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Getitgetitgetitgetit girl! G-g-g-get girl! Drop it drop it to the floor! Show her show her how ya role! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it low! Drop it d-drop it!

“No no no that’s not how ya get the ladies.” Lavi said stopping the other. The red head starts whisling, “Wasn’t really thinkin, wasn’t lookin,  Wasn’t searchin for an answer, In the moonlight when I saw your face.” 

Tasse De Cafe- Possum Oil and Souliers
9-21-12 from KVPI.com the Tasse de Cafe Radio Program…
Mark: Qui ti crois de notre temps? (What do you think of our weather?)

Charlie: Elle est après prendre ma voix! (She is taking my voice!)

Rogers: T'as la mal à la gorge? T'as besoin de l'huile de rat du bois! Ti prends ça, ti siflotte à ce matin, eh Mista Char-lay! (You have a sore throat? You need some Wood-Rat (Possum) oil. You take that, you whisle this morning, hey Mister Charlie!)

Bonjour Ferrel! “Feraille!!” (Hello Ferrel…“Iron works”)

Bonjour Roger (again) Roger. Rogers. Roge! T'apres changer ton nom?! (Hello Roger, Rogers, Ro-Ger, Roge… You’re changing your name?)

 J'ai vu Rogers dans la boutique l'autre jour…Il m'a connaisait pas, mais moi je ‘le connaisait qui c'etait….Ca c'etait ein grande charade desous ca…(I saw Rogers in the store the other day, He didn’t know me, but I knew who he was! That was a charade on that…)

-Allons charrer pour notre Padna-
-Mais qui, on a beaucoup des padnas!
-Le bougre qui fait la poussiere voler en arierre du countoir…
-Is it Mister YO Happy Blake!?
(Let’s talk about our good padna- Who, We have a bunch of padnas! The guy who makes the dust fly behind the counter- Is it Mista YO! Happy Blake?)

We gonna run the Tournoi afta the parade, at two… you might have to  sleep in the horse trailers at the Industrial park.

après drag… (dragging)

ça connaisait pas qui faire…(they didn’t know what to do)

ton cafe est bon?
Bon pour mon gorge!
Mais, c'est pas l'huile de rat de bois!
(Your coffe is good? Good for my throat! But it’s not the oil of the Wood Rat!)

Ca chaufe le bois chaud! Le bois croche… (it heats the hot wood… the crooked wood…)

Comment ti dit le mot “hickey” (How do yous say the word hickey?)
Ein mormot?! (a hickey!?)

T'as pas besoin de courailler tout partout dans la Ville pour ca vous-autres veux….Steve a toujours la greg chaud a Doug Ashy Building Materials…(you don’t need to run around everywhere in town for what you need… Steve always has the coffee pot hot at Doug Ashy Building Materials…

après tout ça…c'est tout les Cadiens comme nous-autres… (after all, they are Cajuns just like us…)

apres attrapper ein trompe (to catch being wrongness? to be wrong?)

Mamou lost Mister Charles “Cho-Boy” Landreneau, he will be missed (“Cho-cho” is the Evangeline Parish word for “suckling pig”. Children and babies are called little “cho-cho pigs” sometimes. I think “cho” means fat/innocently greedy.)

Mister Adrass ran the cotton gin in Mamou

“ein ultra-firm neck cream”

et comment ta tasse de cafe?
Oh! c'est bon, mais, c'est pas l'huile de rat de bois dessus ça…( And how is your coffee? Oh, it’s good, but it’s not Wood Rat Oil on that!)

Hey, how that bout that weather- I worked in the yard all day yestaday- didn’t hardly sweat, it was nice nice.

Ok, yall doin a good job! bye! Love you.(this caller told mister charlie and mark that he loved them on air, sha!)

A message from Mayor Vidrine:

-on the Shoe Drive-

We are having a shoe drive for the people in LaPlace, so I want to give the ladies in town the weekend to get their hearts ready and to go through their collages…

…you know, this easily could have been us, and we want to give them shoes so that they can walk in our shoes… so bring your souliers!

- on her experience at the Democratic Nation Convention-

Our boudin’s famous now! One of the Kennedy People tried our boudin! Said it was wonderful! Sha, he was so wonderful! I think it was Robert Kennedy’s son, the one with a lot of kids? Joseph Kennedy III, I think.

-On a (famous?) man she saw at the convention-

…ooo… dat man was purdy purdy purdy purdy! Lawd, I was close, yeah, with him! He’s a beautiful man!

On V.P. possibly being featured on National television:

Look out VP, we might be on 60 Minutes!.. .We want to show real small town America, we have a variety of young, old, French…we want our culture exposed, and not just us, all small towns…we want to show that we don’t all have webbed feet and say “choot em” and hunt alligators- There’s nothing wrong if that’s what you do, though, that’s great, we just are not all gator hunters…We eat em, though, yeah!

We want to show how our people live- they still sit on the porch and wave at their neighbors, they help each other, they cook a sauce in the backyard and pass dat on to the kids, on Thursday night, you go to the outdoor kitchen to watch a ball-game and visit…we have the Tasse de Cafe’, where anybody in the community can call in at anytime and talk about anything in French- that is the jewel of a community! We are one of a kind. I think we special….and bring some souliers to the Evangeline Parish Courthouse!

Hey Roge! comment ca va encore?
Roge:  Oh, j'apres boire de l'huile de rat de bois, toi?! hahaha…
…Mais, moi veux parler pour notre Mayor, elle après faire un beaucoup bon job, j'ai des cousins dans la famille Vidrine…c'est du bon monde, ca I am glad she said 'souliers’ parce que le monde comprends pas “shoes”( Hey Rogers! How’s is going again!? Oh, I’m drinking some Wood Rat oil… but I want to talk about our Mayor, she is doing a great job. I have cousins in the Vidrine famille and that is some good people, them. I am glad she said “souliers” instead of shoes, people around here don’t understand “shoes”)

Ein Autre call, Charlie!

 Vous-Autre one parlé du Road Runner earlier, moi j'ai vu ein road runner ein fois sur le chemin qui va à Cazan’s Lake ( yall talked about road runners? I saw one one time on the road going to Cazan’s lake…)

Has anyone ever filmed the entire Tournoi?

-yeah, dat fella outa New Orleans, Jaques-Cousteau Undawata thing. He came in the 80’s and filmed the whole thing, from the first rider getting his first ring until the last rider left…