Yo, if you don’t dig Rail Yard Ghosts and other folk punk bands I don’t know what ya doing.

check please characters as things i've done
  • bitty: spent an entire morning baking and missed an entire day of class because of it
  • jack: bought tickets to a convention for two friends and then proceeded to refuse repayment when they tried to give it to me
  • shitty: tried to explain to my family what feminism was only to be told it's just egalitarianism and then having to deal with being told i'm not a feminist
  • lardo: sat in art class trying not to commit actual murder because the other students were loud and refused to let the teacher teach
  • ransom: dreamed i got a fifty-one out of a hundred on an essay, woke up crying, and then proceeded to check said grade only to be reminded it hadn't been graded yet
  • holster: forced my younger cousin to sit through listening to me belt out hamilton and heathers within the same car ride because she said she hated it
  • chowder: told the students on stage during a JROTC in service to have fun during knockout and then proceeded to destroy them with commands
  • nursey: put on all black for halloween one year and claimed to be a beatnik to get free candy and avoid actually dressing up
  • dex: kept a hammer by my bedside to keep it from my brother because i was trying to hang picture frames and he wanted to take it from me
  • tango: got ignored by a teacher for an entire semester because i asked too many questions in the first week
  • whiskey: completely avoided all of my group members in favor of working with a group that let me put their name on my paper and get credit with their group instead
Congruent Shapes

I love Bitty to death but I kinda wanna acknowledge that Bitty is a goddamn mother hen and I don’t always appreciate that (as someone who both is a mother hen at times and has been mother henned to the point of annoyance).

Also I wanted Chowder being the go to team member for Whiskey and Tango to talk to. Also small, sort of allusions to Chowder being Bitty’s alternate if you squint hard enough. Future fic. Set during the Frogs’ Junior year.

Whiskey waited until Bitty was out of town in Providence before he dragged Tango up to Chowder’s room.

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