whiskey friday

14 Days - Part Two

(Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1140

Summary: The reader’s best friend, Wanda, goes on a two week mission and leaves a list of tasks to be completed by the reader. Tasks 4 and 11.

Warnings: alcohol

A/N: i love writing this series so much, it’s seriously so fun. let me know what you think! <3

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In A Moment

Scroll I through bluegrass country
eye alone and on a lookout
drowned in spirits staring at clouds.
Among mechanical waves crushing
on concrete shores lined with glass and grit.
A lonely whistle howls down that line,
a sole engineer earns his wage.
A glass mostly empty for now
but my soul awake and full of glee.
Why but for I am soon to be free.

~ Medicine Mask Poet