whishaw though

i’m….bond was gone…and q just kept rebuilding the aston martin for him…even though he had no reason to…and then when bond came back he just fuckin…gave it to him and let him go…with this sad little resigned smile…binch…he’s in love…

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Out of curiosity - who’s your dream Richard II? And Bolingbroke?

I did an all female dream cast ages ago and I stand by it. I think Tatiana Maslany would be a BOMB Richard against Hayley Atwell as Bolingbroke. But I’d also LOOOOVE to see Ruth Negga’s Richard opposite Atwell or Tatiana Maslany opposite Samira Wiley as Bolingbroke. If I’m being forced to choose a dude, I though Ben Whishaw was pretty perfect. After seeing Oscar Isaac as Hamlet, I want to see him play every single major Shakespeare role, so I’d love to see his Richard opposite someone like David Oyelowo or Andre Holland.