jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world


This is a neat craft if you have a couple hours to kill. I made a 2.5’ nylon bullwhip specifically for indoor use, and it’s actually pretty decent! The accuracy is good, and it can get fairly loud (it doesn’t break the sound barrier or anything, but you can definitely hear it pop from down the hall.) All you need is a pencil, nylon paracord, and electrical tape. For anybody looking for their next paracord craft, this is definitely one worth giving a try.


     A long neck is exposed as a head tilts back, letting a peel of laughter paint the ceiling. Tonight she is the picture of “woman is the fairer sex,” all rose covered and smooth skin, the telltale signs of the suns love appearing in the form of light freckles decorating her nose. Clothed in a dress built to expose sacred skin with an unexplainable elegance, Victoria can almost feel the stutter of hearts and titter of crowds as she glides through the room. At only twenty years old, Victoria hadn’t made a name for herself yet when Dan Humphrey was named Gossip Girl, hadn’t even really bothered herself to pay much attention to the person hiding behind a computer screen. Her kingdom had been hours away in a much smaller bubble than New York City. 

     And now, though she understood the gravity of this particular situation, she was less distraught and more amused. Nearly every person in the room had some sort of meltdown, some mild and some nuclear, when the blast went out and while Victoria had a secret she’d rather not have come out, she’d never experienced a Gossip Girl exposure. She had absolutely no fucking idea how she felt about it.

                              “And to think, just a few hours ago
                               the worst person on the Upper East
                               Side was Dan Humphrey. All it took
                               was clicking ‘send’ for his whole
                               damn world to change. All of ours, really.”

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I love that their biggest objection to your photo op was getting feathers on themselves. :D

I do get that objection. They can’t slow the line down too long. Ugh! It goes so fast. I was laughing so hard at their shenanigans, I didn’t even get a chance to think about posing myself! Oh well, I’m totally not necessary in that pic anyway LOL.

I’m just happy they enjoyed it. The volunteers in the room said that for the rest of the Cockles photo ops, every time Misha and Jensen would make eye contact, Jensen would make a whipping motion and they would get the giggles again. 

(for anyone who hasn’t see in yet, this is the photo op Anon is referring to)

Birthday fic outline so far:

.Dean buys “Best Fucking Bitches” shirt for Sami
.Finn knew about the shirt ahead of time because Dean told him about it and is now upset because it’s so much better than the friendship bracelets he made a while back (more on this later)
.Finn later attempts to one up the amazing shirt gift by getting sexy with food.
.Finn makes a fucking mess because getting sexy with food is actually 100% always gross and he gets upset about that.

Ghostbusters themed Stay Puft Body Frosting/Slimer Whipped Sugar Scrub

Covered in ectoplasm after a long day of bustin’ ghosts? The Fizzy Filly has just what you need to wash off the slime and grime!

Choose Stay Puft’s Marshmallow Fluff for a smooth, creamy whipped soap! This luxurious bath frosting is formulated to smell sweet as a toasted marshmallow. Works great as a shaving cream as well as an all over body wash!

For those of you who want a little scrub to exorcise those dead skin cells off—choose Slimer’s Ecto Cooler! Scented like the popular drink: sweet orange and lemon, this whipped sugar scrub goes to work exfoliating dry, rough areas. This works wonderfully as a body scrub in the shower or leave by the sink and use as a hand scrub!

The thing about Barry being a speedster was that he had…certain needs that needed to be fulfilled far more frequently now. Pure crack/PWP

Cisco was on his nth date with Barry. They had decided to switch things up for a change: whip out the formalwear, make the reservations, have a fancy dinner at one of those stuffy places with the Michelin stars that they were always reading about in the papers.

And although seeing Barry in a crisp dress shirt and a blazer was truly a sight to behold, it was quickly becoming obvious to Cisco that the formal scene wasn’t his – or Barry’s – cup of tea. He could see his own boredom reflected in Barry’s features, which was fine, because with Barry around, Cisco finally had a partner in crime when things got slow in the Cortex, much to Caitlin’s chagrin (hey, the giant hamster wheel had been a resounding success, thank you very much; Barry’s snapped ankle had healed in less than a day).

So, Cisco wasn’t concerned to see the pent up energy literally flashing in Barry’s eyes. He had even welcomed it…at first. Anything to spice up the mind-numbing boredom of the lavish tablecloths and appetizers littered more with garnish than actual food.

But then Cisco felt a hand on his crotch and nearly jumped out of his seat. Barry raised a quizzical eyebrow. There was a gentle breeze around Cisco’s legs, and when the hand didn’t move, Cisco lifted the tablecloth and glanced underneath.

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james fraser really is the perfect man though like he is so unashamed of being so in love with claire like of course he knows her menstrual cycle because he wants to know everything about her because he cares for her so deeply and it doesn’t make him “whipped” rather it demonstrates that he knows that knowing her is important to their relationship