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Tomorrow is my 50th class at this cross-fit place I’ve been going to since Turkey Day.

I’ve heard other people celebrate their 50th there and when pressed they say that they’ve been going for a year or 8 months or whatever… It’s been less than three months for me cause I went total hardcore and I’m kinda really loving it.
I’ve lost nearly 50lbs since this past summer. 25 before Treadfit 20ish since. I’m still losing inches but the scale isn’t showing it cause all these new shapes are forming under my skin.
Sometimes I lay in bed and feel my new muscles. Yeah I don’t care, judge me. It’s happy fun times and I’m strong like bull.
Anyway I’m making friends and a name for myself there and for tomorrow… besides shots of whiskey after class at 830 am, they’re letting me make the playlist.
As far as I know this has never been done before but how fun is that.
I’ve been working on it all night. I’m a playlist junkie. I make them for friends, different moods… I have about 40 or so. So I made it. It’s not perfect but I’m really proud of it… I keep listening to it and giggling.
I think I’m excited about it cause it wasn’t easy. It had to be a couple different tempos and the material had to be… I don’t know… pop/mainstream enough for the whole class? I threw in some personal favs and some great cheesy pop songs… think I nailed it.


Don’t judge me too hard. Anyway there it is if you want.
It’s a 50 minute class. The first two songs are warm up. Then 15 minutes of treadmill, 15 floor/ab work, 10 more minutes on the treadmill and the final 10 minutes are back on abs and a cool down.… Hehe. It’s so uplifting, up tempo, bubble gum, boom. Happy Barf.

Here’s my Mix CD for volumes 3 and 4 of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! And thanks to track #20, now I will forever be a little disappointed if a song doesn’t end with the phrase “I will crush your bones!” 

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Mix Volume 2

  1. You Really Got Me Now–The Kinks
  2. Nuts–Roy Eldridge
  3. Sophomore–Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joys
  4. Brain Drain–Marianne Faithfull
  5. Thanks Mom–Intext
  6. The Golden Age–The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  7. Vintage Clothes–Paul McCartney
  8. Mary–The Subways
  9. Dr. Doom–The 13th Floor Elevators
  10. Little Acorns–The White Stripes
  11. Grand Allegro (I Kissed a Girl 4/4)–Modern Ballet Class Series
  12. Swarm–Whiskey Shivers
  13. …….huh?–Team Azumanga
  14. Dating Sucks–Jana Peri
  15. Mole Man–Baby Rockjaw
  16. Funny Little Frog–Belle & Sebastian
  17. Love Underground (feat. Chantelle) [Dublin Aunts Remix]–Black Dogs
  18. Best Friend–Foster the People
  19. Nightmare–Cab Calloway
  20. Doctor Octopus (feat. Venom)–Ookla the Mok
  21. Nefarious Deeds–Craig Riley
  22. Binary–Ash
  23. Squirrels–Family Junction
  24. Come Fly With Me–Frank Sinatra
  25. Dream a Little Dream of Me (with Introduction)–The Mamas & The Papas

The soviet Project 665 “Whiskey Long Bin” class of guided missile diesel-electric submarines, a modification of the earlier Projects 613 “Whiskey” conventional submarines that added four SS-N-3 Shaddock cruise missiles in an extended and heavily modified sail.

Six units were converted, but quickly passed out and the missile silos made them unstable and noisy.

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happy valentine's/palentine's day!!! i dig this vday aesthetic post you have going on and also my name is cari 😬

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