Best of Button Week 93
“I want to love you like the 90s, back when we made book covers out of paper bags.”

Don’t miss this week’s Best of Button playlist, featuring the top-viewed recent videos on the Button YouTube Channel. Today’s additions: Asia Samson & Sierra DeMulder!

Hey Folks! Got any Friday night plans? No? Come on out to The Third Street Dive in downtown Louisville tomorrow night! Music starts at 8pm and goes until midnight. My band, @jimmyandthetwotonedlegbenders, goes on at 11pm. There will be music. There will be plenty of libations. See you there!!

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To be or…Not to be today.

There’s at least a couple inches of snow on the ground this morning and it’s chilly. Roommates back from Washington, excited to hear his stories. He was there to check out hundred thousand dollar lab equipment for Cannabis Concentrates. We will be using them on the farm in 2017. Maybe I’ll be able to get into work today to pass the time. Until, I’ll be sitting at home wishing I had some one to play with.

Definitely wishing I had Bailey’s and Whiskey right meow. Broke homestead life is a bitch…can’t wait to get my new whip from Denver this weekend however.

You can buy a candle that smells like your favorite state. ‘Homesick Candles’ each have a distinct aroma that is reminiscent of one of the 50 United States, including Tennessee, which smells like magnolias and whiskey, Indiana, which smells like kettle corn, hay, and denim, and Massachusetts, which has a hint of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Source

never been to Georgia but i WANT THIS CANDLE RN

AU suggestion

Two frat hauses, both alike in dignity,

In fair Samwell, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

where lax bro blood makes hockey hands unclean.

From forth the fatal teams of these two foes

A pair of star-cross’d lovers do change their life;

whose dating lives their teams overthrow

Do with their kisses end their teams’ strife.

For never was there a story that made more cry,

than this of Whiskey and his Lax Bro, Fry Guy.

SMH as tinder bios I saw today

Jack: I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

Bitty: Chocolate milk is my spirit animal

Shitty: Spaghetti beanpole motherfucker

Lardo: I’m very important

Ransom: Breathing is a big part of my life

Holster: I’m just a Guy Fieri looking for his Girl Fieri

Dex: I don’t want anything just leave me alone

Nursey: I have a tattoo on my ass so you know I’m not afraid of commitment

Chowder: I love my grandma my grandma comes first just put that out there

Whiskey: Leaving Alaska soonish

Tango: I believe in science for the most part

Kent Parson: President of my own fan club

Bitty stood in the doorway, his eyes wide open and his hands clasped over his mouth.  He had come downstairs to investigate the noise of shuffling furniture only to find himself with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Oh my lanta! You boys actually did it!” Whiskey and Tango looked up to see Bitty.  Between them was a gorgeous sofa in brilliant robins egg blue.  The cushions were fluffed to their fullest, and a soft scent of lavender filled the room instead of… whatever that smell used to be. Bitty could barely contain himself.

“What… Where… How did you convince… Oh lord, it’s just so beautiful.  What did you do with the old one?  I’ve been trying to burn that thing ever since I moved in.  I can’t believe Holster let you get rid it!”

“What?” Tango blinked at Bitty with his usual confused look as they dropped the sofa into place.  “We didn’t get rid of the couch.”

Bitty’s eyebrows lowered. “Then… then what happened to the old couch?”

“Bitty, it’s right here.” Whiskey gestured in front of him.  Bitty tilted his head at him, looking for an explanation. 

“We just cleaned it.”

What an amazing setting for a meal! 🍻 Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! ☕️ via @nicole_franzen
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