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across the gap of a thousand years. chapter two. (betty cooper/veronica lodge)
betty balked, skin paling, palms sweating. she opened her mouth to reply, to scoff, to anything, but nothing came out. instead, she stood there, open-shirt flapping over her bikini in the breeze. and all she could think to do to escape the girl’s gaze and her own panic was to turn the hose onto veronica. so she did.
By Organization for Transformative Works

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every nancy drew game from best to fuckin bad

here it is, finally, my ranked list of nancy drew games. it’s fucking huge, so it has been placed under a cut. if you manage to read the whole thing, I applaud you. if you like LIE and manage to read past my scathing review of that, I REALLY applaud you.

my reviews of the games are subjective, which is to say only some of these games I find objectively bad (some really do have poor structure & handle themes badly), but then we all play nancy drew games for different reasons. what I want out of games is good mystery story with solid story structure, high verisimilitude (realism), and creepy shit. you might like them for a good emotional content, you might hate the scary games, etc etc. I bother saying this so that everyone will know I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings with this; if we disagree on a game, we disagree because we have different needs/wants from these games. okay!

also, I missed a handful of games cause DAN was a mess and I abandoned them for a few years after that one. while I’ve seen walkthroughs of the games I’ve missed and am familiar w the stories & characters, I haven’t actually played them, so they’re missing from the review. those games would be: ICE, RAN, TRN, TOT, CRE, WAV. (maybe one or two more honestly idk rn)

with all that said, here’s a ranked review list of every nancy drew game I have ever played, starting with the worst:

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Written for @destieldrabblesdaily 30K fanfic contest. I struggled with this and honestly it still feels like something’s missing. 

Title: Scheherazade

Rating: G

Word count:  989

Read on AO3, if you prefer.

Several months after the fall, the three of them finally managed to find Metatron and reverse his spell. His grace was consumed in the process, but the relief he felt at restoring his brothers and sisters to their rightful place far outweighed any regret.

Sam left the bunker the week after, to live with Amelia, whom he had reconnected with after closing down hell. He had stayed till Cas’s mission was fulfilled, but that was the extent of his patience with a life that was long growing weary. Dean took his departure with surprisingly little fuss. Cas knew it was because of his deep fear for Sam’s health, which had never really recovered from the trials, despite Ezekiel healing him to the best of his ability.

This did not stop Dean from stomping down to the bunker’s laundry after Sam left, to do load after load of washing. Cas lingered by the door, listening to the whirr of the machine, unsure of whether to go in or leave Dean alone to cool off. A muffled sob from inside decided him, and he rapped on the door lightly before entering, giving Dean enough time to turn away and wipe his eyes. Dean was busily folding some sheets when he entered, his back a tense line as Cas approached.

“One of my favorite brothers was the angel Hamal,” he said, sitting on the floor, a little away from Dean.

Dean made a noncommittal noise.

“He had dominion of water. He’d care for fish and other water creatures. He’d also watch over children playing near water bodies,”


“People, especially the women of the village who would come down to the riverside to wash clothes or utensils, would pray to him and leave him little offerings to please him. He became something of their patron angel. He was very proud about that,”

Dean slowed down in his folding, but didn’t look at him.

“He was quite lost when washing machines and dishwashers became all-pervasive.”

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•title: cup side scribbles

•doodler: the talented 1-800-trashedphan

•beta: the great adorkable-phangirl

•warnings: none

•summary: based of this prompt “They mixed up our coffee orders but i accidentally took a sip and this is really good can i have it?”

This is my first time writing and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it with my lovely team.

   “Order for-” the rest of the baristas sentence was lost to the whirring of the espresso machine. The coffee shop was filled with groggy persons waiting for liquid energy to be delivered in cardboard cups. Despite the amount of people, it was relatively quiet except for the coffee machines whirrs and yawns of the customers. The loudest yawns came from a particular brunette leaning against the window looking as if he was struggling to stay awake as the morning rays reflected off his hair.

Text from: Mr.Bossy pants >:(

Daniel, you’re late. Again.

Sorry sir. Traffic is terrible will be there shortly.

This is the tenth time this month. You are replaceable in case you forgot.

“Fuck” Dan mumbled under his breath refraining from banging his head against the window. He couldn’t afford to lose his job right after dropping out of Uni, finding this job is a miracle considering his lack of experience.

He absentmindedly grabbed the drink that had just been set down on the counter taking a swig speeding to the door when he realized it was far too sweet and frothy to be his drink but he actually quite liked the taste of cinnamony vanilla that filled his mouth like childhood christmas at nans in a cup.

Dan felt someone tap on his shoulder and whipped around about to snap at someone for making him later than he was. When he turned around though, Dan became speechless looking straight at a man standing shyly as if afraid Dan might strike. He had sharp features and with eyes that could make the summer sky jealous all framed with a fringe the color that rivaled the darkest obsidian that made Dan’s heart leap. He stared before he acknowledged that his beautiful lips were saying something.

“You have my drink” the mystery man stated.

“What?”  Dan questioned curiously.

“My drink. You picked up my drink.” He repeated amused as he lifted the cup in his hand which displayed “Dan” scribbled on the side.

Dan looked down to the side of the cup in his hand and realized where his name should be a messily scrawled “Phil” was in its place. Dan looked at his watch and as he did so he realized he couldn’t waste another minute.

“Yeah well I already took a sip out of it. Have mine. I’m late,” Dan said edging away from the door already anticipating daydreaming about this interaction later. Phil also didn’t need to know that Dan just really wanted Phil’s drink and the black coffee Dan ordered seemed quite unappealing.

Phil chuckled instead of backing away at Dan’s snarkiness which caught Dan off guard. Phil took a sip of Dan’s drink and his face twisted into disgust.

“Good god what is this floor cleaner?” Dan laughed at that which made Phil’s smile light up even more challenging the sun that was rising higher and higher outside.

“What you can’t handle a little black coffee?” Dan teased.

“Sorry mate I’m not drinking this.”

“But your drink is just so good.” Dan replied childlike begging.

Phil looked at him in joke disbelief “so you want me to go back into that line to pay for my drink again wait for it to be made so that you don’t have to drink your coffee?”

“Pretty much” Dan nodded

Phil acted as if he was weighing his options. “You can have my coffee if you agreed to go out for drinks with me”

Dan looked shocked and lost all control of his mouth.

Phil started to apologize when Dan’s laughing cut him off. Dan replied, suddenly remembering how to move his jaw. “No-no it’s just I was. I’d love to.”

Although Dan had probably just kissed his job goodbye he couldn’t feel happier that alongside a stranger’s name on his cup seven digits had been jotted down with a small heart.

Yesterday’s Wounds (part 2)

Title: Yesterday’s Wounds (part 2)
Characters: Papyrus (main), Undyne, Alphys, Sans
Wordcount: 1727
Warnings: Medical Experimentation, Child Abandonment, Restraint
Summary: Many years ago, Papyrus was found in a dump. Now he is an adult who is about to find out a little more about his past when they find out the source of the barcode on his arm.
Notes: Baby Blaster AU + Rescue Dog!Papyrus, and of course Baby Blaster AU belongs to @Spacegate . And thank you all for the positive response, I’ll keep on doing my best for all of us!

Papyrus suddenly turned around and they heard him shout from the room over. “WOWIEE! TURNS OUT WE’RE MORE THAN FRIENDS! WE’RE BROTHERS! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A BROTHER!”    

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