whiskey liqueur

The Catwoman

Black currant liqueur is the secret ingredient in a drink that’s dark, sophisticated, and bittersweet enough to suit Selina Kyle.

Serves 1

2 oz. bourbon whiskey
1 oz. sweet vermouth
½ oz. creme de cassis
½ oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
Dash bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into a martini glass (or serve on the rocks, if your prefer).

Zodiac Shots!

Aries: ½ oz Whiskey, ½ oz Peach Schnapps, a dash of Tabasco sauce

Taurus: 2/3 oz Jager, 1/3 oz Amaretto

Gemini: (Pickleback Shot) 1 oz Dark Rum or Whiskey, 1 oz Pickle Juice (take rum or whiskey shot and immediately chase w/ pickle juice)

Cancer: Rim glass with Honey and Old Bay, 1 oz Honey Whiskey

Leo: ½ oz Gold Tequila, ½ oz Peach Schnapps, splash of OJ

Virgo: ½ oz Vanilla Vodka, ½ oz Blackberry Liqueur 

Libra: ½ oz Vodka, ½ oz Melon Liqueur, splash of Lime Juice

Scorpio: 1 oz Dark Rum, a few Drops of Grenadine, a couple Jalapeño Slices

Sagittarius: Rim glass with Cinnamon + Sugar, ½ oz Fireball, ½ oz Bourbon

Capricorn: ½ oz Vodka, ½ oz Triple Sec, splash of Lemon Juice

Aquarius: 1 oz White Rum, a few drops of ginger syrup, some fresh mint

Pisces: ½ oz Moonshine, ½ oz Blackberry Liqueur, a few drops of Blue Curacao