whiskers on kitten


tableful of kitties yawning and stretching their paws😻🐾 | Credit here

This sweet girl lost her litter a few weeks back.  So she went and found another.  She was absolutely 100% ready to fuck me up for medicating her kittens.

Longer explanation: she lost her litter while in her previous home.  She was surrendered at the same time as this motherless litter, so it seemed like a good idea to try and pair them so they wouldn’t have to be 100% bottlefed. 

She’s blind in one eye as a result of an injury, likely a puncture according to the vet.

Health info for u!: See the gray kitten?  See how she’s sleeping with her face looking up?  This is a Bad Thing when it happens frequently (although extremely brachy breeds like Persians and exotic shorthairs may sleep like this normally).  This is a sign of breathing problems. In this case it’s being caused by a respiratory infection, hence the medications.  If you see your cat sleeping like this suddenly, please go to a vet for medical care.