whippet puppies


Quick side comparison of 10 dog skulls. More comparisons to come later! 

Top: French Bulldog 

Row 1: Shih Tzu x Miniature Poodle mix, Chihuahua puppy, Whippet 

Row 2: Airedale (male), Siberian Husky (male), Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Row 3: Beagle (male), German Shepherd (female 1940s), German Shepherd (male, 2010s)

The Signs As Puppies (Requested)

ARIES: Jack Russell Terrier

TAURUS: Rottweiler

GEMINI: Whippet

CANCER: St. Bernard

LEO: Chow Chow

VIRGO: Yorkshire Terrier

LIBRA: Cocker Spaniel

SCORPIO: Doberman Pinscher


CAPRICORN: Siberian Husky

AQUARIUS: Great Dane

PISCES: West Highland Terrier

Logan Training Pupdate

Inspired by @colliepapillon and @herebelife!
Logan is currently 11 weeks old.


  • Sit from stand - on verbal cue
  • Down from sit - on verbal cue
  • Sit from down - on hand signal
  • Stand from sit - on hand signal
  • Stand from down, down from stand - following a lure
  • Sit-stay on platform - working on. current distance = 1 full step back, not adding duration yet.


  • Spin - added the verbal cue but still needing to prompt sometimes. He has also added his on twist on spin, where he jumps in the air before doing it lol
  • Nose to hand touch - verbal cue and hand signal. The boop now has pressure, next I will be looking for 1 second duration
  • Give paw (both paws) - still prompting with hand signal
  • Peekaboo - need to prompt him into position, but then he has fabulous duration. Still hand signal, no verbal
  • Cop-cop - prompted with a lure

Puppy Classes

  • Is barking at other puppies less. He is gaining confidence in the environment. I am also trying to build a positive association by lots of repetitions of: Logan notices other puppy -> is fed. Still not done introductions because he’s not ready.
  • His focus on me is awesome, and he absolutely loves to work.
  • We’ve been doing platform basics + sit-stay on the platform.
  • We’ve also been proofing sit and down around distractions.
  • We have done straight LLW, and going between cones, with random sits thrown in.
  • Between exercises, he is settling on his bed really well.
  • He is happy to be handled by me, and has been handled by somebody he doesn’t know at class too, wasn’t fussed. Handling is always followed by food.

Social Outings

  • Puppy class x3, we are also going to be doing a fortnightly obedience class alongside the socialisation classes to give him a variety of experiences.
  • Car rides on an almost daily basis. He has no issues with the car.
  • Dog friendly pubs x2, different pubs each time. Apart from the occasional boof at another dog, he is more than happy to settle down under the table, and loves the attention he gets from people
  • Park + cafe, saw many dogs and met a couple of dogs nicely, sat at the cafe and was passed around by people for cuddles - no issues. Saw traffic, crossed the road at traffic lights,
  • Local park, again, saw tons of dogs, met two of my friends dogs and spent time with them happily, has also seen kites, cyclists, joggers, groups of screaming children, people doing sports - not worried and not wanting to prey chase anything except footballs
  • Other park, met and walked with another friend’s dog just fine, and tried to initiate play. Saw lots of dogs, pushchairs, children etc.
  • Pet shop - saw traffic in the car park, in the shop saw livestock in glass pens and didn’t flip his shit, saw dogs and only barked if we came too close, saw children, saw dogs being groomed and heard all sorts of noises
  • Vets x2, was fine both times, I plan to take him again just for a trip
  • Primary school pickup x2 in my arms, planning next time to walk him on the floor

Dogs and Animals

  • Horses and sheep at a far distance - want to get closer with him
  • Cats on a few occasions, two times up close and he barks at first
  • Maggie the lab x collie - met 2x, both times was fine and wanted to play after being a bit worried at the start
  • Betsy the lab x collie - met 1x, barked from far away but comfortable when introduced
  • Max the rottie x GSD & Louie the cocker spaniel - met 1x, no issues
  • Lola the SBT - met 1x, no issues
  • Brief meetings include four miniature Schnauzers (all times they have come up to him on lead, which is scary for him, but he did very well and I fed him after the encounters), a pug, a Whippet puppy, a Labrador, and a spaniel of some kind. He has been a bit nervous a couple of times (especially when approached while he’s on lead), so I am his ‘protector’ and physically block the other dog if it’s too much
  • Has seen dozens & dozens of dogs from various distances while off lead. Not too scary anymore and he’s happy to focus on me


  • So many, I haven’t been keeping track /oops. He’s met dozens of people of a variety of ages & appearances so far, and it’s hard to take him out without people wanting to meet him. He loves people and is all wiggly.
  • Notable ones: kids playing football/basketball (he still wants to be getting it, an impulse control training issue rather than socialisation which is fine), kids on bikes and scooters, people pushing buggies, the vet and receptionists. Has met two babies (under control) and seen plenty of toddlers from far away.
  • To-do: people with walking sticks/walkers, in wheelchairs, wearing different hats etc, variety of ethnicities, people in different uniforms.

Working On

  • Reactivity to dogs - a.k.a “I bork at you”. I don’t anticipate this being a big issue, it is a nervousness/lack of confidence thing and with lots of exposure and positive experiences, he is getting braver
  • House training and chewing - under high management still, he’s a baby so I don’t expect this too soon


  • Happy to be left in the crate as long as it’s covered (if I can see you, I screm), but will cry if he needs the toilet
  • Has started going to the back door if he needs to go, knowing he gets foods for going in the garden
  • Has ridiculously good attention and focus for an 11 week old puppy. Joys of a working breed! He likes to stare at me, even in distracting environments, like “yes let me do a thing for the foods”. Wags his tail like crazy when he is rewarded + responds to verbal and tactile praise (Maya doesn’t give a shit about that stuff)
  • Is extremely environmentally sound - loud noises, moving things, etc don’t phase him. The breeder did a lot of work on this sort of thing which is good. He is happy to walk on lots of surfaces including bridges and drains
  • Will play tug with me in the class environment, as well as in a park environment
  • Will play with all toys and anything that is wiggled along the floor (good and bad, as this includes tissues for cleaning up piddles , and anything that moves… his prey threshold is very low so -BOOM I get it)