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Hi there I'm about to start reading the captive prince and I wanted to ask is there any violence that involves flagellation or whipping? I'm extremely sensitive to that type of violence and just wanted to know before reading. Also you really don't have to publish this ask because I wouldn't want to trigger anyone. If it's not too much ask would you just be able to write a yes or no on your blog and you can delete it later if you want. I will see it. Sry if this is asking too much and thank you

I’m so glad you asked before you read omg. 

Okay. I’m just going to go and check my page numbers from my paperbacks and I’ll edit this – hold your horses before you start! Xxx


Okay, so you’ll want to skip the following parts (all happen in a punishment, non-sexual context):

  1. Book 1: Chapter Three (in my version of the book there is a whipping  scene that occurs pp. 68-75). You’ll want to stop reading at: 'There was no further prevarication. “Yes, Your Highness.’ And then pick up again just before the chapter ends (like a paragraph, just because it’s probably an important plot point) at: “I was on the field at Marlas,” said Laurent.
  2. There is aftercare from the previous scene from the very beginning of Chapter Four (pp. 76-78), so if you don’t want to read that also start this chapter at ‘Remarkably, the biggest change was not in the furnishing and routines…’ on p. 78. 
  3. There is reference to the scene again via dialogue at the end of Chapter 4 (pp. 92-93; stop ‘Damen knelt, and Laurent bent his knee the appropriate amount’, and begin, ‘“No. You’ve had your chance to make apologies, or make reasonable excuses.”’)
  4. Book 3: Chapter Five pp. 66-68 (stop at 'Inside the tent, Akielon men and women were looking at one another questioningly…’ and pick up again at, ‘Damen said, “We have a personal gift too.”)

All page numbers come from the Penguin Viking version of the books (they are the Australian covers that look like this:

There are references to scars from flogging very very infrequently throughout the books regarding the scene in Book 1 Chapter Three, but only in a kind of ‘he thought about the scars on his back’ kind of way – nothing visceral or visual or descriptive that is more than a line. If you’d like me to find those for you I would absolutely be more than happy to. (I have the Kindle version too, so it would not take me long to flick through.)

And it’s absolutely not a problem at all! I’m more than happy to answer anything about the series (I love it so much, but I know that certain parts can definitely be uncomfortable/triggering for people). Enjoy reading them! Xxx

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Why? Why had Daryl chosen now of all times to lash out against Negan? It had been a mistake, one that had resulted in the death of Glenn. It had probably been intentional, Negan choosing not to punish Daryl over it, but to instead let someone else take his place so Daryl could think about what he’d done and what it would mean to defy him again. It was sick, the way Negan seemed to look at all of them like they were no more than objects. They were tools to be used, and no more. They belonged to Negan now, and that was exactly what that mark along Carl’s arm said. He hadn’t been given a choice in staying back or choosing whether or not to keep his arm, and that was something that didn’t sit right with Carl. He didn’t belong to Negan. His loyalty was with Rick, with his family, and no amount of manipulation was going to change how the teen thought. Negan had gotten his revenge, but in doing so, it’d begun a war; one that would likely be silent for a long while yet. One way or another, whether it ways days, weeks or years from now, Carl wanted Negan dead.

After their so-called new leader had left and the remainder of the group had been left to process everything that had happened, Carl was first to approach Daryl. "Why’d you do it?“ He asked, his gaze raising to look the archer in the eye. “You knew we didn’t stand a chance against them.” They outnumbered them, they’d been disarmed, and they had nothing to defend themselves with. At that moment, they were nothing more than cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

She’s Beauty and she’s Grace, she’s Alolan Dugtrio (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)