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Request - Love you writings!! Can I request one for Chris Kreider and can it include kids??!!?? Thanks

Word Count: 1170
Team: New York Rangers
Warnings: None

I hope you enjoy this, I thought it was pretty cute! I didn’t really include anything to do with hockey, so I hope it’s okay. Hope you enjoy!

Also, sorry I sort of stopped posting every day like I initially did. This one took me longer to write because I was a little bitter about the Rangers beating out the Habs and then knocking them out of the playoffs, whoops. But here it is now!

“Who wants hot chocolate?” you asked the room. You were greeting with three ‘ME!’s, one of them coming from Chris. You smiled and shook your head as you stood up to head toward the kitchen. You knew you had basically married a child in an adult’s body, but ever since you two had your two children, he had become even more of a child. Honestly, you didn’t know it was even possible, but it happened. With a laugh, you walked into the kitchen and grabbed four mugs. You made the best homemade hot chocolate out there. As you grabbed a pot to put on the stove, you heard a squeal from your little boy.

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FEAR FOODS (to be updated)

- Chocolate (210kcal/ Hershey’s bar)

- Peanut butter (140kcal/ 2tbsp)

- Butter (102kcal/ 1tbsp)

- Nuts (varies)

- Bread (79kcal/ slice)

- Cheese (113kcal/ slice cheddar)

- Pasta (221kcal/ cup)

- Cake (350kcal/ avg. slice)

- Cookies (150kcal/ avg. cookie)

- Whipped cream (15kcal/ tbsp)

- Salad dressing (varies)

- Ice cream (200kcal/ avg. serving)


. whipped cream . by Kalcia
Via Flickr:
“Whipped Cream” Regency style dress outfit. Dress with train is made of soft ivory lace with lining, decorated with pearls and trim, fastened on the back with snaps, additional ribbon to tie around the waist. Golden necklace. Ivory lace decoration. Set: ☆ dress ☆ necklace ☆ lace decoration ☆ ribbon