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Loud Silence - Severus x Reader

From my 200 Celebration (REQUESTS CLOSED), for @problempersei
Character: Severus Snape | Prompt:   #15. “You don’t know how much i want you.” | Picture/Gif (below)
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Warnings: None

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The crackle from the fire that warmed up the room, was the only sound you could hear. There was nothing you enjoyed the most than that particular sound, as you sat comfortably in a loveseat, a book on your lap, and a generous glass of fire whiskey in hand.

If you allowed yourself to be completely honest, it actually wasn’t any of those things that made you smile. But the man sitting at his desk across the room, his always harsh features focusing on grading every parchment on his hands.

That was how you usually shared your days. Alone together in his office, drinking whiskey, grading papers, reading, or sometimes chatting about everything and nothing at all. It was usually potions and the Dark Arts, since Severus loved to learn and discover everything he could about those subjects.

That particular Friday afternoon, however, you couldn’t have been more annoyed.

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*Warning: mentions of masturbation and blow jobs. AKA some Taekook smut*

Part: 13 / ?

Slipping into his favorite furry Gucci slippers, Taehyung skips down the twirling stairs, the metal planks clanking at his every step. His long silk robe drags behind him as he maneuvers to the back of the bar.

“Tonight’s dessert shall be…” he trails his words while drumming his fingers along the glass cabinet, trying to decide on the choice of drink. They land on an unfamiliar bottle, presumably his father’s new addition to his Whisky collection. Very new, in fact, it was still in its cylindrical container.

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