whiskey friday

In A Moment

Scroll I through bluegrass country
eye alone and on a lookout
drowned in spirits staring at clouds.
Among mechanical waves crushing
on concrete shores lined with glass and grit.
A lonely whistle howls down that line,
a sole engineer earns his wage.
A glass mostly empty for now
but my soul awake and full of glee.
Why but for I am soon to be free.

~ Medicine Mask Poet

tinybluehouses  asked:

polyfrogs flower shop au

Monday was almost too much.

“Oh man,” Chris said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Anybody who said running a flower shop wasn’t hard had obviously never worked in one. “Why does everyone always come on Monday?”

“Because we were closed yesterday and everyone always comes in to get the bouquets they forgot to get over the weekend,” Derek said. He placed an empty vase on the counter.

There was a smudge of dirt on his cheek. Chris reached up and wiped it away with his one ungloved hand. The other was covered in soil and old leaves.

“Thanks,” Derek said, smiling softly. He bent down to quickly kiss Chris’ cheek and only moved away when the chime above the door rang for the millionth time that day.  

“Hello, sir, how may I help you today?”

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anonymous asked:

Bruno imagine? Pweease!



I heard his footsteps come up behind me.

“hey bae, whatcha doing?” He asked kissing the back of my head.

“Nothing, just making some dinner.” I replied turning my head pecking him on the lips.

“Soooo, you know what friday is?” He asked hugging me from behind.

“What’s friday?” I asked confused.

“Seriously bae, it’s Valentine’s Day!” he said excited.

“Oh Bruno, I thought we agreed we weren’t doing anything for Valentine’s day.” I said.

“aww c’mon baby, I wanna do something special for you.” he said pouting.

“Bru, you always do special things for me.” I said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, just this month, you bought me a ring, you take me out all the time and you know, everyday is valentine’s day for me.” I said.

“yeah but this is our first Valentine’s Day and it’s the first of many. just me and you baby, nothing big, some candles, chocolates, a shitty movie we can laugh at and then maybe we can get liquored up and do the do.” He said touching his nose to mine.

“Fine, but if we do celebrate, I wanna be the guy. You always make me feel special so I wanna make you feel special, ya know, shower you with gifts, buy you flowers, rub your back, kiss your neck.” I said kissing him softly on his collar bone.

“Alright alright, I’ll let you plan it. Just don’t forget the whiskey.” he said

“No, friday I get the whiskey and you get the frilly pink champagne.” I laughed.