whiskey rapids

Be more Tango

One day Holster snaps at Tango.  He doesn’t shout but his tone is abrupt and cutting.  Tango slumps back into his chair picking at his pie much slower than before.  He doesn’t say anything, just sits there scraping sugar off the crust with a prong of his fork.

Whiskey watches from across the kitchen where he’s propping up the counter with his hip, orange Gatorade in his now much tighter grip.  He doesn’t know why Tango asks so many questions and sure the incessant barrage of them can be a bit much but even he thinks Holster was out of order for shutting him down so firmly and completely in front of everyone.

He doesn’t say anything to his captain but when he leaves the kitchen Whiskey makes his way over to sit beside Tango.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Tango takes a bite of pie and chews it thoughtfully.  “I just don’t know what Holsters problem is.  I was only asking a question.”

“Maybe it was because you were asking a lot all at once rapid fire? Whiskey explains in an attempt to make him feel better.

Tango does not feel better.

“I have my own question though.” Whiskey smiles wryly.  “Why do you ask so many questions?”

Tango blinks at him and replies, as if it were the most obvious explanation in the world, “How else am I gonna learn things if I don’t ask questions? If I don’t know something I should ask right? I mean, isn’t that how everyone learns things?”

Whiskey leans back sort of stunned.  Not just because Tango’s managed to answer a question with three of his own, but because when he puts it like that it seems so obvious.

Of course you have to ask questions to gain knowledge.

He thought Tango was just being nosey or maybe socially oblivious but after that Whiskey starts to see the true curiosity and hunger in Tango’s questions, he starts to admire the way he never lets embarrassment get in his way, that he doesn’t let ego stop him from sticking his hand up and declaring he doesn’t understand something.

How many times did Whiskey struggle because he was afraid to seem stupid by asking questions? He thinks back most recently to Blake and how he let her slip through his fingers because he was too afraid to risk rejection by asking her if she wanted to actually date him.  Sure she might have said no but she also might have said yes, but now he’ll never know because he never asked, never gave her the opportunity to pleasantly surprise him.

He’s been stewing in that regret for days.

Whiskey decides to be more like Tango after that.  Maybe not so constant but he resolves to be bolder when it comes to speaking up, that yes whilst some questions can unearth uncomfortable answers some will throw up good ones, useful ones.

He then finds himself admiring Tango’s tenacity when not even an hour later he’s asking Holster more questions.