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Headcanons about how carter or clay or Bucky (like just whichever inspires you more) help you out when you’re just in a really bad place and you feel like your whole life is falling apart, mostly because it truly is falling apart??? Also, ilysm sugarplum

I think Carter would whisk you away somewhere, no phones allowed. You’d get lost in a city together, spending every moment eating, laughing, kissing, and just finding all the good things in life again. 

Clay would pick up on it instantly, he’d talk to you about everything in the wee hours of the night then tell you some jokes and order bad pizza and promise you’d make it together 

Bucky spoils you, baths, cooking, little gifts. But one morning he takes you to the rooftop to watch the sunrise, holding your hand tightly. 

I love you 

Fluffy Friday™

small charlie things i want :

  • him trying to take the train to new jersey.
  • sitting by the steps of the philadelphia museum of art
  • hanging around by LOVE park
  • getting lost in chinatown and crying
  • getting drunk at a wawa and almost having the cops called on him
  • rocky statue / steps
  • for some reason the nhl draft chooses fuckin’ philly to do their thing & charlie gets whisked away by really wild eagles fans 
  • charlie watching a flyers game and he wants to throw flaming shit @ giroux but wants to kiss voracek

Me when I see a fairy circle: oh no 👀👀👀 I’d better not sleep in this fairy circle 👀👀👀 and be whisked away 👀👀👀 to the land of the fairies 👀👀👀 where I will be wed to the fairy queen and never be able to return to this mortal land 👀👀👀

Your parents promised their first born to a witch for some kind of magical favor, but instead of whisking you away she just sort of visited like a really weird aunt.

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tell me more about half dead sidewalk cat

it’s this man!! this handsome boy!

about 10 yrs ago, my sister found a starving matted lump of cat on the sidewalk. he had no front claws, & was EXCESSIVELY friendly

my personal theory is that Marmaduke was taken away from his mother/littermates far too early, because he doesn’t understand cat body language at all but he communicates with human fluently. like, he understands that staring deep into our eyes & rapidly approaching (something that reads as “OH GOD, THIS MAN IS ATTACKING?” to other cats) is the best way to grab our attention

in any case, his ungodly stare/ deep purr/ zombie-appearance was enough to convince my sister to carry him home. my dad doesn’t like cats, but he’s also a gigantic softie, and because this skin-and-bone cat began puking everywhere when given food, my dad decided that shelters would immediately euthanize him & that we just HAD to adopt him

a decade later, Marmaduke has turned into an arthritic old man with intense thyroid issues, but he still has that horrible stare + purr combo down pat

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Haruka's Top 10 outfits! It's a mighty need!!!


10. Almost a normal shirt, but using Velcro instead of buttons

9.Potentially reversible trenchcoat?

8. Aviator goggles, you know, just in case someone needs to get whisked away on a helicopter or something

7. I knew a theatre kid in high school who wore this exact ensemble to prom

6. Red Power Ranger

5. A denim vest that understands anger

4. Just some normal grocery shopping clothes

3. Blessed Outfit

2. Blessed Outfit is in the wash, but spotted a similar jacket at Sears

1. One half of a god-tier butch/femme matching ensemble

My sweet love.

Lonely are the nights I lay awake
in a bed alone whisked away from the love I was suckling from your lips only hours ago.

Whisked so fast from your warm embrace,
enveloping my entirety (the same way your hot mouth wraps around my tongue).

What I’d give
to have you leaning above me,
propped up on your hands
with your body stretched across the mattress like a highway overpass.

With your dark eyes glimmering
like street lights on wet asphalt,
and your hair swinging in your face
like telephone wires.

You are an entire city.

The hum of your breath in your chest,
like subway trains ripping through the underground.
The rumble of your groan echoing from behind your ribs, shaking the grated sidewalks beneath my feet.

Your laughter,
like digital billboards and neon lights
flashing back and forth across the skyline.

Your cry like emergency sirens
fleeing through the streets.

And your beautiful mouth hanging open softly,
The stark contrast to the sandpaper grin rising from your stubbly chin.
Like a flower growing through cracks in the concrete, are your pink mouth and your chipped teeth.
(I always loved those flowers the most. Because despite the obstacles, they simply had to grow! They demanded to exist! Like a pure smile on a sad face.)

I want to crawl inside your body
and make a home there.
Leave my things strewn across the floor,
open the windows to let in the breeze,
And throw myself down onto the sofa with a content sigh.

I love you tirelessly.

They’re inseparable 

Merle’s wedding, like his marriage, was completely out of his control.

The ceremony was long and dull; the preacher read off prayers to Pan with complete precision and no charisma, the cake was stale, and most of the reception was spent shaking the hands of relatives he would never see again (all Hecuba’s relatives of course, there was a distinct lack of family on Merle’s side). He kept his chin up and his charm on as much as he could and the only thing that kept him going was the feeling that Hecuba was just as uncomfortable as he was.

Lucretia learned about Merle’s wedding from the information gatherers she had started to hire to check on the boys every now and then.

She hoped that the partnership would bring him some sense of peace.

Magnus’ wedding took over the entirety of Raven’s Roost.

The streets were brimming with people celebrating their heroes uniting in matrimony as they had united the town. Everywhere was filled with music, cheers and laughter. There were lines stretching through all of the Craftman’s Corridor as people tried to catch as glimpse of the gazebo where the happy couple were wed. The bride wore a yellow sundress and the groom almost seemed to burst out of his suit. They say that neither of them stopped smiling the whole day.

Lucretia heard about Magnus’ wedding from the local gossips before her spies could report back to her. It seemed that whole region of the sword coast was talking about it.

It made her heart sing to hear about his happiness.

Taako’s wedding was very much Taako’s wedding.

Kravitz had had some hand in the process but as long as he was actually married by the end of the day, he was content with whatever Taako planned. It was an extravaganza of light and sound, and hundreds of acquaintances, well-wishers and fans were invited to bask in the glory of their union. When he was tired of the admiration, Taako grabbed his husband and the handful of people he actually cared about and whisked them away for a feast made with his own two hands. The night was spent drinking, dancing and rejoicing until the sun came up.

Lucretia was told about Taako’s wedding from the people who had been invited, in hushed tones and over the myriad of photographs that had been taken. She knew why she had not been asked to go.

It killed her regardless.

(thinking about how luce never got to go to any of her family’s weddings)


“This is not my purpose.”

Okay but real talk- I’m all for adopt Adrien 2017, but we also need some Save Nooroo 2017. Because I guarantee you he is a sad sad little butterfly god. And I want him to be whisked away from Hawk Moth once all is said and done and given whatever the Kwami equivalent of a hug is because their heads are too big and arms too small- they probably can’t do hugs very well. But he’ll need some serious cuddles and healing time. Because how must it feel to be an ageless magic being who is capable of such good- reduced to a tool for evil. 

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: It is critical that you understand the interworkings of chickens.

Taurus: The truly holy is never decadent. Take that big hammer of yours and smite poverty.

Gemini: The cats are not your allies per se, but they do find your quest amusing and wont not help you.

Cancer: You have not yet recognized the patterns underlying the abstract art in your room. It will tell you where the treasure is.

Leo: The glasses will do more than correct your vision. They will also correct your spine, joints, digestion, cognition, and skin. 

Virgo: You need a better bag. We should all have a bag of cool and useful shit to carry places.

Libra: Peace can whisk you away for a weekend at the most unexpected times. Have hot chocolate and sweatpants at the ready.

Scorpio: When in doubt, roll with it. When not in doubt, overthrow it.

Ophiuchus: Explain things to people who are worth your time. Dont worry about the rest. Most of the time you’re just giving people a better reason to disprove of you.

Sagittarius: Who knew hell was so small? It can fit in a handbasket!

Capricorn: Three messages stacked on top of each other.

Aquarius: The steps are easy the journey is hard. Watch for bear traps.

Pisces: Your defenses are too strong.

Once Prompto became a Crownsguard it was like all doors to the Citadel had been opened to him, literally and figuratively. Where before he would wait for Noctis’ text to let him know he was on his way home from the latest fundraiser, now he too received an invitation. 

The first time had been a shock. 

Noctis didn’t even pause to ask if he had a suit, simply whisked him away to the royal tailor and by the end of the ordeal he felt the man at least owed him dinner. 

Noctis, Ignis and Gladio had been busy with the preparations all day so they had agreed to meet at Gala. Prompto had worked himself up into a panic by the time he got there but all of his concerns  about his appearance floated away when he met Noctis’ eyes from across the room and the Prince’s mouth had dropped open. 

He had actually gaped.

Like a fish. 

Prompto could see his mouth form a silent ‘wow’ before a touch to his shoulder drew his attention back to the conversation he had been immersed in before Prompto’s arrival. The Prince turned back to his guest but not before sneaking another glance in Prompto’s direction.

Ducking his head with a smile he pulled out his phone to see if he could locate either of his other friends. Okay, this wasn’t so bad.

room for two- jjk(m)

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summer in New York has never been so hot.

(m)-mature / 6.5k words / roomate!jungkook / happy reading !

reqs;  jungkook accidental roommate smut? u accidentally buy the same apartment (it happens in dramas often) (+)  Can I request switch!jungkook smut? Like he starts out submissive and then bOOM! He’s dominant af

Summer in New York had never been more depressing. Or hot. Every step outside seems to melt the flesh from your bones, every memory you had of him peeled another layer off your heart. It had been three months of pure hell and although the heat made the thought of being close to anyone impossibly unbearable, you’d give anything to hold him in your arms again. But he had cheated on you, left you, and the best thing to do was move on. Or at least try.

The weather forecast predicted a humid rain, clouds shrouding the ominous sky and a layer of mystery covering the roof of your new home. Or the new home you’d be sharing with four other people. This is supposed to be the city of new beginnings and independent lives. Where one can explore themselves through the city. But sadly, as a transferred college student, the only thing you could afford was a share house in the middle of Brooklyn.  

Sucking in a deep breath, you grunt while lugging your large suitcase and duffel up the short set of stairs, banging on the door somewhat gracefully with your elbow. Almost immediately, as if you’d been waited upon, the door unlatches and an older, thinner woman appears. Her skin is somewhere between tan and gold, wrinkle lines around her eyes and mouth. The hair atop her head is swirled into an artful bun, small wisps of white-gray hair escaping the masterpiece.

“Just on time,” her voice is sweet, slow, and welcoming, stepping aside and waving you in.

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dating CEO!sebastian...

  • okay ceo!seb would be the most hard working individual you’d ever met 
  • going from almost nothing to everything 
    • the man owns like three different homes in Manhattan and has multiple vacation homes in Europe 
    • and a 20 car garage no doubt
  • he’s always used to getting his way so when you interviewed for his secretary position you told him you don’t deal with bullshit 
  • unsurprisingly you didn’t get the job 
  • but what did surprise you was getting a phone call from Sebastian later that day 
    • “I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner with me?” all confident and suave 
    • “isn’t that a little unprofessional, Mr. Stan?” but there was so much sass in your voice he couldn’t resist (and neither could you let’s be real)
  • he’d take you out to this super fancy 7 star restaurant, being a complete  gentleman the entire time 
  • you were the first woman he’d taken out on a date that didn’t ask about his wealth 
  • you didn’t even think twice about paying for your half of the bill 
  • he was so awestruck when you did 
    • “can’t let you have all the control,” with a wink that would make his heart stop a beat as he stared at you with heart eyes
  •  you’d take it slow with him knowing it was risky to get involved with a man like him (you’ve heard things about his reputation) 
  • slowly but surely you’d be spending more and more time with each other
  • and it wouldn’t even be expensive dates 
    • just drive in theatres while you two pigged out with junk food 
    • although it’d be a little obvious as you two sat in the back of Sebastian’s giant Cadillac Escalade
  • that night was the first time you saw Seb dressed down 
    • grey sweatpants and a white tshirt 
    • you barely recognised him 
    • but oh boy did he look good 
  • making out in the back of the Escalade before one of his meetings very obviously leaving him with messy hair and an unbuttoned collar 
  • him being all flustered and ansty the entire meeting, not paying attention to anything anyone is saying 
    • bouncing his leg up and down and rubbing his palms over his thighs
  • he just wants to leave and be with you 
  • he finally realises he’s the boss and can just call the meeting over 
  • so he does 
  • and races out of his building, hops in his car and races down to his penthouse where you’re staying 
  • you’re not expecting him to be home for another hour so you’re just starting to work on dinner 
  • his chest is heaving from running up the stairs, lust filled eyes staring you down as he licks his bottom lip, smirking 
    • come here, princess” 
  • you’re dinner tbh
  • sex in the kitchen 
    • just taking you over the counter, you riding him on his expensive leather dining chairs, etc
  • post sex shower and there’s nothing dirty about it 
    • just soft relaxing touches as he washes your hair 
    • massaging your shoulders
    • wrapping you in the fluffiest towel after before dressing you in his sweatpants and shirt
  • “you look beautiful, darling,”
  • helping through stressful and hard times or when he’s had a bad day at work 
  • you’d know he’d have a troubling day when he acts nonchalant about the question of how was your day since he always shares everything 
  • you don’t pry though, you just give him a look that tells him you’re there for him 
    • he caves at the end of the night, crawling into bed and letting you hold him 
    • he just vents about everything and anything 
    • carding your fingers through his hair until he falls asleep 
  • him taking you to all his events
  • and always buying you a new (expensive) dress
    • “only the best for my girl”
  • he gets jealous when he sees one of his business partners making you laugh
  • so he straightens up, grabs two glasses of champagne and waltz over to you
  • hands you the glass of champagne and kisses of passionately before whisking you away 
    • “sebastian are you jealous?”
    • “what, no never, I’m not jealous,” with a nervous chuckle 
    • “you know I’m yours and no one else’s” 
    • ^^ those words calm him so much more than you can ever imagine 
  • he’s so used to girls just using him for the money 
  • and he knows you’re not like that but it gets difficult when he tries to spoil you a little 
  • but it’s never “””a little”””
    • “sebastian this is a whole car”
    • “SURPRISE” 
  • oh my god he’s so cute when waiting for you to finish getting ready for anything 
  • like he’ll be sitting on the edge of the bed, arms on his thigh, head resting on his palm as he’s staring the door down 
  • the second you come out he’ll jump to his feet 
    • “wow you’re so pretty baby,” effectively making you blush
  • it’s a highkey turn on to see him in his nicest suit as he’s concentrating on whatever needs his attention 
  • you’ll be resting in his office as he finishes up some paper work but you’re getting bored (and horny)
  • so you’re obviously gonna crawl onto his lap, something he welcomes every time 
  • grinding your hips onto his crotch and soon enough you’re riding his thigh in front of the floor to ceiling windows for all of Manhattan to see 
  • office sex but he doesn’t close the blinds 
  • leaving his office all flustered and it’s really obvious what just happened but he has the biggest smile on his face 
    • he still isn’t a good skier though 
    • and if he’s going down, you’re going down with him 
    • needless to say your bum feels quite bruised from sebastian pulling you down with him
  • sex in front of the fire place of the suite 
  • when it’s time for you both to move in together sebastian obviously wants to spoil the everliving fuck out of you 
  • but you reason with him to get a reasonably priced apartment 
  • because in reality do the two of you really need 13 bed and 7 bath????
  • him making you breakfast but burning it 
    • “let’s just go to a nice cafe instead,” and he agrees immediately 
  • wowowow he would just treat you so damn well 
Headlines - Peter Parker

request -  I LOVE YOU WRITINGS Can you PLEASE write a fic were peter takes his s/o on dates to the tops of buildings as spider man a lot to the point were people beging looking for spider-man girlfriend and pictures of them start showing up on websites and news broadcasts 

a/n - i’ve gotten multiple requests to write this kind of fic, and i hope it doesn’t disappoint and is a flop like me anyways don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like or follow! also peter looks like he’s listening to a pretty funky beat in the gif LMAOOOOO

The sun was setting over Queens after the clock struck seven in the evening. My back was pressed up against Peter’s chest, breathing in the view as he was holding me close by. His mask was in my lap as his chin rested on my shoulder, rocking me from side to side.

Sitting at the roof of a busy building in town was a bit of a risk, but somehow Peter and I were willing to make such an attempt. During times together like these, he would become so equipped and steady to grab him mask at any point and run off with me, keeping our affair a secret as best as he could.

I leaned back even more and look up at his face, only being able to see his cheeks. I chuckled as he looked down, pressing a kiss on my lips as a smile melted onto his face as well. Our hearts were both jumping from mile to mile until Peter broke the kiss, putting his mask on within a second.

“What happened?” I asked while he put my hood up.

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What if it was Lucien

What if it was Lucien, not Ianthe, who scattered those red rose petals for Feyre and Tamlin’s wedding? He couldn’t step between them. He couldn’t defy his High Lord.  

But maybe he could trigger Feyre enough to get her to do it for herself.

Lucien was the one who suffered alongside Feyre Under the Mountain. He would know what was wrong, why she wouldn’t paint anymore, why she’d flinch away from certain colors and avoid certain situations. He had watched her struggle to kill those Fae in the third trial.

So he scattered red across the white, and he stood there, his metal eye fixed on [her], while she silently begged for someone to rescue her. He wasn’t expectant, like Tamlin, gloating over his prize. Nor was he serene and imperious, like Ianthe. He could see her unraveling, and he was waiting for her to make her decision. Willing her to make a decision, to advocate for herself.

I mean, he probably didn’t expect her to be whisked away to the Night Court, but he knew she wasn’t happy. She’d made no secret of that, but she also wasn’t really seeing anyone else… She’d withdrawn so deeply that the only people who knew how unhappy she was, were the people who were making her unhappy. 

But if she said NO in front of everyone, if she refused to marry Tamlin, surely they’d all have to respect it, right? There would be witnesses. Three hundred of them - Tamlin’s most valuable allies and highest-ranking underlings, I’m sure. If every one of them knew how Feyre felt, Tamlin would have to change. As Lucien himself pointed out, after Amarantha, they needed a united front. If Feyre declared herself, Tamlin would have to follow along, or else risk the loyalty of his people. 

He needed allies to help her, and to get allies, he needed her to help herself.

Not my Jacket - Part 1 - S.P

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Part I , Part II , Part III , Part IV , Part V

The red headed boy run into Southside high. Ghoulies looked at him oddly and serpents glared at him.

“Archie? What the hell are you doing here?” Jughead quizzed him.

“It’s Mayor McCoy! She’s rounding up all the serpents. You gotta go jug!”

“Oi!” Sweet Pea walked up to the red headed boy, pushing him slightly, “What are you doing here.

“You have to g-”

Archie couldn’t finished what he started. For the mayor, trailed by cops, started walking into the school. First they got fangs, securing him in handcuffs. They ran after Toni, slamming her into the ground.

“Fuck” Sweet peas eyes wondered around. “Fuck, fuck wheres y/n?”

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the oreo bribe

summary: You leave Bucky with your son while you’re on a trip. || ALL THE FLUFF || dad!bucky x reader

warnings: overwhelming cuteness

note: This is my apology for hurting you all with Red Wedding. Anna isn’t born in this one, neither is Rebecca, but Anna is on the way. I don’t know how intelligent two-year-old are, I’m just basing this on how my nephews were at this age.They were surprisingly well at communicating.

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