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20 speirton? <33

alone, finally

An hour ago the hospital had given them a box full of baby supplies - tiny diapers and onesies, a sweet little yellow cap, bibs - with instructions to have James sleep in it at first, then sent them on their way. Carwood’d strapped their baby into his carseat slowly, tested the straps three times, and then asked Ron to check them as well. He’d driven home more carefully than he’d ever had, hyperaware of his mate curled up next to their sweet omega baby in the backseat. Ron’s hand had been on James’ stomach, and he’d leaned against the carseat heavily in his effort to stave off sleep until they got home. At a red light Carwood had looked in the rearview mirror at the both of them and fallen in love all over again at the sight; they were alone, finally, and a family.  

Once they were home, Ron flopped onto their bed exhaustedly. Carwood, following behind, held his breath at the noise the bedsprings made, but James continued to sleep in his arms, even when he handed him off to Ron for another kiss before they put him down for his nap. 

Everything about him was perfect. His tiny fingers and toes, the soft roundness of him, the thick hair that was so much like Ron’s. He smelled clean and faintly sweet, and already he was seeking out their scents whenever they held him. 

Carwood had been to every sonogram, supported Ron through every moment, worshipped his swollen belly, proof of the child they were expecting. Yet it hadn’t truly been real until he’d heard his son’s first cry, had seen him bundled in Ron’s arms, warm and small and in all ways flawless. 

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How much boiled tofu can you eat? And what is your favorite sweet?

I’d like to think that I could spend all day eating boiled tofu… but realistically speaking, I think around 5-10 bowls would be my limit (varying accordingly to certain factors, of course). As for sweets…

 I really like the crepes Atsushi-nii has bought for me… but I do also like mochi ice cream or suama quite a lot, as well…