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Best Friends Don’t…

As per @permanentcross’s request to continue an ask… let’s chat about Best Friend!Harry and y/n making out for the first time.

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You looked up from your phone, Harry’s voice breaking the comfortable silence the two of you seemed to routinely slip into.


He chuckled before continuing, “What makes someone a good kisser?”

A red blush crept up and over your cheekbones, the warmth feeling much like a neon sign was atop your head and pointing directly at you, emphasizing the fact that yes, you’d definitely thought of kissing Harry before but no, you’d never done it because best friends don’t do that.

“Um,” you combed a hand through your hair nervously, “What?”

“You heard me, yeah?” Harry’s eye narrowed playfully, lips pursed as he read your face, “I said, ‘what makes someone a good kisser?’”

When you didn’t answer right away, he waved his phone in his hand, “Came across an article all about snogging,” he laughed at that word, “Jus’ wondering what you thought of a few of these things.”

It wasn’t unusual for Harry to ask a seemingly uncomfortable question – the two of you were pretty open with each other – and he found it to be rather cute that you were so flustered.

“Well, like what?” you asked.

He looked down to the glowing screen in his hand, scrolled for a moment, then finally landed on a statement he found interesting: “Number nine, and I quote,” he smirked, “I love it when the person I’m making out with gently grabs the back of my head and kind of takes control of the direction of our heads.”

The blush that radiated on your face stood no chance against his words.

“It’s… yeah, it’s nice when someone does that,” your voice was timid and your heart beat in your ear nervously. It crossed your mind that he must have thought of kissing you, too, for him to bring this up now…

“Should we try it?”

His words ran a chill down your back, and suddenly your stomach was fluttering.

You simply nodded.

Harry patted the cushion of the couch next to him and you crawled over to him, surprised the two of you hadn’t already ended up this close.

You turned to look up at him, his eyes looking down at yours. The two of you hung there for just a moment, studying over each other’s faces. You’d been this close before, yes, but never with the premise of an article boasting kissing advice.

And next you knew, his lips were on yours.

You’d kissed guys before, made out a few times, but this was different. These lips belonged to Harry, your best friend. Each kiss was soft, no rush or lust behind them; they were spent trying to learn the way the others moved, felt, tasted.

Harry’s hand found its way up into your hair, holding your head not in a manner of dominance, but by means of care. Your mouths danced around each other’s, growing more and more comfortable with each other.

Harry pulled back for just a second, smiling of course, and brushed back a piece of hair that had come astray.

“Think number nine knew what they were talking about, yeah?”

You nodded, and picked up his phone from the couch, using your own thumb print to unlock it. Scrolling carefully, you scoured the page for another tip.

“Hm, what do you think about number sixteen?” you asked with a smirk and handed the phone over to Harry.

His eyes widened just a bit and he laughed, “Think they’re all on the same page here,” he pressed a single kiss to your jawbone, “let’s give it a whirl, hm?”


Don’t panic! We have beauty presents to wow them all.

If you’ve procrastinated on holiday shopping, Sephora has something for everyone on your list—from the It Girl to the Skincare Starlet. In addition, our golden gift packaging will make it look like you put in more work than you really did (but don’t worry, we’ll never tell). Below, we outline the best beauty gifts to pick up in one swoop, so you still have time for some figgy pudding.


The Natural Stunner

Luckily, a laid-back, nature-loving gal most likely won’t be bothered that you’ve procrastinated on her gift. But she probably won’t be as easygoing when it comes to seeing results from her skincare. On the eve of your gift exchange, rush over and pick up the Resurfacing Mask from Vermont-based Tata Harper. Because she can wear it to bed, it’s the perfect ’twas-the-night-before-Christmas mask. The morning of, she can wash her face with NUDE Skincare’s Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder (it’s filled with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, like açai berries and coconut oil) and reveal glowing skin on the big day.

The Skincare Starlet

She could win a spelling bee if the words were hyaluronic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and she can recite the benefits of retinol in her sleep. So, if you really want to impress this skincare expert, get her a doctor-designed present. Dr. Dennis Gross’s Universal Daily Peel Pads reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—and who doesn’t want to reverse time when it’s so close to the New Year? And while she has her skincare routine on lock, she may be neglecting the most sensitive area: the lips. Kaplan MD’s mask set includes one for your mouth that exfoliates and plumps, as well as a radiance-inducing face mask and essence.

The It Girl

An It Girl always has her eyes on the latest and greatest to hit the industry. She might seem like a hard person to shop for, but really, it’s all about tickling her inner discoverer. Our up-and-coming indie brands will do the trick. Luxurious Japanese line Tatcha has a Luminous Dewy Skin Mist that she can use to counter winter dryness in a single spritz. Another notable brand, Drunk Elephant, is winning awards for its top-notch skincare products, and its JuJu Bar reinvents the traditional bar soap since it’s infused with hydrating oils. 

The Gadget Go-Getter

This girl lives to press the “on” button, and we have a gift in mind that will definitely be her new daily pick-me-up. CLINIQUE’s Sonic System massages in sculpting creams to visually firm skin and boost radiance in one. That combined with the NuFACE LBD Mini Facial Toning Device (which promotes antiaging benefits) will turn her tech-savvy passion into a skincare superpower.

The Mane Maven

Have you ever seen her have a bad hair day? We doubt it. So, here’s a trio of gifts that will have her flipping out almost as much as she flips her hair. First, have her unwrap the Drybar Mudslide Nourishing Mask—it promotes strength and shine. Then, her mane will be ready for some styling. If she’s prone to change her ’do on the reg, T3’s Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand lets her change out the barrels for different types of coils—from Polished Curls to Loose Waves.


Monsters - Gulguthydra

The gulguthydra is a hybrid of the predatory hydra and the scavenging otyugh.

It’s known for its teeth, its appetite, and its sickening stench.

Each of the creature’s six heads has a mouth full of sword-sized teeth, whirling on a hydra-style neck, able to reach targets up to 20 feet off the ground.

A gulguthydra is six thousand pounds of ravenous hunger for anything organic, including plants and trees as well as halflings and humans. A gulguthydra moving through a forest grabs mobile prey with its two otyugh-style tentacles while chomping on trees and bushes with its six mouths, leaving a clear-cut trail of destruction in its wake.

The creature prefers soft organic matter such as meat to hard organic matter such as trees.

A foot-thick layer of greasy slime and excrement coats the gulguthydra and the ground beneath it.  When a gulguthydra moves, it slides along a cushion of its own hideous slime.

At least two gulguthydras that rampage through the Farsea Marsh are known to be surrounded by buzzing colonies of eyeball beholderkin. The beholderkin use their daze and ray of frost eye beams to capture elusive prey that the gulguthydra is normally too slow to catch. Meanwhile, creatures that sometimes prey upon the eyeballs want nothing to do with the gulguthydra.

The eyeballs catch scraps out of the air as the gulguthydra tears into its meals, or fish undigested scraps out of the gulguthydra’s leftover slime.

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