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Quick hoomanformer whirl doodle for inktober. c:

Monsters - Gulguthydra

The gulguthydra is a hybrid of the predatory hydra and the scavenging otyugh.

It’s known for its teeth, its appetite, and its sickening stench.

Each of the creature’s six heads has a mouth full of sword-sized teeth, whirling on a hydra-style neck, able to reach targets up to 20 feet off the ground.

A gulguthydra is six thousand pounds of ravenous hunger for anything organic, including plants and trees as well as halflings and humans. A gulguthydra moving through a forest grabs mobile prey with its two otyugh-style tentacles while chomping on trees and bushes with its six mouths, leaving a clear-cut trail of destruction in its wake.

The creature prefers soft organic matter such as meat to hard organic matter such as trees.

A foot-thick layer of greasy slime and excrement coats the gulguthydra and the ground beneath it.  When a gulguthydra moves, it slides along a cushion of its own hideous slime.

At least two gulguthydras that rampage through the Farsea Marsh are known to be surrounded by buzzing colonies of eyeball beholderkin. The beholderkin use their daze and ray of frost eye beams to capture elusive prey that the gulguthydra is normally too slow to catch. Meanwhile, creatures that sometimes prey upon the eyeballs want nothing to do with the gulguthydra.

The eyeballs catch scraps out of the air as the gulguthydra tears into its meals, or fish undigested scraps out of the gulguthydra’s leftover slime.