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emoji movie predictions

- message is ‘dont sell yourself out/be yourself’ despite being a quick cashgrab with no other purpose than to make money
- at least 1 eggplant emoji joke for some ‘adult humor’
- at least one ‘middle finger’ joke with the hand emoji for some ‘adult humor’
- girl emoji has a tragic past
- forced romance
- theres a wacky misunderstanding of the emoji the kid in the real world sent and the girl hates him for half the movie for no reason
- saying “HOLY _____” in reference to holy shit but instead replacing shit with something that rhymes
- lost of fart jokes despite them being emojis and not needing to fart. or shit. or literally ANYTHING a human has to do.
-girl emoji has a ‘liar revealed’ plot where she 1. has ulterior motives she lies about or 2. is working with the bad guys but has a change of heart
- after said liar reveal, guy emoji storms off and gets in trouble/is captured and she shows up last minute to save him + hand emoji
- girl emoji says ‘you made me learn to be myself’ to guy emoji
- girl and guy get interrupted when they’re about to kiss
- the guy emoji ‘sacrifices’ himself and then gets brought back and the movie REALLY WANTS YOU to BELIEVE they’re going to kill a fucking emoji
- hand emoji dabs or whips & nae naes at one point
- ends with everybody dancing
- girl and guy in real world get together despite the wacky misunderstandings
- end credits have 5 poop emoji jokes they showed in the trailer but saved them for the end

how to stay productive

i rly srsly have a problem with this especially after school ))): like im always on tumblr or something so i never get anything done rip

so im gonna try to practice what i preach from now on!!! lets get into it!

preparing for productivity

  • when you get home from school or work, give yourself a 20-50 minute break. lets be honest we all have those days when we try to jump right into doing whatever the heck you need to do right when you get home but after like 20 minutes you’re distracted and a mess and not getting any work done. the easy way to prevent this is to give yourself time to do all of that before you start your work so you’re not distracted later (give urself an hour if its been an especially long day). eat a snack, wash ur face tbh, whip your hair, idk what you crazy kids do but do it. srsly. just get it out of the way.
  • get everything ya need in one place. this is kinda a no-brainer especially since it’s all over tumblr. but srsly why get up every 5 minutes to get a pencil or something? just have it all in the first place. ez.
  • turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode. personally i like to pretend like im so determined and focused but every time i see the little t at the top of my phone im just gone. don’t let it distract you. if you need the internet, use your laptop/computer for less distractions.
  • set the mood. idk what you do, whether thats playing the moana soundtrack hanging up fairy lights, putting on your diffuser or playing rap music; idk man! do it.

actually doing the thing

  • alright so now u got ur fairy lights, ur mildliners, ur face washed, and ur apple juice (??? apple juice is lit???). now throw yourself into it. literally just force yourself to do it. don’t know how??? welll!!! not sure how to help you! (no im kidding don’t leave yet pls)
  • use the touch it once rule. this is a favorite of the studyblr community. it means that everything on your to-do list, everything you know you need to accomplish– start it. just tell yourself “i’ll only do 3 math problems” or “i’ll only work on this resume for 5 minutes”. they say the hardest part is always starting. chances are, that unfinished worksheet is going to really bother you and you’ll end up finishing it. if not, then just come back to later and touch it again and again until you finish it. tedious, but it works.
  • use the “two minute rule”. i got this one from @emmastudies! this rule means that if anything on your list takes 2 minutes or less to do (checking your emails, checking your tumblr inbox or something), do it. just get it done.
  • keep it balanced. do like one easy task and then one hard task so you’re getting everything done but not overwhelming yourself either.
  • break down your tasks. don’t just look at a giant task like “write a 3-page paper”. break it down into smaller subtasks like “plan paper. draft paper. edit paper. type and print paper.” its much less scary to look at.
  • visualize procrastination as a monster. i do NOT take credit for this one; i saw it in a masterpost somewhere so this isnt mine!!! but basically i read that you should look at procrastination as a scary opponent ready to eat you alive (and honestly it is). tackle it. don’t let it attack. be so scared of it that you don’t let it get anywhere near you.
  • honestly just do it and keep at it. stop letting procrastination kick your ass so that you can be productive and stay productive. the work is it’s own reward (:

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can you do some Hunk headcanons??? shit I love yours, so perfect <3

you know what else is perfect? hunk

  • shiro: “team this is a serious matter so no joking around” hunk: “or you’ll…….. punish us??”
  • hunk reminds lance of the ladies that work at the salon near his house
    • he’s just got that latina “honey, you would not believe what arturo told me about nina last week” hairdresser vibe
    • sometimes lance gets the feeling that hunk is gonna give him a trim
  • “…okay but has anyone else noticed that coran sparkles sometimes when he talks?? like is this an altean thing or”
  • hunk: “this is such a bad idea oh god please don’t do it” also hunk: [whips out phone to record the proceedings]
  • pidge never actually has to ask hunk for help when coding, he’s just nosy so he’ll pop in and give his opinions whether she wants them or not
  • allura: “hunk i need you to make a bomb” hunk: “uh i’m sorry what did i do to give you the impression that i can make a–…. yeah okay give me like 10 minutes”
  • hunk team ups (as described by lance)
    • with pidge: Nerd Squared
    • with keith: Ketchup and Mustard
    • with shiro: Swole Acceptance
    • with lance: The Best Team (”tbt is in position shiro” “okay codenames are officially banned from missions”)
  • keith, delirious with pain: “hunk you’re so nice, dude. you’re like… like an angel with no wings” hunk: “so like a person”

so I was talking with @gitwrecked about the Space Dad mentality and how rare it is that Shiro gets to have fun like the other Paladins do. A lot of fic and art either assume Shiro’s the responsible character, or leave him out completely while all the Paladins are having fun - and that’s always bugged me, a bit. Shiro so rarely gets a chance to play those games, or make mistakes, or be smol, or be taken care of in any way. In fandom, Shiro’s almost always the Responsible One, whether that’s in charge of the team, assisting with the team’s personal affairs/relationship woes Via the giving of Dad Advice, etc. etc. Even the mentality that back at the Garrison Shiro must’ve been tight-laced, Perfect, and Always Responsible is just…it doesn’t make sense, to me. Considering everything he’s been through, can’t our Shiro be allowed some fun?

Shiro would’ve been a COMPLETE troublemaker back at the Garrison. Hardworking and dedicated, sure, but once he proved himself and climbed up the ranks, so to speak? Kid could get away with ANYTHING. Nobody can keep a straight face quite like Shiro. Nobody knows why there’s always one particular flight-bike returned with just a bit less fuel than the others, nope, no sir. No, nobody knows how the doors to the hangars were left unlocked and a trio of cows slipped in last night. Nope, definitely not. Shirogane? Nope, definitely not involved. What kind of person would think that of Innocent, Responsible Shiro?

Shiro gets away with a lot of stuff like this. Matt only eggs him on, the little troublemaker. The two of them would make SUCH a pair, wreaking havoc, always messing things up, and the worst part is Iverson can NEVER PROVE IT. If Matt has even half the hacking skills of Pidge? Nothing would be safe. The rosters? Weird how Shiro and Matt are always in the same classes. Any type of list? Funny that the mess hall’s serving chocolate cake for dinner for the fourth night in a row, how odd. The simulators? 

Dear lord, the simulators.

Fake missions. Weird Easter Eggs left behind in mission logs, so the freshmen are running these simulations and that’s definitely a duck that just flew past us, sir, how is a duck faster than this ship? Weird loopholes, one set of canyons that definitely loops you back to the beginning just after you exit. Missions with heavy-loss scenarios that light up at the end with a huge message saying APRIL FOOL’S. Just messing with everyone.

Matt, deadpan, as the newbies running the simulation have to fly through a series of caves in a mountain that looks suspiciously like a nose (only access point is through the nostril): It’s my computer programming final, sir. 
Iverson, who didn’t check all the course syllabi: Shirogane, is this true?
Shiro, without batting an eye: Yes sir.]

In addition to the ability to lie their way out of every inquisition, Matt and Shiro are pretty clever at this. They don’t have to lie often because they don’t get caught. They’re extremely cautious, planning tricks weeks or months in advance, well worth taking the time to pull it off well and cover our tracks than it is to get caught and give up the whole game. (I’m not saying they were Weasleys of the Garrison, but.) 

I wonder if this is also one of the reasons Lance looks up to Shiro so much. Picture one night a very young and impressionable Lance sneaking out of his dorm after hours, trying to get a level up by gaining just one extra peek at the simulators (poor bab wants so badly to be fighter class), and in so doing caught the rarest of rare events: Shiro, sneaking out of the simulator programming room.

And Lance doesn’t mean to, but he stumbles right into a trashcan and makes a huge clatter and Shiro’s head whips up and the two of them just stare at each other. Lance’s heart is going a mile a minute, he’s going to get in trouble, that’s Takashi Shirogane, the straight-A Perfect Responsible Top Of His Class Pilot - 

Shiro draws breath. Lance winces, waiting for the reprimand.

“Can you keep a secret?” Shiro asks, and winks.

“Uh,” stutters Lance, floored.

And then the next day Lance is watching the simulator runs with his class, but for whatever reason the Simulator’s infected with some sort of weird bug. Anytime anyone fails at any part of the program the screen rains down confetti on them. Forgot to buckle your seatbelt? CONFETTI. Effed up that landing? CONFETTI. Turning to hurl into the main gearbox- 

“Shirogane,” Iverson growls, “Did you program this run?”

“Must be a glitch, sir,” Shiro says, completely straight-faced.

And Lance is a goner.

Medical MacGyverisms that Make My Nurse Brain Scream in Agony (But Inspire So Much Fic)

****Please for the love of your chosen deity this is for writing and educational purposes only- I know its tempting but do not try any of this at home!!!****

Medical ether and industrial ether are basically the same.

Medical oxygen and industrial oxygen are also basically the same (industrial oxygen for welding is actually more pure than medical oxygen, but this doesn’t matter much).

Most drugs are completely effective (>90% of expected active drug) for at least 5 years after their “expiration” dates provided they are kept in their original, unopened packaging. Some drugs are completely effective for decades if kept in controlled conditions.

According to one study, that fact includes EpiPens.

Speaking of EpiPens, they actually contain about 5x the amount of epinephrine they actually deliver. Here’s how to use the rest of it if necessary.

In patients who have never chronically used opioids, a combination of 1,000mg acetaminophen (tylenol, paracetamol) and 400mg ibuprofen (motrin, advil) every 6 hours have been shown to be equivalent to the standard starting dose of oxycodone/hydrocodone in treating acute musculoskeletal (breaks, strains, sprains, dislocations) pain.

Rotating these medications (giving the acetaminophen, waiting three hours, giving the ibuprofen, waiting 3 hours, giving the acetaminophen again, and so on) makes them more effective. This works pretty well any time you have more than 1 medication for the same thing.

Benadryl can be used as a local anesthetic if you can find (or make) a form of it that can be safely injected.

Nitrous oxide cartridges for artisan whipped cream dispensers (naturally found in an abandoned Starbucks in the aftermath of an apocalypse, or on Amazon) can provide up to 3 minutes of decent conscious anesthesia each (they need to be emptied into a whipped cream dispenser and given with 25-50% regular air or oxygen and breathed in order to work well).

Wound-wise, you don’t need saline or sterile water to clean an already dirty wound. If you would drink it, its safe for wound cleaning.

Speaking of that, you can make an irrigation syringe by poking a small hole in the top of a pop bottle filled with irrigation fluid (or tap water).

Many venoms can be at least partially degraded by soaking the bite site in very hot water.

You can make a spacer for an albuterol inhaler out of a 16oz pop bottle by cutting a hole in the bottom, placing the inhaler through it (with some space around it for air to get in), and breathing through the top.

A pressure cooker (stovetop or electronic) is basically just an autoclave re-purposed for food. Throw a shelf in there to sit over a small amount of water and you can quickly sterilize temperature/pressure resistant equipment like metal scalpels.

If you get the balance right, you can centrifuge something/blood with a hand drill by attaching a test tube to each side of the spinny part.

It seems counterintuitive because generally bacteria eat sugar, but raw honey works as well or better than most antibiotics when preventing/treating wound infection (the honey goes in the wound, btw, but eating it would still taste good).

Regular insulin does not actually need to be refrigerated unless its being stored for long periods. Even open, it will still last about a month at room temperature without significantly degrading.

IV is not the only form of rehydration. Oral rehydration is actually best, but you can infiltrate sterile IV fluids slowly into fat, or provide a very slow enema of tap water or even slightly brackish water that the body will absorb and utilize.

Smelling isopropyl alcohol or peppermint oil can help with nausea.

Fishing line is extremely similar to suture material. Dental floss is less so.

You could, theoretically, hook up as many as 4 people to the same ventilator as long as they all had relatively similar ventilation needs and they were all chemically paralyzed to the point where assist-control mode would be appropriate. Programmed tidal volume would be the total of all four patients.

You can re-locate a dislocated shoulder by having the person lay face down with the dislocated arm hanging off the side. Tie about 10-15lbs to it and let the weight slowly release the muscle and reduce the shoulder.

Most of these came from the book Improvised Medicine: Providing Care in Extreme Environments, By Kenneth V. Iserson.

Feel free to add any you’ve heard of!


Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)


The Other Shoe DVD Commentary: Colin was great with her. He has a toddler of his own at home so putting whipped cream on his nose and doing all the stuff that he’s doing there as he sits in Granny’s diner was stuff that he just came up with. Probably well rehearsed with his own kid. I can’t claim credit for the whipped cream but I seized upon it the minute Colin did that. He was stuck then doing whipped cream on the nose for multiple takes

things people forget about the outsiders

{synopsis} these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

{warnings} the truth

{pairing} none

{bullet count} 11

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?

You’re My World.

Originally posted by v-writings

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter gets hurt during a mission and the reader is there to help comfort him.

Word Count: 2,265 (I got carried away)

Warnings: Language, fight, blood, injuries, knives, hurting!Peter, comforting!Reader, fluffy fluff, sad stuff, so much cheesiness. (Let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: For the anon that requested this, here you are m'dear! I hope you like it! I’m shit at bad ass fight scenes (really everything), but I tried. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Walking into the conference room to discuss the mission a few hours ahead, the team is already seated.

Noticing a chair between Wanda and Peter, you sneakily take a seat.

“Nice of you to join us, Y/N” Tony points out, rolling his eyes.

“You bet, Stark.” You replied, saluting and smirking.

As he continued talking about the mission ahead, you drifted away in your thoughts.

This better be a quick mission…

HGTV ’s got new episodes of house hunters calling my name.

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Rekina, I can't sleep. tell me a story please?

Hmmm ok imma make something up on the spot.

Once upon a time there was a quiet girl named Joanne. Joanne didnt like to talk, not because she was shy, but because she was always watching, always listening. She observed everything, sometimes too much. But she did it for one reason. To learn the weaknesses of everyone, just in case she needed to tear their lives down around them.

So she stayed quiet, watchful, learning every nuance of the people around her.

One day a boy named Gary was picking on her. He was a jerk who had lived down the street for years, ever since they were children. They were almost 30 now and still, he was relentless. But as Gary approached, Joanne knew her time had come.

“Gary,” she said smoothly. “I hope your day has been well.” Her words were cool, lined with steel and venom; a lifetime of icey rage lacing every syllable. Gary was utterly oblivious.

“Yeah, guess you could say that,” he crowed proudly. “Bet your day was as horrible as your hair.”

Joanne grinned, a spider laying her trap. “Always so funny, Gary.” She slid her eyes to the blue Toyota idling in the drive way. It was Gary’s pride and joy, though Joanne had never been able to discern why. It was average, nothing special, but Gary adored it. It was his prized possession. So she knew exactly the four words to bring his day down. “she’s looking beat up.”

Gary whipped his gaze to his car, a frown tugging at his lips. “What’d'ya mean? She’s pretty as ever.”

Joanne pursed her lips and flicked her eye brows up, lifting her shoulder in a slight shrug as she said, “if you say so.” She turned on her heel and strode into her house, having planted the seeds of self doubt in his head. He was a narcissist and egotistical, But he valued peoples opinions too much. He would question everything in his life now. His job, his house. It wouldnt be long until he was a mess.

She gave it till the end of the week before he got fired from his job. Then he’d see how much his, cheating, horrible wife truly cared for him. Joanne had heard her, drunk at the bar, complaining about her husband. How she was at her wits end with him. How one more slip, and she was gone. Joanne hummed to herself and smiled. Now to watch her work play out.

And that’s all i have time for anon, as I have my actual book to get writing haha! Sleep tight!

Skyline {VII}

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Warnings: Language, panic attack

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! This is the last part of Skyline.  Like, for real this time.  I’m so sad to see it end, but I’m also so happy that it’s had such success, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.  You are all so so wonderful, and you have all my love.  As usual, I want to give a shout out to Zoe and Jen for reading my drafts and helping me edit and brainstorm, as well as encouraging me to write.  As for all of you, I hope you’ll forgive me for all the angst that I’ve hit you guys with (remember when Skyline was self-indulgent fluff lmao), and I really hope this makes up for it a bit.  In other news, tonight is the Spidereyhes Sleepover!!!!!!!!  All the info on the sleepover can be found here, as well as info about the livestream, which will start at 7pm PST.  I’ll post the link on here!! Zoe, Jen, and I will be discussing all kinds of things, answering questions, and talking about Skyline, so be sure to drop by!!! Also, if you have any questions about Skyline or anything else that you want answered, send it in!!!! It’s not too late yall.  Again, thank you so much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Skyline as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

skyline: a mixtape


{part i} {part ii} {part iii} {part iv} {part v}

Sitting up in your bed, you stared at the window, not sure of how to react to seeing Spider-Man’s masked face through the glass.  Throwing back your covers, you quietly walked over to the window, grabbing a hoodie that Peter had lent you as you passed your desk.  Sliding the glass panel up, you climbed out onto the metal fire escape, slipping on and zipping up Peter’s hoodie to protect you from the cold.

The superhero stood where he had first stood, the night he saved your life and blew up Vizzini’s all those months ago.  And there, to his right, were the flower pots that he had tripped over the first time he came back for you.  Those stairs were where you would sit and draw while he watched your fingers fly across the page, amazed at the pictures you created.  Behind him was the railing that you would lean against as you looked at the Queens skyline together.  This fire escape was your entire relationship condensed, the one location where you were allowed to be with each other.  If you used your imagination, you could almost see every single night playing out in front of your eyes.  Spider-Man, with a bendy straw underneath his mask.  Spider-Man, attempting to draw you in the moonlight.  Spider-Man, his hand on your waist and the other in your hair. Spider-Man.

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13.01 coda

YAY WE’RE BACK, EVERYONE!!! Did you miss me?? I missed you.

If you would like to be added to or taken off of the master tag list for the season 13 post-episode codas, please send me a message ASAP. Thanks, guys!

Anyway, this scene definitely should have been in the ep.

“Can he teleport?”


“The kid!” Dean snaps. “Does he have wings?”

Sam stutters out that he doesn’t know, and, right. How would he? Dean wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and it comes away bloody - his lip stings where he’s touched it.

He closes his eyes and takes a slow breath in through his nose. He’s trying his absolute hardest to keep it together, but his hands shake regardless.

“We can check along the main roads,” Sam placates, mistaking his silence for frustration. “We’ll be faster in the car than he is on foot, assuming he doesn’t fly, and he can’t have gotten far.”

Dean opens his eyes, but he doesn’t reply. He keeps his back to his brother.

“It’s going to be ok, Dean,” Sam says, only a few feet behind him now, and damn it if that just doesn’t break Dean’s heart all over again.

Soon enough he hears the dirt start to crunch under Sam’s shoes. He has to swerve around Dean to get to the passenger side, his usual post in times of crisis, but Dean lets out a sigh just as he gets his hand on the door.


Sam turns back to look at him, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Dean swallows. “I need you to help me with something first.”

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bad | 08

He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

Originally posted by shitjeon

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, mentions of smut, badboy!au, hints of angst

WORDS: 10 282

WARNINGS: mature language, sexual themes

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08coming soon ↠ 

A/N: I would apologize for taking so long, but I won’t :P hope you like some juicy drama. this part is a little different from the other ones, but it’s very necessary and important.

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Mutant!Losers Quick Silver!Richie

- He’s fast as fuck boiiii

- His hair is a dark grey colour

- He wears mainly grey and pink because grey is HIS colour and pink is bright so he can be seen better even when he’s being a fast boy

- He likes to steal stuff but he’s never gotten caught

- He steals Cigarettes for himself and Bev, she likes to dare him about how fast he can get them

- ‘I bet you can’t get them in four seconds’ ‘Bitch , I’ll get them in 3’

- He’s always late to class and everyone knows it’s in purpose because he could easily get there on time

- He’s actually super clever though and gets his work done super quickly so the teachers never give him detention

- He claims his powers come from drinking too many energy drinks but they don’t even work on him

- Sometimes when he kisses Eddie his actions are jerky and weirdly paced because when he’s happy he forgets to slow down but he knows Eddie can’t keep up so tries to be slower

- If he’s super excited he’ll run around to use his energy

- Eddie agreed to go to the school dance with him and he ran all over the school for five minutes (that’s a long time for Richie to be running and he covered a lot of ground)

- He thinks it’s hilarious to pick up the losers and run, slowly getting faster and scaring them

- ‘You’ll give me fucking whip lash, idiot, why do I even date you’

- When he’s doing stuff that doesn’t involve talking he goes at his normal pace, which means he’s just a blur

- Like if he’s getting himself a drink whilst they’re watching a movie he’ll be there and back in a few seconds, creating a slight gust of wind

- His parents always tell him he’s too annoying and fast so he kinda hates his powers and that his normal speed is just wayyyyy to fast for anyone to keep up with him

- He eats a lot of fast food but his body works so fast that he just doesn’t put on weight at all

There’s so much positivity from people who don’t even follow me on here because so much of what I say is agreeable on paper. Everyone says “I support victims of abuse” because you can’t say that you hate children or something. But the minute someone meets my parents or hears what my abuse was like or hears me say spanking is abuse or sees my grand piano they bought just for me they start criticizing me and telling I’m making things up or that’s not REALLY abuse. When you hear about me coughing blood and the “tickle game” and the poem my dad wrote about my conception and the being whipped with a belt and the getting locked in the basement you’ll say it’s bad but once you meet my parents you think they’re nice. I think that says a lot about how little people give a shit about child abuse.