whirly birds

While we’re all laughing and shaking our heads at Harry cutting a hole in an outfit worth about $5000 dollars (and that’s just the top half), Columbia is actually out there sinking some true moola moola into this and hoping (knowing) Harry will deliver. Let’s just look at him flying. 

For take off and landing shots they needed a small crane or lift, which has to come with a professional operator who hopefully has good insurance. For the actual flying, they needed a helicopter. But they couldn’t just do it with one helicopter, they had to have two, one for Harry to fly from and one to get the camera angles. Which means they also had to have better cameras because of distance and trajectory. In addition to two helicopters, they had to have two pilots, as well as a crew on the ground and a person or persons to supervise from the first helicopter to make sure Harry doesn’t fall to his death. This won’t be your average helicopter pilot and safety crew, though, these have to be people who specialize in stunts and dealing with crazy people who have a death wish. *cough* Harry *cough*. Also, since he’s thousands of feet in the air dangling from a helicopter, there’s no way for him to hear playback so they’d have to fit him with a high-tech earpiece that wouldn’t cut out in the wind. Another thing they would have to allow for due to the weather was time, and how long it might take and/or be delayed because of it. You can’t just buckle someone into a harness and signal the whirly-bird to take off either, they had to have some form of training exercise beforehand to make sure Harry was fully comfortable with was going to happen before they hauled everyone’s asses on-site to Scotland.  

This wasn’t a day production, this was an intensely thought out and strategically planned project built from the strong will to fly, and the even stronger will to kill me. 

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Bots finding out about human!reader being on their period? No worries if you don't wanna do it.

Mmmm good ask anon but I feel like that’s already been done well by other HC writers like @letsdiscussrobots for example (I think). Also idk what continuity you were thinking of BUT I’m totally up for a certain asshole birb having a learning moment in particular?

Warning: below the divide there will be a pretty graphic description of how cramps feel

You curl up further into yourself underneath your sheets, tucking your knees towards your chest for a few moments before turning onto your back and jerking them out straight below you. The pain was excruciating and you couldn’t figure out why this time. 

You remembered to drink copious amounts of water (albeit Ratchet forcing you rather than regulating it yourself), you had been cutting down on the sweets AND your recent assignments had you working out a lot more, and yet the cramps hadn’t become any more forgiving. On top of that there were apparently no space equivalents of Advil or Midol, and the heating packs Ratchet had in stock were all too large and way too hot for you to use.

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some short bits about them horses

Blackie and Gold Grit are both interested in crystals. Gold Grit likes to dig up and cut them, blackie likes to study the magic properties. They go gem hunting on hikes together

Flit and Whirly like to be loud and flap around together, sometimes at North’s annoyance. 

Cami and Mesquite like to do this thing where cami brings the hottest peppers he’s got, then mesquite tries to make them into dishes and they try to eat them without dying.

Blue and North both like the sound of rain, so they’ll gather up as much clouds as they can and let them rain down onto a pond or a tin roof. They recline on top of the clouds while listening

Gold Grit and Iron Forge both love silence, and just chill together in the same room doing their own things. Cami finds this boring, however, and flops around a bunch before leaving

Whirly likes to perch on Forge’s stiff mane, but she forgets he’s there sometimes and brushes him off on low doorways

Flit and Blue hate being yelled at, and will go to each other for comforting and understanding

North and Iron Forge can get testy when they dont get their own way, so they dont collab often, but they do like to bounce design ideas off each other

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whirly bird switching heights with his human s/o??


Whirl MTMTE 

He would just shake his head when the change happened, and say ‘well fuck’

He’d find it funny at first how big you were, but once you started carrying him around he’d get cranky 

He’d gain immense pleasure from sticking his head out of your shirt and saying ‘fight me’ to whoever asked where he was hiding all day 

‘I may be tiny, but my wrack is still better’