright?” You are greeted by Michonne and before she leaves the kitchen she stops. “Everything alright with you and Carl?” She asks while her hand touches your arm in a comforting way. You look down at your arm and then look back up.

“Of course. Why?” You question, still staring Michonne in the eye. She looks at the door then back to you before sighing.

“Carl just came down the stairs and he looked pretty angry. When we asked what was wrong he just stormed out of the house.” She huffs. Your brows furrow as your mind rushes. You think but the more you think the more confused you get. Then your eyes widen as you go stiff. Your eyes wide, almost bulging out of their sockets and your breathing deep. You move your hand to the pocket of your jeans and pat vigorously. Carl must’ve found the test in your pocket when your clothes were on the floor when you showered.

Your mind blanks as you forget everything for a second before you run to the door of the house and leave. You search for Carl from the doorstep but when you can’t see him you find someone.

“Have you seen Carl?” You spot Carol in the street as she walks and as you breath harshly, her face turns from cheerful to confused.

“Yeah I just saw him. He went into the chapel.” She says and without even thanking her you rush past her. You reach the front doors of the chapel and try to calm yourself. You take a deep breath in and then push the door open and you are met with a pacing Carl holding the pregnancy test in his hand. He doesn’t look up when you walk towards him but utter something inaudible to you. You stop walking and wait for him to look at you.

“How long have you know?” He whispers.

“Couple of days.” You say, your voice breaking as you feel yourself shake a little. He breaths abnormally quick as you furrow your brows and search his face for some sort of emotion.

“I can’t be a father.” He sighs as you see a grimace on his face. Out of no where he throws the stick to the floor and it bounces, descending slowly. Your eyes blink fast as your heart rate increases and you take a small step back. You break and stare at Carl before you huff and begin to walk over to him but he steps back. “Just give me a second.” He murmurs at you. You sigh and without thinking about it your hand moves to your stomach and you shake your head.

“You think I’m ready for this? I’m scared shitless. I’ve been going out of my fucking mind not knowing what to do. But I know you can be a father, I’ve seen you with Judith.” Carl looks into your eyes and soon you are walking towards him, slowly. But this time he doesn’t stop you. He merely watches you as your feet lightly move across the room. You finally reach him and you both just stare at each other.

And then, it’s as if the earth wanted you too, your lips connected to each other and his hands move to your face as he pulls you close. It’s passionate and deep which makes you breath harshly when he pulls back.

“I love you.” He whispers as he searches your eyes. You let out a small chuckle and nod your head lightly.

“And I you, which is why I know I can do this. It’s why I know we can do this. We can give this kid a happy life. We can all be happy.” Your hands cup his cheeks and his eye shuts as he huffs out a sigh. He nods at you and you take his hand and walk out of the chapel with him to head back home. “There’s only one thing worse than telling you.” You say as you walk side by side, your hands laced together.

“And that is?”

“Telling Rick.” You laugh and then Carl stops in the middle of the street. His face frozen into a petrified stare. You walk back to him and put your hands on his shoulders as you gently push him towards home. “It’ll be fine, I promise.” You whisper to him. “I’ll speak to him before you tell him okay?” He nods and you smile.

“Let’s go.”

11 M O N T H S L A T E R

You stand, hovering over yours and Carl’s bed as you watch your son sleeping peacefully. As you look at him you know that he is someone that you would do anything for. Along with Carl of course. You brush your hand lightly over Aidens cheek as your heart grows more and more. You hear footsteps coming up he stairs and you are met with Carl.

“Here’s his-” You silence him by covering his mouth and his brows furrow. You point to Aiden sleeping on the bed and he nods.

“Shh, be quiet. He’s finally sleeping.” You mumble.

“So I waited for his dummy to be clean and he fell asleep anyway.” You chuckle and place a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Yeah, all I did was stroke his hair. He fell asleep in a matter of seconds.” You whisper and he smiles down at you. You were grateful for everything that’s happened in your life so far. Here you are, stood in a room with your sleeping son and your loving fiance. Carl was one of the bes things that ever happened to you, along with Aiden and you wouldn’t be who you are today without Carl. You hear footsteps again and this time you are both greeted with Rick and a sleeping Judith in his arms.

“I’ll watch him. You guys go out for a bit, have some time alone. But please no more grand kids. Not at the moment at least.” He chuckles as he lays Judith next to Aiden.

“Are you sure?” You whisper and he nods.

“Of course, I remember how hard it was when we first had you Carl. Lori was always up at night feeding you and I was always up with you in the mornings. Guess you guys understand now.” He laughs lightly and you do too before leaving the room, thanking him. You both sit on the sofa downstairs and you place a kiss on his lips before moving to straddle him.

“My dad could hear us you know.” He murmurs against your lips. Your hand moves to the button of his shirt before disconnecting your lips.

“I guess we should try to be quiet then shouldn’t we.” You laugh and he kisses you hard.

“I love you. And Aiden too of course.” He whispers before laying you down gently.

“I love you both, so much.” You felt happier than you have ever felt before. You were lucky to have the family you have now, even if the world has gone to shit.

Sticks and Stones (Archie Andrews x Reader)

“Can you do a Archie x reader where she’s dating him and she sees him get into a fight with Reggie at school and the teachers aren’t allowing kids to stop the fight so all the reader can do is watch? (Sorry if it’s confusing I’m crap)” –Anonymous

Imagine: You and Archie Andrews have always been the odd couple. You don’t normally let people’s words get to you, until Reggie takes things a little too far. Archie responds with violence, and you must face the fact that your relationship isn’t as perfect as things may seem.

When you started dating Archie Andrews, people were skeptical, to say the least.

You were always the quiet girl. With your nose buried in a book and little cares to give towards appearances, you would have won the Riverdale High #1 Loner Award, if not for a certain Jughead Jones. But Archie saw something beautiful in that, and you saw beauty in Archie too. Soft spoken conversations in the hallways and lounge turned to walks home and hand-holding, until he shyly asked you to go steady with him one day. You couldn’t have been happier.

The students of Riverdale were shocked. They’d always foreseen Archie ending up with the town sweetheart, Betty, or even the dark beauty, Veronica. But you? I mean… okay.

You never let the weird glances or whispered comments get to you. Being the loner you were, you were used to your share of bullying. The only person’s opinion you cared about was Archie’s. The students took great care in never showing their disapproval for you in front of the redhead. They knew Archie’s protective nature, and didn’t want to see the normally sweet and courageous boy’s dark side.

Reggie Mantle, angered over his loss of the quarterback title to his biggest rival, had no qualms over seeing what Archie could do.

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Pregnant [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1405
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: When Y/n has a one night stand with Sirius Black, she finds the consequences are far worse than she ever thought.
WARNINGS: Mentions of pregnancy
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be one night, no strings attached, no feelings, just sex. You knew going to that party in the Gryffindor common room was a bad idea, but you never thought it would have consequences this extreme.

You stared down at the test in despair, choking back a sob as you leant back against the wall of the toilet cubicle, and tried to gather your thoughts into something somewhat comprehensible.

You were pregnant. With Sirius Black’s baby, of all people. What were the chances he’d want to be around after you told him - if you told him? He was the type of guy to sleep with a girl and move on - no relationships, no responsibilities.

A baby was a huge responsibility.

You were scared, amongst other things, how he would take the news. You weren’t romantically involved - not at all - which made you so sure he would just ignore you for the rest of your lives, avoiding what was half of his fault too.

You placed the test back inside the small cardboard box it came in, and placed it inside your cloak pocket. You couldn’t risk exposing of it here; someone could find it.

As you emerged from the bathroom, you felt dazed, and looking where you were going was the last thing on your mind, which is why you managed to bump into someone, nearly knocking you down.

“Woah, Y/n! Are you okay?” Lily’s soft voice floated through the air and you looked into her green eyes. Without a word, you starting shaking your head, tears that you had previously been trying to hold in falling rapidly down your cheeks.

“Oh my dear…” Lily looked at you sympathetically and led you quickly to the library down the hallway, so that less people would be around to see and hear you.

When she sat you down on a chair in the far corner, she let you cry for a moment, rubbing your back gently and whispering a couple of “it’s okay"s and “let it out"s.

As soon as your crying subsided, Lily asked, “What happened? What’s wrong?”

You bit your lip, “I did something stupid, Lils.”

“Oh Y/n, it can’t be that bad, I’m sure! You’ll be fine,” she tried to comfort you.

“Lily I’m pregnant.”

Her mouth dropped open, “Y-You’re what?” “I’m having a baby,” you closed your eyes as your lip trembled once again.

“Okay… okay… this is okay. This will be fine! Everything will be okay! You just need to talk things out with the father. Who is the father?” Lily asked, reaching out to place a hand on yours.

You hesitated, before sighing a little. “Sirius,” you muttered.

“As in Black?!” “Yes, Lily. Sirius Black. Sirius Black is the father of my baby, and I don’t know what to do because Merlin knows he won’t want to stick around with me, knowing he has a child! What am I supposed to do?”

“You tell him. And if he, like usual, tries to hide from his responsibilities, then you come to me and we’ll raise this baby together instead. But he won’t leave you Y/n. He won’t. And even if he does, you’re not doing this alone, I promise you,” Lily told you.

“Are you sure? I don’t want him to reject me or anything.”

“Y/n… I’ve known Sirius a long time, okay? And yes, he’s immature; he doesn’t like to stick to rules or act his age, and he’s a complete tosser. But he’d never reject you. Look, I didn’t want to tell you. I wanted him to tell you himself. But clearly you need some kind of a boost, okay? So here it is. Sirius Black has been in love with you since first year.”

“Lily, I love you, but please don’t joke around with me like this. I will hit you,” you muttered, a sigh following your words.

“I’m not joking with you! Seriously, you are the most oblivious person I’ve ever met. Whenever you’re around Sirius can’t take his eyes off you! You should hear the way he talks about you when you’re not around! In fact, I’m actually surprised you weren’t pregnant with his baby before now!” Lily said, her green eyes wide.

“If this is all true, then why hasn’t he told me before?” You said pointedly, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I don’t know, scared of rejection maybe? Scared of commitment? It’s Sirius Black for Merlin’s sake. He’s so melodramatic it could be because of literally anything.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the red headed girl in front of you, “Okay. Thank you Lily.”

“No problem. Now come on, we have a baby daddy to tell!”


“I can’t do this,” you said as you paced up and down outside the Gryffindor common room. “Yes you can! You have me here for moral support, and you are stronger than this! You can do it! Now go,” Lily said as she held open the common room door for you.

You entered the room and instantly were met by the faint smell of burning logs, and a nice reddish glow of the fire bouncing around the room.

On the other side of the room, you caught sight of Sirius. There was a small smile gracing your face as you took in his appearance. He was mid-laugh, his black hair falling around his well-defined jawline. He was sat with the other Marauders, who were laughing along with him.

Now… how to get Sirius alone…

“I need to get to the library, I’ll see you guys later,” you heard Remus say as he stood up. “I’ll come with you,” Peter said as he followed the werewolf out, past where you were stood in the shadows.

Now to get rid of James…

“Potter,” you said as you walked towards the boys, “Lily is outside the door.”

“See you later Padfoot!” James said as he stood up, hand ruffling his already messy hair as he nearly fell over himself to get to Lily as fast as he could.

“You know babe, if you wanted to be alone with me again, you could have just said so,” Sirius spoke, smirking up at you from his seat on the couch.

“I’m not here to talk about that, Sirius. Well, sort of. But not in the way you think. I mean… I need to talk to you about something important,” you said, your voice wavering.

Sirius patted the spot next to him on the couch, and you sat down hesitantly. He reached over to grab your shaking hands in his larger ones, “So, what do you wanna talk about?”

“This is going to be a shock. And… and holy shit I don’t even know how to say this because I don’t know how you’re going to take it or anything but um… Sirius, I’m pregnant.”

Sirius froze, the hand resting on yours tensing up and slowly pulling away.


“I’m pregnant with your child, Sirius. And it’s fine if you don’t want to be there for us, I understand. It’s not really in your character to commit to a relationship anyway. But I just thought you should know,” you said, avoiding looking into his eyes.

You didn’t receive a response and assumed the worst. You stood up, pulling your cloak around yourself as you went to leave, “You know, I was so stupid to think you’d actually stick around. Lily said… she said you wouldn’t leave. She said you’re in love with me. Guess that was all lies right?”

You had almost reached the door when Sirius yelled out, “Y/n, wait!”

You looked back at him as he finally caught up with you. He grabbed your hips and pulled you against him, pressing his lips against yours as he kissed you roughly.

Your hands found their place around his neck, as one of his rested on your stomach. He pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, “Lily wasn’t lying. I’m not going to leave, and I do love you baby girl. I want to have this baby, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be the mother than you.”

“Are you sure, Sirius? Because… this means you’re going to have to give up your endless one night stands,” you told him.

Sirius gave you a cute smile, “I don’t care. Just as long as I’m with you.”

“No More”

Carl Gallagher x Female Reader

Warnings: mentions of abuse

Summery: Reader goes to the Gallagher’s after she’s abused by her father again and Carl takes care of her.

 I burst through the doors of the gallagher’s front door as tears stream down my face. My eyes and lips are swollen, and the amount of pain i’m in is unbearable.

“(y/n)?” I hear fiona’s voice say. I let out a cry for help and I hear her gasp as I’m guessing she sees the condition’s I’m in. “Oh my God (y/n)! Who did this? Was it him again?” I hear her voice crack. I nod and i feel her arms wrap around me as

I cry into her shoulder.

“Fiona? What hap-” I turn away as I hear Carl’s voice.

“No don’t let him look at me.” I plead at Fiona. “I look hideous.” I cry out even more.

“(y/n), did he hurt you again?…” Carl asks, his voice quiet and sad.

“Yes… He did.” I whisper back and I feel carl’s arms wrap around me from behind.

“You aren’t going back there. Not anymore, I won’t let you.” He says grabbing my hand. “Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” I nod and try my hardest not to let Carl see me. I’m embarrassed. I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed to have let my father do this again. I’m ashamed that i’m crying in front of the boy I’ve liked since I was 10 years old. I’m ashamed that I look like this in front of him.

From what I can see, Carl leads me into his room where I barely see Ian and Lip in their beds doing whatever they do.

“Sit down, I’ll be right back with the first aid kit.” Carl informs me as I sit on his bed.

“(Y/n), He didn’t do this again… please tell me he didn’t..” I hear Lip’s voice. I begin crying again as I place my head in my hands.

“I’m gonna kill the bastard.” I hear Ian say as he gets up from his bed and starts throwing on clothes. Lip joins him.

“Guys I don’t want you to get hurt…” I choke out.

“(y/n), you are hurt, and that’s not okay and Lip and I need to do this.” Ian says kneeling in front of me. I feel him leave a kiss on my cheek as they leave the room.

A few minutes later, Carl comes back into the room.

“Sorry it took so long, I couldn’t find it at first.” He says as he kneels down in front of me just like Ian did. Carl places a cool, wet, cloth on the cuts on my face.

“Carl?… I can’t just invade in your house… Fiona has enough to worry about; you all do. I’d just be another mouth to feed.. I can’t stay here.” I cry, feeling guilty. I want nothing more than to stay, but it’s rude. It makes me feel horrible.

“Don’t even say that, you’re staying here okay?” I shake my head and my lip starts to shake.

“Carl I-I can’t-”

“Hey…” I his hands hold onto my face gently as he looks into my barely visible eyes.  “(y/n) I love you… I can’t see you get hurt again.”

My heart begins racing as I see Carl begin to cry.

“How can you love someone who always looks so broken? Every other day I have new bruises… That isn’t lovable.” He shakes his head as I finsih my sentence.

“No (y/n). You’re beautiful. I can’t fucking stand the bruises and that’s why I’m not letting you go back. No more bruises. No more.” he whispers as a couple tears fall from his eyes. I nod and hug him tightly.

“Lay down, get some rest.” He says laying me back and covering me with his blanket.

He gets up and starts to leave and I grab the sleeve of his shirt.

“Wait!… Please, stay…” I ask as he nods and gets into the bed with me. I lay on

Carl’s chest and listen to the beat of his heart.


“Yes (y/n)?”

“I love you too.”

Exercise Your Rights

The room was filled with your moans and grunts. You were pretty sure the whole building heard you by now. It wasn’t your fault, you just couldn’t help it. Jay was working you from behind, pushing you gently to your limits.

“That’s it babe. You’ll stretch. Just breathe,” he encouraged into your ear. You could feel a tear building up in the corner of your eye.

“Jay…I don’t think.. I will..” you protested in between breaths. You couldn’t take it anymore and snapped your head back, hitting Jaebum’s nose.

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Imagine you and your wife want a baby...

Note: This is a lesbian semi rapid pregnancy fluff story. I love rapid pregnancy stories but I only like fluffy, sweet stories where the growth is noticeable, but not violent or taking place over the span of a few seconds. I also like set up and some sweet character interactions. This is my first short story like this so I hope everyone enjoys, but please leave criticism if you feel like it is needed.


You and your wife Sarah are dropped off by the taxi, and you unload your bags. The sunrise has just started, the sky is a light purple that the orange is just starting to fade in. The salty beach air rushes by you; it has been 7 years since your honeymoon you went to the beach. You’re here over the 4 day weekend at The Agency for Parenthood. You saw advertised that over the span of 4 days all the proper arrangements can be made to where you can go home with a healthy baby. Over the phone there wasn’t information given, just the travel arrangements were made. You and your wife had always wanted to raise a family, but it is harder to do so naturally being a lesbian couple. But in only 4 days? Maybe it’s an adoption agency where you meet with the expectant mother and get matched over the weekend. They figured they would go along, it was a beach resort and if they didn’t like it they could get a hotel and just have a relaxing weekend together away from the bustling city. You see other couples getting their stuff together to go inside.

An employee rushes over and helps to gather your belongings. Your items are taken to the suite where you will be staying in, you have been instructed to go to the auditorium to await further instructions. The facility is top notch, 5 stars. The building was alabaster white, marble floors, and wide windows facing the glistening, emerald green ocean and sandy shores. Immediately upon entering you smell savory food, assuming an open buffet must be nearby. This place looks fantastic! You do see several pregnant women waddling around in various stages of pregnancy. Some are in their swimsuits, their swollen, glowing bodies are barely contained by the fabric, leaving through the glass large doors to enjoy the beach. You whisper to Sarah how exciting it will be to get to know these ladies and hopefully be matched. You brought a scrapbook with photos of their life at home just in case they needed to present themselves.

You both find your seats in the auditorium, there is about 50 or so seats. Other couples find their way in and after an hour the room is filled with small chatter. The doors close, the lights dim, and just the small stage has light. After a few moments a middle aged woman, walks into the stage, wearing a large white lab coat over her black pants suit.

“Good morning everyone! I am Dr. Abagail Harris, founder of The Agency of Parenthood. I hope you find our accommodations acceptable during your stay here.” She continues to go over some basic rules of the facility, like where certain locations are on the campus, services provided, and emergency protocol. The audience grows restless.

“Now, the question you all have: how does all over this work? You all have one thing in common, you all want to start a family.” You and the audience start to quiet down to listen carefully.

“You might think upon seeing our other clients here that this is an adoption agency. That is not the case, your children will be biologically yours. The medical technology I have here is highly coveted by certain unscrupulous groups, so please understand the secrecy up to this point.” While there was background chatter during the other parts of the presentation, the audience is now deathly quiet, awaiting to hear what will happen.

Dr. Harris pauses for dramatic effect, smiling wide. “I know we have several same sex couples here, and the child will be biological from both of you as well” Sarah squeezes your hand, you look over and she has a grin as big as the moment you proposed to her all those years ago. You squeeze back, feeling the engagement ring on her finger you gave her and continue to listen.

“This is a type of fertility treatment we have here. But we know a lot of you are busy business men and women. You have planes to catch, meetings to secure multi million dollar deals across the globe next week. Do not fear, your busy lives will not be on hold the next 9 months. You can leave with a biological child of your own in 4 days. I have pioneered technology to expedite the pregnancy, to better accommodate the lifestyle of the 21st century family.” You and the audience gasps in awe at the news.

Dr. Harris starts to giggle a little bit. “Don’t worry, it is completely safe. You saw our other clients as you entered, they are enjoying the sugar sand beaches, splashing in the cool ocean. We have only the best doctors medical staff the world has to offer. If there was a medical emergency, which hasn’t happened in the 10 years we have been open…” She knocks on a wooden support beam for the stage for comedic effect “…we do have a full operatory room that our staff is trained to handle any emergency. In fact, our first patient is yours truely.” Behind her on the projection screen is a collage of photos, a younger Dr. Harris in various stages of pregnancy, then a group photo of her family that includes 6 children. “I did not open this facility until I had proof of the technology. I found out I was infertile when I first got married and I feared I could never have a family. My lifes work has been bringing children into the world that otherwise could not be here. No medical condition can hold you back from having a family.”

The audience is now beyond excited, you can hear all the couples whispering to each other, smiles across the audience. You give Sarah a peck on the cheek. You feel her cheek wet from tears of joy. You wrap your arm around her shoulders, holding her firm.

“My staff will answer more specific questions you may have during the medical exam, which is where you will be going next. It’s going to be a busy next few days, so no time to waste!“ She waved to the audience and the back doors opened on cue.

During her presentation the white lab coat seemed to unbutton. As she was walking off stage, the jacket swept to her sides and behind her. You notice the pale skin of her round stomach peek out from under her black blouse, obviously not meant as a maternity shirt. She hurriedly tucked it back down a few moments later when she realized it. You giggle to yourself, it seems that Dr. Harris isn’t even done adding to her family. You hold Sarah hand as you make your way out.

As everyone leaves the auditorium, there are medical staff with signs each having a different surname on them. You find your family name and are greeted by Mary, your personal nurse and guide over the weekend. She is young, no older than 25. She is just about your height, 5'1”. Her black, long hair and dark skin contrasts with the white lab coat she is wearing. She walks the both of you into a small medical room down a branching hallway and begins to go over each of your health history.

As she concludes the basic medical exam, Mary starts going over the fertility treatment: DNA will be collected from the couple and a zygote will be created using the medical technology at hand. She continues “…and as both of you are women, you have an unique situation. If you want, you can have twins that each of you carry.” You look at Sarahs big brown eyes in excitement. You both have always wanted to have the experience of pregnancy. “The advantage of this is that you can carry one of the twins without the additional bodily stresses that having multiples cause.” That also sounded good.

You have a twin brother and you did always hope to replicate the experience of being a twin with your own child. After some discussion, you both decide that this might be the only time you will be able to do this and agree to each carry a child.

“And like Dr. Harris said, this is completely safe.” Mary pulls out her cell phone and shows you photos of her heavily pregnant, the photo dated just last weekend! The next photo she shows is of her 3 beautiful children, one of them a little girl only a few days old. “Each and every medical staff member is required to have completed the treatment as well, so we can best answer your questions. And yes, my lovely little Emily there was brought into the world last week!” You would of never guessed that she would recover physically so quickly. But then again Dr. Harris is working on child number 7, the process must be easy.

Mary continues “Each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy have been reduced to 40 hours. Within 2 days the fertilized egg will form into a fully formed baby. The 3rd day must stay at the last stage of pregnancy, this stage helps decelerate the fetal growth so they don’t continue to grow rapidly after they are born. The final day here after birth is preparing for the journey home and making vital purchases for the new family member. We will provide  what you will need for the first month. Tomorrow morning you will have an ultrasound to determine the gender of the children, then you will meet with our nursery specialists to have a fully stocked nursery installed in your home while you are here…well…” Mary pats at her currently slim stomach. “…becoming fully stocked yourself.” You all giggle at the joke, but it is also a little nervous sounding as the two of you are slowly taking in the reality of the situation.

There are two medical exam tables in this room. Mary instructs you both to get on one after you disrobe. She leaves the room gather equipment. You both start to take off your clothes and place them in the basket provided. You take an extra long glance at Sarah, she is just as beautiful as the day you met 10 years ago. She is about 4 inches taller than you and is dark as midnight. People tease that the two of you are like night and day since you look polar opposites. The bright lights from the lamps reflect off her skin like shooting stars across the night sky. Sarah has always been a little self conscious of carrying an extra 20 pounds than what she would like, but you find her curves soft and lovely. You have been jealous, yourself always small and petite, always struggling to keep weight on. You try to imagine her with child; her chubby belly that you love to play with, instead full and tight, her belly button popped out from the growing child. Her breasts swelling past their modest handful, you imagine them spilling out the sides of your hands as you gently tease her enlarged, even darker nipples. You then realize that you too would be full figured in every way soon, no longer small and frail. Your heart races, you cannot control your imagination. Firm, swollen round bellys rubbing against each other as you try to hug each other. The only thing that snaps you out of it is the knock on the door. Mary is announcing her return to start the process. You look at Sarah and she seems flustered too, blushing.

“It seems we were having simular thoughts…” She walks over to you and gives you a gentle kiss as she helps you finish undressing, slipping the loose jeggings and tank top off. She slowly rubs your bare stomach, then kisses you on the cheek. Sarah and you hop on the tables and cover yourself with the thin paper blankets provides. Sarah shouts that you both are ready for her to enter.

Mary wheels in various equipment and about 3 other medical staff follow behind. Mary is starting up the equipment as she proceeds to discuss the next steps. “For this part of proceedure you must be placed under general anesthesia for the next 6 hours, the DNA samples can be uncomfortable to gather. Once we place the fertilized eggs in your womb, any movement can disrupt impregnation since this is such a delicate process. You will awaken when we confirm that impregnation was successful. At that point you can proceed to enjoy the next 3 days at your leasure.” You see various other medical equipment being wheeled all around you, the staff placing the sensors on you and Sarah. You feel the pinches of multiple needles being placed in your arms, attached to multiple IV bags. Your heart is now racing from being nervous. This is happening. You see Sarah hand reach out to hold yours, also connected to IV bags. You grasp her hand firmly, feeling with her engagement ring again.  Mary starts counting backwards as you both go under.

“I love you Sarah.” You say shakily. You look into her eyes, wet from tears of excitement. Her full lips start to open to respond but the darkness of sleep pulls you under before you can hear her response.

—–6:34 PM——

You awaken slowly, blinking in and out on consciousness for what seems forever. The bright lights are like staring into the sun, you rub your eyes as you come to. You gain enough awareness to look around for Sarah. She is putting on her sundress, appearing to have awoken much sooner than you. You see that the IV needles are gone, replaced with band aids. You notice a watch on your left wrist. It says 4:41, but that can’t be right if you were under for 6 hours…

Mary speaks from behind you. “Good evening! Everything was a stunning success!” You struggle to sit up, but manage to do so with help from Mary. You look down at your belly, still flat. You then realize the paper blanket has been removed and you curl up, embarrassed from being stark naked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we see naked women all the time. But I understand how you feel.” She reaches for the clothes basket and hands you the floral tank top and denim jeggings you wore in. She turns around to let you clothe yourself. She continues to explain while turned around.

“You both have been pregnant for 4 hours at this point. So this is just like the fourth week of pregnancy. You each have a watch, timed to the exact moment when the pregnancy started.” You look at the watch just after slipping on your tank top and just as she said, it says 4:42. Makes sense now. The tank top has a built in bra shelf that for your small, just barely there breasts fit into. Honestly if anything it’s still too big and the shirt is an extra small already. “This will count up to 40 hours, when gestation will suspend for a whole day to stop the accellerated growth. Wouldn’t want your bouncing babies to grow up too fast, they already do at a natural pace!”

You finish zipping up your jeans, which you do notice are a tiny little tighter than usual. Before if anything stuck out it was your hip bones. Now the hip bones are hidden away like you have always wanted them to be. You do finally realize that you are absolutely famished! You hear Sarah stomach growl from the other side of the room. Laughing, you walk over and reach for your wife’s hand. You both are grinning from ear to ear.

“Now, you will be growing at an unnatural pace, so I would recommend heading up to your rooms and slipping into something more..accommodating. The buffet is open 24/7, so feel free to eat up! The typical week that you start to show is around 12, so around 2 in the morning is when you’ll actually start filling out in the middle. You’ll be a whole different person when you wake up tomorrow morning!”

Mary opens the door and gives you your room  key, room 245. She gives you directions on how to get there, the resort being so huge. Hand in hand, you both walk out and enter the main lobby area where people are heading for dinner. It smells so wonderful, your mouth starts to fill with saliva.

“Since our room is at the other end of the resort, let’s go ahead and grab some chow!” Sarah pats her soft tummy “Afterall, we are eating for 4 now.”

You enter the dining room and immediately taken back at the sheer amount of food. A huge buffet line with every kind of food you can think of, staff restocking the popular items. You see all around couples having dinner. The women early in their pregnancy are all along the buffet line getting their food, while you see all the women very full with child sitting down at the tables, their husbands and  not pregnant spouses getting them probably their third plate of food. You look over at each others bodies and realize this will be us in just a day! You both make your way to the buffet line and fill up your plates.

You find a table with a couple you sat next to during the presentation. They wave you down and you both take a seat. As you are seated, your jeans dig into your sides and stomach. You do your best to adjust them to make yourself comfortable.

You spend hours talking and eating with the couple. Their names are Justin and Darlene, a husband and wife CEO team for a business software company. Over the years they could never concieve a child naturally, but 2 years ago they had their first child thanks to The Agency for Parenthood. They hired a babysitter for their son and they hope for a daughter to complete their family. Sarah, being the more social one, fills them in on your story. You add in important details as needed, but between the bites you gaze on Sarah and are reminded of why beyond her beauty you fell in love with her; her ability to start a conversation with anyone is how she met you. You wish you had the gift of the gab like her, but you also just love the melody of her voice as she spins tales of their adventurous early years of your marriage.

The hours passes by, eating plate and plate of delicious food: mac and cheese, glazed ham, steak, biscuts, nearly everything at least once! You wish you thought ahead like Sarah and worn a dress, your pants are just aching to be off at this point, you feel the b pants digging in. You try to adjust them and now there is a quite noticeable, but small still, fat spilling out all around the belt of jeggings. You reach your hand feel your skin over your belt line, its soft, just fat; not the firm, small round belly you hope to be sporting when you wake up tomorrow morning. But this is the most you ever filled out any item of clothing. You guess you might actually fit a size 1 currently instead of the 00 you typical have to wear. After laughs and sharing stories, photos on your phone of your pets and family, it is nearly 9pm and you both figure it is time to get ready for bed. You both ate so much food, your body is busy digesting it and is begging for sleep. You all give hugs and look forward to seeing them on campus tomorrow, excited to share upcoming baby bumps!

You leave the dining hall and make it to your room. It’s a solid 10 minute walk, you paid extra for a suite that overlooks the ocean, but with that comes extra walking to get such a remote room. You hold your wife’s hand and head down the hallways. You pass by some night owl couples who prefer moonlight to sunlight and making their way out now. You see one couple, both of them probably 30 hours into their pregnancies, heading out to the beach, hand on the smalls of their back for support, for what little of a moonlight beach waddle they can do. Their swimsuits can barely contain their newly formed bodies, breasts overflowing the bikini tops, the bottoms barely covering the nessary parts, being stretched as their hips obviously has widened signifigantly to house their evergrowing children. Their sway backwards to accomodate the new center of gravity matches the palm trees against the ocean wind, bending back as well. Their free hand is rubbing each other’s swollen tummys. Even though it is night, those women are glowing like the sun. You smile and make a mental note to take Sarah out on a night walk while here.

You do notice as you walk that there is a little bit more of jiggle to your breasts as you take your steps. Your breasts before were barely a size A cup, not even enough to jiggle even if you jumped. The built in bra for your top is struggling to support your breasts, now easily large enough where they have their own independent movement. You have never experienced this before and now understand why large breasted women are always complaining about bras with no support. As you walk, the skin of your swollen breasts tug down slightly with each step, causing some discomfort. Not as uncomfortable as the jeans though, they have to get off the moment you enter the room! All the buttered crab legs and thick lobster bisque you ate is finding their place on your body quicker than you expected. Your free hand goes to your hips; you now have what they jokingly call a muffin top. As you walk your breasts jiggle with your new expanded waist.

Your room is finally found and you enter. Sarah barely closes the door behind her before you take off your top. You feel the bounce of your breasts as the bra frees them, you feel them move for a small moment before they settle. You start to unbutton your pants and work your fingers to the zipper, but immediately forces itself open before you could even begin. You let out a sigh of relief. You brushed against your belly while your hand was undoing the button. Is it just you or does your belly already feel a bit firmer, a little more rounded? Can’t be, you look a your watch and it’s only hour 7, way sooner than the typical week you start to show. Sarah walks over to help you undress, she rubs her fingers along the red imprints from where your jeans were digging in.

“Hmm, you always thought you were too skinny, now you know how I feel after pizza night! I always thought…you….are just perfect…but you might be a different kind of perfect like this…” She gently rubs the indention lines, using them to guide her fingers. She continues to explore your expanding hips and beyond, slightly pressing on your tummy to see if it feels different. It is a little firmer, gives more resistance when she presses. You both notice and exchange smiles. Sarah leans over, gives your belly button a kiss and helps to remove the rest of the pants. She leans over in a way that purposefully shows her cleavage. Her breasts slightly overfilled the top of her bra, she is obviously going though the same changes as you are. You feel warm, you cannot wait to get her to the bed. You start to unbutton her dress when you both are caught off guard by your jeans. This was the only pair of jeans you owned that you didn’t need a belt to keep them up, even with that the extra fabric in the legs previously swished when walking. Sarah is having to tug rather hard on your jeans to remove them. Your breasts and midsection were not the only thing that has grown, but your legs have additional weight on them too.

“I need you to get on the bed so I can help get these off of you, you have grown so much already!” You lay down, noticing your breasts flattening out and to the side a bit as they do when they are of a larger cup size. With Sarahs help you shimmy the jeggings off. You lean back on the bed with relief when they finally let loose of your legs. The uncomfortable pressure of the waist band digging into your sides must have prevented you from noticing how tight the legs were. You see on your pale legs more red indention marks from where the pant seems were pressing against your growing thighs, but as you rub the indention marks you also feel other lines…you see them almost purple and along your hips and inside of your thighs, the most growth so far. Stretch marks. You are 31 but you finally got them! Sarah proceeds to quickly unbutton her dress and tosses it and your pants next to the luggage the staff left by the door. She jumps on bed with you, you and your new bodies all bounce with the bed springs up and down. You both hug and kiss each other, rolling on the bed, skin touching skin. You don’t notice as much changes on Sarah other than her slightly larger breasts, but you know that will come. You caress her breast with one hand, the other placing the other nipple to your lips, kissing them softly. She sharply gasps and moans, the sudden sensitivity freezing her in pure pleasure. The new changes to each of your bodies has opened a new world for sexual exploration. At this point you both planned on circumnavigating the expanding globes that are your tummys and elsewhere, leaving no area of skin untouched.

The night is simply magical, even better than your honeymoon 7 years ago, if that was possible. The hours pass and you both eventually fall asleep, her spooning you, a hand absently on your new breast, sending shivers over your bidy when her fingertips brush against your enlarged nipple. You realize this is the first time it can actually be cupped a little bit by hand, something Sarah especially made her aware of tonight. You curl up, your favorite sleeping position, and you feel a definite bulge from your swelling tummy when you bring your thighs up close to your body, it being called the fetal position just being ironic in this case. You bring your hand to feel it, and now you have a definate pregnant belly, firm and warm as you rub it slowly. You see is the watch on your wrist, reading hour 10 of the pregnancy.

Your dreams are of your new family: 4 toddler aged children running around playing tag. In your dream you look over to Sarah on your porch swing, heavily pregnant, swollen breasts resting on top of her belly that has spread her legs so wide apart. She has a shirt on, but it barely covers her enlarged popped out belly button that stretches the shirt to its limit. She white skirt she is wearing is nearly hidden by her belly that extends to the middle of her dark thighs.  You are holding the small of your back, taking your time to lean back into the swing, as to not fall over due to your own even larger belly that when you finally seat almost extends to your knees, breasts bounce and then settle to the sides of your firm, almost oblong shaped stomach under a loose sundress. The dream ends with the two of you hopelessly squeezed together, each of your thighs pressing and taking up the empty space under arm rest of the swing. The two person swing didn’t take into account women carrying each a set of twins, making it 6 people. Sarah, you and your four children laughs as they struggle to help you both out of the swing. While dreaming you hold the small swell of your growing child with your hand.

As the sleeping hours pass, it taking up more and more of your hand. You wake up once in the middle of the night due to something pushing against the small of your back, tickling as it creeps up your spine. As you turn over to get more comfortable, sleep still in your eyes, the moonlight reflects off of Sarahs now noticable baby bump, her soft belly you love now taught, the softness that was once there now have been used for your child. You start to find a new comfortable position, but not before you notice Sarahs hand move to her tummy, rubbing it now in her sleep too. You end up sleeping on your back, enjoying the weight you feel between your hips as your belly takes on more of a dome shape against the moon light. You cup one hand under your enlarged bump, the other on Sarahs firm and very warm belly.

Lunchtime Drabble: Short People

Bones x Reader
Words: 449
Warnings: fluff, AOS

A/N: I’m breaking into a “new” fandom for me. I haven’t written anything Star Trek before. 

Y/N stood in the closet glaring at the top shelf. She had been sent in by Dr. McCoy to grab some extra supplies for the away team but he had failed to mention that the supplies were on the top shelf.

“Apparently no one in Starfleet ever thought a stool would come in handy,” Y/N muttered to herself. “That would just make too much sense. Let’s not be practical, that would just be too much!” She continued to grumble to herself as she carefully grabbed the highest shelf her hands could reach and stepped onto the highest shelf her foot could reach and began climbing the shelves. “Good thing I have on this very practical short skirt, clearly made for climbing shelves so that I can do my blasted job.” she muttered to herself as she climbed up a few more shelves. “Who in their right mind builds shelves this high on a starship anyway?!”

“What’s taking so long, Y/N?” Bones demanded from the Medbay.

“I’m working on it, Doc. Having some short people problems in here.” Y/N replied as she climbed up another shelf, this one wobbling slightly.

“What do you mean?” Bones came around the corner just as the shelf gave away and Y/N lost her grip on the top shelf and fell back right into the doctor’s arms.

“Y/N, darlin’ if you wanted to get close to me all you had to do was ask,” Bones grinned.

“Oh please,” Y/N rolled her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “One look your way and it wouldn’t have taken any words at all.”

“You wanna test that theory?” Bones asked, his eyes moving from her eyes to her mouth and back again.

“I’m game if you are,” Y/N whispered. Bones closed the couple of inches between them and claimed her lips. He carefully pulled his arm out from under her knees, allow her feet to touch the floor and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her flush against his body and up onto her toes. He tipped his head slightly, deepening the kiss.

Neither Bones or Y/N heard the captain come into the room until he cleared his throat for the second time. They broke away from each other, blushes creeping up their faces.

“Bones, do you have those supplies ready yet?” Jim asked with a huge grin on his face. Bones easily reached into the top shelf and handed Jim the bag of supplies. “Thank you. As you were.”

Bones grinned and reached for Y/N, pulling her back into the closet and into his arms. The door closed just as Jim glanced back and saw their lips meet again.

Like a Dream - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Request: Hey lovely, could I please ask for a Jeff Atkins imagine, where he gets jealous of you being best friends with zach because you play kiss the bottle at a house party and zach kissed you, but he hasn’t actually asked you out yet. Thanks lovely!! Don’t worry if not:)

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Word Count: 977

“Hurry up, Y/N! We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass down here soon!” I hear my best friend, Zach, call from downstairs.

“Be patient, dammit!” I call back. “I just need to find my shoes!”

Even though he is downstairs and I am up in my room, I can practically hear Zach roll his eyes. Zach and I have been friends since second grade, when Ms. Benson made us sit next to each other on the first day of school. I’ve always been talkative and friendly, so it was only natural that I would practically force Zach to become my best friend.

“Anyway, it’s a high school party. It’ll last for hours so it’s impossible to miss,” I say, rushing downstairs and past Zach to get to his car. 

“But, see, I’m on the basketball team. I gotta keep up that reputation,” he retorts back.

“What reputation?” I laugh.

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I Got You Part 2

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Summary:  Sam and Dean rescue reader from captivity.  Who held her captive?  Why?

Word Count:  1484

Warnings:  Violence (alluded to)

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom. There’s still room on my Forever Tags.  Add yourself here.

Part 1 Here

I Got You Part 2

Dean lays you down gently on a bed. The room is spartan in its furnishing, there are no windows, but it feels secure. A man trails him into the room, wearing a trench coat and tie.

Dean sits on the edge of the bed. “(Y/N), this is my friend, Castiel. He can heal you, he’s an angel.”

Your eyes widen in surprise. You’d heard the stories of course, but you’d never met an actual angel. “You’re real?” you blurt out.

Dean chuckles and Castiel looks puzzled. He looks down and pats himself, as if to reassure himself that he is, indeed, real. “Of course I’m real. Do I look strange?”

Your cheeks redden, embarrassed. You have no idea how to address an angel. Probably formally. You’d heard from another hunter that angels are egotistical pricks.

“Cas,” Dean says, “can you just get with the healing? She needs to rest.”

“Oh, yes, of course, Dean.” The angel crosses the room and reaches out a hand to your forehead. You cringe, not knowing what is about to happen. He touches you briefly, light seemingly emanating from his palm. It’s as if you can actually feel your body healing itself - bones knitting together, skin growing back into place. A sense of peace washes over you while he touches your skin. When he removes his hand, you feel whole once again.

“Thank you,” you whisper.

“You’re welcome,” he says simply before slipping out of the room.

Dean stands too, the mattress springing upward, free of his weight. “Get some rest, (Y/N). We’ll talk more in the morning.”


There is a slight moment of panic when you wake in the morning, the room unfamiliar. Your heart pounds against your ribcage. It takes a moment to focus and remember that you are safe. Safe. Is there really such a thing? Yes, you decide. You’ve felt it in the last twenty-four hours. Every time you are near Dean Winchester.  

You realize that you’re still wearing his flannel. You wrap it tightly around yourself, as if it’s some kind of magical armor, and step out into the hallway. It doesn’t take long to figure out which way to go - you follow the tantalizing aroma of bacon wafting down the hall.

“Mornin’, sunshine,” Dean says when you step into the kitchen. The smile on his lips reaches his eyes when he sees you’re still wearing his shirt. “Have a seat, I’ll grab you a plate.” He jerks his head to indicate the blonde woman standing in the kitchen. “(Y/N), this is my mom, Mary.  Mom, this is (Y/N).”

Mary crosses the room to you. She extends her hand and you shake it. Her grip is firm, her face is a mask. You can’t quite get a read on her. “It’s nice to meet you. My boys told me what happened. How are you doing?”

“Much better, thank you.” Dean slips a plate in front of you and you tuck in, still feeling the effects of starvation. “Do you know who it was that tortured me?”

Mary and Dean exchange a look as if they are deciding what to share with them. Smart move, considering they don’t know you from Adam. Mary shakes her head, almost so slightly that you barely miss it. Dean tilts his head as if silently arguing with her.  

Apparently, Dean wins, because he answers you. “I don’t know if you remember much from last night, but this is the Men of Letters bunker,” he says, waving his hand around.

“Wait - the Men of Letters were real?” you ask, snatching another piece of bacon from the tray.  Mary’s lips quirk up in an approving smile.

“Yep, Sam and are I legacies,” Dean responds with a twinge of pride.

“Oh, congrats…I guess?” you ask.

Dean deflates a little and Mary stifles a giggle. Did you hurt his feelings? God, you feel like a moron.  

“Yeah, yeah,” he says, but he doesn’t seem mad. “Our grandfather was a member. It’s a long story, but he traveled through time and told us about the Men of Letters. We moved in here shortly after. We figured the Men of Letters was essentially defunct after all these years.”

“I’m sensing a plot twist,” you comment and that earns you a dazzling smile from Dean. It makes you feel warm and tingly all over.

“Turns out the British Men of Letters were still operational all these years. And they’ve decided that they need a foothold here in America too,” Dean explains.

“Yeah, and they are total assholes,” Sam’s voice booms out behind you as he enters the kitchen. He reaches out and squeezes your shoulder. That small kindness is worth more than a thousand words. “We’re pretty certain they were the people who tortured you.”

Your fists curl into tight balls, anger flooding through you. Though your body may be healed, the rage you carry at being tortured can’t be healed as easily as your body. You were going to kill every one of those bastards. “Where are they?”

“We’re trying to track them down, but we don’t have much to go on. We’ll let you know as soon as we know anything,” Dean assures you. “Don’t worry, we’ll find ‘em. I got you.”


The bunker is comforting, a refuge, you feel safe within its walls, but you are a woman of action. Sitting around doing research is nothing short of maddening. When Dean stands and says he’s running into town for a supply run, you jump at the chance to go with him.  

The ride into town is pleasant, it’s a mild day and the windows are down. You ask Dean about his car and listen while he describes it. It’s clearly the love of his life. It’s almost sexual the way he describes the sleek lines and the purring engine. Most of the technical detail is beyond you, but you are happy to listen, to see the way he lights up talking about something he’s passionate about.  

You are acutely aware of the way his hand rests on the back of the bench seat, close to your shoulder. How would it feel for him to reach out and touch you? What is it about him that draws you to him so strongly? He’s certainly easy on the eyes, but it’s more than that. He turns to you and smiles, the sun glinting off his face. His fingertips barely graze the bare skin on your shoulder. Your stomach fills with butterflies.  

God, you are so done for.


At the market, you place your items on the counter. “Dean,” you say quietly. “Don’t look, but we’re being followed.”

Dean pitches his voice so only you can hear, leaning his head down close to yours, your foreheads almost touching. You imagine how it looks to anyone around you, the two of you inclined toward one another, whispering like a couple sharing secrets. “Where?”

“Standing by the magazine rack, blue shirt. He’s been watching us since we came here,” you respond. Dean lifts his shirt and slips a blade out his waistband and pushes it into your hand. You haven’t handled a weapon quite like it but you know how to use it.

“K, when we leave, turn down the alley to the right. I’m going to come around the other side, we’ll surround him.”

“Got it,” you reply. Dean hefts the grocery bag in one hand and the two of you exit the store, splitting up.

The guy exits shortly after and turns to follow after you. So that answers who he’s looking for - he’s after you. Hiding flat against the wall, you listen to his footsteps approaching. Taking a deep breath, you ready the blade. As he makes the turn, you use the element of surprise to you grip him by the shoulder and whirl him around. You slam him to the wall, the blade glinting in the sunlight as you press it to his throat.

“Who are you?” you demand.  

“I’m nobody,” he says.  

“Fucking hell, you’re nobody. Why are you following me?” You press the blade a little further into his flesh, blood dotting the shiny metal.  

“There’s a price on your head, girl,” he says smugly.  

“Who is looking for me?” you question, increasing the pressure on his throat.

He shrugs in your grip. “Don’t know, don’t care. I’m just in it for the prize.”

Boot treads indicated Dean’s presence in the alley. “What prize, you fucking prick?” you question.

“Freedom,” he says.

“(Y/N), watch out!” Dean shouts. You realize your mistake - so caught up in questions that you didn’t see the weapon your stalker pulled from his pocket.

You spring back, the knife slicing through your shirt. He charges at you, knife raised high. You duck and twist to the side as he runs at you. Sweeping out your leg, you knock him to the ground. He keeps his grip on the knife, but he’s had the wind knocked out of him. Quickly you grip the blade in your hands and slam down with as much force as you can, breaking through his rib cage and stabbing him in the heart.

By the time Dean reaches you, the body below you is sparking, orange light emanating from the body. Dean kneels down and grabs you by the shoulder, “You okay?”

You’re breathing rapidly, the adrenaline coursing through you. There’s a thin line of blood streaking your shirt, but it’s a shallow wound. Yes, you are okay. You are more than okay.  It felt really fucking good to kill something, to let that anger out that you’ve been holding at bay since your capture.

“Good, yeah, I’m good.” Dean stands and reaches out a hand to pull you to your feet.  

“Why is a fucking demon following you?” he asks, staring down at the body.

“I don’t know, but he says there’s a bounty on my head.”  

Dean snaps his head up, eyes clouded with concern. “Let’s get back to the bunker.”


Back at the bunker, Dean explains to Sam and Mary what happened in town. You’re glowing with pride at the way Dean describes you taking down that demon like you’re some kind of goddamn superhero.

“So now is every demon after (Y/N)?” Mary asks.  

“I don’t know, I tried calling Crowley but he’s not answering,” Dean responds.  

Sam’s phone beeps and he holds up a finger and steps out of the room. “What do we do know?” you ask.

“We’ll figure it out. In the meantime, keeping you safe is my number one priority, don’t you worry,” Dean assures you. Your heart skips a beat, just a tiny little erratic skipped a beat, when he focuses his attention on you. Your eyes lock together and you feel the intensity of his gaze. Neither of you seems willing or able to tear away.

The enchantment is broken when Sam enters the room. “We have a problem,” he announces. “Two more hunters are dead.”

Part 3

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The broken arm - Peter Parker

gif not mine

Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: mention of the broken arm

Summary: Peter somehow broke his arm and he called the reader to help him create some story for Aunt May.

Author’s Note: First Marvel imagine! Thanks @junebugjupiter I’m so happy and grateful that I have you! 

Please, leave some feedback! Enjoy the story!

“You what?!” Y/N asked in a high voice. Peter sighed and repeated himself.

“I broke my arm… Don’t lau…” But loud laughter echoed on the other line. Peter heard how his friend choked with laughter, before hearing a strange click. “Maybe they fell and died of laughter,” he thought. He rolled his eyes. Peter adored his friends, but Y/N was special; they always teased Peter and laughed at his stupid mistakes. He knew that Y/N didn’t mean anything by it. They just liked stupid and funny mistakes. They even laughed at their mistakes, too. But sometimes Peter wanted to web his friend’s mouth and hit them, like right now.

Peter stopped thinking about how he would kill his friend if he had the opportunity when he heard Y/N’s voice.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, I’ve dropped my phone. So, you broke your arm. What do you want from me? A kiss on the cheek or on the broken arm?” they asked in a sly voice.

Peter dramatically sighed and said, “You know how Aunt May will react, so I need some cover story. Like, I was helping an old lady but something went wrong…”

“…And you meet the wall or the floor while you were in Spider-Man’s suit? I got it, pretty boy. I think I can help you. I can’t wait to tell this story to my grandchildren! Oh good God, it’s so stupid but so cool! Where are you? I’ll meet you in 30 minutes.”

Peter recited the hospital’s address and finished the call. He knew that Y/N would tell only his friends who knew about his night life. And he knew that his friends would tease him for 3 months. Definitely.

Parker observed his room once again. Dull grey colour covered walls, simple furniture and hard bed where Peter was lying; nothing special. It was an old hospital where people from the neighbourhood could go to heal their wounds for free.

Peter heard several knocks before seeing a pretty face with Y/H/C hair poke around the corner. A bright smile lit up the dark room.

“Hey, wounded insect. How are you?”

Peter smiled and gave a thumbs-up with his unwounded arm. Y/N smiled again and took a seat near the bed. His friend took their colourful backpack where Peter knew they kept everything for surving high school and big city life.

“So, what do we have here?” asked the friend after greeting Peter. He stretched out on the bed.

“My broken arm and your cheesy jokes.”

“Nuh-uh, Peter. Only your broken arm and my amazing imagination! So, let’s start. You were helping the old lady, like you said, and what happened?” Y/N looked at Peter with Y/E/C holding a black pen and notebook.

“She… Oh God, it’s terrible… ” Peter rubbed his face and sighed. “She was a bandit! Not a bandit bandit, but she was tied up with bandits. She is the grandmother of this gang leader who wants to reveal my identity. And she put on this act where she was in trouble and I helped her. And guess what? Her dear grandson knocked me down! I was so absorbed in helping this lady, that I didn’t notice the car. Even my spidey senses didn’t work!”

Peter expected another burst of laughter, but Y/N was writing the whole story with a straight face. Peter didn’t hear anything that sounded like laughter and he was pretty confused. The boy silently admired Y/N’s features and once again asked himself why such beautiful person talked with him?

Y/N drew a fat point and looked up at Peter with bright eyes. A wide smile appeared on their face.

“I think you should cut the gangster story and leave the story about the lady and the car. You pulled the lady out from in front of the car, but you weren’t so fast and you broke your arm. Do you like this?”

Peter nodded, thankful. “I wish I was creative like you, Y/N. You simply pulled that story from the original story! I’m sorry I bothered you…”

Y/N chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder. Peter looked straight their bright eyes. “Don’t worry, Spidey. I’m glad I helped you.” His friend stood up, stretched, and contentedly grunted. Peter smiled. “So get up. I will walk you to your house. You never know! Maybe a gangster’s grandfather was asked for help and his grandson will break your other arm!” Peter and his friend laughed together.

The boy got up and drearily began, “You know, I’ve got the heavy backpack and the broken arm…” But he was interrupted by his friend.

“No, Peter, I won’t carry your backpack. You have another healthy arm!”

“Oh, my heart! That’s rude, my friend!”

“Bla-blah-blah, insect, I don’t understand your whisper…” The couple left the room.

Another loud laughter in the hallway and the dull grey room became quiet and empty.


Authors note: Hey! I hope you guys are enjoying the prompts!  This was meant to turn out different and more descriptive but I just can’t get it to work for me, so here is this.
Warning: A little smutty, nothing too serious at all. 
Master List found HERE 
Prompt inspired by GIF at the bottom of this piece. Xx

 When he doesn’t want to do something, he’s whiny, very whiny. He will pout and groan, and mumble, doing his best to think of ways to get out of whatever he has been forced to do. 

You sigh as he drags his feet towards the restaurant, the restaurant that his friends’ picked and insisted that everyone show up at, despite Shawn politely trying to decline their offers. 

“Babe, I’m not feeling good, can we just go back to the room?” He mumbles as he mildly draws your arm back, stopping you from walking closer to the entrance of the restaurant. You sigh as you turn to face him, 

“You’re feeling fine, it’s just dinner, it won’t hurt you.” You insist, pulling him towards the entrance, 

“But, what if I’m not feeling fine?” He challenges and for a moment you take the time to ponder over whether to call his bluff or not. 

You step closer to him, his lips curling into a smirk— he thinks he’s winning— little does he know he isn’t skipping dinner. 

You lean in closer, “if you’re not feeling good, we can go back.” You inform him, promptly moving your lips closer to his ear, “but, If you get through dinner, dessert won’t be the only thing you indulge in.” You whisper, just for him to hear, getting your point and your intentions across. 

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Oh shut up - Justin Foley

Originally posted by secretgif-s

Sidenote: Justin and Jessica are not together here and have never been.

Word count: 849

Request: Slightly kinky 7 minutes in heaven game at a party with Justin foley with his kind of attitude “i don’t care


“Hey y/n we’re going to play a game, do you want to join?” Jeff shouted. You were at Bryce’s party with already enough alcohol in your blood to agree for a stupid bottle game. You sat in a circle with some friends of yours.

“Okay so we’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven, we’ll spin the bottle twice, the two who are pointed at will go to the bedroom and spend 7 minutes in heavennnn.” Sheri explained.

“Really guys 7 minutes in heaven? Isn’t that like a middle school game?” Justin Foley asked before drinking his beer.

“You don’t have to stay.” You said on a serious tone. You talked without thinking. Justin was a typical jock, being all popular and rude. You never really liked him. The boy had a reputation and as much as you liked a little trouble that boy was way too much to handle. He was well known for playing girls, which was not a problem for you since you don’t fall in love. The thing was Justin wasn’t just a basic fuckboy. Justin was a  fuckboy with a lack of respect. He didn’t just ignore those poor girls but  he really humiliated them. You really hated that about him.  He just rolled his eyes and stayed. Sheri spinned the bottle, the first two who had to spend 7 minutes in heaven were Zach and some cheerleader you never heard of. When they came back Zach’s hair was completely messed-up and he had some lipstick from her left on his lips. It was a pretty funny view. Sheri spinned the bottle again and it pointed to Justin. Everyone had to laugh since he was the one not wanting to play this game. When she spinned it again the bottle started to slow down and stopped pointing at you. You panicked, why did you even agree on playing this.

“You got to be kidding me?” you asked on a frustrated tone. Out of all people who were sitting there you had to make out with Foley. Without even looking at him you stood up and walked to the bedroom where the 7 minutes in heaven, correction: hell, were about to happen. Justin followed and entered the room with his fuckboy attitude.

“So are we doing this?” you asked

“Oh yeah right.” He said with a nonchalant tone. It made you boil inside. He walked towards you and held your face between his hands and started to kiss you. At the beginning the kisses were superficial but you felt like you were having an effect on him, and what was better than playing a fuckboy. Two could play that game, right? You  started to intertwine your fingers with his hair and started to kiss him more passionately, him answering with deeper kisses. His hands travelled down to your thighs, he pulled them up slightly signing you had to jump. You wrapped your legs around Justin’s waist while he pushes you against the wall. You bit his lower lip a little before interrupting the kiss.

“You seem to enjoy it?” you winked.

“O shut up.” Justin groaned before kissing you passionately again. His tongue licking your lower lip telling you he was going to enter. His tongue swirled around yours. You broke yourself from his lips and start to kiss his neck sucking a little on it.

“Damn y/n, you’re good.” Justin moaned out, obviously liking what you were doing.

“Oh shut up.’ You whispered against his neck. Justin walked with you to the bed and laid the both of you down. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist so you felt his erection push through his pants against you. You pulled him closer and felt it even more. You had to admit, the thought of it made your panties soak. You turned the both of you around sitting on top and continue kissing him while you rolled your hips over his bulge. Moans leaving his mouth non-stop. His hands were on your butt squeezing them hard, but you liked it. He started to pull at your shirt when suddenly:

“Guys, you can come out, 7 minutes are over.” You heard Sheri shout. Right in time you thought. You broke the kiss and stood up, quickly fixed your hair and threw Justin a last  wink before leaving him with his mouth agape in the room. You joined the others again. They were all smirking a little, probably because of all Justin’s moans. A couple seconds later Justin also came back with a shocked look on his face, instead of sitting on the same spot as before he came sit down next to you. When everyone was already busy with the next couple he whispered in your ear:

“You’ll have to finish what you started.”

“I don’t have to do anything Foley.” You left him wanting more and that exactly was what you wanted. He looked away from you when you saw he was subtly biting his fist. Mission accomplished you thought by yourself.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! xxxx

Sweet Words.

-Bobby x Reader

-Wedding had always been an emotional feat for the bride and groom but strangely enough, it also brought out something in Bobby that he can no longer contain.

- Thank you so much for sending in your request. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get this out. School and work are crazy as always. I’m slowly working down my request list. Thank you for being patient. I know you were probably just expecting straight fluff but it was too short when I wrote it out. I changed it up a bit and I hope you don’t mind, just to give it a bit of extra tidbits. I felt like if i waited this long to finish it, it deserves a bit more than a 300 words drabble.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

As the shuffles of feet and settling of bodies simmered down, the string quartet heavenly strums of Canon in D faded out signaling the start of the beautiful ceremony. It was honestly the most perfect day for the start of something new. Brick red roof of the rotunda gleams under the sun’s playful rays, standing proud and tall donning streams of fluttering blush chiffon draping. A great ombre of pastel pink and white peonies weaved themselves along the pillars, competing with the red rose bushes below meandering the edges of the great field of plush green grass. Guests of all ages adorned their best outfits edging at their seats waiting to witness the wondrous moment while the groom stood still, trying his best to mask the rising gush of butterflies in his stomach.

The bride had descended down the aisle barely a heartbeat ago, arm nervously enclosed around her father’s. Her face lit up as it seemed she could only focus on one spot despite the breathtaking sight of thousands flowers quivering slightly in the breeze of the dawn of summer, bursting with life atop the pedestals lining the aisle. She sighed a breath of relief as her father passing on the honor of holding her hand through life to the nerve wrecked groom. He barely had time to dry the joyous tear shed watching his beautiful bride floated across the petals paved walkway in her beautiful white dress like the most ethereal swan. A few encouraging whispers from the bride’s father had him near sobbing again as he bowed his head in utter joy that someone had trusted him enough to give him the blessing of a lifetime.

You couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the soft ebbs and flows of the intricate white French lace weaving itself along the sheer chiffon glistening under the sun. A touch of glittering stones and beadings elegantly brought the perfect amount of glamour for the finishing touches. The way the dress hangs so perfectly, accentuating the bride’s figure in the most perfect way leaves you gaping in awe. No wonder the groom had shed tears witnessing his to be wife. “You okay, baby?” The dashing gentleman in a crisp black suit and matching bowtie sitting just beside you whispered as the couple began to face the officiate.

“Yea, just admiring the scene.” You muttered, eyes glued to the beginning of infinity for your lucky friends. 

Jiwon sat back in his chair, facing forward once more as his worries simmered down. You almost feared facing him as you felt the sinking of your heart, something heavy, so heavy you weren’t sure if you could get out of this chair once the ceremony was over. For now, you chose to focus on the happy couple. 

The officiate had finished telling their love story, from the moment the bride “accidentally” ran over her groom’s foot with her bicycle, to their fights, to the moment they solidified their love with the ring but more importantly the undying love they have for each other. You smiled yet already, you could felt the creaks of your heart, twisting and fighting itself with your own love story that perhaps won’t be as undying. You bit your lips in an attempt to control your emotion as you let your gaze fell onto your laps, feeling a few tears breaching your eyes as the officiate announce that the vows will now be exchange. Your hands clutching each other tightly, knuckles white from the sheer force you were exerting to restraint yourself from running out of there. Those sweet, sweet words… You haven’t been so lucky to be on the receiving ends of those in a good while now and it hurt. 

As everyone silenced to prepare for the beginning of the graceful bride’s vow, you continued your own battle, planting your feet firmer into the grass as if your sinking heels would stop you from running.

“Not in a million years would I have thought this moment would come…” The sweet voice rang out from the large speaker. “I was never one of those that believe in love at first sight or any of that romantic crap. I’m a realistic girl, you know.” The bride glanced at the audience for support, earning a few nods from friends and family. “Then, I met this guy right here my junior year of high school. Mind you, I just got out of a horrible relationship. Men were the enemy. Yet, somehow… Somehow, this guy right here was like a magnet to my cold metal heart.” Her voice wavered as the seconds tick on and so would yours if you had to speak up then. “In fact, his magnetic pull was so strong, my bicycle got sucked his way and well as my good friend slash officiate here said, I may or may not have ran over his foot on ‘accident’.” The laughters and cheers erupted from the audience were thunderous. A few shouts of “That’s my girl”, and “I knew it” bursted out having the groom in grin. A few tear had dampen the soft fabric of your dress and there was nothing you could do to stop it. It was so strange to think that you had met the wonderful man sitting next to you over six years ago. 

You barely survived high school and was thrusted into the strange world of being a semi adult in university. Your 2nd year came and gone as you sat on the floor of the waiting area by your gate, awaiting the boarding of your flight. Back against the cool glass of the giant window wall outlooking the bustling runway, your eyes fluttered close as the exciting beat of Anthem lulled your weary mind to rest. You were there, right there on the brink of sleep when a sharp pain had you cussing. A profuse string of apologies greeted your sharpening sight still drowsy from tiredness. You hadn’t realized at first, the handsome man in front of you. No, you were much too focus on the fact that he had ran your foot over with his own gigantic one while messing around with his friends.

“Son of a-…You…” was all you managed to get out before a loud gasp as the sudden realization of your eyes and brain connecting the face in front of you with the raspy voice spewing out from your headphone hit you like a freight train. 

“I… am very sorry? Wh-Why are you gaping at me like that?” He quipped rather bemused at your sudden rage dying out, kneeling with one hand on your foot, the other twisting your ankle back and forth. 

“Why is iKon’s Bobby touching my feet?” You blurted out rather nonchalantly despite your blushing cheeks and shocked eyes. He giggled at your strange comment and it was the best thing you’ve heard in weeks. 

“Why not? I literally stepped on your ankle. I should be held responsible, don’t you think? Can you stand?” His voice was laced with more worries than your dumb ex could even think of. On top of it all, that look of his face, he was so genuine about it.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ve done worse to myself… Clumsy, ya know.” You hopped up to show him just how fine you were. He chuckled a bit before waving bye, heading to the rest of the boys sitting just a few rows away from where you were. 

That night you ended up spending your sleep on the cold ground as the announcement of bad weather affecting the flight rattled through the waiting area. The groans of passenger along with apologies from the crew had you sinking with disappointment. Your summer vacation was now cut short. Then, as if God had taken a pity over your pathetic self, that addictive voice rang out once again.

“Looks like we’re stuck here for awhile…” He plopped down right next to you as if you had been BFF since 4th grade. “… You gotta stop staring at me like that.”

“Sorry…” Flustered, you tear your eyes away from his mesmerizing handsome features, fidgeting with the playlist on your phone as if it was something important.

“Oh! you’re listening to music, you were doing that earlier too. Lemme see what you’re into.” Just like that, his hand wrapped around yours pulling your phone closer to his line of sight. He chuckles impressively at a few as his slender index swipe away at the list. Muttering to himself, he only stared back up to comments on his likes and dislikes. “I’m so honored. You have Hanbin and I in the same list as Tupac, N.W.A, and all the legends.” Suddenly his eyes dipped into the cheerful crescent as he laugh heartily. “You’re doing it again.”

“What?” You shook your head in confusion.

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

“What am I suppose to do. You like drop out of nowhere, step on my foot, took my phone, and make it seems like we’re best friend.” You listed and he chuckled, amused with your flustered self. “Plus, i’veneverseenacelebrityupclosebefore…letalonehimholdingmyhand…” You muttered at the speed of light as your voice slowly dimmed out to nothingness. Surely if you weren’t blushing before, you were now. All he managed to conjure up with a big laugh, clearly not relenting you any space to dig a whole and crawl down in embarrassment.

 “You speak fast enough to be feature in my next song, it’s kinda impressive…”

“Yah… stop teasing me.” Your hand  retreated from his as you use the free one to caress the spot he had been holding onto, chuckling in disbelief inwardly at the strange luck you’ve stumbled upon.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just you look cute when you get all blush-y. Hi! I’m Jiwon. Nice to meet you. Your name is?” His voice took on a cheery tone that could clear up the rain outside if he really wanted to.

“Y/n… Nice to meet you, Jiwon.”

“Y/n…” He repeated the word associated with you since even before you took your breather in this world, letting it roll around on your tongue with a soft smile. “Wanna join me and the boys? Beats sitting around on the ground by yourself.” He reached out his hand, eyes flickering toward the noisy crowd waving at you both.

“I’d love that. Thank you!”

“Not only did he not get mad but he, this freaking guy right here made sure I was alright. From that moment on I was smitten. So so so smitten in fact I promise the second we exchanged those ring, from there on out, I will admit defeat and let you hold the title of funniest person in the relationship. I promise not you make fun of you when your favorite basketball team loses… which is a lot, I won’t say what team it is. However, when the blue moon rise and they do win, I will share with you a celebratory drink.” You were in full tear now and so was she… “I promise we will grow old together, make mistakes together, and learn together.” Her voice cracked and you let out a small whimper thinking about the inevitable breakup that will forever inhibit your dream of growing old with Jiwon. 

“My love for you never needed this grand event here to be official, it always had been but I thank you for indulging me in this day I dreamt of since I was a kid. I will love you now and always.” 

She was speaking words that resonated with your own heart. You knew long before Jiwon had popped the girlfriend question that you loved him. How could you not fall in love with this lovely man. The crazy energetic rapper on stage that had girls melting for him yet with you, he was just a cutie that would move oceans for you. He gave you everything he had and everything you didn’t even ask for. You let out a sob that was lost upon the thunderous applauds of family and friends. Lost upon all but one. Unbeknown to you, Jiwon had been watching your reaction for awhile now. He knew things were less than okay between the both of you and this joyous start of his best friends could be the bitter end of his. 

Neither of you had been the same as you once were sitting on the floor at the airport that night, gushing over your interests and disinterests. Perhaps the relationship had ran it course, perhaps your love had ran out… Or perhaps you were both too exhausted to fight the inevitable. He knew the crack in the ice had been widening for awhile now but like a fool, wishful thinking and packed schedule had him pushing you off to the back burner. He knew the constant touring, the endless concerts, the never ending passion for music was unfair for you but you never once said anything. In fact, you never say anything anymore. It scared him shitless that you’re slipping out of his grip and there was nothing he could do about it. 

He felt so helpless sitting there watching you shed tears over him. You both had thought long and hard about coming to this wedding as a couple. After all, you hadn’t seen him in a week and he wasn’t sure what this encounter would do. Panic stricken the handsome face and he had to do something, anything to let him know you were still with him. So he reached out, for the first time in weeks, he reached out to you like he used to. It startled you out of your sadden day dream when the warmth from his hand began seeping into your cold dampen hands. Your head whipped up to find him already beaming at you with that smile that could comfort the devil himself. You smile, for the first time in weeks, you smiled like you used to. He found himself grinning like an idiot now, pulling your head to rest on his shoulder, hand rubbing gently on your arm. You were still crying but now, now you had your supporter to sooth your pain away. The rest of the ceremony was a blur. You couldn’t focus on anything but the way he’s holding you so close and neither could he, not when your hand so stealthily sneaked around his stomach and rested on his waist so intimately. 

Soon enough the day was coming to a close, drawing the party out of everyone. Slightly tipsy, the guests happily flooded the grand ballroom decked to the nines with blush and gold themed. The golden chair lined the glittery pastel pink table cloth donning the best centerpieces that reflected the flowers of the ceremony. The night went on as everyone dined away, chatting with one another about things you sure none of them would remember the next day while nursing a hangover. You stayed close to Jiwon wherever he went, although the positive twist in the knife of fate hadn’t gone much further. You were both still quiet and distant despite the hands intertwining tightly. He had given you his portion of roasted veggies and you had given him your portion of fish as always. He gotten you your favorite wine while you made sure to save him a few donuts from the dessert bar. Just like that, the night went on without a hitch but you couldn’t discern if that was good or bad. 

Mindlessly, you spent the rest of the night dancing away with your friends and he with his. Even with the group of sweaty, drunken, swaying bodies blocking each other away, your eyes were on his and his was on yours. Neither of you could really kept your eyes off of each other, wishing it was the other’s body against your own but nerve and fear like a glass wall keeping you apart. Your 3rd glass of wine had beginning to creep on you now as your head spin slightly. Parting way with your friends, you settled on your seat as you watch Jiwon skillfully moved along with the beats. As expected of your idol boyfriend, he managed to captivate the whole room with the simplest moves. 

“Since tonight we gathered to celebrate the love and new beginning of the loveliest couple here this evening, I’d like to dedicate this next songs to all the other beautiful couples in the room. No matter if you’ve been together 1 day or 40 years, this next two song are for you so get on out here and share a moment of love.” 

The MC put a temporary halt on the festivity as you watch the sweaty body shuffled off the dance floor. One by one, couples sauntered hands in hands toward the pristine white floor embossed with the bride and groom’s name. They slowly swayed as the DJ ever so delicately let the toon of John McLaughlin’s So Close  permeated the atmosphere full of love and joy. You couldn’t help but cracked a smile at the bride’s grandparents, still so in love after nearly 60 years of welcoming dawn and bidding goodbye to dusk together. How lucky must one be to find that one person to love and to hold, to share every moments together and still they look at you with such adoration as if it’s the first day. Once again you shed tears without even knowing that your own love was watching, heart aching as he approached you with an outstretch arm.

“Can I have this next dance, miss?” He spoke so gently, so lovingly that your lips curved up and hand in his without needing your brain to tell them to. A slight sheen of sweet glistened on his forehead from the fun that had his heart beating fast for the past 10 minutes. Although now, now he was sure it wasn’t the hard dancing that had his heart racing at thousand miles a second. It was you. You were just sitting there, lovely as ever with those eyes that always seemed to only see him. No matter where you were, at iKon’s biggest concert, the busy street of a Friday date night, the airport. The place didn’t matter, the time didn’t matter. All it mattered was that the second he laid eyes on you, it seemed as though you were already, had been looking at him for quite some time. 

He pulled you close to his chest, a hand resting on the small of your back, the other wiping the few tear streaking down your cheeks. He pressed a big kiss to your forehead before resting his own on yours. Although your hands on his hips, it rested rather loosely, not at all what he wanted. He knew your mind was chasing itself to exhaustion with the decisions of what will become of the two of you once the clock struck midnight and this wonderful occasion end. When his beautiful suit shaded like midnight sky and your amazing soft blue chiffon dusting with blush pink blossoms bursting with spring gown were shed, you both knew a decision had to be made.

“We should really talk about this, you know. Dragging out the inevitable just going to hurt us more…” You heard him speak but you couldn’t really registered the fact that you were laying in the same bed that absorbed so much love all these years talking about a breakup.

“Yea… Can we talk about it after the wedding? We already RSVP. It’d be rude to just not show up or whatever seeing how close we are to them.” You whispered in a broken tone, heart feeling the stab of each word.

“Uhm… I’ll see you then. We’re going over lyrics this week so I won’t be home much.”


Words that Jiwon of the beginning of the relationship never thought he’d hear was ringing out in the mind of present time Jiwon. He didn’t know about you but he had already decided. He decided the second he saw you that morning with your hair messy and awkwardly crimped from the strange position you slept in. Your bare face glowed so magnificently as you dashed back and forth looking for the pair of heels he had gotten you not too long ago. You were looking mighty cute in your Pooh printed PJ shorts and his giant black t-shirt whipping up breakfast knowing he hadn’t eat a scrap of food since lunch the day before. 

“Baby, you know I love you right?” He whispered so gingerly against the shell of your ear, hot breath tickling your skin with the most delightful sensation.

“I know… I love you too… So much.” You didn’t know why you felt the need to speak in such a depressing tone. Actually, you do know why. Whatever it is that was to come next couldn’t be good judging from the way he started this conversation. You could practically felt his heart pumping gallons of blood in seconds from the thumping of his chest.

“There are so many things I want to tell you. I-I’ve never felt so strongly about something as I do now. I wanted to say all this to you when we were at the ceremony but I decided it was best not to disturb the beautiful moment.” He chuckled slightly and you couldn’t help but let the confusion rising fast in your chest. “I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the heartfelt vows this morning but when I listened to those words being exchange, all I wanted to do was to pull you into my chest and kiss you till morning comes. I know, crappy cheesy right? You could cringe if you want to, I know I sound so gross right now.”

He laughed lightly again but you were serious. His smile dropped the second he met your doe eyes, lip under your teeth as if deciding on the biggest decision in human history. 

“Uhm, so… Now that I have you in my arms, I feel like I have the whole world under my control, everything is at peace.” He started out so nervously, voice cracking, breath erratic but with the flutters of his closing eyes, it was like a sudden sense of tranquil washed over him as his voice grew stable.  “I was in such a storm, baby. I didn’t know where was up and what was down but then when I walked into the apartment this morning. You were just dancing in the living room with the dog and I felt the weight of the universe lifted off my shoulders. How could something so simple captivated me in ways that even the most glamorous expensive things in the world can’t. The world just goes silent the second I’m with you.” He leaned in closer, resting his cheeks on your temple as his hand woven itself into your neatly curled locks. His free arm locked itself around your shoulder pressing you tight to his chest. You let yourself relished in the way he felt so warm against your bare skin, how he smelled like that expensive cologne you helped him picked out while vacationing in London. Yet at the same time something so him fought its way to the top, playing with your nose that was now beginning to pick up the sickening sweet scent of alcohol. 

“I love you so much and It scares me. What if one day you wake up and realize what a shitty boyfriend I am. What if one day someone better comes by and scoop you up in his arms. What if I lose you, what would I do? I was always a hopeless romance but as life get rough, love lost, I’ve long abandoned that hope of finding that permanent someone. Even after we’ve met, I was still doubting if happily ever after is really a thing. Then day by day you showed me that it’s possible if you just work for it.” 

His hand moved away from caressing your back to gingerly lifting your chin up to face him. He held that mysterious grin, that expression that had never quite been abled to decipher despite the 4 years of loving him. You barely managed to catch your breath when his lips unexpectedly found themselves on yours, caring for them so tenderly with the way he moved and how he seemed to fit you so perfectly. Suddenly the world dimmed out to black and white and you two were the only one bursting with colors. The other couples ceased to exist as yours and his soul were the only one flickering with each other on that dance floor and the music played for only you two. He broke away after a short while with a loving smile gracing your elated self.  

“You took my heart and so delicately brought it back to life with every kind words, every affectionate gesture. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see for so long that my happy end was just waiting here with you. We’re close, so close baby to making even if we got a long road to travel. I was so afraid to love again and you made it so painless to fall in love with you. I know what we have isn’t pretending or a trial. What we have is real and all I could think of is how far we’ve come. If you’re willing, I’d love for us to continue this crazy adventure of ours, to continue dreaming of a future that perhaps one day I’d have to honor of waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Would you like that, baby girl? Would you let me love you till the end of time?”

You were glad the music was now at its high point as it masked the ugly sound of you choking on your own tears. You tighten your slacken arms and Jiwon just grinned in satisfaction. Oh how he loved the way you held him. You always knew how to hold him. The soft embrace paired with gentle passing of your hand on his back after a bad event. The quiet encouraging words that came with the big hug that made him felt so small after a long stressful day where the whole world appeared to be against him. The way your arm sneaked up on his tone abs in the back hug of sleepy morning as you pressed kisses onto his back with a raspy “good morning, handsome.” You somehow managed to always curled up so neatly on top of his lap as you cling onto his body when he vented about his long hours of practice, finger gently massaging through his hair to help him relax. 

Right now, he was basking the way you were squeezing him with all your might, arms like a boa constricting across his torso. The way you couldn’t decide on where to rest your hands as you move them from the small of his back to his broad shoulder then resorting to just gently gliding them up and down his back. It was like you were making sure he know just how desperate you were to hold him and that was exactly what he needed. It’s honestly still amazed him after all these year the way you just seemingly catered to his needs even without him saying much or at all. He had poured his heart out to you, leaving himself completely vulnerable to rejection and to bitter words but you replied the best way you could with your loving gaze and tight embrace.

“You don’t have to say anything right now, baby. Take your time… Think about it. I know I haven’t been good to you in awhi-”

“No, I need to.” You suddenly blurted out with all the determination in the world. “I-I would love for nothing more than to be your girl for the rest of my life. I was so fearful that you were leaving me… We’ve grew so far away and I just want to know I can hold you, kiss you any time and anywhere.”

He was smiling so brightly, so much brighter than the strobe light above dancing along to the beat of the 2nd couple song of the night. Those eyes of his crinkled into those loving crescents and lips grinning wide from cheek to cheek. He pulled you into an ebullient sway along with the vibrant beat of Nat King Cole L.O.V.E. You let out a hearty laugh as you dipped you low into a big kiss, big cheers and applauds erupted all and your and your cheeks burst into a shade rivaled with the fuchsia petals nearby.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You could feel the envy emanating from the single gals surrounding the dance floor, waiting for couples paradise to be over with so they could get down and perhaps find a temporary mates. Although you knew if they had the chance, any one of them would nab up Jiwon so fast you wouldn’t even know what happened and never let him go. 

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

His velvety voice shook you out of your reverie, realizing somehow you had managed to walk off the dance floor. The beat had returned to the bass filled one that had everyone’s adrenaline kicking.

“Wha- How? Wait…”

“You’re so cute, baby. After all this time, you still blush in front of me like you did that first night.”

“I can’t help it. I’m in love with the most breathtaking man in this country and he’s also super talented. Did I mention he’s also freaking handsome?” You gushed and now it was his turn to feel the creep of the spreading heat on his cheeks. He resorted to pulling you close to his chest, planting kisses, and simply taking his time to revel in the fact that you were and always wholeheartedly his. 

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jiwon. Can we go home? A cuddle seems good right about now.” You let your lips connected in a flurry of pure happiness. He nodded and with his arm around your shoulders, he escorted his lady into the night with the confident he had when he first declared his love to you.

“Now that I think about it, you’ve never gave me an answer for the offer to be on my next song. I’m still impress with how fast you spoke that night.” As always, his cheeky self could never stay calm for long before continue his never ending tease fest earning him a hard slap to the chest.

“Yea… I’m gonna have to pass. My rapping days are over considering I needed to retired for a certain bunny rapper to shine. I don’t wanna overshadow him, ya know.”

“I still can’t believe I get to love you. I am never ever letting you go. EVER.”

“You act like you got a choice there, dude. Pfts, as far as I’m concern, you’re stuck.” You jabbed at his side, eliciting that distinct chuckle only your bunny rapper could produce.

“I have something else to confess… You can’t be mad though.” 

“I won’t, promise. I spent too much time away from you already.” Concern once again washed over the serenity of your happiness. You halted your steps and he mirrored your action, one foot kicking back and forth in place as if deciding on which word would be best to speak up next.

“I told you I got a courage push from our friends’ vows… Uhm, I actually got the idea for our meeting from her. Are you mad? Please don’t be mad!” Your silent gotten the better of him. He jumped back in place, hands holding onto your arms as if you’d float off with the next gush of wind if he let go. You were honestly just befuddle as to what the hell he was talking about.

“Wha-What are you talking about, baby?” You cocked your eyebrow in perplexity over the strange confession.

“Ididn’trunoveryourfootbyaccident…itwastotallyonpurpose.” He screeched out in panic and you were just amused at how cute he was being. All you could do was heaved a heavy laugh, nearly bending over in ab pain over how sweet and endearing this whole situation was. Who would’ve thought your week of isolation would transpired into something so beautiful as the speech he whispered to you so intimately, into the lovable boy pouting in front of you under the pale moonlight. “baabe, don’t laugh at me. I’m sad.”

“A little faster and you might’ve finally surpass me in the rap game.” You grabbed his large hand in his, tugging him straight into your embrace as kisses rained down on the handsome face. “I know you did it on purpose, Bobby rapper of iKon, half the MOBB duo. I saw you starin’ at me that night. I was surprised you didn’t do something more dramatic.”

“Wait, you knew this whole time???!? NO! I thought I was being clever, why didn’t you say anything.” His mind was being blown as the cloud drifted across the inky sky.

“I thought you were cute, if you hadn’t, I might’ve accidentally spill coffee on you. I was just waiting for you to fess up to it.” You added with a wink, dragging him along to the car.

“I’m so glad I met you. We’re so cute together.”

He added with a content sigh as you both walked off into the distant hand in hand, heart beating as one, and souls elated ecstatic to once again be close.