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Hi Dr Ferox! Off the back of your post about breeds w bottlenecks mostly having issues, I'm very curious about the Shiba Inu! I've heard they were almost whiped out around one of the world wars, and then bred back from only three dogs? Do you see many issues with this breed? Q Tax: Came for the fantasy biology, stayed for the breed breakdowns! Overall, I'm learning a lot - Curious Anon.

Honestly Curious, I don’t see this breed often. There doesn’t seem to be many of them in Australia, but they are very pretty little dogs. Most of the individuals of this breed I’ve encountered have been puppies in the last twelve months, so most of them aren’t old enough for me to make meaningful statements about their health. I suspect they’re going to be an increasingly popular breed. But I will talk briefly about them anyway for you, after the usual disclaimer:

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

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The breed is relatively well known for Medial Patella Luxation. Efforts are underway to screen potential breeding dogs for this condition, and it can be improved surgically, but it is a common condition affecting young adult Shibas.

Shiba Inu, and other Japanese breeds, for some reason are particularly prone to oxidative damage to red blood cells. Their red blood cells are particularly vulnerable to toxins like onions, garlic and zinc which typically cause lysis of the red bloods cells. Sometimes this has no consequence for the dog, especially if it can avoid being poisoned in its life. This weakness can also occasionally result in pseudohyperkalemia on blood tests. Basically, the red blood cells passing through a needle into a collection tube can be so delicate that passing through the metal causes them to burst and release their contents. This doesn’t necessarily affect the dog, but can confuse a diagnosis, especially if Addison’s Disease is suspected. 

Entropion, the rolling in of an eyelid, occurs a little more commonly than average in this breed. It can be improved with surgery, but it’s important to select for breeding dogs that have neat eyelids. 

The breed also has a spattering of assorted genetic diseases that are relatively rare, including lysosomal storage diseases and an unknown reason why these dogs seem more prone to otherwise extremely rare chylothorax. Dogs of this breed also get a range of conditions that may or may not have a genetic component, including allergies, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, lymphoma and Addison’s. The breed is not common enough down here, and the individuals that are here are not yet old enough for me to have enough evidence as to whether I think they genuinely are more common or not. 

They are very pretty though, you have to admit. I expect they’ll become a lot more popular over the next decade or two, though whether that’s a benefit or detriment to the breed will remain to be seen. 

Letter to the Ankhs, Hoteps & Fake Deeps

Dear Ankhs, Hoteps & Fake Deeps,
Alkebulan is not the original true name of Africa. The name Africa was not given by the enemy to make us forget or destroy our history.
You should also know that Egypt is not the only country in Africa and with that being said, Africa is neither one country or one nation. Africa is a continent with 54 beautiful countries with over 2000+ languages, over 3000+ tribes and a huge amount of different cultures. Please respect the diversity of this vast continent. Also keep in mind that Egypt was not the only place in Africa where advanced ancient civilizations once existed or where Kings and Queens ruled. There is therefor no need to always and only mention or uplift Egypt because as you know or may not know, majority of the victims of the trans-atlantic slave trade came from the west & central parts of Africa so basically you’re most likely a descendant of African people who came from those areas.
Please do not spread false information about Africas history or cultures just because it screams pro-black and when you are called out for spreading misinformation on social media, do not block, delete comments. There is also no need to be rude. Just read your history correctly and always have sources to back up your facts to avoid such things.

Do not post pictures with captions like “A Black Queen should…” It is not your position to demand, command or advice women on how they should act. Your point of view or standards does not equal everybody elses.
Also, most of us black women are not like the women in the pictures you constantly post or repost. We are not all half naked, walking oil lamps with a tight curved body with gold painted on our butts and titties.
Please understand that the black female body is not yours to use for your sexist captions, memes, quotes, and misogynic thoughts and behaviour that you hide behind your so-called consciousness.

Homosexuality was not introduced to black people by the white man nor was it introduced to black people to whipe out the entire ‘race’. Babies are still being born within the black community so do not panic because maybe the only reason you did not realize that the black LGBT community is big might because you were not bothered to care that much before you became “woke”.

Respect other indigenous beings and their history, land and cultures! Just because the first of the human mankind appeared and came out of Africa does not mean that we are entitled to claim other groups, appropriate cultures and remake their history.

Every so-called unconscious black person are not coons, whitewashed, Uncle Toms, Massa’s puppet, house negroes or negropeans. The reason you call yourself woke is because you too were once at sleep, remember that.
So instead of spending your days online on social media bashing and insulting other black people for not being down with revolution or not being woke, try instead to understand what lies behind it.

Last but not least, demanding people to unite and build when you are most likely not doing the same is very hypocritical.

-Sincerely, tired black woman from the African continent.

Written on the wrist - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 18 (French Mistake/Soulmates AU) - The End

Title: Written on the wrist

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 8k

Warnings: None

Prompts: Your Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.” imagine is perfection!! Please please write a mini story or something based on it! It would be so good! P.S. You are one of the best writers whose stories I follow! :)

Im so glad requests are open! What about a readerxdean with French mistake reader whose soulmate is Dean?? Maybe soul mates have each other’s names on their arms so her name is on his arm and she enters the spn universe and he gets nervous because she doesn’t have his name on her arm since she’s from a different world?? I’ve never seen this done before so I think it might be nice to see! and your writing is amazing! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9 l Part 10 l Part 11 l Part 12 l Part 13 l Part 14 l Part 15 l Part 16 l Part 17

(Y/n), we need to talk.” he breathed out and you frowned.

Talk about what? I- I don’t understand.” your voice trembled.

No, don’t worry it’s just- There is something I need to get out of my chest and you- please listen to me, alright?” he pleaded with his eyes and holding back your fears you nodded your head.

Don’t be mad at me, please. There are just some things I- I need to tell you and this is the only moment I can.” he sighed, still seeing how cautious you were.

You swallowed down the lump in your throat “Alright, I promise.” you blinked “I said I would always be here for you.” you offered him a genuine small smile and he did the same. He let a small sigh and so he spoke, he said everything he’d been holding back.

It’s a beautiful place.” Dean mumbled taking a look out of the window, resting his weight on the wall. You hummed in agreement, rubbing your dog’s belly as he lay down on your bed.

Really homie.”

“It’s-” he sighed “-(Y/n) this place is… everything I could ask for.”

“Yes.” you pursed your lips “I very much got that, I am just struggling to understand the part where you say that no all of us are going back to the bunker after this.” you got up from the bed and looked at him defensively.

“No, no hey please calm down alright? Please just-” he placed his hands on your shoulders to hold you back but you shrugged them off.

“No, I will calm down when you explain to me what the heck you are trying to say.” you hissed, feeling the tears well up in your eyes.

His words could still echoe in your mind and as much as you didn’t want to fear the worst, you did. “Not all of us are going back to the bunker after this.” you clenched your fists and held back the tears.

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uprising event guide based on my experience w/ each hero

not that im an expert or smth but with uprising you can do fairly well even if you dont normally use a certain hero very much if move as a group and follow a few guidelines

•reinhardt- main priority should be blocking slicer lasers while torb+turret whipe them out. charge save earthshatter for bastions and just charge detonators and eradicators as far away as possible to buy time. make sure to block mercy/whoever as they revive anyone who falls as her ultimate should be saved for multiple deaths or reinhardt deaths because he can block as they revive manually

•tracer- use blinks liberally to stay out of nulltroopers line of fire. it takes a whole clip of ammo to body shot each one to death assuming you arent missing. like rein you should use your ultimate on bastions+ eradicators since youll have it often from constantly being on offense. also dont stray too far as you have the least health. the primary objective is defending the points and payload until the end so its best to stick together. when you are actively engaging enemies though remember to use your environment for cover between blink charges and recall if you near half health

• mercy- like torbjorn you should stay centered at the objective while the others stay nearby for healing. you should definitely focus on keeping reinhardt alive as he can defend you while manual reviving+ the payload. if things get hectic and reinhardt isnt dead save your rez for him unless youre taking fire from too many directions in which case let him die and revive him and whoever hes closest to if you cant get all 3. also focus on healing as torbjorns molten core damage output is mainly from his turret and if he headshots nulltroopers theyre gonna be one shot away from death anyway. if everyones at good health try to help take out slicers too but dont focus on it since you cant headshot them theyll take 10 shots to kill

•torbjorn- if reinhardt is properly shielding your turret youre free to take out any stray enemies but your turret and armor are definitely your focus. tracer and mercy will be positioned in places more susceptible to enemy fire so they need to be protected. for turret placement try to get a good exposed area near cover for you to repair it without dying cuz itll allow mercy to focus more on keeping reinhardt and tracer alive. for the payload defense portion id recommend the upstairs balcony above the payload rather than on top where the majority of enemy fire is focused. you can crouch and get as far back as possible while constantly hammering to keep your turret alive. in between waves make sure to collect scrap for armor as well. i think molten core should be used pretty often as itll recharge fast and its good for clearing out lots of enemies+bastions

Imagine Request - Cheating Ways

Anon:Kendall cheats on Y/N with Cara and Y/N leaves Kendall but goes back to her after.

I tried posting this last night but everything was bugging and it wasn’t showing up…

Good news is today is my 19th birthday Xx

TBH 2-2 will be coming after my birthday babes Xx

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Imagine you are part of an alien population thats civil, one day there is a huge natural disaster that whipes out more than half your population and now there is a repopulating movement. However your species comes as carriers that can be impregnated and donners that can be impregnated aswell as impregnate others except donners can only lay up to 3-6 eggs while you, a carrier can lay up 6-15 eggs. You are assigned 5 donners that are twice your size to lay their eggs. Eggs are size of coconuts.

the new episode killed our entire lovley fandom, just whiped us all out with tears and emotion outbreaks. i didn’t expect to see the twins face the portal soon. but it definetley blowed my mind when it happened. one of the most memorable scenes from this episode was when mabel chose stan over Dipper’s constant pleading to shut down the portal. this scene where she just lets go of the button’s holder and the portal spins in great speed behind her. it was so emotional and brought many tears to my eyes, i felt like i was going to lose breath there, it was impossible to finally watch this episode and accept it as an acuall, cannon, episode. 

anyways, Mabel was the key to sealing the fates of stan and his now cannon brother. i must say that they have done a great job in making us doubt the twin theory, however many of us still held on to it, almost the entier fandom really. i am deeply inlove with this masterpiece episode and im definetley ready for the next episode… sorta.. well not really im kind of dead inside. especially from the scene. “ i trust you” just … 

So I urr found thatjollyvaleriegirl.tumblr.com Reverse au! and I couldn’t help myself.

So Zoeya is a Mushroom mage whom must avenge her people after they where all whiped out in the great mushroom war. Hardened by war and sorrow, she mostly keeps to herself, but when she meets a bubbly, to-curious-for-their-own-good Rythian who is curious about magic, especially ender magic Zoeya finds her softer side and makes him her apprentice. Together they do magic and fight evil and stuff.
I’m terrible at making backstories shhhhh/

Guess who still has commissions open – THIS GUUUUYYYY. I’m off for the next two days which means plenty of time to whipe out images, lemme know if you’re interested!

This one was done for @vangoghtobed, she requested herself enjoying activities with Stan and Mabel; I got to choose the activity. SO CLEARLY FISHING WAS THE BEST CHOICE. Thanks again for the commission, and especially the artistic freedom with it!


(Italic are Jensen’s/Reader’s thoughts and feelings.)

“Oh but Dean, you know you’d never be able to hurt me.” a small knowing smile was on your lips as you cyrcled Dean.

Your heart thudded inside your chest as the minutes clocked by and you knew that the hardest moment of your life was about to come.

“You don’t have the strength to and quiet honestly-” you shrugged just slightly “-you know you don’t want to. You cannot bring yourself to hurt me.”

“And you think I’m just gonna let ya whipe out the entire freakin unverse because-” he stopped himself, a lump forming on his throat and preventing him from going on.

You stopped moving around him, just standing right in front of him and looking him fully in the eyes. You took a step.

Oh gosh you thought to yourself. You tried not to let it show, knowing that cameras were filming. This was just another scene. You tried to calm yourself and not let any of your feelings show. You simply should not.

“What?” you titled your head to the side, looking at him with a curious look “Afraid to say it? You are afrad to say it Dean?” you frowned.

You only did as the script said to.

Dean clenched his jaw and took in a deep breath, his chest puffing out just slightly. His eyes looked at you intesely. They were so green and in the light they looked so much better.

You felt your knees slightly shake, as if they were about to give away. You were so glad that the dress was so long, reaching down to the ground.

You took a steady step closer to him as the script said and he stayed put.

“Why?” you put on a sad tone in your voice “What did I ever do to you to deny this Dean?” you frowned deeply.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he wanted to be sarcastic, to play this off but he could not helpt the seriousness in his face and voice.

“Why? Because I am… the monster? The one that you are supposed to fight… to kill? Oh but Dean you don’t want to. You don’t want to kill me. And you know it. You may think you are set on doing that but- Do you really think you could harm me? You’d never want that. And you know why? Because you know that despite everything, all I want is peace. All I want is to restore balance, to eliminate not humanity but the pain they feel. The pain and suffering. I am not a monster Dean and you know it. But above all you cannot kill me because…” you laughed softly to yourself, shaking your head.

“You know why” you took the final steps closer to him, your body almost pressed close to his.

Your heart now hammered in your chest and it felt as if it was in sync with that of Jensen. A frown played for a second on your face but you quickly remmebered that you should not let anything show. Though, you could not help the thought of- Why was his heart beating just as fast as yours? Why did it have to? Jensen could not be feeling the same way, could he?

The answer was all too simple and obvious. Even if deep inside you you wanted to not believe it- you actually wanted to forget it. More specifically you wanted to forget who he was, what his life was because it only proved that… he could never be yours.

“It’s that word. That word you are so afraid to say. That word you’d never said. That word you dread to even think about but you know-” you nodded your head, your voice starting to lower in tone “That word that you’ve rarely said but you know is there. Because you feel it. You know you feel it now Dean.”

Your hand moved to take hold of his and like a puppet he let it happen, too focused on keep his breath labored and his eyes roaming your face. Youmoved it upwards so that it cupped your cheek. You nuzzled your face in his hand, smiling in content.

You’d be lying if you said that you were not enjoying this more than you should. It was so warm and soft and at the same time brought such a relaxing feeling to you. You opened your eyes as ou were supposed to and looked at Jensen. Although what you spotted in that instant in his eyes knocked all breath out of your lungs. It was certainly something you’d never expect. The feeling you could and could not see in his eyes made you stop for in instant but you had to remind yourself that you should not get carried away by your own wishful thinking.

“Love” you whispered ever so faintly.

You brought one hand up and cupped his cheek and in just an instant- once again as the script said you should - you leaned in, Jensen doing the same and your lips touched.

Though what happened later was something you’d never expect.

You literally felt sparks fly as soon as your lips touched. Even if you should feel guilty about it- it felt just like you had imagined. Soft and yet rough. Sweet and with a hint of coffee. The one you had had together this morning before coming on set for the scenes. But there was just another feeling there that knocked all breath right out of your lungs. One of his hands moved to your waist and pressed you even closer to him.

You knew you were supposed to just attach your lips to his, just like he knew. You were sure about it. You only were supposed to kiss for a second, press your lips to each other and that would be it. But you just could not find it in yourself to pull away. You just couldn’t. Even if your brained screamed at you to stop, that it would raise suspicions, you just did not. You could not.

And neither could he. Jensen breathed deeply as his lips moved in sync with yours. They were so soft, he notted to himself. And he felt the hunger- the need to hold you close to him just grow even more. He’d been trying for so long. He’d been trying to push everything away, to hold himself back and stay away from you. But this was his breaking point. He was getting a taste of what he wanted for so long but could never have. How could he ever resist from now on? How could somebody ever resist the true feeling of love once they got a taste of it?

Without even thinking anymore - none of you really did - he squeezed your waist and pressing you flush to him he made you let a small gasp. What he did next far surpassed what you’d expect and it made the kiss all the more real-

No scratch. Forget it completely. It was real for the both of you from the very beginning.

He entered his tongue and if you were not holding onto him you knew your knees would have given away already. But it was just this that made your mind get even more dizzy and shout at you that this was just not right. But your body only refused to listen anymore.

“Cut!” a voice that seemed all too far in your dream-lie state (you could nto deny despite how shameful it made you feel) brought you back to reality.

Although it took more than it used to and that it really should you actually both pulled away. You felt your cheeks burn a little hot and you were pretty sure your lips were slightly pink just like his right. But none of that mattered really. It was the realization that, as you stared with almost wide eyes at him, downed on you…

…he felt the same way.


My Brother Falling Off A Tredmill !

Watch on livingastwinsblog.tumblr.com

Whipe Out

Did the whipe out happen a while ago or was the whipe out a few months ago? What caused a big rip in the jeans? A skiing accident? A fight? Or a slip down the hill?

The twins review Lights - Up We Go and Nicki Minaj - Anaconda. See what the twins opinions are. Do they have the same or different opinion?


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5-15-21-26 poe x reader Pleeease ❤️

Poe Dameron. 5. Help

Today was not your best day. Being a rebel member of the senate, you always had to watch you back, but some how the first order had still managed to get the better of you, wasteing no time in torturing you for information. The sith lord rifling through your mind. Hearing the door open yet again, you sighed pulling against the restraints holding you down. “Back to finished off,” You replied, trying to up hold a tough demenor even if the man had been in your head. “Not quite,” The voice replied easily, only for you to realsie that that the person standing before you was not the one you expected. This man had curly hair and bright orange flight suit. A resistance pilot you realised with a start, instantly feeling easier, as the man removed your ties and allowed you to step doiwn from the chair. “C’mon princess,” The mysterious pilot told you grabbing your hand “I’m here to help you out of here,”

Poe Dameron. 15. Trembling Hands

You were lucky to be alive. At least that’s what the medics told him, as he rushed in to see you. You’d been in a crash, it was supposed to be a simple recon mission for your squadron, but no. You had to go and play the hero didn’t you? And now you were paying the pruice three times over. We’ve tried to limit her pain, a medic told him, placing a hand on his shoulder whist you were still in surgery. It did little good, the hours ticked on with agony, as he sat in that waiting room BB-8 beeping concernedly at his feet. Until finally a nurse came to get him. You were weak, you’d need more surgery, more stitches, but you were here. You were alive, and as for now that was enough. Poe realised as he finally got to see you. Even now with the fatigue and pain awashed on your face you were beautiful. Some of your hair had fallen in your face he realised with a sad note, as he reached out with trembling hands to return it to its rightfull place before moving to hold your hand in his own. “ You fight this y/n, “ His voice came out in a croake, warn. “ I’m not ready to say goodbye to you just yet ,”

Poe Dameron 21. Collapse

You were bored, you noted with a sigh as you sat around on your day off. You’d already cleaned and washed down your xwing, reoiled your droid and were now sat playing with a pack of cards in your quaters trying to do aything but worry. You were quite looking forward to your day off until you found out that Poe was being sent on a last minute mission. Talk about throwing a spanner in the works. Everyone knew that you worried when you weren’t on a mission with him, even Testor when she dropped by to make sure you ate something. Now you were busy building a card castle, finally finishing placing each card carefully when you heard the unsticking of the dorm room door. Turning swiftly, you grinned already knowing who it was, anyone else would at least have the decency to knock. “Hey babe,” He grinned with a chuckle, as BB-8 moved in circle around your feet. “Are you alright?” You asked concerned eyes scanning over him carefully before turning back to the table only to see the card building you had worked so carefully on collapse. “Are you kidding me?” You groaned.

Poe Dameron 26. How dare [ you ]

“How dare you!” You yelled hitting his chest lightly, as tears streamed down your face “It’s not fair!” The first order had found your base somehow, whiping out everyone they could. This was the end of the resisitance for sure. Poe. Your daring, charming, beautiful Poe had gone out to help where he could. He didn’t even have a blaster. He hadn’t seen it coming thank god, a stormtrooper had got him through the back, with you close behind to catch him as he fell. Finn had made short work of him, a look of fury on his face as Rey mirrored you both from in front. “It was’t supposed to be like this,” You cried clinging to his dieing body. “You promised you’d be okay, you promised…” You searched helplessly for any sign of a miracle, but he was gone.

Like Dramas pt.2

[PART 1]

[Plot] As a best friend, you encourage Jungkook to get a girlfriend but he seems to hate your idea.

[Words] ~1600

[A/N]  Sorry for taking so long. I didnt like the whole part so I wrote it again. I still think that it’s a little lacking but what evurrr. Got it better next time.

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Wow. He seems to hate getting a girlfriend or he’s really shy.

How could a guy hate girls so much?

You were walking behind Jungkook and Minhye, who you arraged a date with him. There were like 1m gap between them and Jungkook seemed to be very quiet. He’d just nodded when she said something.

You sighed and crossed your arms. He really got no charms. Will he ever get married?

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