whirlpool rapids

Longest words

These are some of the supposed longest words in different European languages:

Irish - “rianghrafadóireachta” - photography

French - “Anticonstitutionnellement” - unconstitutionally

Croatian - “Prijestolonasljednikovica” - wife of an heir to the throne

Greek - “ηλεκτροεγκεφαλογραφήματος” - of an electroencephalogram

Latvian - “Pretpulksteņrādītājvirziens” - counter-clockwise

English - “Antidisestablishmentarianism” - against the disestablishment of the Church of England

Swedish - “Realisationsvinstbeskattning” - capital gains tax

Czech - “Nejneobhospodařovávatelnějšímu” - to the least cultivable ones

Polish - “Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka the daughter of a man from Constantinople

Norwegian - “Menneskerettighetsorganisasjonene” - the human rights organisations 

Lithuanian - “Nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems” - people who no longer are able to pick up wood sorrels.

Ukranian - “Нікотинамідаденіндинуклеотидфосфат” - nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate

Serbian - “Семпаравиливичинаверсаламилитипиковски” - (this is actually the last name of a family from Yugoslavia)

Portuguese - “Pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiotico” - a disease caused by breathing in the dust from a volcano

Welsh - “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” - St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel near a Rapid Whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the Red Cave

Agglutinative languages. Things get even weirder here:

Estonian - “Sünnipäevanädalalõpupeopärastlõunaväsimus” - the tiredness one feels on the afternoon of the weekend birthday party

Dutch - “Hottentottententententoonstellingsterrein” - exhibition ground for Hottentot huts

Hungarian - “Eltöredezettségmentesítőtleníttethetetlenségtelenítőtlenkedhetnétek” - (apparently untranslatable) 

Finnish - “Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas” - (something to do with the Finnish Air Force. Hard to translate but impressively long)

Icelandic - “Vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúraútidyralyklakippuhringur” - key ring of the key chain of the outer door to the storage tool shed of the road workers on the Vaðlaheiði plateau (Icelandic isn’t even really an agglutinative language which makes this even more impressive)

Turkish - “Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine” - as though you are from those we may not be able to easily make a number of unsuccessful ones 

And then the longest word is, of course, German. It’s 79 letters long and almost impossible to use in context: 

German - “Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerk-bauunterbeamten­gesellschaft” - Association for subordinate officials of the head office management of the Danube steamboat electrical services. 

If you know any more impressively long words that I missed, please let me know so I can add them! 

Speak Your Language Day

So, I know this is non K-Pop related but since it’s speak your language day I thought I’d enlighten you all with the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. (It literally translates to: St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave)

Try and say it, I dare you 😉💚✨

Happy language day my friends!


♎ LIBRA //  An overgrown glade of flowers, bathed in early morning light. Roses flourish and blossom in any shade you can imagine. Any shade your heart desires. The air tastes sweet, like honey. Song birds sing with lungs like flutes, and butterfly wings tickle your cheeks. Buds unfurl upon your touch, with beads of nectar nestled neatly on every perfect petal. They all smell different and intoxicating. Vines twist over your toes and wistfully up your legs. The mist is sparkling and every eyelash is dusted in diamond dew drops. It seeps into every pore and you shimmer from the inside out. Your laughter makes the garden grow. Your breathing is even, your chest is light. You feel fresh and young and beautiful. Here; you are lovely.

♏ SCORPIO //  A solitary cave. A place born of magic; tucked away in a mysterious swamp. Empty echoes send a shiver up your spine. Hollow whispers reverberating off the walls resonate deep behind your ribs. It’s the sorrowful singing of ghosts. The cave is black – smooth, glassy obsidian. Glowing emerald stalactites cling to the ceiling. An eerie, green fog draws you deeper in. At the center of this dark cave is a raging whirlpool, the water rapid and frothing and pearly white. Fearlessly, you dip your hands in. The violent swirling subsides, and it begins to churn the colors of a nebula. It will show you anything you desire. The depths of the ocean and the most distant galaxies are now at your fingertips. Liquid starlight drips from above and splashes into your eyes. The emptiness seems full now. Your thirst for more is finally quenched. Here; you are satisfied.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  A vast, tropical canyon, carved into the Earth by cascading waterfalls and the slow passage of time. A drop so steep that it could be the very edge of the world. You kneel and look down. The walls are smooth like marble, and striped in layers of rich, copper rock. Thick clouds of steam billow up from below. All you can see through the jungle fog is faint flashes of color and light. It smells of fireworks. Drums are booming, beating the same rhythm that vibrates in your chest. Massive roots covered in moss and big yellow mushrooms creep up the sides of the trench. The fungi begin to glow when touched, as if to light the way down. An invitation to climb. Behind you is barren and desolate with nothing to offer. There is much adventure to be had. You begin the descent into the unknown, the untouched. A fire is burning in your bones. Here; you are inspired.

♑ CAPRICORN //  A snow capped peak, a rugged expanse of rocky terrain. Mountain tops crest the landscape like waves to the sea. The wind is howling, the path is harsh and treacherous and suffocating. The ground shakes and quakes and cracks. The mountain groans and threaten to collapse, threatens to crush everything under it. But at the top, there is quiet. You exhale all the suffering in a single breath. Wiping bloodied palms on your knees, you look out over a vibrant valley – just as the sun emerges to defeat the night. A golden promise bathes the lavender peaks in radiant light. The most beautiful sounds ricochet off every angled surface and ring perfectly in your ears. The once trembling earth stands still beneath your feet. The air is rich and calm, in sync with your steady breath. You are safe. You are strong. You are in control. This world now belongs to you, and you alone. Here; you are triumphant.

♒ AQUARIUS //  An arctic wasteland at the very top of the globe. The ground is nothing but crystalline ice. You do not need skates, you simply glide, and each breath enters the air in shimmering, prismatic puffs. The polar winds pull you in a dance unlike any other, creating new shapes and patterns in the snow. Your feet make ripples on the ice, as though it were still liquid. And when you finally skid to a halt, it is at a place between the heavens and Earth. As close as one can physically be to outer space. The northern lights coil around you and weave through your hair. You can see every star and celestial body. You reach up, dip your fingertips in the colors of the cosmos and paint an aurora on the icy canvas below. Iridescent greens and blues and purples mingling with hues completely beyond comprehension. Your touch makes this Earth a little more unearthly – a little more magnificent. You are changing this world. Here; you are ethereal.

♓ PISCES //  A secluded lagoon, an enchanted oasis. The sun has fallen, the sky is dusk. You followed a spirit to this place. The glistening waters of the calm pool are still saturated the colors of the peachy sunset. It smells of lavender and sage. Tall, broad foliage protects you from the world outside. The rocks are smoothed quartz, the grass is silken and spongy. Wild flowers tickle your toes and tiny glass dragonflies buzz about, nudging you to dive in. The ripples you make begin to sing. They sound like harps and wind chimes. You don’t need to hold your breath or close your eyes. Schools of glittering, silvery fish swim circles around you, leaving shells in your hair and scales on your skin. You swim back to the surface, where large lily pads surround and cover you like blankets. The fauna releases a sigh as your eyelids droop shut. This place was made for you to dream. Here; you are rested.


i love your writing so so so much so please can you do this alpha/beta/omega au where newt got into his heat and thomas (his alpha ofc) has to satisfied him?? (with rounds of sex cause yeah newt is horny as hell and he is in heat) till newt pass out and thomas freaking out cause he is worried as fuck and when newt woke up and laugh at him cause yeah newt is just tired and a lot of fluff?

Okay so I didn’t quite do every detail. I didn’t do the rounds of sex. I kinda put my own taste in and put in mama newt and how-

yea nevermind you’ll find out i’m not spoiling. I really hope you still like it. If you want me to do another for you, that’s fine. I understand :) 

Newt woke up to a small kiss being placed on the top of his head. He feels the blankets shuffle around and then feels the bed lifting showing that the other had gotten off. He keeps pretending to be asleep, but takes the chance of opening his eyes to see what his boyfriend was doing. He sees Thomas there leaning against the wall putting his shoes on. Newt barely held in a laugh when he notices just how clumsy Thomas was trying not to fall. He digs his face back into the pillow and spreads his body out taking advantage of the fact that Thomas was out of the bed.

He remembers the first time Thomas slept in his bed. He had spent two days trying to convince the brunet to stay in his hut. He hadn’t felt comfortable, and Newt didn’t blame him. Newt did have the only hut in the whole glade since there hadn’t been enough wood to make another one. Newt had thought the hut was going to be Alby’s, since he had been the first in the glade so he must be the oldest, but everyone insisted that he had it. They asserted that he was the real leader and he took care of everything, so he deserved the hut. The blonde almost yelled at all of them for adding that he was the ‘momma’ of the glade; they were all surprisingly serious though, so Newt was a little taken back by the nickname. Alby butted in too for more effect, and Newt finally took it.

Thomas had gotten a lot of shit when the gladers found out that Newt had asked for him to stay with him. They were pretty possessive and greedy with Newt, and they didn’t appreciate the fact that Thomas took all of the momma of the glade’s-as they put it-attention.

When Newt saw that Thomas was covered in mud from one of the gladers-Thomas refuses to say who-pushing him into it after his shower, he had been furious. He purposely told Thomas to take off his pants and then whisked him away to the makeshift bathtub they kept in the showering area. Nobody was thrilled to see that. That was when Thomas took the offer to move into his hut.

The blowjob definitely wasn’t part of the proposal, no way.

Newt hears a few gladers moving around outside and he finally decides to get up. They could be doing anything out there, and he needed to make sure they weren’t doing anything destructive.

He groans at the thought.

'Maybe I am the glade’s bloody mummy.’

He goes to move from the comfortable spot unwillingly, but immediately regrets it when he feels himself rock hard and his skin burning hot.

'No no no no. It’s not supposed to happen until next week.’

He whimpers as he moves out of the sheets. He looks down at the tent in his pants and he groans when he feels the familiar wetness from the back of them.

He yelps when he goes to stand up and his legs don’t support him. They felt like jelly and he was now on all fours on the ground. A rush of heat overwhelms his body from his stomach to his mind, and the need to be fucked developed all around him. He smells alphas around the hut and he cries at their proximity to him. His face was flushed and his arms were growing too weak to hold him up. His hole throbbed at the smell of the alphas.


His insides twist at the thought of his alpha fucking him deep and mercilessly. He wants to be bitten again and again; he wants to feel the pain and pleasure mixing together like a whirlpool in a rapid speed. His body collapses on the ground and he doesn’t even know when he put his hand in his pants, but he moans when he finally gives himself some bloody relief.

He moans his alpha’s name as the smell of alpha gets more intense, showing that they were getting closer. He moans Thomas’s name louder and louder wanting to ward them off and just get his Thomas out of that bloody maze and fuck and knot him. He yells his name in his mind knowing that Thomas would feel him needing him and get his shuck face over here.

He trembles and shakes when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He didn’t want anybody touching him but Thomas, and he knew he would give in to the touch any minute now if he doesn’t get here. He wasn’t going to let himself fall into the moment. He pushes the hand off of him, but another hand stubbornly comes back to touch his back. He arches into the hot touch involuntarily. 

Alpha alpha alpha..

“Hey get off him! He’s not yours, slinthead.”

“Get out the both of you. All of us in here is only making him worse.”

Newt was relieved to hear Alby intervene. His ears get clouded and he doesn’t hear any clear words anymore. He opens his heated eyes just in time to find Alby’s eyes glowing gold and his fangs were out, and he was growling at the other two around him.

Newt’s body tenses at the growl and he instinctively becomes frightened and bares his neck submissively. The little amount of his true self yelled at him for being so bloody submissive. He was not a normal omega. He was the one in charge and was the most important and authoritative figure in the whole glade. He hated the way his heats made him so compliant. Embarrassment grew like a rampage.

He suddenly hears cheers laced with a few growls outside the hut. His inner wolf coos and whines when he finally smells his alpha.

He senses him as he grows closer. Newt claws at the floorboards and he hears Alby bring the other two alphas out of the hut. He hears a few more growls, and then suddenly it goes quiet except for the piercing scream of his thoughts pounding in his mind. He can no longer take the fabric suffocating his burning body and takes them off. 

He howls when his body is being touched by the right hands. He opens his eyes to find Thomas there taking his shirt off and unzipping his pants. Newt surges up to smash their lips together hurriedly running his hands through Thomas’s hair. He groans when Thomas picks him up to put him on the bed. He drags Thomas on top of him wrapping his legs around his waist in the process. His neck is sucked, bitten, and licked as he pulls Thomas’s pants and briefs down his legs; he moans at the sight. 

He feels a finger prod at his hole and he humphs at the feeling because no he doesn’t need help there he’s already so bloody wet. He shocks Thomas when he yanks the finger away and then pushes the younger male to the side and hurries on top of him. He was guiding Thomas’s cock into him when a growl erupts in the air and he’s suddenly on his back yet again, but he sees anger in Thomas’s face when he looks up. Not true anger though. He just looked overpowering and dominant. The feeling of being dominated irked him because no Thomas is a submissive alpha; he does whatever he tells him to. That’s how it’s been. Everyone does what he tells them to.

“You look so hot like this Newt. You are practically begging for it,” Thomas hisses under his breath as he kisses along Newt’s jaw making the blonde whimper and bare his neck. Thomas grins like a cat. 

“You think you want to order me around and just take what you want, but no you are wrong. It’d be so much better if you just submit and let me do it all. It’d feel so much better and I’ll give you what you crave,” Thomas drawls as he guides himself in just enough to make Newt feel it. He caresses the blonde’s thighs bringing them around himself. He skims his tongue across Newt’s neck and he smiles when he sees the bite mark on the side of his omega’s neck. He tsks when he feels Newt grind his body down, and he goes up and captures his lips right when he thrusts in. 

Newt moans with a high pitch and takes gasps between thrusts when Thomas keeps going. He wasn’t used to this. He wasn’t used to not knowing what Thomas was going to and when he was going to do it. He did find himself slowly enjoying it though, loving how spontaneous the thrusts were and how many bites he was getting on his chest and neck. Thomas’s cock hit so many nerves leaving him sweating like mad. It went deeper and faster into him, and he has no idea what to do with his body. His body squirms as nerves are hit and lit on fire sparking him with pleasure. His wrists are now being held on both sides of him and okay yes he absolutely loves being dominated. He can so do this. He loves every bloody second of it. 

He loves the way Thomas holds him down. He loves the way he uses such force on him and manhandles him. He loves the way Thomas places kisses that range from rough to gentle; Thomas sometimes lets him have his tongue in kisses to his lips. He loves how much pleasure is running through his body just from one little touch from Thomas.

He’s so caught up in the moment that he doesn’t even realize his mind fading out, his whole body tingling, and his sudden sleepiness doesn’t even alarm him. The last thing that he remembers happening is when he comes with a jolt before going under. 


Newt wakes up excessively hot and hard. He grunts in frustration and then suddenly Thomas is on top of him with a worried, shock look on his face. 

“Newt! You’re up! Are you okay? You just passed out! Are you okay?” Thomas swarms him with questions every one getting asked louder and louder. Newt widens his eyes and shushes the distraught alpha trying to calm him down.

“Tommy I’m fine! What are you blabbering on about? What happened?” Thomas gasps.

“You shucking passed out Newt! You-um came and you just passed out!” he exclaims like it was the worst thing in the world. Newt can’t help from bursting out in laughter. Thomas furrows his eyebrows. 

“Why on earth are you laughing? It was scary!" 

"Tommy, I would think your ego would’ve ascended not trample down. You and your need to dominate made me feel so bloody good that I actually passed out,” Newt emphasizes with a smirk on his face. He winces when a shot of heat runs up his body showing that he really needed Thomas to calm down and fuck him again. 

Thomas had a stunned look on his face when Newt decides to just push him over and get on top of him. 

“Now I’m going to need you to fuck me again,” he ends with a moan when a shiver of need goes through him and he involuntarily grinds down on Thomas, who grunts at the action. Newt leans down to Thomas’s ear and blows a little bit of hot air on his earlobe making Thomas tense. 

“I’m also going to need you to go all dominant alpha on me again,” he purrs, and only a second goes by before he’s on his back again shaking and trembling in pleasure. 


hope you liked it :) 

Walter G, Campbell, and Stand in Dog, Niagara, New York, 1888.

On September 15th 1888 at approximately 3:20 p.m., nineteen year old Walter Campbell, with some friends and his pet dog, set out along the Niagara River in a small clinker built boat.

Campbell rowed to the old Maid of the Mist landing where he dropped his friends off.

Campbell was wearing bathing trunks and a cork life preserver while on the boat. After departing from his friends, he set out from shore with his dog onboard. Campbell had to stand to use an oar as a rudder, which would help guide his boat to the middle of the river.

Campbell was swept downstream by the swift current into the Whirlpool Rapids. Upon entering the ferocious white water rapids, his dog was thrown into the water ahead of the boat and Campbell lost the oar he was holding. He then crouched down into the boat and held onto the sides of the boat as it swayed wildly in the water.

The boat began to quickly fill with water as it was forced through the rapids. Suddenly the strength of the rapids smashed the boat into pieces and threw Campbell into the water.

Campbell’s only chance of getting out of the rapids, without getting struck by debris from the boat, was to attempt to swim against the current. With this unsuccessful attempt, Campbell was swiftly carried into the Whirlpool. Upon entering the Whirlpool area, Campbell was able to swim to the Canadian shoreline and was rescued within 20 minutes after his journey began.

Campbell’s pet dog died from drowning during the perilous journey. Following his journey, Campbell earned a thousand dollars for a four week appearance at the old Wonderland in Buffalo, New York.