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Sounds in Silence: A Saeran One-Shot

Unlike Any Other Series

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Sounds are incredibly powerful. 

They are perhaps the most powerful senses we possess. 

Familiar sounds can transport us back in time to an exact moment of pure clarity. The sounds themselves can be so simple, but the connections you create have force. The sound of a choir harmonizing in tandem, the sound of soft machinery whirring softly in a dimly lit room, the sound of wind whipping through your hair…

These moments are made clearer in silence, when no words are exchanged, and the sound of the world around you seems to seep into every second that passes.

There are memories you hold dearest above all, ones that come back to you every time you hear a certain precious sound, ones that put you back into the first stepping stones of new beginnings.

Like the first time you saw Saeran smile. 

Birds were chirping in the park as you walked together. You can’t remember the conversation. It hardly mattered. You had smiled at something he said, genuine happiness stretching across your cheeks, glowing warmly from your heart. That sweet trill of birdsong always reminds you of the soft surprise that blossomed from his face, peeking out from eyes normally so guarded and tense. 
It was then that you learned that his smiles were always genuine, never forced. He smiled with his eyes, crinkling at the edges and spilling out of a far away place he hardly ever shared. You’re pretty sure your heart stopped, if just for a moment. 
The birds chirped sweetly as you wondered.

The first time he held your hand.

The grass was still wet with morning dew. He was watching the sunset. You sat down next to him, staring up at the sky. The wind was blowing through the chimes on the porch, creating a melodious chorus. Warmth suddenly touched your hand as you felt fingers intertwine with yours. Your breath caught in your throat.
This was new. 
The rush of excitement, fear, panic, and amazement almost overwhelmed you. It was hard to act normal. You had been waiting for this. You slowly closed your fingers, pressing your skin into his, heart pounding in your chest.
The chimes rippled gently as you failed to suppress a smile.

The first time he kissed you. 

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how to stay productive

i rly srsly have a problem with this especially after school ))): like im always on tumblr or something so i never get anything done rip

so im gonna try to practice what i preach from now on!!! lets get into it!

preparing for productivity

  • when you get home from school or work, give yourself a 20-50 minute break. lets be honest we all have those days when we try to jump right into doing whatever the heck you need to do right when you get home but after like 20 minutes you’re distracted and a mess and not getting any work done. the easy way to prevent this is to give yourself time to do all of that before you start your work so you’re not distracted later (give urself an hour if its been an especially long day). eat a snack, wash ur face tbh, whip your hair, idk what you crazy kids do but do it. srsly. just get it out of the way.
  • get everything ya need in one place. this is kinda a no-brainer especially since it’s all over tumblr. but srsly why get up every 5 minutes to get a pencil or something? just have it all in the first place. ez.
  • turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode. personally i like to pretend like im so determined and focused but every time i see the little t at the top of my phone im just gone. don’t let it distract you. if you need the internet, use your laptop/computer for less distractions.
  • set the mood. idk what you do, whether thats playing the moana soundtrack hanging up fairy lights, putting on your diffuser or playing rap music; idk man! do it.

actually doing the thing

  • alright so now u got ur fairy lights, ur mildliners, ur face washed, and ur apple juice (??? apple juice is lit???). now throw yourself into it. literally just force yourself to do it. don’t know how??? welll!!! not sure how to help you! (no im kidding don’t leave yet pls)
  • use the touch it once rule. this is a favorite of the studyblr community. it means that everything on your to-do list, everything you know you need to accomplish– start it. just tell yourself “i’ll only do 3 math problems” or “i’ll only work on this resume for 5 minutes”. they say the hardest part is always starting. chances are, that unfinished worksheet is going to really bother you and you’ll end up finishing it. if not, then just come back to later and touch it again and again until you finish it. tedious, but it works.
  • use the “two minute rule”. i got this one from @emmastudies! this rule means that if anything on your list takes 2 minutes or less to do (checking your emails, checking your tumblr inbox or something), do it. just get it done.
  • keep it balanced. do like one easy task and then one hard task so you’re getting everything done but not overwhelming yourself either.
  • break down your tasks. don’t just look at a giant task like “write a 3-page paper”. break it down into smaller subtasks like “plan paper. draft paper. edit paper. type and print paper.” its much less scary to look at.
  • visualize procrastination as a monster. i do NOT take credit for this one; i saw it in a masterpost somewhere so this isnt mine!!! but basically i read that you should look at procrastination as a scary opponent ready to eat you alive (and honestly it is). tackle it. don’t let it attack. be so scared of it that you don’t let it get anywhere near you.
  • honestly just do it and keep at it. stop letting procrastination kick your ass so that you can be productive and stay productive. the work is it’s own reward (:
B.A.P song asks (≧∇≦)/
  • Fermata: what’s a moment you wish to relive again and again?
  • Bow Wow: time for positivity! State one thing you love about yourself, can be anything :D
  • Unbreakable: are you the type of person to conceal don’t feel or do you prefer to have a good cry?
  • Carnival: if you could travel to another country and attend any event, where and what would it be?
  • Rainsound: list 5 songs from your rainy day playlist
  • I Guess I Need U: what’s your new obsession?
  • Power: do you have any life mottos/quotes you particularly live by?
  • Coffee Shop: next please! What drink would you like?
  • Do What I Feel: are you a straight-forward person or do you keep your opinions mostly to yourself?
  • Monologue: tell me something you are concerned about that the whole world needs to know! SHOUT IT OUT OR FULL CAPS, SAY IT ALL!
  • Bang X2: give me the 3 best songs you whip your hair to
  • Warrior: do you believe that your past experiences have shaped who you are now or did they change you?
  • Be Happy: close your eyes and think of happiness, what’s the first thing you see?
  • That's My Jam: *when new jams come out* do you listen to the same song on a loop or listen to the whole album/ep on repeat?
  • What My Heart Tells Me To Do: what do you REALLY want to do right now?
  • Badman: what's a quality you absolutely despise in people?
  • Voice message: tell me something you wish you did differently **record after the beep**
  • Killer: what/who really has the rhythm of your heart & makes it beat?
  • Back In Time: imagine time travelling is actually possible, which certain era/event in history would you want to experience and why?
  • With You: name something/someone you are thankful for :)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut/Angst + Vampire!Taehyung

Warnings: blood play, graphic depictions of death/violence/murder, suicidal thoughts/depression

Word Count: 7,734

Description: The red tint of his eyes were laced with a deadness that perfectly reflected your own. The familiarity kept you returning to him over and over again, you thought that maybe it was just so you could have someone who understood all of the pain. 

A/N: This scenario was inspired by the lyrics from “Mirrors” by PVRIS

NOTE [!]: this was originally supposed to be multiple parts, but i’ve realized that i just don’t think i’ll ever find the motivation to come back and finish this, sorry guys :// i deleted the ending, so now it seems like there’s at least semi-closure at the end (even if the ending isn’t the best) instead of leaving you guys off with that god awful cliffhanger from before. 


You watched the fragmented colors of orange and red reflect off of the clouds as the sun started to descend below the horizon. The light fall breeze whipped through your hair carrying the invisible scent of your body down into the quickly approaching night life of the city; that gust of air might as well have been a bullet to your head.

They were already stirring. You watched from the rooftop as the citizens ran into their homes, windows were being barred, and the streetlamps suddenly erupted as they prepared to become spotlights for the unlucky; for you.

You looked out at your city one last time, the vantage point of the roof giving you a complete view of the entirety of it all. The corner of your mouth crept into a smile as you said a final goodbye to the miles of spread out land that held all of the beautiful and heart breaking memories from your past twenty years of life.

By the time you made it down the five flights of stairs, and opened the door that led into a dimly lit alleyway, darkness had already imposed itself upon the sky. Even though you had completely accepted the consequences of what you were doing tonight, it still didn’t stop the pang of fear that coursed through your body at the sight of the pitch black scene above you. It was a sight you’d only seen a handful of times in your life, and the memories that accompanied it made you tremble with anxiety.

Shrill screams, blood, maniacal laughter, desperation.

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The Devil’s Temptation

gif is not mine

Title: The Devil’s Temptation

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Things happened today and I apologize for getting this out later than usual. Things here are just not looking up and shit is crazy, but no worries. I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can write enough tonight to have some different fics than Gabriel. I’m trying guys, I am <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

The wind whipped through your hair on the cool fall night.  You tucked your hands into your pockets.  You told Sam and Dean that you were going for a walk.  They didn’t need to tell you to be careful; you knew demons were everywhere now.  Your eyes traveled to the abandoned house you were about to walk past.  Your eyes scanned over the property.  You saw what looked like an old friend of yours, standing in one of the windows.

You didn’t think twice about dashing towards the house and barging through the door.  The person you saw was on the second floor of the house.  You padded up the stairs carefully.  You kept a hand on your gun just in case.  As you reached the top of the stairs you could tell the atmosphere was different.  If it wasn’t for the flickering light down the hall, you would have turned back and left.  You slowly walked into the room with the flickering light.  The door abruptly shut behind you, causing you to spin around.  As much as you tugged on the door’s handle, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s nice to see you again [Y/N],” Lucifer mused.  “You seemed pretty concerned about whoever you saw in the window.”

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Sweater Weather

Title : Sweater Weather

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 2,933

Prompt : Based on the song Sweater Weather by the Neighbourhood. When you take an icy bath on a hunt, it’s up to Sam and Dean to get you home safely. However, with hypothermia coming into play, Sam does whatever it takes to make sure you stay warm.  (Not my gif)

You took a running start after the demon, your breath coming in short gasps, your hair whipping in the icy wind and cutting at your eyes. But you didn’t stop even as your feet slipped on the slushy ice under your feet. No, you ran. You ran faster.

“Stop!” You cocked the Colt, setting your feet on the ice. You lifted the gun to your eye level, holding it steady as the demon finally slowed and turned to you, panting heavily from the chase. You took a step toward him, placing your feet carefully as the ice groaned under your weight.

The demon was quiet, the only sound was your soft breaths and the even softer pattering of wet snow that hit the ice. You were still as the demon looked down at the ice before he flashed you a quick look. “You really want to risk shooting me out here?”

For the first time since you stopped running you looked around. You felt your chest tighten in unease as you realized how far you had come. You and the demon were facing off in the middle of a frozen lake. Honestly, this was probably the worst place you could have cornered him and the demon knew it.

“Y/N!” You turned to see Sam and Dean sliding down the bank towards the edge of the ice. Sam met your eyes the moment he saw you and he took a step out toward you. At the extra weight, you felt the ice shift and groan in a low creak under your feet.

Dean grabbed his brother by the arm and yanked him back, his green eyes wide and searching your face.

You pointed the gun at the demon’s face, but he met your eyes and sat down cross-legged on the ice. “You sure you want to risk it?”

You bit your tongue, narrowing your eyes. He had caught you. Shooting him would definitely melt the ice, if you didn’t crack it around you in the process. You’d go under if you killed him. But if you let him get away…

You turned and looked over your shoulder at the boys on the far shore. Dean looked at you with his green eyes, his face slack with anticipation, his hand on Sam’s chest to hold his brother back. You looked to Sam, and you almost felt sorry. You tried to think of the last think you had said to him. For the life of you, you couldn’t remember.  You hoped it was something good as you looked into his warm hazel eyes, trying to ignore the look of terror on his face.

“No…” You murmured.

You turned back to the demon, setting you jaw in finality. “But what’s the fun in that?”

The demon barely had time to widen his eyes before you pulled the trigger. The bullet hit him directly between the eyes and his head snapped back with a bang, black blood spraying across the ice. As his head snapped back, hitting the ice sparks and flames erupted from the demon’s eye sockets and mouth as his body began to melt away into shards of coals and flame. You turned run back to the shore, back to the boys, back to the safety that you knew you’d never reach.

The moment you took the first step towards the Winchesters, the ice cracked under your boots and you disappeared under the ice with a gasp.

The water hit you like a thousand blades of fire. It seemed strange that water so cold could burn, but that thought was the only thing on your mind as your head went under. The first reaction you had was to gasp at the pain of the frigid water, and water instantly filled your nose. You let out a choking gasp and sputtered, bubbles rising around your nose and mouth, dancing in the dark water before your wide open eyes. You couldn’t think. You couldn’t move. You were sinking to the bottom of the lake as your entire body tensed and locked in place.

You were made of ice…

Your lungs screamed for air, and you began to struggle just for a moment in the water as your eyes blackened.

So cold…

Just then something grabbed you by the jacket and hauled you upward. You felt the remaining air leave your lungs in a whoosh as you were dragged suddenly back up, up until your head burst out of the icy water with a splash. You let out a choking sob, a gasp as air flooded into your body, the air cold and clean on your soaking skin.

Your jaw locked as you were hauled back a couple feet until you were laying face-up on the ice. You let out a hiss as the cold air around you seeped into the freezing water that clung to your body, stabbing at your frozen skin torturously. You blinked the water out of your eyes, looking up.

“Y/N!” Sam’s voice seemed a million miles away, you could barely hear it. And yet, despite your ears ringing and your teeth setting to shivering violently, you could see him so clearly, leaning over you. His eyes looked so vivid, perhaps it was your vision fading, but you could swear his eyes were made of warm, golden sunlight.

You stared into his eyes, unable to make your jaw work. You couldn’t feel your body; the pain was ebbing away into an ever-present ache that was slowly growing into numbness. And considering your body temperature, that probably wasn’t a good thing.

“S-s-s-Sam?” Your voice was barely above a whisper.

You felt Sam tug your arm faintly as he stood and dragged you a few more feet away from the hole in the ice, glancing over his shoulder with wide, fearful eyes. “Dean!”

“…Sam…” You let out a light cough, feeling the numbness slowly creep out of your body as you struggled to sit up.

You looked up to see Sam staring at you with wide eyes. “Y/N.”

You opened your mouth to reassure him, but your vision was filling with spots of black and white and you were shivering so badly you could not form words.

Just then, you saw a blur of color, only to feel two rough hands grasp you by the collar and yank your face up. “What the hell, Y/N?!” Dean’s voice was full of fear, and it made him sound angrier than you knew he was. “You could have gotten yourself killed! Not to mention taking on that demon on your own! What were you thinking?”

Your freezing fingers fluttered up and you grappled for his hands, failing miserably to give him a reassuring squeeze. You let out a cough before you spoke. “I’m okay.”

“No you aren’t, you’re freezing.” You let out a groan as a burning set of hands tested her cheeks for warmth, making you squint in pain before Dean pulled his hands away to look at his brother.

“We need to get her somewhere warm. Now.” Sam’s voice was urgent.

You blinked at them in puzzlement as your teeth chattered violently, making your whole body shiver. You honestly couldn’t feel your toes.

“Get her, Sam.” You closed your eyes at Dean’s gruff order.

You would have objected the moment you felt Sam scoop you up into his arms had you not been able to feel your legs. You let out a breathy moan at the shift of your weight against Sam, even the slightest touch ached. Your head lolled against his broad, warm chest.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Your eyes slid shut for a moment as you felt him begin to run on the ice.

“Just hold on.”

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Before- Glenn Rhee

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Glenn x reader where they reunite at Alexandra? (They were engaged before the apocalypse but got separated)”

Word count:

 fyi this is an au where maggie and glenn never got together (which is a fucking crime omg)


The gates opened slowly. The clacking of metal against concrete and sharp squeal of the doorway drew your attention. You felt your hair whip against your face as you turned your body to the front of Alexandra. Your line of sight adjusted on the small but growing slit between the wall and the door. 

It opened up onto a group of people. They were dirty and obviously tired. Their faces held awestruck and bewilderment as they took in the reality of Alexandra’s luxuries. Kids ran around, free of weapons and fear. 

One face looked familiar to you. A face you’d tried to forget, but couldn’t. It was a face you loved, and used to wake up to almost every morning. It couldn’t be him, it just couldn’t. He hadn’t been near Washington, to begin with. 

But it was him. Glenn Rhee, also known as the man of your dreams. Your fiancé. 

He noticed you too, throughout the small crowd his eyes trained on your figure. With similar thought processes, you both began sporting toward one another. It wasn’t even a choice. You had to touch him, smell him, love him again– not that you’d ever stopped. 

The hug was bone-crushing. But the smile on your face never faltered as tears began streaming down your face. The love of your life, your high school sweetheart, your future husband was here. Alive and touching you. You could feel his warm skin against yours. 

You never wanted to let go. 

everyone’s freaking out over ghost!yoongi in that sugamon photoshoot but all i’m thinking about is poor lonely ghost yoongi trying to get giant dweeb namjoon’s attention bc yoongi happens to really really really like this human even though he wears awful checkered shirts and reads books for prolonged hours on the toilet but alas the giant dweeb remains completely and blissfully unaware so yoongi is stuck between sulking in one corner of namjoon’s bedroom or (lovingly) glaring daggers at him through the mirror


Hi… Uhm.. I have been admiring your stories for a while and I love nearly everything you create.. I was wondering if I may request something? May a request a Reader/Spencer story? Reader is a ballroom dancer and meets Spencer somewhere that isn’t the BAU? He finds out she is asexual and they continue to have an amazing friendship and they are both happy? Thank you regardless if you do the thing or not!

Oh my word, bless you.  I am so honored that you are enjoying everything!  I hope that you enjoy this story, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Spencer was just strolling by one evening.  He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, and he didn’t have his nose in a book.

But the music flowing from the walls of a shop caught his attention as he stopped beside the window and turned his head.

And that’s when he first saw you.

Spinning around in your beautiful orange dress, gliding around the floor as your hair whipped around your cheeks and your smile covered half of your face.

He watched you dance number after number with you never even knowing he was there.

He made it a habit.  Every Friday night, he would get some food at the eatery beside the studio, and he would leave when he heard the music cue up promptly at 8 PM.

And he would watch you dance.

He never had any intentions of approaching you.  He never had any wishes to introduce himself, or know your name.  You were like a secret, a piece of a jewelry box that was all his as he watched you whirl around that floor.

But one Friday, you turned your head.

And you smiled at him.

The two of you stared at each other for a while.  Just…watching.


And then you moved towards the door.

He watched you disappear behind it only for the doorknob to jiggle, and as the door swung open, there you emerged.

In your orange dress.

“Hi,” you say lightly as you stare at him.

He analyzed your every move.  He saw your back straight and your legs strong.  He saw your kind features and your resting eyes.  He saw that, when you looked at him, it was with nothing but kindness.

No curiosity to pry.

No attraction to suppress.

No expectations to disappoint.

“Wanna come in?” you ask as you nod your head.

And for the first time, he cleared his throat and spoke to you.

“Oh-…oh oh oh, no.  I don’t dance,” he says.

“You don’t need to know how to dance here,” you smile kindly.

“Do you uh, do you teach here?” he asks.

And all you did was lightly nod your head.

He did think you were striking.  You may not be curious about him, but he most definitely was about you.

So, he followed you inside.

And he learned so many beautiful things.

He learned how to waltz, and how to shag.  He learned that he was never going to be good at the salsa, but that he could be very good at the tango.  He learned that he enjoyed your laugh, and that you were comfortable.

He learned that you were asexual, and for some reason that brought him some relief.

“I’ve never really had a friend outside of my work,” he said one evening before the dance party.

“So, me being asexual doesn’t bother you?” you ask meekly.

“Not at all,” he smiles as he takes a stab at his pasta.

“Besides, I believe that people of the opposing gender can be friends without it ever breaching a sexual aspect,” Spencer says.

“That’s a relief,” you breathe.

The two of you had frequent conversations about it.  You could tell that he had never actually known someone who was asexual, and you welcomed the questions.  He never judged you, or belittled you, or attempted to challenge you in any way about how you felt.

And it was such a relief for you.

He would talk about his work if the case was especially hard, and sometimes he wouldn’t want to talk at all.  He would just want to go to that little eatery beside your work, sit in your presence, and eat.

And you would always take him next door, after enough of the silence had been indulged, and you would open the studio just for the two of you.

And you both would dance.

God!Chuck Drabble Request

This was requested by an Anon: Love Somebody by Maroon 5 With Chuck. Thanks luv😘

Word Count: 343

Warnings: Abuse by an ex, angst

You walked along the road, the cold winter breeze whipping through your hair.  You swore to yourself that you would never date a guy who would physically hurt you.  Here you were taking a late night walk after your now ex-boyfriend had just punched you in the eye.  The pain was beginning to grow numb due to the cold wind.

You exhaled heavily, a tear streaming down your cheek.  When you heard a pair of footsteps behind you, you almost jumped out of your skin.  You half expected to turn around and see your ex, but it wasn’t him.  It was someone you didn’t recognize.

“I’m Chuck,” the man spoke.  He slowly padded up to you, putting two fingers to your forehead.  You weren’t sure what he was doing or who he was, but you stayed still.  “I know what happened tonight [Y/N].  I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“What?  How the hell do you know who I am,” you asked, slightly panicking.  

“Oh right,” Chuck chuckled.  “See, I’m actually God, but I prefer Chuck.  I think you should come with me.  I can show you what love is supposed to feel like.”

Your heart began to race.  Was this guy nuts?  “This is insane,” you breathed.

Chuck reached for your hand, his fingers gently wrapping around yours.  “You’ve got to trust me [Y/N],” the deity explained.  “I won’t hurt you.  I only want to love you.”

For some strange reason, you calmed down when he touched your hand.  You weren’t sure why, but you trusted him.  “I’m just scared,” you blurted out.

“I know [Y/N],” Chuck soothed.  “Why don’t you just stay with me tonight?  I think I can prove myself to you.  What do you say?”

You bit your bottom lip nervously.  Something inside you made you want to say yes.  You eventually nodded, taking a step closer to Chuck.  “Alright,” you agreed.  “I’ll go with you.”

It was one of the best decisions you had ever made.  That night changed your life for the better.  

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Death of a Bachelor-
  • Victorious: Bright Smiles, Bubblegum skies, artificial flavoring
  • Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time: Shots, Wild parties, waking up not knowing where you are
  • Hallelujah: A classy pub, aged whiskey and cigar smoke
  • Emperor's New Clothes: Brooding on a throne of black polished marble, moonless nights, black velvet
  • Death of a Bachelor: Listening to Dean Martin on vinyl, Fancy suits, The corner booth in the back of a 1930's nightclub that is always shrouded in a haze of smoke and shady deals
  • Crazy=Genius: Defiance of the norm, Firecrackers, arrogance mixed with self confidence
  • LA Devotee: Summer winds, Driving all night through the desert with the soft air whipping through your hair, Late afternoon sun painting the treetops tangerine
  • Golden Days: A rusty toolbox full of old postcards, Cassete tapes, Vintage clothing
  • The Good, The Bad and The Dirty: Missing an old friend, bittersweet memories, half-smirks that melt hearts
  • House of Memories: A shoebox of old letters, comfortable t-shirts stained with paint, The recollection of sweet promises now broken
  • Impossible Year: November skies and bare tree branches, regrets over bitter words, staring out the window as a radio plays somewhere in the background
“That sounds like a really great idea.”

Pairing / James Willems x Reader

Word Count / 974

Warnings / dOGGOS n swears


A/N: I started writing this and completely forgot about the prompt lmao so if you want me to do it again but stay closer to the prompt please let me know, i hope you enjoy anyway 

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A Little Too Late Part 22

gifs are not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 22

Characters: Castiel, Lucifer, Y/N (no Gabriel this time)

Word Count: 1,043

Warnings: Fluffish!

A/N: I know, I know, how dare I not put Gabriel in this part! I just wanna let you all know this is not STRICTLY a Gabriel series as of Part like 25 or 26? I think? It’ll make sense lol Just prepare yourselves lol. <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 The masterlist for this series can be found HERE. So if you need to catch up, no worries!

As you laid in Dean’s bed it didn’t take you long to fall asleep.  His bed was so comfortable you could sleep forever in it..  You drifted off to sleep in minutes, snuggling up under the covers.

You were walking down the street, the autumn air whipping through your hair.  You saw a park bench in the distance.  As you reached the bench, you plopped down on the bench.  You noticed how the wind was strong, but the tree limbs weren’t moving.  

“You could dream about anything [Y/N], but this is what you dream about,” a low voice from behind you mocked.  “I would change your dream, but we have different views on what a good dream is.”

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Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Two

Chapter One

Summary: You meet Steve and Bucky by chance, but your past with Natasha frightens you away
Warnings: Language

Wind whipped your hair into your face as you stared at the building across the street. You had been there all day, trying to convince yourself to walk inside. It didn’t surprise you when he joined you. He hadn’t tried to be subtle as he watched you.

“Hello, soldier,” you said, not looking at him as he leaned against the wall next to you.

“I didn’t expect to see you.”

“Well, I did say I’d come and say hello,” you said, turing to face him. He laughed and you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face.

“Do you want to come in?”

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A Little Chilly {S.M}

requested//an imagine where you are visiting from Texas and you aren’t used to the cold

“Let’s go for a walk.” He said.
“It’ll be lots of fun.” He said. As you stood in your gray sweater and black skinny jeans walking along the sidewalk of his neighborhood.
You knew Canada was going to be cold, but not this cold. You brought a few sweaters, a light jacket some light winter stuff.
But you didn’t know Canada was going to be as cold as freaking Antarctica. You didn’t think you would need a coat. But you obviously did need a coat. Your arms clung around your boyfriend, Shawn as you trying to stay a little warm.
“Sweetheart, please just take my coat. I don’t want to see you so cold.” He said unwrapping your arms from him. The cold air whipped your hair that was in a ponytail in front of your face and Shawn laughed at you. You folded your arms and shivered.
“Sweetheart please.” He said taking your hands. You shake your head. Your feet shook, making little sounds on the white sidewalk as you shivered.
“No, I really don’t want you to be cold.” You say, wrapping your arms around him again as you keep walking.
This whole thing was not fun. But Shawn liked walked. And he did a lot of things that you liked but he obviously didn’t like, so you could get through one walk.
“Sweetheart, you are shivering.” He says rubbing your arms.
“Babe, I’m fine… as long as we go home before I get frost bite.” You say hugging onto him tighter.
“Just take my coat for god’s sake y/n!” He says pulling away.
“Shawn….” You grumble pulling away.
“In insist sweetheart.” He says unzipping his coat. It was a heavier one, but he still had a light coat and a sweater on underneath. And he was Canadian. He’ll be fine.
He helps you put in on and wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your neck.
“You look way better in this coat than I ever did.” He whispered and than pulled away to grab your hand and laced his fingers with yours.
“Thanks.” You mutter, swinging your hands.
“Oh no problem sweetheart.” He says and leans over to kiss your cheek.
“Canada is so cold.” You mutter looking down.
“Eh, I know. But I like it. And I also love Canada because you are in Canada right now.” He says squeezing your hand. You laugh. You were happy to have him. He was sweet and always put you first. Sometimes you wished he wouldn’t. But he did anyways and he loved you. So it was fine.
“Next time we are going to Texas.” You say with a laugh.
“It’s so hot there.” He whines. You laugh, but he didn’t really mean it as a joke.
“Shawn, I’m here in the freaking North Pole, you can go to Texas for a week later in the year.” You say with a laugh.
“Y/n…..” He whines.
“Nope, we are planning it as soon as we get home next week.” You say with a smile. He trudged along and eventually you turn back to go back to his house.
“See, it wasn’t so bad.” He says with a smile as you make your way to the door.
“Yeah whatever lets go make some hot chocolate.” You laugh as he unlocks the door.
You walk back in. His parents aren’t home. Neither is his sister. But you didn’t feel like having any ‘fun’ so you just went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate.
As you pulled the hot chocolate mix out, you felt arms wrap around you.
“I love you.” He whispers. You loved hearing that.
“And I you.” You said back kissing his cheek.
You would actually go to Antarctica for this guy.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I drank some coffee and I’m so freaking hype.

My Kit [a Kit Walker imagine]

Request: none XD

a/n: i wanted to write pre/after asylum kit kat before i leave tomorrow

Kit Walker is a good man. That’s what you have been telling your family. Either they didn’t believe you or didn’t want to see you happy. Whatever it is, you’ve had enough. The wind whips your sopping wet hair in your face; rain drenches your green dress and your white flats are now tinted brown because of the puddles.

Through the fog, the small garage and house becomes visible. Two yards is soon one yard and then a few feet. Thunder booms, sending chills down your already shivering spine. A sob tears at your throat while you open the screen door. Your body is freezing; you can barely knock hard enough for anyone to hear.

Wrapping your arms around your waist, you watch the door creak open. Kit rubs his eye, leaning on the light blue wood. His fluffy brown hair isn’t styled like James Dean, instead it’s a mess, yet cute none the less. “Y/N? Sweetheart, what’cha doin’? Come inside, you probably got a cold…” He croaks in his morning voice, sidestepping to let you in.

When you enter, warmth from the furnace hugs you like a nice relative. A trail of water stains the hardwood floor; Kit drapes a quilt around your shoulders, latching it in the front with his two hands. “‘M sorry for waking you up. I just…wanted to see my Kit.” You sniffle, walking as he leads you to the couch.

He frowns; hands running up and down your arms. “I coulda brought my truck ‘round, honey. Here, let me go get’cha some nice dry clothes and then we can talk.” He says, kissing your head before shuffling off. You swallow, gripping the multicolored quilt to your chest; your hair drips in front of your eyes. “Okay, here’s a shirt, pajama pants and some of my boxers. Ya can change in my room.” He yawns, handing you the clothes.

You stand on your tiptoes, pecking his pink cheek. “Thank you, Kit.” You smile, going down the narrow hallway, waddling into the room. After you close the door, leaving it open a crack, the quilt drops to the floor, pooling around your feet. You kick your flats off, setting the clothes on the bed before tugging the damp dress off your body, your bra and underwear soon following. You pick up the white boxer briefs, pulling them up your lower body. Running your hands over his dark blue and black soft pajama pants, you slip one leg in and then the other. Next is the matching shirt; you slide both arms in the holes, buttoning the front, starting from the top, down to the vally of your breasts and ending at your stomach.

Tossing the wet clothes in the hamper, you open the door to find the tall man standing in the hallway. “I knew you were watching me!” You giggle, rolling the sleeves up so your hands are free and stealing the mustard colored towel. He blushes, grinning as you dry your hair. Walking backward, you step on the pajama pants that drag behind you. “Your clothes are so big…” You muse, crawling on the bed.

Kit chuckles, following your footsteps. He watches you flop face first on the light blue sheets, tumbling around. “Done yet, sweetie?” He asks softly, grinning like a fool; you nod, finally laying on your side. The bed shifts to his weight and his chest presses to your back. “So, you wanna tell me why you showed up at my house, in a downpour,  at-” He cranes his head over his shoulder, squinting at the clock, “3am when I have to be at work at 6?” He questions; accent airy.

Squeezing his hand, you sigh. Right, it’s Sun-Monday today. His hair tickles your neck. “I’m sorry…” You mutter to the darkness. Rain pounds against the roof, echoing through the little house. “I just missed you. That’s all.” You lie, sneezing in your elbow.

But your boyfriend knows when you lie. Kit breathes air out, parting his chapped lips. He knows deep down you’re not here because of that; he decides not to push anymore. “I missed you too, babygirl, but I think you caught a cold now.” He whispers, kissing the back of your neck.

Ignoring him, your eyelids begin to droop. “Kit, can I-” You yawn, drifting off. “Come to work with you?” You hum, sniffling a little; inhaling the scent of coffee and gasoline, his smell. Sure, you’re a bit out of it, given that it’s three in the morning, but you didn’t want to go home.

Kit grins, holding you tighter. He’s just been waiting for the day to take you to his job; makes  everything more exciting. “Of course! I can put you to work.” He jokes, hearing soft snores, meaning you fell asleep. Adjusting his head on the pillow, a smile graces his lips. For once, he can’t wait to go to work.