Finally to Action // Calling all Burners

Mike was starting to fall asleep again.  Every time he felt the temptation to nap during the day, he grew more and more frustrated.. He knew deep down his entire sleeping schedule had been shot to pieces because of his paranoia.

It didn’t stop him from shooting awake when he heard the alarms though.

“Wha… Bots?” He almost didn’t believe the hologram that had popped up in front of him at first: After the long stint of nothing to do, it felt sudden.  But it didn’t take him long to snap out of his stunned state, hopping up out of his seat.

This was amazing considering Julie was sitting next to him.  He literally hopped up onto the table and over the redhead, running towards Mutt as fast as his feet could take him.

“Guys come on, let’s move!  After how long it’s been, this attack could be a big one. We definitely need to get on it!”

He spotted Chuck on the way to his car, grabbing him by the forearm and dragging him away without even stopping.

“Come on Chuckles, let’s go!”


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Okay, all of the Burners (and honorary Burner :B) together! This is the original RP group and then of course I have to add Ketchup and Chuckles. |3 So here they are:

Dutch Gordy - whiptailheart

Chuckles - programmingpassenger

Mike ‘Mikey’ Chilton - motorcitymutt

Mike 'Ketchup’ Chilton - mikechilton-level44

Texas - gunchucktwister

Julie Kane - nineliveskane

Claire - claireofdeluxe

Tenny/Tennie - ME!

Jacob 'Gramps’ - myokramayonnaisemuffins

Chuckie - chucklesthevanquisher

whiptailheart replied to your post: “Oh my god, look at you!” She claps both her hands on the sides of his face. “It’s a wonder why they even keep you around. Cowardly, useless, defective….” She paused then shoved him away from her with even more force, hoping to knock him over. “Completely not worth my time.” She turned and walked off.

Oh man. He heard the crying, heard the taunting, and his instincts flared. He got in front of Roth defensively, glaring daggers at Scarlet. “Back. Off.”


He choked back his tears at he stared up at the familiar tall man in front of him. After gulping and blinking several times, he hastily stood up and clung to Dutch as tightly as he possibly could. He nuzzled his face into the man repeatedly, making sure that he was real and not some illusion or figment of his imagination. The tears returned again, but this time of relief and happiness.

"Dutch, I missed you… I’m so glad I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do and there was that mean person and I couldn’t say anything and I was just so lost but no you’re here you’re really here…”

Stir Crazy // Calling all Burners

The burner let out an exasperated sigh as he slumped in the seat of his car.  Another dry spell of not dealing with Kane, except it had been approaching a month as opposed to a couple of weeks.

He sighed, pressing a few buttons in front of him and sending out a message to anyone who would hear him.

“Hey guys, you got your ears on? Anyone up to anything they need help with?”

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“Hey there. Nice ride, man!" 

Khallas smiled as he greeted the other man. Khallas had gotten hopelessly lost. He was hopelessly lost in some weird… underground city thing. And internally he was trying his best to piece what was actually going on here. All he knew was that there were lots of awesome looking vehicles.

Tell us apart // whiptailheart

Mike had just come back from getting his cast removed, feeling like his own self again.  The doctors told him not to risk re-fracturing the wrist so soon after, especially after the situation where his cast got crushed, but he sort of threw that advice out the window as he did his usual stunts on the way home.

His wrist was stiff, but he was happy he could use it again.

Screeching to a halt in his parking spot inside of the garage, he hopped out.  Everything was slowly starting to return to normal, what with Julie and Dutch having finally been moved here.  The red-head was still bed ridden for the most part, but Dutch….

Ah, thinking about Dutch and his own injuries made him realize something, so he went searching.  Finding the male in his usual painting spot, he walked up confidently, leaning up against a nearby wall before looking over with a smile.

“Hey~ Dutch! How’s it going? How are your legs doing?”

((My deviantArt page. It has all of the information that I’m copy-pasta-ing here.

This is the first time I’ve attempted drawing the Motorcity/Gorillaz-esque style in a looong time. I would say I definitely improved.

But yes, this is my new babu… I love Tenny from Motorcity. She should REALLY get some more air time because omg my Dutch/Tenny Denny’s feels… explode everywhere.

I guess this is my interpretation of Tenny with her hair not all tied up. It’s kinda light and a bit messy, only because in my headcanon she kind of likes that easy-going sort of hairstyle. And it suits her more practical kind of tomboyish personality. Blushing here because she’s embarrassed that Dutch is seein’ her with her hair down. HEY IT’S MY HEADCANON OKAY.

Anyway yes, am I a part of the fandom now? 

External image

Tenny from Motorcity does not belong to me.

But this is my art so please do not use it without permission, thank you.))

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The young woman smiled serenely at the taller man. She was pretty pleased to see him. She waved to him with a plasma wrench in one hand, remembering to turn it off before doing so. “Hey Dutch. How’s it going?”

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Having been looking over the work, he hadn’t noticed the shorter girl until she got in front of him and tugged him down. Holyshithewaskissed! Dutch found himself blushing vividly, but he made no moves to pull away.


She made a small sound of surprise. She had expected him to pull away, but he hadn’t, and it made her blush visibly. The initial shock had made her tense, her shoulders nearly rising up to her ears, but after a bit she began to relax them. Truthfully, she didn’t want to pull away either, though since it was her first kiss she hoped it wasn’t too awkward. 

whiptailheart replied to your post: Just Checking Up // Burners RP

Oh! He almost forgot his comm was on. Glancing over and seeing where the signal originated from he grinned, ducking out of the studio to stand outside and chat. “Mike?”

The music had been paused in his headset and replaced instead of the audio from his comm, the loud volume causing him to jump a little.  It was worse considering that Mike actually didn’t expect ANYONE to pick up.  

But seeing a face pop up on the screen, finally seeing one of his Burners, he couldn’t help but smile back.  "Ey hey~ Dutch! How’s it going?“

And we turn the volume down….

((Because I love my girl Tenny I designed a sleek new ride for her. This is the Starshell, one of the bigger and bulkier Burner cars designed for support and off-roading missions. It’s modified from her daddy Bracket’s old Jeep. This is a WIP but it’s based off of an extreme off-roader Jeep Hurricane, with several modifications of course. Notable are:

  • Four Wheel Independent steering. Meaning she’s got a ZERO percent turning radius. She can spin on the spot, babes.
  • High endurance shocks and suspension, capable of traversing the toughest terrain.
  • TWO powerful HEMI engines, gotta get the big ole tank up them hills y'know
  • Seats 5 very comfortably
  • Retractable bullet and laser proof roof.
  • Two subordinate laser guns, one on each side.
  • A highly efficient technological device seeker built onto the hood; meaning it can scan the area and auto-target opponents quickly with infrared laser.
  • Annnnd a laser gatling gun, that is retractable and sits on the cage of the shell, where a person in the back seat can manually target the gun OR the gun can be set to auto.

Ayup. What do you think, Dutchy?))

[[Hi guys. Sorry for the inactivity. This is just a post to let you know I’m not dead, I’m just… struggling. But here, I got inspired by this post, and I just had to draw a little sketch of Human!Roth. I really love the headcanon posted in the description of the post. I think that I stayed pretty true to justchien’s rendition, just made it my style. Also added the mouth defects that are pretty minor since he is still a child. 

And honestly? I would just love to RP Human!Roth. Perhaps Babs-mun could do it, though, since I already have two blogs. But yes. I thought you’d guys like to see it.

Tenny out!]]