Okay, so I happened to squeeze in another part yesterday. So here’s the recap

For the Wattson gym area, I caught a Joltik. For Route 117, I caught a Treecko, but that fainted during grinding before Wattson’s gym. Speaking of which, I defeated Wattson using my wienfoo spamming brick break. Next up was Flannery, I caught a Zubat, which later evolved into Golbat from Route 113 and a Venipede, which eventually became a Whirlpede for the Lavaridge gym area. Once again, I swept through the team, this time using Water pulse on my starter. Finally, for the Petalburg city gym area, I caught a Shuppet. So, here’s the team before part 3

Mienfoo Lv 29

Shuppet Lv 19

Whirlpede Lv 27

Golbat Lv 25

Swablu Lv 21

Wartortle Lv 27