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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

A/N - Hoo boy, I’m nervous about posting this one XD OK, so - I happen to be a giant superhero geek, and as such, Superhero AUs are basically my crack. I’ve got a million of them in my head and they’re all pretty damn cliche, but I love them all the same. And this fic was inspired by one I randomly came up with one day after I had a) read a bunch of old-school Wonder Woman comics, and b) watched a FH video where Adam wore his glasses and a polo shirt and for some reason, I thought he looked like a hapless cynical reporter-dude. Be warned - this ain’t a serious fic, it’s goofy as all hell because I wanted it to be like an old 40′s comic book. Also, I just kinda love the idea of badass superheroines with non-powered dude love interests, so that informed a lot of this madness too. I hope that some of you folks out there can enjoy this and it’s not just my dumb, bizarre fantasy that only appeals to lil’ ol’ me.

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - Some violence (but no gore), guns, weapons, mentions of sex, use of the phrase ‘‘Golly gosh’‘, hapless handsome man with glasses

Word Count - 4, 712

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Presidential: 8

The first 100 days fly by, you’ve never been so busy in your life. Traveling across the country, talking at schools, working with teachers and other administrators. It’s been a whirlwind but a total blast. You’ve really gotten to know your team, Sam was funny, easy going and loyal. Thor looked like a hulking football player but he was sweet, kind of like a teddy bear. Bucky was a flirt, sarcastic and charming as hell. Steve was quiet, thoughtful and seemed to notice everything. He was always the first one there if you were feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Which, being a single woman around dozens of men, happened more often than you’d like. Then there was Quill. Your secretary whose name fit his job description perfectly, he was carefree and easy to talk to and wrote exceptional speeches.
“Thank you so much for coming First Lady Hill.”
“It’s a pleasure.” You tell the ambassador with a smile. Much to your team’s discomfort you’d had Jessica get a tour of different school set for you, you’d wanted to go abroad and one of the first places you had scheduled to go was the Middle East. Much to your security detail’s chagrin. They were on high alert, Steve has never been more than two feet from your side.
“Some of the locals aren’t exactly thrilled with you being here.”
“That’s not a big surprise.” You tell him and the guys shift uncomfortably.
“We’ve got some Marines on standby to escort you to the two schools.”
“Wonderful. What time?”
“Two hours.”
“Perfect. I’m just going to get changed and ready to go. I have a head scarf, should I wear it?”
“Yes.” The ambassador tells you with a small smile. “I’ll meet you out front in two hours.”
“Thank you Mr. Ambassador.” He nods and you and your crew head upstairs.
“This isn’t a good idea.” Steve says the second the door to your room closes, “These aren’t people we want to mess with.”
“Steve I can’t just let them win.”
“You’re risking your life. All of our lives.” He argues.
“You guys can stay here. I’ll go with the Marines.”
“Fat chance.” Bucky huffs, and the other three nod their agreement.
“I’m just saying, I don’t want any of you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. That includes you Peter, if you’re uncomfortable with this don’t feel like you have to come.”
“If one of your boys are willing to give me a gun I’m in.”
“Um, can we do that?” Thor asks looking over at Steve.
“I was military. Air Force.”
“I’m good with it. I want as many guns out there as possible.” He rubs his forehead and closes his eyes for a second. “Buck I want you up high. Covering our six.”
“Thor, you’ve got point, Sam left side, Quill right I’ll take flank. And you.” He rounds on you, “No arguments. You do as you’re told got it?”
“Yes dear.” You tell him pulling the headscarf over your hair and pinning it like the cultural specialist Kamala had taught you.
“Miss Hill.”
“I need you to take this seriously.”
“I am. I’m just trying to get you to relax for a second. We’re safe here in the embassy.”
“Honestly First Lady we’re not completely safe anywhere in this region.”

Since I complained Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 made me cry I didn’t have a chance to relay any other random thoughts. Probably because I am now going to be instantly wary of anything that does that to me.

Anyhow, stray thoughts Guardians of the Galaxy 2:

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What started out as a sketch became a collaborative project between me, the PS Art Room, smogon forums, and the fakemon creators over at /vp/, so the advice has been appreciated. It’s a frilled pinwheel lizard that evolves into a kite dragon. I considered making it dragon/flying in the beginning, but seeing how it could be made into grass with little to no effort, I went with that since that typing is much more rare. And as a small trivia, the swedish language has the same word for dragon and kite (drake), which is part of the reason why I wanted it to gain the dragon typing upon evolving.

Names comes from Pinwheel + Weed, and Reptile + Kite.

Notable moves: Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Air Slash, Acrobatics, Tailwind, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, Defog, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Swords Dance, Roost

capricornlady  asked:

Hi! I just want to ask for some tips and advise I could use to survive as I become the lowest kind of species in the hospital barely a week from now. Thank you so much in advance! God bless you! :) I hope residency works smoothly for you. :)

Alright, Here are: 

Dr. Dre’s Top 10 Tips for Excelling as a Third Year Medical Student

1. Be on time!

For Christ sake, be on time! Every time. It is the most simple thing you can do but that simple thing becomes excessively complicated when you sleep a MAXIMUM of 4 hours a night on your transplant surgery rotation. Set 10 alarms if you have to. Don’t let being late be something that shows up in your evaluation. 

2. Always say YES! (to the dress)

I don’t care if it is a rectal exam, abscess drainage, fecal disimpaction, SAY YES! Your goal should be to try at least everything once. You don’t know you don’t enjoy prostate exams until you have done 10 of them. “No” is not in your vocabulary during third year.

3. Read up on your patients.

I prefer UpToDate, which I unfortunately have no stock in. Each patient presents an opportunity for learning. Try to read in real time after you have seen the patient, if there isn’t time, read that night. Not only will it help with your shelf exams but also impress those you work with.

4. Act like the specialty you are on is the one you are going to go into.

You are on urology, pretend to be the next greatest urologist. You are on OB/GYN, you live and breathe OB/GYN. Getting into this mindset will: make you want to study more for that specialty, make residents and attendings want to show you more cool stuff and give you greater tasks, it will give you a true window into the specialty and if it is the right one for you.

5. Be upfront with your superiors “I want to do well on this rotation”

One of my best rotations, I started by telling the residents “Hey, I want to get honors on this rotation, let me know what I can do to get there.” Why be shy? What is wrong with wanting to do well. Let the residents know I wasn’t messing around. They challenged me and gave me constant feedback on my performance. Crushed it.

6. Let others know where you are going and when you will be back.

I hate hearing “Where is the medical student?” It is simple, tell the resident where you are going, how long you will be there and when you will be back. They can then tell you how to find the team when you return to prevent you aimlessly wandering the hospital halls. Or sending an annoying “Yo, where you all at?” page. I have heard from many colleagues who had evaluations read “Medical student was missing and unreliable.” Don’t let this be you.

7. If you don’t have enough to do help out with other residents patients.

On one of my easier rotations, I was so bored because my patients were not active. I wanted more to do. During rounds, I would listen to the “To Do’s” for the rest of our team’s patients and write them down. I would pick easy ones I could do quickly, Hey I can call speech language pathology for you, Oh I already looked at her urine bag, no blood.

8. Nurses can be your GREATEST asset.

Love them and respect them. They will really save your booty with your patients. They know more than you so listen to them!

9. NEVER EVER EVER ask if you can go home! 

This right is reserved for second semester 4th year medical students. instead, always ask “Is there anything else I can do for you?” I know I know, you want to get home, eat, study, sleep but this is the way it goes. Some residents are cognizant of your needs and let you go. they remember what it felt like to be in your shoes. Yet, some are just plain mean. Making me check a patient for hypocalcemia symptoms at 8pm at night!


Ok I don’t want to be cheesy but 3rd year is a whirlwind blast. THIS is what you have been waiting for, have been working towards. Patient care here you come. You get to pretty much play doctor. None of this sitting in lecture bullspit. People are going to start calling you doctor by accident and it is going to feel SO GOOD. Be a sponge and absorb as much as you can because everything is new and exciting. Relish these moments.

Fire Eater comes to a new town

There was a large crowd in the town square. It seemed a fair had come in the night before. There was jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, and even a strong man. But the tent was making a huge scene about something right now, the ringleader was bolstering up the crowd with tales of an ancient civilization that was able to control fire and even eat it. But with a showy wink the fireworks went off in different shades of red and pink than they shifted in mid air to the stage forming a whirlwind and a huge blast of fire shaped in flower petals burst into the crowd dissipating into the ground but were cold to the touch. As the light disappeared a girl appeared 

“Hello all!! I’m glad to see your shocked faces, its a pleasure to meet you all~”