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Day 4: Dex and Whiskey

These are some headcanons @smhatthesmh and I came up with for Dex and Whiskey’s relationship, so we hope you enjoy them.

Dex and Whiskey: a day at the beach

  • Sunscreen, sunburns, and aloe vera
    • So Dex is usually really good about putting sunscreen on, because that boy be white and he burns easily
    • In his excitement though after setting up a spot on the beach with Whiskey, he casts off his shirt and makes a break for the water without a care in the world
    • Barely even 15 minutes later, he goes back to their spot on the beach looking a bit pink
    • Whiskey just laughs and chirps him about how he should have put sunscreen on from the start
    • Whiskey then proceeds to help him put sunscreen on so he won’t burn any more
    • He also has to go out the next day to get aloe vera to help soothe Dex’s sunburn
  • Sand castles
    • What is a trip to the beach without building at least one sand castle?? A horrible trip, that’s what!!
    • They take their sand castle building rather seriously and go all out
    • Well they aren’t those super awesome professional ones people build for sand castle contests, but for amateurs their sand castles aren’t too shabby
    • They stand on the inside of their sand castle walls and declare themselves kings of the beach
    • Getting out of the castle afterwards is the fun part…why did we dig this impressive moat??
  • Tide pools
    • They wander over to the rocky cliffs and climb about them, being careful of where they step and how they step
    • Whiskey finds a nice tide pool with a starfish in it, and they ever so gently touch it
    • Don’t worry, these boys follow “aquarium rules” where they touch it gently with two fingers, they don’t poke at it, they don’t try to pick it up, and they’re done to leave it be
    • They look about for other tide pools and watch the different ocean animals living in them
  • Splish, splash
    • Again, what’s a trip to the beach without playing around in the ocean?? Exactly!!!
    • It started after Whiskey helped Dex finally get some sunscreen on, and he really wanted to go back into the water
    • He grabs Whiskey by the hand and drags him over to the water
    • He lets go and runs right into the water, while Whiskey just stands there laughing at him
    • Cue Dex splashing water at Whiskey to try and get him to get in the water
    • Having gotten splashed causes Whiskey to walk a little bit into the water and splashes Dex right back
    • A water war ensues…splish, splash, water fight!!!!
  • Lazy stroll
    • They take the quintessential stroll along the beach
    • They are walking in the wet sand at the water’s edge, toes squishing in the sand and waves rolling up to just barely meet them
    • They’re holding hands, talking about anything and everything, laughing, without a single care in the world at that moment in time
    • Oh they so totally kiss as the sun starts to set, the glow of the remaining sun absolutely beautiful
Things the signs remind me of

Aries: Hiking, watching the sunrise, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, bonfires, hair pulling,contagious laughter, funny movies

Taurus: Oil painting, soft blankets, sleeping in on a Saturday, cherry blossom trees, wine, neck kisses, Indian food

Gemini: Beautiful laughter, doodling, candy canes, holding hands in the car, staying up till 3am talking on the phone, drums

Cancer: Homemade macoroni and cheese, puppies, cuddling in bed, fireplaces, smores, soft hair, rainy days, movie marathons, winged eyeliner

Leo: Summer time, sun bathing, sweet perfume, driving with the windows down, weddings, vodka, gold ink tattoos strong hugs

Virgo: Sunday mornings, clean sheets, pink lemonade, first day of spring, soft skin, shower sex, telling stories, back massages

Libra: Sweet candles, roses, oversized sweaters, the smell of autumn leaves, hot chocolate, sun dresses, green tea, opals, vanilla

Scorpio: Sapphires, fantasy forests, fireflies, Christmas lights, getting your first tattoo, outer space, violet hair dye, bitter coffee

Sagittarius: Road trips, red lipstick, learning a foregin language, aviator sunglasses, outdoor sex, Chinese food, tequila shots

Capricorn: Fog on the beach , whiskey&coke, messy sketches, french kisses, plaid flannels, pine trees, wisteria, sandlewood incense

Aquarius: Freckles, gauges, braided hair, tattoo sleeves, first snow fall, beautiful handwriting, photography, marajuna brownies

Pisces: Star gazing, watercolor paint, soft kisses, poetry, lavender, messy buns, dimpled smiles, hand veins, rib tattoos, spooning

The Beach || Brady & Matilda

When he left her a couple moments ago after that kiss, he couldn’t get it out of his mind-or can’t stop replaying it as he went to the liquor store and brought them some booze for the beach-whiskey, wine, vodka-but he stopped back home to grab a jar of moonshine and a change of clothes-a sliver denim button down and jeans with some black boots-and met back up at the bar. He was practically giddy-if one can call it that-when he nearly jumped up the stairs and waited. 

When she did show up, he broke out into a smile and stood up, helping her with the food and tied it securely on his motorcycle before handing her a helmet. “Safety first, and hold on tight,” he said, helping her get on his bike before he started it up and peeled out of the bar’s parking lot and down the street to the beach.


Feet or Tails

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader

Word Count: 713

Author: Gwen

Might write more if people like it…

Your name: submit What is this?

Sunny rays filtered down onto the ocean and onto the lonely fishing boat. It was nearly quiet with the steady rocking of the waves breaking the total silence, along with the fishing net being hauled up from the depths. It was a perfect day to be out at sea and the perfect weather to catch some fish.

Just as the last of the net was hauled up, the silence broke with the old fisherman crying out. “Balls!” He threw down his trucker hat before marching over to the sliced holes in his net. “Damn net!”

A shadowy figure nearby smirked, knowing that the planned worked as he could hear the old fisherman’s shouts. Careful not to be seen the figure swam away, diving deeper so he wouldn’t be detected.

“I know you’re out there!” The fisherman narrowed his eyes at the gentle lapping water.

The salty air smelled like home to you as you biked your way down to the docks. You smiled over at some of the fishermen you knew, getting a friendly ‘Hello’ back. You slowed your speed as you neared the fishing boat you had set out for, Karen.

“Bobby!” You called out, coming to a stop near the beat-up boat. Sure, it still worked, but it could use some paint. “It’s Y/N.”

“Ya, I know who it is.” He came out of the cabin, greeting you with a hug. “Only girl that comes hollering for me these days.” He chuckled.

“Oh, I’m sure you make all the ladies weak in the knees at the Roadhouse.” You smiled.

“Don’t know about that.” He turned, grabbing a small cooler from the boat.

“What’d you get today?” You leaned over.

“Not much.” He popped the cover off, showing off a few small crabs and small fish. “Damn nets got cut again.”

“Third time this week, huh?” You searched through your purse for the money you owed him. You had a good arrangement with Bobby as he sold most of his catches to Crossroads the fancy restaurant in town, but the smaller catches he sold to you. Any other fisherman would’ve thrown them back in the ocean, but Bobby knew your father when he was alive and wanted to make sure that you were provided for. It was sweet and over time, Bobby became like a father to you. “Don’t tell me you pissed off the wrong person.” You handed him over the money as he set the cooler in front of you.

“More like thing.” He muttered. “Called Maiden’s Cove for a reason.” He didn’t bother to count the bills as he slipped them into his wallet.

“You mean those mermaid legends?” You rolled your eyes.

“Legends start from somewhere.”

“Okay, Bobby.” You gave him a small smile, taking the cooler and strapping it to your bike. “See you tomorrow?”

“Sure, if Crowley doesn’t skin me alive first.”

“I’m sure lots of fishermen have problems with their nets. Maybe try a different location.” You suggested, getting on your bike. “And maybe this is how mermaids flirt.” You teased. “Gotta get your attention somehow.”

“Sure.” He rolled his eyes.

“See you later, Bobby.”

“Take care, Y/N.”

Gliding past the fishing boat from earlier in the day, the figure made his way to the sandy beach. His whiskey eyes darted over the land, making sure no humans were in sight. Thankfully most were occupied in the nearby Crossroads restaurant or the Roadhouse.

Solid feet pushed against the sand and the figure walked out from the water. He grabbed a hidden duffle from the shed that everyone ignored. It was worn with half the roof collapsing, but it wasn’t a problem so no one ever bothered with it.

He quickly dried himself off, then slipped into a pair of dark washed jeans, a maroon button up and some boots. Sweeping back his honey brown hair, he was satisfied that he looked good and hid the duffle back where it was.

He sauntered up the sidewalk and headed toward the Roadhouse. The only clue he left behind of who or what he was, was the small golden scale in the sand. But with any luck, it’d be gone by morning. Washed away with the tide, much like the figure who emerged from the ocean.

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