Engineered Garments Unlined Whipcord Bedford

Gitman Vintage Contrast Club Collar Shirt

Apolis Indigo Dyed Tie

Post O'alls Cruzer Vest

Men’s File Issue 7, TooLs 2, and Field Notes “Red Blooded”

Oak Street Bootmakers Belt

American Optical Deadstock Safety Glasses

Oak Steet Bootmakers Brown Beefroll Penny Loafer

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1954 501z 

You know what I need more of?

Chunky Marinette.

Like, let’s be real.  Tom is chunky (also probably 900 kilos of pure cuddly muscle).  Sabine is chunky (and while she isn’t 900 kilos of pure cuddly muscle given the Chinese mums I’ve known she’s probably several dozen kilos of pure badass).  Marinette should be chunky too, instead of rail-thin like her model is in the show.

In addition to that she probably helped around the bakery when she was a kid, which opens up the possibility of a bunch of heavy lifting, which tends to build big muscles rather than the whipcord endurance build that she appears to have in the show.

I just really, really need chunky Marinette (as in she’s chunkier than Adrien) that could deadlift Kim with one hand (and looks like it, mind) and I’m willing to rationalize any explanation to reach that conclusion, reason be damned.

Addendum: I also need beefy Marinette, stocky Marinette, fat Marinette, Marinette that isn’t so thin she could probably fit between the bars on one of those grille drains, Marinette that looks like a powerlifter, Marinette that looks capable of crushing a watermelon between her thighs, Marinette Marinette chunky Marinette.