whisper lipstick

Imagine Loki watching you put on makeup before you go out. You don’t notice him standing at the door as you put on your foundation, eye makeup, concealer, contour, and lipstick, and he somehow manages to sneak up and hugs you from behind. “You must teach me how you learned this magic,” he whispers in your ear and studies your face in the mirror. “You changed your own perfection and delicately painted it, but you don’t need that paint,” he says. 

The next day you sit down with Loki and teach him about makeup and how to apply it, along with teaching him about the color wheel and that blue mascara and yellow eyeshadow does not go with red lipstick in that way. 


Imagine Walking On The Red Carpet With Taylor

For Anon (Keep looking up)

“Keep smiling you’re doing great honey” Taylor whispers through a red lipstick smile.

“I got this Tay” you mumble back and grin at a camera flash.

“Taylor! Taylor! Can we get an interview?!” a reporter shouts and Taylor guides you over.

“Sure!” Taylor exclaims and beams putting her arm in yours.

“So we must know who inspired I Know Places? Do you have a secret fling we don’t know about?” the interviewer asks. You suppress a loud laugh because it was you.

“Oh someone near and dear to my heart” Taylor responds.

“Ooh the mystery continues. May I ask who’s your guest?” Taylor looks at you and nods.

“I’m (Y/N) Taylor’s gal pal and roommate” you say.

“Well we haven’t seen you before. If I can be so bold what are those.” A jagged finger is pointed at your arms. You glance down and see she’s pointing at your scars. Your stomach plummets. You wore a red strapless dress hoping the u spoken rule of society would keep anyone from asking about your scars.

“Excuse me” Taylor snaps.

“It’s an innocent questions were you in an accident or are you” the interviewer lowers her voice. “Depressed?” You gawk and gasp.

“My scars aren’t your business” you hiss.

“You’re the one walking around in a strapless dress showing them off. Are you asking for attention?”

“You need to step off. You had no right to ask about her scars. Not to mention if depressed people want to wear clothes that reveal their scars you are not to ask! How incompetent are you?” Taylor growls. Her arm has wound around your waistline instead of in yours.

“No need to get so defensive what are you her girlfriend or something?” Taylor hesitates and you gape.

“Yes I am” Taylor states and suddenly kisses you. You are frozen in shock before responding by avidly moving your lips against hers. A million cameras flash and all the new stations have their reporters and cameras on you in a second.

“Chew on that” you spit out and beam. Taylor chuckles and you walk down the red carpet together.

The next morning all the headlines are conflicting but you could care less.

  • Jibanyan: This isn't me millionth chocobar. This is an ordinary chocobar wrapper that's been crumpled up, torn slightly, soaked in the lagoon, and kissed with Coral Blue #2 Semi-Gloss Lipstick.
  • Whisper: Actually, it's Coral Blue number thr-