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The Fiery Land of the Cyclopes

Vergil, Aeneid 3.570-587

Note: Trinacria = Sicily.

There is a harbor, unmoved by the approach
Of the winds, and huge by itself; but beside it
Etna thunders with dreadful collapses, and
From time to time it shoots forth into the air
A dark cloud, smoking with pitch-black whirlwinds
And red-hot ashes; it lifts up globs of flame
And licks the stars.  At other times it belches forth
Crags and the mountain’s torn-away innards,
Raising them high, and in the breezes
It melds together melted rocks with a groan
As it seethes from its lowest depths.
The tale runs that by this mass the body
Of Enceladus, half-burned by lightning,
Is pressed; that vast Etna, placed atop him,
Breathes out flames from its ruptured furnaces;
And that, whenever he shifts from one
Weary side to another, all Trinacria trembles
With a rumble and veils the skies with smoke.
That night, sheltered by the woods, we endured
Terrible prodigies, and we could not see
What cause produced the noise.  For the fires
Of the stars were nowhere to be seen,
Nor was heaven bright with starlight; no,
Vapors filled the murky sky, and the
Dead of night held the moon fast in a cloud.

Portus ab accessu ventorum immotus et ingens
ipse: sed horrificis iuxta tonat Aetna ruinis,
interdumque atram prorumpit ad aethera nubem
turbine fumantem piceo et candente favilla,
attollitque globos flammarum et sidera lambit;
interdum scopulos avulsaque viscera montis
erigit eructans, liquefactaque saxa sub auras
cum gemitu glomerat fundoque exaestuat imo.
fama est Enceladi semustum fulmine corpus
urgeri mole hac, ingentemque insuper Aetnam
impositam ruptis flammam exspirare caminis,
et fessum quotiens mutet latus, intremere omnem
murmure Trinacriam et caelum subtexere fumo.
noctem illam tecti silvis immania monstra
perferimus, nec quae sonitum det causa videmus.
nam neque erant astrorum ignes nec lucidus aethra
siderea polus, obscuro sed nubila caelo,
et lunam in nimbo nox intempesta tenebat.

Volcano, Lionel Walden, ca. 1920

Just You

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: The Ministry reveals more anti-werewolf laws, and Remus needs your comfort more than ever

Warnings: A little bit of crying, one curse word,

A/N: We all need distracting from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Junior, so I reckoned some love from everyone’s favourite werewolf would do us some good. You’re all being so brave, I love you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not amazing

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Let me talk to you about Romeo x Juliet

This is one of the most underrated anime series I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter if you like anime, or if you like Romeo and Juliet for that matter. It’s just a damn good show and I’m about to tell you why.

Now, I’m just gonna get this out the way—it’s not at all faithful to the play. It takes a tragedy about two families whose feud costs them their children’s lives and turns it into an epic fantasy about star-crossed lovers caught up in a rebellion against an evil tyrant.

In this version, the Capulets are the rulers of Neo-Verona until Lord Montague stages a blood coup and seizes the throne. Fourteen years later he’s still searching for Juliet, the last surviving member of House Capulet, who’s being groomed to lead a rebellion against him by the Capulet retainers. Think Game of Thrones meets Anastasia.

In any other case, this would instantly suck out all the nuance and make it a boring, cliché good vs. evil affair. But somehow it only *adds* new dimensions to the story.

The change in the Capulet-Montague dynamic creates so much more conflict in the romance. Juliet feels immense pressure to avenge a family she was too young to remember, while grappling with the guilt of loving the son of their murderer, and Romeo has to come to terms with the fact his own father’s a monster who killed an innocent girl’s entire family. Their love isn’t just forbidden because their families don’t know how to let go of petty grudges, but because they should be trying to kill each other on sight.

And all of this is sandwiched between the politics and adventure of the Capulet rebellion and the rising tension in Neo-Verona under Montague’s oppressive rule, with a whole cast of other colourful, well-developed characters.

And while the plot takes a lot of liberties with the source material, it still remains true to the spirit of Shakespeare’s works.

Girls cross-dressing, leading to hilarious homo-erotic interactions with their love interests? Check.

Juliet disguises herself as a boy whilst in public to avoid being found by Montague. You’d swear Romeo was bisexual with how much sexual tension there is between him and “Oden.” Oh, and there are points where “he” is asked to dress as a girl, making this character a girl who dresses as a boy who dresses as a girl, giving it the same meta-humor Shakespeare’s comedies had in Elizabethan times.

Disguises? Check.

On top of having to pretend she’s a boy, Juliet also acts as the masked vigilante “The Red Whirlwind” whenever she sees justice needing served. Romeo has some pretty sweet chemistry with him too. So she’s a girl pretending to be a boy who pretends to be a man, and sometimes dresses as girl while pretending to be a boy. Got it.

Dramatic irony? Check.

This show probably loves taking advantage of what the audience already knows more than Good Ole’ Willie did. Sure, show us Juliet learning she’s the Capulet heir hours after meeting Romeo and then cut straight to his blissfully unaware ass reminiscing about her. It’s not like I have a heart or anything.

Characters having a mental breakdown due to guilt over atrocious acts? Check.

But I’m not spoiling that one.

Shakespeare himself being a character? Check.

“Willy” is wonderfully fourth-wall breaking, quoting his most famous lines and complaining about how no one appreciates his plays, while still managing to be relevant to the plot. I’m sure the real William would have approved.

Iambic pentameter? Check. The English dub uses Shakespearian verse whenever it can, even having certain characters speak only in rhyme.

Even names from other Shakespeare plays get recycled for nameless and original characters, including Portia (Romeo’s mother), Leontes (Prince Montague), Hermione (Romeo’s betrothed), and Ophelia (Resident Living Tree Nun).

Yes, this anime has a tree nun. I told you, it’s a fantasy.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, let me put it this way: this is the one version of Romeo and Juliet where you don’t already know how it’s gonna end. Come on, that’s pretty exciting.

What Happens In Vegas: Part 10

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here it is guys - the talk. I truly hope that I did it justice, and that you guys like it. The story isn’t over yet, so don’t fret! There are a few more parts and loose ends to tie up. Please let me know that you think. I love you all so much! ♥

Word Count: 1,572

- language (maybe?)

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

“No,” Nat said flatly, her hands on her hips, her eyes so narrowed they were hard to see on her face. She was glaring at Bucky. “Absolutely not.”

“Nat!” you exclaimed, widening your eyes at her. “What the hell?!

Silent conversation was exchanged between the two of you, as Bucky stood in the doorway awkwardly, waiting to be invited in.

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Summary: What could you do when all you had was a deck of cards and some clothes to get rid of? 

Characters: Jungkook x Reader (you)

Genre: hot, steamy, hardcore s-m-u-t (you love me yet?)

A/N: eheheh so i haven’t written a smut in 5ever and this is the continuation/development of this kinky little thing i wrote for @taehxyung once to rid her of her writer’s block. i hope its good lmao

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[warning: sexual goodness]

You have official developed a passionate hatred for high school reunions.

For starters, you had wasted a whole night sitting stiffly in the cheap plastic chairs of the cramped bar in which the event was held. The whole five hours you spent there only consisted of awkward smiles, sweaty handshakes, and pretending to actually to be able to match names with faces. Your cheeks had began to hurt an hour into the gathering, having kept your smile plastered on your face since the beginning.

Your boyfriend Jungkook had insisted on coming with you himself, yet the moment he entered the sketch looking location he immediately regretted even opening his mouth.

So when you stumbled into your shared apartment upon returning, the two of you made a beeline for the leather surface of the couch, collapsing on top of each other like a house of cards.

“Let’s not do that again.” you groaned.

“Oh yeah, for sure.” Jungkook slinged an arm over his eyes to shield them from the living room lights, the few shots he had downed for courtesy making his head groggy.

“Huh?” you raised an eyebrow as you reached into your purse for your cell phone, and your fingers came in contact with a sharp edge instead. “What the hell?”

A deck of playing cards materialized within your hands when you slipped them out of your bag, probably accidentally placed by one of your tipsy classmates. Jungkook, captivated by the sweet aroma of your perfume next to him, turned his head to place a soft kiss on your exposed jawline, sending a shiver down your spine. An idea, fueled by the alcohol and a random, sudden desire for the touch of his skin, sparked in your head.


“Hmm?” he mumbled, his lips now making their way to the corner of your lips.

“Wanna play a game?”


You removed yourself from his warmth, causing an objecting whine to escape his mouth, and dropped to your knees before the glass coffee table in front of the couch he was now sitting upright on. Unpacking the deck of cards from their casing, you slid them across the smooth surface, fanning them out in a perfect semicircle.

“Okay,” you said, inclining your body towards him, “pick a card. If it’s a spade, I’ll take off one piece of clothing, and if it’s a diamond, then you do the same.”

Jungkook peered at you through hooded eyes, attempting to disguise the lusty glint in his orbs but clearly failing. He was slightly ticked off that you had denied him of yourself just couple moments before, and he intended to make you pay, to make you regret your decisions.

“Deal.” he smirked.

You mirrored the sly expressions on his face. “Great. Now, draw a card.”

Reaching forward to obey your orders, Jungkook’s eyes twinkled hungrily as he glanced at the pattern stamped on the white card. The cocky demeanor continued, a smug grin crawling up to his lips as he flipped the card to display to you.

“Spade.” he slurred expectantly.

The corners of your mouth curled seductively. “Well…”

Jungkook’s gaze traced your fingers as you reached up, beginning to slip the black leather jacket you had chosen to sport off the curve of your shoulders, leaving the milky white skin exposed for his viewing pleasure.

“Beginner’s luck.” you scoffed playfully, “Do it again.”

He stayed unmoving until you had fully removed the thick material from your body, then his fingers flicked another card towards himself. You were delighted by the way he pursed his lips tightly together in frustration, predicting the outcome of the draw.

“Goddamn it!” Jungkook groaned as the face of the card showed you a prominent red diamond, and began unzipping the gray hoodie he had pulled on, then taking it off swiftly. You felt your heartbeat pick up pace at the sight of the thin white shirt clinging to his toned bone, flattering his firm abdomen, and swallowed slowly.

“Okay, again.”

Jungkook’s hand was already on top of the pile, and almost laughed out loud at the results.

“Fuck. Diamond.”

You watched in greedy satisfaction as he peeled the thin fabric away from his body also, letting your eyes explore every dip and curve of his muscles. A light sheen of perspiration glowed on his bare skin, making him look almost holy. “I like how this is going.”

Jungkook impatiently swiped another out of the now disarrayed rainbow of cards, and leaned back to discreetly view the graphic printed. Strangely, he cocked his head to the side, and shot you a questioning look. Flipping the card over to show you, you felt the butterflies in your stomach rage in a whirlwind as the red ink clearly showed a joker.

“What does this mean?”

You remained silent, refusing to answer his question. He watched as you stood wordlessly, flashing him a decent amount of your chest from the low dip of your dress, and slithered over to the couch he was sitting on, your lower lip caught between your teeth sensually.


You gave a light shove to his chest, and he immediately succumbed to your request, leaning back onto the couch, lips agape in a daze. He watched your towering figure shadow over him, and felt his pants become a bit more restricting in the crotch area as you lifted a leg to either side of his hips, straddling him.

You crawled up to his face, eyes dripping sexual tension, and you blew a small puff of air on a sensitive spot behind his ears. Jungkook groaned at the sensation, his mouth forming a perfect “o”. Seeing this opportunity, you locked your own lips onto the pink flesh, opened for your entrance.

He tasted exactly the way you anticipated, of hard liquor and his musky cologne that you loved so much. He dove in to explore your mouth, your tongues dancing together in a rhythmic pattern. Then you began to move against him.

The friction created by the fabrics of your clothing sent a strangled moan out of both your lips as you rocked against the rising bulge in his pants, and Jungkook’s hands flew up to your hips unconsciously, pushing you closer, harder onto himself. His hair fanned out beneath head as he leaned back into the leather of the couch.

The sight in front of you made wetness pool in between your legs, and you gnawed on your lips to keep quiet. The man that always showed so much dominance, both in your relationship and in the bedroom, was now a whimpering, vulnerable mess before you, and you felt on top of the world. You slid your fingers down his bare chest, past his defined abdomen, all the way down to the rim of his pants. Then you stopped, and Jungkook, who had been enjoying your feathery touch, growled in frustration.

“Be patient, baby.” you cooed, leaning over his face to stare into his dark orbs, which were cloudy with lust.

You slowly lowered yourself so that you were now facing his collarbones, and placed a butterfly kiss on the prominent bone. Jungkook writhed your touch, as it was there yet not quite satisfying, and clawed into your shoulder to beg for more contact. But you persisted with your torment, leading a whole trial of nearly nonexistent kisses and suckles down his torso, and once again pausing at where fabric met his bare skin. This time, you only stopped temporarily to slide off his pants and boxers, allowing his erection to spring out, standing in attention.

The tip glistened with precum, and you stuck your tongue to flick the glossy beads into your mouth. A throaty moan erupted from Jungkook’s mouth, and his fingers laced into your hair, forcing you closer. You continued your trail of kisses, from the base of his shaft back up to the top, causing Jungkook to arch his back to your lips.


“You like that?” you inquired teasingly, although his growls and moans had already answered you a long time ago.

“Just keep on doing that, please.”

His eyes shut in pleasure as you wrapped your mouth around him, the warmth and slickness having him pull against the roots of your hair. You sank lower, sucking and licking in all the right spots, until you felt the tip hit the back of your throat. Continuing to glide your lips up and down his length slowly, his moans echoed off the walls, guttural and almost animalistic. His hands put pressure against your skull, forcing you speed up, and you felt his member pulsate within your mouth, warning you that he was close. But you weren’t done with him yet.

You lifted your mouth away from his needy erection, a string of saliva connecting between your lips and the wet tip. Jungkook wanted to scream at the sudden lack of sensation, a deep growl bubbling from the base of his throat.

“You okay, baby?” You asked in feigned innocence, licking your lips arousingly, then flickering your eyes down to his member to rub small circles against the liquid coated tip.

He didn’t need to answer, as you were already moving on to your next objective to create some fun out of this night. You hitched the skirt of your dress up to your hips, but not taking it off to  give him a complete view of your body, and slipped out of your soaked panties. Jungkook’s gaze darkened as you placed your palms upon his chest and shifted your burning core to shadow over his member.

But he should’ve know that there was no way in hell you would let him receive the utter pleasure he wants. You lowered yourself onto him, but only slightly so that your folds came in contact with his member and nothing more. You rubbed your clit on his tip, the friction sending shocks throughout your body, and your leaking juices made the sensation nearly unbearable. But if there was one thing your were proud of, it was your self-control, and the knowledge of his lack thereof. You allowed your core to slid back and forth on his erection, never entering once, with hungry moans erupting from your mouth as you gripped his shoulders from the motion, and he thrusted his hips up in search for more of you.

You felt his urgency, and smiled subtly to yourself before lifting your heat away from him.

Jungkook glared at you through lust coated eyes, and you laughed as the words formed on his lips.

Fuck you.

“Why don’t you?”

That had done it. Jungkook has had enough of your taunting actions, and before you could react, he was sitting up from his sprawled position.

“That has to come off.” he mumbled to himself. You felt the cold air crawl up your skin, sending shivers down your spine, as he ripped the slinky dress off your body, leaving you exposed. To him.

In one motion, he had swept your naked self off the couch, and strode towards the bedroom at lightning speed, his steps powered by need and adrenaline. You clung tightly to his neck, especially when he kicked the wooden door to your bedroom shut, making it slam against the frame.

Your back was suddenly against the chilling wall, legs wrapped around his waist to that you could feel his member pulsating against your core, and he pressed his forehead to yours, gaze heated and determined. He pulled you flush against his chest, his body heat a bit higher than usual. Against your will, you gulped a little.

“Are you ready for revenge?”

Before you could nod your head yes, he had slammed his erect member within you, making you gasp out loud. You were electrified, from head to toe, from the inside out, and searched for something to hold on to, but was disappointed by the smooth satin finish of the bedroom walls. He pulled out, nearly completely, and slammed into you again, this time forcing both your heads back in sinful pleasure. You back slid against the wall with every movement, and you arched into his chest, increasing the sensation as he buried himself all the way to the base, meanwhile smashing your lips onto each other, muffling your groans and cries.

Then he collided into a spot within you that robbed your voice away, leaving you wide eyed and gasping as he hit that G-spot again and again. His name was repeated on your lips in a wispy sigh, and it was music to his ears as his own moans harmonized with yours. Pleasure and euphoria coursed through your veins, and you had to clamp down on your lips from being too noisy.  

“Moan for me.”

He didn’t have to tell you twice, as you were already disintegrated into a sweaty mess of lusty cries and clawing nails. He dove in for your neck, leaving small red love bites along your collarbones. The feeling of him driving into you, as well as his warm lips, made white spots erupt behind your eyelids.  

You guys continued like this for a deliciously long time, Jungkook pounding himself into you, filling you up until you screamed for more. Your fingers crawled the toned muscles of his back into his hair, intertwining them in his thick locks the way your moans blended with each other. Every time he slammed into you, you saw stars before your eyes, and his moans increased in both frequency and intensity.

“Oh god, please, Jungkook - fuck!”

Your walls clenched around his length, and you buried your face into his shoulders, but that in no way could mask the scream tearing from your throat. His name reverberated off the walls of the square bedroom, and you orgasmed with him still buried to hilt within you. He slowed from his previous frenzy tempo, and slid in and out gently to help you ride out your climax. But the sensation of your folds clamping around his own pulsing member was too much, and soon his rhythm grew erratic with his own high, releasing his warm seeds inside you.

He let you down from your position around his waist, and you slid carefully onto your shaky feet only to collapse to the carpet floors. He gripped your arm firmly before you could land on the ground, and let out a little chuckle.


You scowled tiredly at his amusement, “That’s all you got? Oops?”

He pulled you into a tight embrace before sliding his sweat slicked arms under your knees and placing you softly on amongst the sheets. He pulled the covers up to your heaving chest, and climbed in next to you. Exhaustion overwhelmed both your bodies and brains, and Jungkook whispered from besides your ear.

“Well, that might teach you before you start teasing me next time.”

You rolled your eyes from behind your heavy lids. “Fuck you.”

“Why don’t you?”

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Fire (S.Coups/Seungcheol x Irene Hogwarts AU Smut - Submitted)

Rated R for sexual situations

Pairing: S.Coups/Seungcheol x Irene (no reader) 

Author: Gryffindor Quidditch Smut Anon (likely Gryffindor Anon for short)

(A/N: so what was supposed to be a little cute thing turned into six and a half thousand words of fluff and filth. whoops~ I hope you feel better mama!!)

(Admin Note: Okay so to me this reads like if all of my harry potter ff.net favourites and my dirty coupsrene fantasies had a baby. it’s utterly fantastic. it’s probably better than anything i’ve ever written. and tbh all the fluff before the smut is my favourite part because it gives me a nostalgia boner for the harry potter fanfics of my preteenhood. and okay, i changed a little bit of the formatting to make it fit tumblr better, but other than that i didn’t have to edit shit, it was flawless. and this was supposed to be edited and up a couple of days ago when it was sent to me so i am so so sorry for depriving you all of this before now. i love it so much. also let it be noted that i affectionately nicknamed this anon because i don’t believe they gave themself a name, and yeah, i think that’s it? please enjoy this plotbunny nostalgia boner piece of flawless fic. warnings for smut and some potter references you might not understand if you haven’t read the books. -Tanisha<3)

Summary: They make a good team on the pitch. Both of them wonder if they’d be as good off of it, as well. Smut. Fluff. 

They make a good team, he thinks.

It’s not just the game, not just the whip of the wind and the feel of the Quaffle landing in his hands and the crack of her bat sending Bludgers every which way but his. It’s not just the fire and passion and fury in her when she’s on a broom, spreading through the team and igniting them like a match to tinder; not just the contrast between him, a calm and protective presence guarding the goalposts, always right where he needs to be to grab the Quaffle inches before it sinks through the hoop, and her, a whirlwind of red robes and dark hair, herding Bludgers and players alike around the pitch.

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Tauriel and Kili could never have known how that chilly night in January of 1941 would change their lives. From their first meeting, they knew the other was something special, but can the adoptive daughter of a wealthy Dutchman and the son of a miner really get their happily ever after? Or will war, family troubles, and distance tear their worlds apart? [A 1940s/WWII Kiliel AU. Pairings: Kiliel, TBD. Characters: Tauriel, Kili, Fili, Thorin Oakenshield, Dis, Bilbo Baggins, Legolas, Thranduil, others TBD.]

(This is not a fic, but rather a brief intro. I’m writing a fic at a later date)

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For RoyEd week Day 5: Crossover or alchemy 
| Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 |

“Gentlemen - Colonel. You will always remember this as the day you almost caught the Fullmetal Captain, Edward Elric.” 

Oh, that little shit, Roy thinks when a knife presses against his throat and warm lips graze his neck. The other soldiers are frozen into place, staring wide-eyed and horrified when the most infamous pirate on the Pacific Ocean slides a sharp blade against Roy Mustang’s neck and kisses his jaw. 

“Did you miss me, Roy?” 

Fuck. His name sounds like pure sin off Edward’s lips, and Roy struggles to breathe. The ocean sends a salty breeze over the haven’s dock, and Edward’s scent of ashes and gunpowder and metal has Roy shiver in his strong grip. He really grew up, damn it. It has been five years since Edward and him spiraled into a night of wild kisses, burning skin and soft moans, and Roy remembers every moment of it. Fucking hell

Edward Elric is like a hurricane on the open sea, thunder and lightning and salt water brushing Roy’s lips like a whispered promise in the storm’s howling voice. 

“Colonel!” Someone screams, weapons rise into the air, and Edward grins against his skin. “Don’t shoot, or I’ll ram my knife through your beloved Colonel’s pretty chest,” he says, but only Roy hears the words he purrs afterwards, mouth breathing hot and perfect against his ear. 

“Three days from now. Tortuga. Come if you’re not a fuckin’ coward. I’ll be waitin’ for you, darlin’.” 

And then a heavy hand of metal pulls him around, and the soldiers scream in panic when Edward Elric kisses their Colonel with a hand around his neck, knife against his throat, soft tongue licking over Roy’s mouth who can’t do anything but stare, blink, and wonder how he’d ever been able to tame the power of nature that is Edward Elric. 

He’s gone with the wind faster than Roy can react, and he barely manages to reach out and grab one of the soldier’s shoulders, holding onto it. “Don’t let him get away!” someone bellows, and they’re all storming past Roy and after the whirlwind of gold and red that vanishes in the haven’s busy crowd. “Catch Edward Elric!” 

“Captain,” Roy hears himself mumble before sinking to his knee and touching his lips. They’re still burning, hot and gorgeous from the man who’d kissed him like the sun itself. 

Captain Edward Elric.”

After watching ML Episode 22-Jackady with Subs









Better late than never?

Merry Pitchmas @casolia!! Sorry you didn’t get anything on the day itself, but I hope this little New Years fic makes up for it a bit. :)

“Where’s Jesse?” Chloe leans towards Beca but still has to keep her voice loud in order to be heard over the music. Beca catches her eye but only holds her gaze for a heartbeat before looking elsewhere with a shrug of her shoulders.

“We broke up!” Beca calls back, lifting her cup to her mouth. Before she gets the chance to sip from it though, Chloe’s hand shoots out, fingers curling around Beca’s shoulder and yanking her around until they’re face to face.

“What do you mean you broke up?!” Her bright blue eyes are wide and searching, and when the brunette only offers another shrug, Chloe actually stomps her foot. “Beca!” Twin pools of midnight roll with dramatic exasperation as she finally takes a drink.

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abi-how  asked:

39 and Michael?


There was no great catastrophe or accident that prompted it, but you were told to trust your body and you’d know if something was wrong.  And that’s exactly what happened. You were jolted awake from the little sleep your unborn child allowed you to have. For a split second you didn’t know why you were awake, you didn’t have to pee, you weren’t hungry, you were just awake. Suddenly your heart was filled with dread, a pain in your lower abdomen causing you to cry out and clutch your swollen stomach. Tears pricked your eyes as you tried to figure out what was happening, you were only thirty weeks pregnant and though this was your first child you knew this was wrong.

“M-michael,” you cried, nudging your husband. “Michael please wake up.” Hot tears fell down your cheeks as you tried to rouse him.

“S’wrong baby?” Michael mumbled sleepily.

“I don’t know,” you cried louder. “Michael wake up something is wrong with the baby!”

Michael practically sprung from the bed, a whirlwind of red hair, wide eyes and panicked ramblings as he hurried to get dressed and get you out the door. Michael’s hand rested on your back as he guided you to the car, murmuring comforting things in your ear, trying to stop your tears and hide his own panic. “It’s going to be okay, everything will be okay.” Michael spoke trying to comfort himself as much as you, he hoped everything would be okay with his soon to be daughter and his beautiful wife carrying her.


Hours later you were slowly making your way back to your bed with strict orders from the doctor not to move from it for the remainder of your pregnancy. You’d be lying if this whole thing didn’t absolutely terrify you and you were hell bent on making it through this, healthy baby in tow.

Michael gently settled you into the bed, watching over you like a hawk, your silence now almost scaring him as much as your frantic cries earlier. “Talk to me baby, are you okay?”

“I’m scared Michael,” you whispered. “I don’t want to lose this baby.”

Michael hugged you tight, smoothing down your hair as you cried against his shoulder. “Everything will be alright, we’ll make it through this. You’re so strong and you’re almost there, we’ll have our own baby girl soon and you’ll get to hold her in your arms.”

The rest of the night was spent in Michael’s arms, whispers shared about your hopes for the future. “I hope she’s as sweet as her daddy.”

“And I hope she’s as beautiful and as strong as her mommy.”

send me a number and a boy

She hates these processions. She hates the prep and how long everything takes. She hates waving at people and having to act like she’s important. Which, okay; she’s a Princess. But she didn’t ask to be and after seventeen years she’s getting really tired of people expecting her to behave like the prim and proper daughter of the King that she isn’t, never has been, and has no intention of being. Not in the way he wants her to be, not like her mother had been when he met her.

No, Beca was very much her own breed of Princess. One that preferred pants to petticoats but was only permitted to wear such masculine garb behind closed doors, lest people see and their perception of their future Queen be tarnished.

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