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As someone who, overall, enjoyed fantastic beasts, it really causes a lot of issues for the worldbuilding

I think fantastic beasts really highlights a flaw in jkrs writing. Mainly, how the rules for her world really only work if you consider white people, and totally fall apart when you consider the same world from anyone else’s point of view.

The idea that in america you can have 0 contact with no-majs is fine, if 1. Everyone is white and/or 2. Magic is entirely hereditary. But neither or those ia true.

The movie takes place, what 60 years after slavery was abolished? What happened when a wizard was born a slave? Were they left to form an obsurial? (No, they say there hadnt been one for centuries in america) were they whisked away to the magical world and expected to leave their relatives to rot in slavery?

The movie takes place 30 years after the wounded knee massacre. What about magical children born in native communities? Are they invited to ilvermony? Do they let their communities be butchered?

What will happen in less than 20 years when japanese internment camps begin? Will witches and wizards of Japanese heritage just pack up and go to the camps too? Will they go into hiding and leave their potentially nonmagical families?

Jk seems content to act as though the Wizarding world has no racsim and instead uses magic vs nomaj tensions as an allegory. But that doesnt work when you have muggle born wizards who would be affected by racism in the nonmagical world.

And i dont think jk has ever even considered this. And it shows.

The Woodland Signs
  • I am the crackle of mixed twigs and snow that you hear breaking through the silence: Taurus, Libra
  • I am the blood of a fawn pumping through the veins as they run silently into the woodlands: Aries, Capricorn
  • I am the lingering scent of evergreen that whisks away all senses and puts you off guard: Pisces, Cancer
  • I am the lonely feeling you receive as each step becomes farther and farther away from society: Gemini, Aquarius
  • I am the haunting moon that beckons you toward me in the chaos of darkness: Virgo, Leo
  • I am the presence of all evils that come out of the wilderness to extract my revenge: Scorpio, Sagittarius

my hope for 2017 if clinton wins: she is further swayed towards the left and her policies become more progressive, she actually makes sustainable change for the better

my hope for 2017 if trump wins: the countdown reaches its end, the reckoning comes and all the hateful and evil people of earth are whisked away. the meek inherit the earth and begin anew

honestly the immediate period before, during, and after james and lily’s death is really fucked up. jk rowling is like yeah sirius thought remus was a spy and apparently james and lily thought so too so they all decided not to tell him that peter was their secret keeper instead of sirius and this whole time peter is fucking them over and then fucks sirius over to the point where he’s literally imprisoned for peter’s fuckery and remus has no fucking clue and comes home to two of his best friends murdered by voldemort, their orphaned son whisked away by fucking dumbledore, since apparently remus would believe that sirius betrayed james and lily, and not only that but sirius also killed peter and left one single finger??

and he spends TWELVE YEARS thinking this is the truth. until one day james and lily’s son says he saw peter pettigrew on the map and remus’ entire reality turns on its axis. [sirius voice] the map never lies.

and you know what’s even more fucked up? even though better things happen after this, the ending is always the same: tragedy. he loses sirius again, and this time for real. there’s no coming back. right in front of harry. and he can’t even bury sirius because there’s no body, and he can’t even get sirius exonerated for peter’s crimes. there’s not even a canon memorial for sirius black.

there’s nothing.

and then he falls in love and has a child and you think finally, finally maybe this man can have his sliver of happiness. he has suffered for so long…

im not saying it was a wrong decision to kill him off. im just saying all of this is fucked up. it’s just the icing on the cake that everything went so terribly wrong on all hallows’ eve, a night where sometimes people dress up as werewolves, of all things. but they can take their costumes off afterwards. remus, though? this is his life, every day. it’s ironic and tragic and im bitter as hell.

{PART 17} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; As Taehyung finally reveals his creation to you - you find yourself sharing soft, tender and heartfelt moments with both him and Jimin; before being reunited with Jungkook - The Prince and Princess of the Ball.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 16} {Part 17} {Part 18}

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SuperCorp Convo (11)
  • Kara: tell me about your childhood
  • Lena: ._.
  • Kara: ... you know, what were the games you played-
  • Lena: ._.
  • Kara: toys you had-
  • Lena: ._.
  • Kara: tv shows you watched????
  • Lena: um... yeah I'm sorry I got nothing
  • Kara: ...you know what? you've got me now
Spoonie Acts of Witchery

AKA low-spoon-friendly witchy things dedicated to @falloutfae

• Lighting a candle (especially a battery/flame less one; don’t need to worry about being vigilant like a normal candle)

• Opening a window (even slightly) to bring fresh air/energy and whisk away stale energy

• Keeping an “e-Shrine”, such as a Tumblr sideblog. Reblogs can be a cast spell or a techno witch offering for a deity

• Unable to do kitchen witchery? Nope! Even something like blessing your food/drink with intent, or putting a pinch of salt on your plate to cleanse before you eat, counts.

• Putting your phone on speaker to play a song to use as a spell. Sing, hum, read, or focus along to the lyrics.

• Placing a crystal next to a glass of water to charge the drink with your intent, sip it when you feel it’s ready

• Placing an item to charge on top/below/against your plugged in phone/other device. As the device is charged, as is your magical item

Feel free to add on if you’re a spoonie/chronically ill/disabled witch!

faisyah865  asked:

Seeing Keith so possessive over Lance is so cute and it makes me wanna mess with Lance so Keith can whisk him away like the knight he is :D

Lance: Please don’t provoke the Keith. He is much stress baby.

A.N. Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been working on setting up a stream and normal work that pays o-o.  enjoy the three today.


NUTCRACKER AU SKETCH AVALANCHE! *whomp* I’ve been using this silly idea as a way to sketch and explore on the ipad using the Procreate App (terrible name, good app).

The basic story idea is that Christine finds a saves an ugly, old Nutcracker from being thrown out of the Garnier’s prop department. After a surreal battle with some rodents of unusal sizes, Christine’s Nutcracker comes to life and whisks her away into some strange winter land, hoping that she can help him break the spell that makes him a giant, creepy nutcracker. They both decide to “enlist”  (i.e., ambiguously kidnap) the powers of the Sugarplum Fairy who is under the possession of this Rat King Guy. Magic questing chaos ensues!

Characters from my comic  @fantome-stein !

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When Ali Andrew Li was born on Jan. 7, he was gently placed on his mother’s chest, where doctors cleaned and examined him and covered him with a warm blanket.

“I just loved it,” his mother, Salma Shabaik, a family physician who lives in Los Angeles, says. “It was really nice to have the baby right there beneath my eyes where I could feel him, touch him, kiss him.”

That was different than the birth of her son Elias two years ago; he was whisked away to a bassinet to be examined. And unlike Elias, who cried a lot after delivery, Shabaik says Ali stopped crying “within seconds” after being placed on her chest.

Kangaroo mother care has been widely used worldwide to care for premature babies, and it’s gaining popularity in caring for healthy full term babies like Ali as well. It is as it sounds: Like a kangaroo’s pouch, mothers hold their naked newborns on their bare chest for the first few hours of life.

Kangaroo Care Helps Preemies And Full Term Babies, Too

Photo: Morgan Walker for NPR

so i’ve already seen interpretations of this season’s movie references, i just wanted to weigh in and add that even seems to use movies to abstract his emotions into something that is easier for him to handle and that this can be interpreted within the framework of bipolar disorder. the season starts out referencing romeo and juliet and then shifts its focus to pretty woman. one is a tragic, ill-fated romance movie, the other a popular romcom where one lead whisks the other away from a bad life. even goes from keeping isak at a distance and believing their relationship is doomed because of his illness to thinking it’s exactly his relationship with isak that will make all the difference, be the thing to make him better. being “tacky cliché films” (like mikael says) the movies represent two extremes, the low and the high. narratively they were a clever way to hint at bipolar disorder without spelling it out. it also makes sense for even to fall back on these movies and apply them to his own emotional life, to reenact them, to lend some sense of purpose and structure to his depressive and manic episodes.

To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing how long it takes Kenma to notice.

Of course, he’s known Kuroo for forever. He’s seen him as a baby, seen him cry when he was attacked by a pigeon, seen him with cake smeared all over his face because he fell asleep at his eighth birthday party, seen him vow to boycott Disney after Bambi’s mother had died.

That sort of thing is pretty hard to be attracted to.

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/noun/ the peace of being indoors during a thunderstorm

Summary: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,644
Author’s Note: This story was on one of my old Tumblr writing accounts that I just deleted, but it was one of my favorite stories and didn’t want it to collect dust in my drive.


You’ve always had an endless fascination with books and novels of various different shapes, sizes, and lengths. The way someone could paint an entirely different world with the mixture of just 26 letters, whisk the mind away from reality, stir emotions inside someone—emotions of laughter or sadness or one of complete contentment. The influence a simple novel could have on a person’s viewpoint has always fascinated you.

During your younger years, you would find yourself trekking to the nearest bookstore, if only to simply run your fingers along the spines of all the latest releases. You would open a random novel, just to skim the first sentence, allowing the words of a complete stranger to fill you with familiarity.

Not much has changed in the years following your childhood. Something about corner bookstores have always lured you with the promise of peace and quiet, an escape from the harsh reality you occupied yourself with. You constantly looked forward to the days you could run away and hide within the shelves of the shop, no matter rain or shine, sleet or snow, 30 pages of homework to get done during the night, you always made an effort to visit at least once or twice a week as soon as you entered college.

Today is no exception to the rule. With midterms rapidly approaching, you’re already drowning in papers, projects, and upcoming tests, the stress practically eating you alive. But still, instead of returning to your apartment, you find yourself turning down the familiar sidewalk in the opposite direction. The rain overhead is steadily pouring down today, serving as little warning bells that perhaps making the trip to the bookstore might not be the best option.

Judging from the gray clouds, it’s clear that the weather has other plans for the remainder of the day—the lightning that suddenly shoots across the sky is a clear indication of that—but you find yourself not minding much. The heels of your boots clash gently against the sidewalk, your hair curling slightly as the water comes in contact with it, but all those worries and annoyances dissipate off your skin like steam as the familiar shop comes into view. With the lights on inside, the place looks like a beacon of hope, allowing the smile to spread itself across your face as you quicken your pace to shoulder open the door.

The bell rings overhead as you gently shut the door close, running your hand through your hair quickly to rid some of the water trapped in your locks. After exchanging a smile with the familiar cashier at the counter, you make your way deeper in the store. Like usual, there isn’t anything in particular you’re seeking, but just being surrounded by text, aisles and aisles of hardcovers and paperbacks fills you with comfort.

You’re just starting the turn into contemporary novels, when one particular black, hardcover spine catches your attention, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, eyes widening with recognition as you distinctly remember this particular novel being one of the very few you’ve wanted in your own personal collection of books: John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Your lips curl up into a smile, momentarily unfazed by the fact that the book had been placed on the highest shelf, towering a few inches above you, even as you stand on your tippy toes, even as your fingers barely manage to graze the book you want. It takes five times before you plant both feet firmly back on the ground with a gentle huff, considering the next movement to grab the book.

You’re just about to consider getting a running start between the two shelves, before a slightly amused voice cuts in through your concentration: “Need some help?”

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a torso/base colour commission for @freshbrainss​, who requested leia swooping in to kick jabba’s ass and whisk oola away on an adventure!! another super fun commission after my own gay little heart, thanks so much for commissioning me not once, but twice with two wonderful femslash prompts!! i had a ton of fun!

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