dean spoiling the hell out of sam when they first start fucking and he just lives to get sam to come first and maybe second too and sam tries sO hard to fight dean and turn the focus on him and make dean come first but sam’s seventeen and hormonal and constantly horny and he can’t remember his first name when dean gets his hands on him


heaven and home | for an old, old story, spinning itself out in endless kaleidoscopic iterations. told in three parts.

part i : let there be (an angel falls. a messiah is named. a disciple meets their prophet. something is born and the earth shivers.)

o1. At The Beach David Wingo 
o2. Hutterite Mile Sixteen Horsepower
o3. Celestial Phildel
o4. Gethsemane Dry The River
o5. Believing Makes It Easy Shearwater
o6. Sun In Your Eyes Grizzly Bear
o7. Belfast Child (Simple Minds Cover) Sydney Wayser

part ii : pass from me (it is an unbearable ache on your knees in the garden. it is a long forty days waiting for your christ to survive the desert. it is dark and cold in the belly of the ark.)

08. Sarajevo Max Richter
o9. Jordanna Ola Podrida
10. Facing Demons Zack Hemsey
11. Dead Hearts Stars 
12. Wild Swans Shall Never Be Cnquered Tiago Benzinho
13. The Humbling River Puscifer 
14. Acoustic Tale 1 Field Rotation  

part iii : it is finished (there is a rustle of feathers. a sigh down the length of the cross. an olive branch. a shining face, waiting beyond the tomb.)

15. Hands, Be Still Ólafur Arnalds
16. Something For Myself Dark Dark Dark
17. King David Wingo
18. See How Man Was Made Josh Ritter
19. The Universe Gregory Alan Isakov
20. Rebirth Hi-Finesse
21. Sun Sleeping At Last


the pipes are calling | a mostly instrumental mix for lands of mist and glen and sea spray

o1. Highlands Atli Örvarsson 
o2. Dunmore Lassies (Instrumental) The Chieftans
o3. Kecharitomene Loreena McKennitt
o4. The Games Patrick Doyle
o5. Jig Set Neal Pointon and Ciarn Algar
o6. Blood of Cu Chulainn Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna
o7. Star of Munster Robin Kearton, Tom Faux, and Michael Shapiro
08. Suo Gân Chanticleer
o9. Outlander Main Theme (The Skye Boat Song) Bear McCreary (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
10. Rock Island, 1931 Thomas Newman
11. The Roan Inish Theme Mason Daring
12. Dúlamán Celtic Woman
13. Rocky Road To Dublin (Instrumental) The Dubliners
14. What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor Rhod McDonagh
15. The Return Of The Eagle Atli Örvarsson