Quick side comparison of 10 dog skulls. More comparisons to come later! 

Top: French Bulldog 

Row 1: Shih Tzu x Miniature Poodle mix, Chihuahua puppy, Whippet 

Row 2: Airedale (male), Siberian Husky (male), Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Row 3: Beagle (male), German Shepherd (female 1940s), German Shepherd (male, 2010s)


my theory about brum is that he was sent to our planet for being too affectionate and now he must live among humans as punishment. he is constantly planning his escape to his home planet and takes any opportunity to return. 

an brumble has had enough of these an humans, he even tried to create his own army of small an brumbles to aid in his escape but they only aided in stealing an brumble’s gold. 

an brumble waits, an brumble bides his tiem @salty-sighthound @goblindogs @handsomedogs