whip your kids


Tfw you’re watching a video and you see Jungkook looking vaguely in Jimin’s direction and you think ‘haha, I bet he’s looking at Jimin’ but you can’t prove it because he’s not in the shot and then you watch another video and he’s staring directly at him and you just think, ‘oh’


anonymous asked:

Yes you do not own your wife but still..you are ok she posts those kinds of pictures online? Whipped much? Sure your kid will enjoy seeing those online one google search away

Yes, I am okay with her posting those types of pictures. Not because I’m whipped but because I fucking RESPECT HER. As she does with me. She asked me if I was okay with it, and since she has had zero confidence since having Aiden I thought it was great she felt good about herself. 

Just because we are married does not mean I get to tell her what to do with her body. We’ve been together for over five years and have built up so much respect and trust with one another. Her putting lingerie on tumblr has no effect on our relationship. Futhermore, don’t fucking bring my son into anything. That’s fucking low and I won’t deal with that shit.

If you think a relationship consists of you either controlling the person you are with or being whipped, you have some serious growing up to do. And if you think a woman shouldn’t be allowed to do what she will with her own body, regardless of being married or not, then please, stay away from women. They are people, not things.