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Dear “Mary Pratt”, you daft cow, @fromheretoeternity1121 and I are -not- shippers… we enjoy mingling -with- shippers on Tumblr. It just so happens that we also simply loathe dick whippers like your friend Mr Shanter and fucktarding troll minions like yourself. Please be sure to screencap this and tweet it so there isn’t confusion on that end. Then mind your business, eh? Thanks.

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I would donate a large sum to Sam and Cait's charity to see you and Eternity take on that alcoholic dick whipper and his fat friend along with their "mighty" army of fucktards and spies. Now THAT would get me through to September.

Hahaha! 😂 NO.

That’s exactly what they want. I learned long ago, the only way to make a chaos addict truly suffer is to remain silent and calm.

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fandom does not belong to just you young whipper-snappers. i'm 22 and i've been into the series since i was 9. i will die still loving these awful books. and you climb? you are a gem and a treasure. talented and patient. live fast, die answering ungrateful questions and making beautiful maps.

ajsklask live fast die answering ungrateful questions is my new motto thank u 

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The Lovers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Major Arcana Inspired Character Asks

The Lovers: Which of your character’s relationships has been the most positive? (Romantic or otherwise)

“You people are very interested in my love life, aren’t you? Very well, I will answer as honestly as I can.” The Matriarch inhaled deeply before letting the puff of air come out in a bit of a huff. She cleared her throat a bit before she finally spoke again. “I have not had many romantic relations in my life. Fleeting emotions and single nights of passion, maybe, but you are asking for my most positive relationship?” 

The tan skin of her cheeks darkened as she brought a hand up to cough into the palm of her hand, viridian eyes glancing away coyly. 

“The relationship I am in now is one that is wholly positive. My bed is warm and my heart is well taken care of. Even with all of the chaos and war going on in our world, I have been lucky enough to find someone who makes me feel like I am at home.. No matter where I go..” 

“Oh? Did you want a name? I am afraid that wasn’t specified in your question, mysterious stranger. Try again next time.” 

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Jason’s tired—this is not surprising to absolutely anyone who’s met him ever—in theory this isn’t much of a problem at the moment because his patrol is more or less over and he should be heading home. But he isn’t. Instead he is sitting on a roof with a teenage vigilante who might actually be in more need of adult supervision than Damian is. “Why do you always want to have serious conversations in the middle of the goddamn night? What’s wrong with small talk at a waking hour? Like two in the afternoon? About the weather?” Ignoring the part where no one in Gotham talked about the weather because it was always grey and dreary and cold, except for when Freeze was out of Arkham and it got really cold.

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As an older BTS fan (I guess not too old, I'm 23), I just wanted to tell you that I looooove the concept of Doctor Dreamy! It's a nice change from all the frat boy, college au's, this new series seems more relatable for people who are old whipper snappers like me haha. Keep up the good work!

thank you!! i’m really glad you feel that it’s relatable! i’m only 20, but i think about the future a lot, and especially the plans and goals that i want to accomplish before i’d ever be ready to settle down and have a kid, so i can also see myself relating to their situation one day when i’m older. but especially i relate to the entire dilemma they had at the breaking point of their relationship with their lives just not meeting up, which inevitably caused them to end things. even if you love someone, sometimes life just gets in the way, so i really also wanted that to come through in the fic ;;; but again, thank you! i’m glad you liked it, and thank you so much for sending this message in, it means a lot ;;;;