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Who's your favorite whire haired character?

Ah, so it seems someone has noticed my fondness for white hair. Hm, favorite character… Probably one of Yoko Taro’s ladies, though I can’t really decide which one.




Hmmm… tough choice, tough choice… Oh hold on, how could I be so blind? The obvious answer would be: …

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It’s not even like, no one should ever listen to or support Riz and other “problematic” celebrities. I think the criticism here specifically is that he is a South Asian entertainer who has very much benefited from being seen as a “Woke Bae” in the current media culture where your critical analysis of race, gender, and class translate to credibility and popularity. 

I have always been critical of his one dimensional work, specifically as it relates to Swet Shop Boys and how much of it reeks of the self serving activism that many cis straight brown men exude in these spaces. Much of his and other “woke” brown entertainers often view white supremacy existing within only male bodies and often lash out at critics who are WoC, many are black women. Heems, is an example of this, the other rapper of SSB who in response to a South Asian woman and a Black woman calling him out on the use of the n-word he lashed out at them online. 

Riz Ahmed as I wrote previously is a grown ass man who not only is intelligent and clearly understands that whire supremacy exists and why media narratives are important. He did not work with Lena Dunham unaware that of the criticisms of her and her show. I don’t think he cares. 


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